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GAME Greece 2023: iGaming at its Finest and the Most Royal Form

The most proud and the third annual edition of the Gaming and Affiliate Marketing Event, also known as GAME Greece 2023, will be held at the Electra Palace in Athens on October 19 and 20, 2023. This is an event where you will experience the best Greek hospitality along with meeting the most innovative and bright minds.

Speaking of it, this will be the third edition that promises to bring a number of the hottest topics surrounding the iGaming industry and will also discuss some of the best practical knowledge topics for the growth of the Greek gaming market.

About GAME Greece 2023

GAME Greece 2023

The event is being organised by Eventus International which is surely one of the greatest event managing companies. GAME Greece 2023 will bring forth some of the best expert speakers who will be sharing the details about the industry insights with the attendees of the event. This will be a great time to evaluate the investment opportunities and also meet a number of valuable future business partners.

As a part of the guest list, the event will have some of the best and leading local as well as international operators in the field of gaming operators, software providers, payment gateway providers, and even AML experts. Along with this, you can even meet the best of the best SEO experts, Affiliates, fraud detection experts, lawyers, regulators, legislators, and government officials as well as the great names in the list of iGaming innovators.

Speakers at GAME Greece 2023

You have got the chance to meet and witness the stories of the best industry leading professionals. Starting with Alexis Wicen, the CEO and founder of Unibo Ltd., you can also listen to Anastasio Vasios, Director of New Regulated Markets Compliance SkillOnNet, Aristeidis Ilias, Compliance Manager at Soft2Bet, Carlota Rincón, Head of Content, Vime Digital, along with the Esports & Web3 Advisor & Strategist, Dimitris Farmakis.

The list keeps going on with great names amongst which one is Giannis Koutivas Affiliate Products Manager.

More speakers who will be taking the stage at the GAME Greece 2023 event.

Speakers at GAME Greece 2023

Agenda of GAME Greece 2023

The event will begin on October 19, with an oppening address and welcome speech to the futre of iGaming, following which will be Keynote Address on Navigating the Greek iGaming Regulatory Landscape: Strategies for Compliance and Innovation.

Then a Panel Discussion will take place on the topic of The Path Ahead for Greek iGaming: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities. This will be followed by another panel discussion that will focus on the topic of Striking the Right Balance: How to Deliver a World-Class Gaming Experience in the Face of Restrictive Regulation.

Then moving towards the mid of the event, Driving Diversity, Equality, and Integrity in Gaming: Can We Do Better? will be another session of panel discussion. This will be followed by Compliance and ROI: Practical Strategies for Compliance, AML, and KYC That Minimise Fines and Protect Revenue.

You can even attend the presentation on Empowering Careers: Navigating Educational Pathways in Gaming and Marketing, and two more panel discussion on the topic of How Can Regulators & Operators Work Together to Safeguard the Market from Unlicensed Operators? as well as Unveiling the Potential of SEO and AI-Powered Marketing for Gaming & Sports Betting: Practical Strategies Beyond the Buzzwords, respectively.

The day two of the event, which is October 20 will hear the opening remarks about ​Casino and Sports Betting Trends: The Average Customer and How Loyalty Programs Fairly Drive Retention and VIP Acquisition, which will be then followed by a panel discussion, Marketing Strategies for a New Era of Gaming: Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Retention.

The second day is again filled with a number of discussion which cover the most important  topics. To begin with the second panel discussion of the day will spark about Exploring the Future of Digital Sports and Esports: Challenges and Opportunities.

Then Managing the Customer Lifecycle: How to Build Lasting Brand Loyalty Beyond Bonuses, Promos, and Campaigns would be another panel discussion, followed by a presentation on Enhancing Engagement and Retention of iGaming Audiences: Exploring Strategic Push-Based Email Marketing.

The last two panel discussions would be about How Can Affiliates and Operators Collaborate Effectively Without Encountering Legal Issues? And then Payment Challenges for Operators and Affiliates: Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Hurdles in the Greek Market, respectively.

What we believe is that the agenda set up by the Eventus oranisation for GAME Greece 2023, is totally crafted by keeping the latest industry needs in mind. With all of these above mentioned, intriguing discussions, You can position and propel your company and business with the help of the latest insight from local as well as international experts. 

Become a part of this huge change that brings together a revolution in the iGaming industry and also covers a number of vital topics that will keep you updated with all the precise and important information about the affiliate as well as the gaming industry.

Tickets for GAME Greece 2023

Tickets for GAME Greece 2023

The tickets for the GAME Greece 2023 event are available in three different sections, the Delegate pass, the Suppliers, pass, and also the Affiliate pass. All these passes are priced differently and cover a number of separate events taking place at GAME Greece 2023.

You can buy these passes directly from the official website of Eventus International, GAME Greece 2023.

Book your stay for GAME Greece 2023

When the event is taking place at the most royal location in the world, you must also have the royal stay and have a great time being a king. The venue that has been chosen for the event is Electra Palace Athens, Athens, Greece.

Speaking more about this amazing and fascinating venue, the venue has been carefully selected as it is also regarded as the “Gem of Elgance” that even offers a luxury accommodation right in the centre of Athens.

The Electra Palace Athens Hotel, is located in the Plaka area of Athens, which actually provides the most majestic views of the Acropolis and is right within the walking distance of most of the main attractions of Athens.

The guests who are coming for the event and are planning to stay at the same venue can start their day with a delicious and freshening Greek breakfast, that is served in the stylish dining area. You can also enjoy an afternoon swim that will freshen you up in the rooftop pool located right next to the rooftop restaurant, which is exactly where a grand Mediterranean cuisine will be waiting for you.

One more thing we would like to add is that you can get a huge attendee hotel discount by booking the Hotel Electra Palace Athens.

We at BloggingEclipse are thrilled to be the media partner of this grand event and wish to see you up close in the event. Book your passes now!

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