Adsterra unleashes a real treat for advertisers: Interstitials, a dynamic addition to the Self-Serve Platform. We’re going to break them down to you in 5 simple points.

Let’s get started!

1. Interstitials Unveiled: From Managed to Self-Serve

Once exclusive to managed accounts, Interstitials now cater to all advertisers on the SSP Adsterra SSP. Pre-customized Interstitials templates developed by Adsterra excel in Mobile Utility, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, iGaming, and more. You only need to add your branding, and get going!

2. Quick Recap: What Are Interstitials?

If you’re wondering what Interstitials look like, here are some descriptions that will make the picture quite clear for you:

  • Full-screen ads displayed over the website content, ensuring unmissable visibility.
  • Key elements include large image/text, optional heading and description, CTA, “Close” option.
  • Occupy 45% to 80% of the webpage.

Take a look and see for yourself!

Adsterra Interstitial Ads

3. Dive In: What’s So Grand about Interstitials? 

Released under the renowned Social Bar format, Interstitials continue the platform’s groundbreaking legacy since its impactful debut in 2020:

  • Seamlessly A/B test Interstitials with up to 15 visuals.
  • UX-friendly and brand-oriented.
  • Enjoy easy creative uploads.
  • Unprecedented viewability.
  • First-in-row ad placement eliminates the need for a prelander.
  • Ideal for CPI, CPD, CPL campaigns. 
  • Competitive CPM rates.

4. How Interstitials Make Your Marketing Goals Achievable and Beyond? 

We believe that advertising should be assertive enough to break through ad fatigue while also staying user-friendly and intelligent to meet the demands of today’s users who want both beneficial and entertaining experiences”, says Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra. This sounds indeed inspiring, and here’s how it translates into value Interstitials deliver to advertisers. Interstitials can:

  • Broaden Popunder campaigns with valuable traffic segments.
  • Introduce out-of-the-box creativity to Social Bar campaigns for first-rate leads.
  • Re-engage users attractively redesigning ad messages.
  • Boost CTR, CR, and meet KPIs for agencies or affiliates.
  • Deliver a friendly, smooth user experience.
  • Build upon an immersive, modern alternative that outperforms pop-up windows.
Interstitial on Adsterra Dashboard

5. Master Adsterra Interstitial Ads: Expert Tips for Success

Now that you are acquainted with all basics (and beyond!) of Adsterra’s new release, it’s time to get to work. With these tips you have no chance but to succeed in launching your first-ever Adsterra Interstitial Ads campaign: 

  • Let Smart CPM algorithms bid in real-time for optimal traffic based on your targeting.
  • Activate CPA Goal to optimize CPM traffic for higher conversions.
  • Start with broader targeting during the test period and narrow down based on high-converting placements.
  • Enhance engagement by adding numerous creatives with various skins/templates.
  • Use discounts, bonuses, and bargains to captivate your audience.
  • Keep images concise; avoid lengthy texts.
  • Craft attention-grabbing headings.
  • Improve credibility by backing your claims with stats.
  • Boost conversions limiting offers by time.
  • Stay credible and honest!

Concluding Words

These 5 aspects should have dissected Adsterra’s Interstitials for you by now. From the way it looks to the way it helps reach your marketing goals, you know all the necessary info to rock your online advertising. Use the given tips, achieve outstanding results, and, most importantly, share them in your case study: this is a chance for you to make $200 for your success story!

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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