The most proud and the third annual edition of the Gaming and Affiliate Marketing Event, also known as GAME Greece 2023, will be held at the Electra Palace in Athens on October 19 and 20, 2023. This is an event where you will experience the best Greek hospitality along with meeting the most innovative and bright minds.

Speaking of it, this will be the third edition that promises to bring a number of the hottest topics surrounding the iGaming industry and will also discuss some of the best practical knowledge topics for the growth of the Greek gaming market.

About GAME Greece 2023

GAME Greece 2023

The event is being organised by Eventus International which is surely one of the greatest event managing companies. GAME Greece 2023 will bring forth some of the best expert speakers who will be sharing the details about the industry insights with the attendees of the event. This will be a great time to evaluate the investment opportunities and also meet a number of valuable future business partners.

As a part of the guest list, the event will have some of the best and leading local as well as international operators in the field of gaming operators, software providers, payment gateway providers, and even AML experts. Along with this, you can even meet the best of the best SEO experts, Affiliates, fraud detection experts, lawyers, regulators, legislators, and government officials as well as the great names in the list of iGaming innovators.

Expansion in Greek iGaming Market

The Greek iGaming market is experiencing a period of significant growth and expansion, with projections indicating that it will reach a staggering €1.2 billion by 2025. This impressive growth is reflected in the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14%.

Mr. Tasos Belesis, a Senior Consultant in Lotteries & Gambling and a speaker at GAME Greece 2023, has reported a remarkable increase in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of over 26% from 2021 to 2022, with further growth anticipated in 2023. This growth is not limited to online gaming, as retail sales are also on the rise, with in-play betting being a significant driver. This trend caters to players’ desires for real-time engagement, further fueling the growth of the industry.

The surge in mobile gaming is also noteworthy, with 60% of Greek iGaming enthusiasts now favoring mobile devices to access their favorite iGaming products and services. This trend underscores the growing popularity of mobile gaming in the country and is a testament to the technological advancements in the industry.

The Greek iGaming market was legalized by Law 4726/2020 in July 2021, opening up significant opportunities for businesses that prioritize innovation and responsible gaming. This legalization has paved the way for the expansion of the iGaming industry in Greece, providing a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

Speakers at GAME Greece 2023

You have got the chance to meet and witness the stories of the best industry leading professionals. Starting with Alexis Wicen, the CEO and founder of Unibo Ltd., you can also listen to Anastasio Vasios, Director of New Regulated Markets Compliance SkillOnNet, Aristeidis Ilias, Compliance Manager at Soft2Bet, Carlota Rincón, Head of Content, Vime Digital, along with the Esports & Web3 Advisor & Strategist, Dimitris Farmakis.

The list keeps going on with great names amongst which one is Giannis Koutivas Affiliate Products Manager.

More speakers who will be taking the stage at the GAME Greece 2023 event.

Speakers at GAME Greece 2023

Attendees of Game Greece can look forward to engaging in discussions on key topics such as “AI-Powered Marketing for Gaming and Sports Betting – Practical Strategies Beyond the Buzzwords” and “How Can Regulators, Suppliers, and Operators Work Together to Safeguard the Market from Unlicensed Operators?

The first panel will feature expert speakers including Valentina Diaco, iGaming Marketing Advisor; Carlota Rincón Muñoz, Head of Content, Vime Digital; Krister Malm, Founder & Group CEO, Oddsium; Vasilii Gamov, CMO, RichAds; and Yaroslava Romaniv, Head of Marketing Communications, GR8 Tech.

The second panel will host Teemu Lehtinen, Country Manager, Oddsium Hellas; Anastasio Vasios, Director of New Regulated Markets Compliance, SkillOnNet; Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development, Swintt; Ohad Straschnov, Senior Compliance Director, Soft2Bet; and Xenia Neophytou, Managing Director, CX Financia.

Expert Insights in GAME Greece 2023

For those seeking to penetrate the flourishing Greek iGaming market, the opening address by Viktoria Soltesz, the chairperson of GAME Greece, is an opportunity not to be overlooked. Her speech will provide a wealth of insider knowledge about the future of iGaming, offering invaluable insights for your business.

Networking, meeting new people and hearing new industry gossips and ideas. Eventus International events always have an amazing crowd and very valuable content.

Viktoria Soltesz, CEO, PSP Angels

If your goal is to provide a top-tier gaming experience while navigating complex regulatory challenges, our panel discussion at GAME Greece is tailored specifically for you. This panel is spearheaded by respected industry leaders who possess expertise in the areas of compliance and business development.

Looking forward to attending a well curated, focused event, with a balanced view on customer acquisition and retention strategies amidst a landscape of regulatory requirements.

Megan Easey, Operational Excellence Partner

Agenda of GAME Greece 2023

Day 1: 19 October 2023

The event begins with an opening address and a keynote on Greek iGaming regulations. The day includes panel discussions on the future of Greek iGaming, delivering a top-tier gaming experience amidst regulation, promoting diversity and integrity in gaming, and strategies for compliance and AML. The day concludes with a presentation on career pathways in gaming and marketing, and discussions on safeguarding the market and the potential of SEO and AI in marketing.

Day 2: 20 October 2023

The second day starts with a discussion on casino and sports betting trends. The day continues with panels on marketing strategies for the new era of gaming, the future of digital sports and esports, and building brand loyalty. The event concludes with discussions on collaboration between affiliates and operators, and overcoming payment challenges in the Greek market.

Viktoria Soletsz Joins as the Chairperson of the Event

Viktoria Soltesz, the Founder and CEO of PSP Angels Group and recently named Business Woman of the Year by Acquisition International, will chair the 3rd Annual Edition of the Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Event, GAME Greece 2023. Soltesz’s expertise in the payment consulting industry will set the stage for an extraordinary summit. She highlighted the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality professional speakers that make GAME Greece 2023 a distinctive event.

Soltesz expressed excitement about moderating the “Payment Challenges for Operators and Affiliates” panel, emphasizing the need to address current and future issues in the payment industry. She also underscored the benefits of attending GAME Greece, which includes high-quality content and invaluable face-to-face interactions with industry professionals.

Reflecting on past GAME events, Soltesz shared instances of professional connections and new friendships made, and how her involvement in the conference led to the launch of her educational project. She emphasized the exclusive networking opportunities and the potential to create something exceptional at such events.

Marketing Strategies in a New Era of Gaming

For those aiming to refine their marketing strategies in the dynamic iGaming environment, attending the panel discussion on boosting customer engagement and retention is highly recommended. This presents an opportunity to gain valuable insights from a panel of seasoned industry leaders who are at the forefront of the gaming sector. The discussion promises to explore innovative marketing strategies.

GAME 23 provides a boutique opportunity for influential leaders in iGaming to come together and share insights that are key to growth and innovation in our ever-changing industry.

Sasha Boerma, Head of Affiliates at Coastline Gaming

Tickets for GAME Greece 2023

Tickets for GAME Greece 2023

The tickets for the GAME Greece 2023 event are available in three different sections, the Delegate pass, the Suppliers, pass, and also the Affiliate pass. All these passes are priced differently and cover a number of separate events taking place at GAME Greece 2023.

You can buy these passes directly from the official website of Eventus International, GAME Greece 2023.

Book your Stay for GAME Greece 2023

When the event is taking place at the most royal location in the world, you must also have the royal stay and have a great time being a king. The venue that has been chosen for the event is Electra Palace Athens, Athens, Greece.

Speaking more about this amazing and fascinating venue, the venue has been carefully selected as it is also regarded as the “Gem of Elgance” that even offers a luxury accommodation right in the centre of Athens.

The Electra Palace Athens Hotel, is located in the Plaka area of Athens, which actually provides the most majestic views of the Acropolis and is right within the walking distance of most of the main attractions of Athens.

The guests who are coming for the event and are planning to stay at the same venue can start their day with a delicious and freshening Greek breakfast, that is served in the stylish dining area. You can also enjoy an afternoon swim that will freshen you up in the rooftop pool located right next to the rooftop restaurant, which is exactly where a grand Mediterranean cuisine will be waiting for you.

One more thing we would like to add is that you can get a huge attendee hotel discount by booking the Hotel Electra Palace Athens.

We at BloggingEclipse are thrilled to be the media partner of this grand event and wish to see you up close in the event. Book your passes now!

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