The Middle East is about to witness a grand event, specially designed to target the CFO and Finance leaders in all of the industries. The CFO Stratech will be taking place in Dubai this year, on September 21. With a huge list of experts and companies that are already attending the event, this invite-only event has plans that make sure to bring forth a big change in the finance market. The venue for this event has been chosen to be Ritz Carlton, DIFC.

Topics that would target the digital market as well as the discussions that will carry out business strategies, The CFO Stratech will also introduce you to something that has been happening for over 12 seasons.

About CFO Stratech 2023

CFO Stratech Middle East 2023

The event asks you to gear up and go for it if you are a finance enthusiast or wish to learn about anything related to the said industry. And especially if you are a CFO of a company and wish to expand your contacts or make your company grow more, and promote it, this is one event that will get you the exclusivity to build newer strategies.

The event, CFO Stratech has been doing the same for years now. This has led to the very successful 12 events and now stepping into its latest edition. To elaborate more, the financial event will have the most influential minds that are leading the business arena as well as the finance sector. Also, when it comes to newer ventures, the CFO expo is extending its roots to the much-known finance leaders.

Now, while you attend this prestigious event, you will meet the best-in-class finance experts who are leading in their niche, to guide out of your queries. These will be the delegates who understand the importance of strategic collaboration.

More about the event, the CFO Stratech 2023 Middle East, will be a convergence of brilliance, and also a space that will have the best C-Level Executives as well as the Financial Leaders collaborate together.

You can even meet some of the most distinguished experts from a lot of other domains, who will engage in a series of very meaningful discussions that can forge invaluable connections.

Agenda of CFO Stratech 2023

With greatly intriguing topics that would affect your mind and ask it to change immediately, the financial event taking place in the heart of the Middle East will focus on a number of financial as well as business topics.

To begin with, there will be digital topics that will focus on the CFO’s growth and strategies. The Digital CFO: Objectifying the digital business strategy will be one of the topics in the event.

Another set of prime discussions, that will be taking place at the event are CFO: CIO collaboration, Adoption of advanced technologies, Translating Data into Intelligence,

Impacting Working Capital via Spend Management, and Upskilling the Finance Function.

Why should you attend CFO Stratech 2023

There are many reasons that we can give you to attend this exponential and industry-focused event, but let’s stick to a few important ones. When it comes to expert insights, you can learn a lot from the industry-proven business leaders, who will be sharing real-world insights. Moreover, they will give you an idea of the best practices and share successful stories that will surely inspire you to get started with your venture, or if you are already on it, these success stories will boost the confidence within you.

Another segment that we would like to talk about is the evaluation segment. This is where you can glean on a vast amount of information and have eye-opening industry insights. The discussion that will take place during this event will help you evaluate your own current capabilities and will also help you collaborate with your suppliers. Having to be an attendee at the event is a dream of many financial sector persons, as it will even boost the communication capabilities with the technological partners.

The best part about this event is networking, where you can connect with like-minded digital partners and peers. You can meet such personalities from a number of industries. Also, you can use a huge, grand, and collective experience.

The breakthrough that you will have at the CFO Stratech 2023 will be something beyond your imagination. You will get a chance to explore the technological advancements and also get up close to the solutions that are shaping the future of data strategy. You can meet people of many genres from the industry, you can hang up with peers who think like you, and through this, you will get a chance to evaluate the right fit for you.  

The target industries at CFO Stratech have a great range and diversity. But to be precise, here at the financial events you can meet the BFSI, Oil, and gas industries, along with the Pharma, retail and e-com, public infra, hospitality, telecom, ed tech, airlines as well as the utilities deaparment.

Also, talking about the profiles they will be mainly focused on the Group Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Group Chief of Accounts, Director/ VP/ GM/ Head of Finance, and Heads of Finance Planning and Analysis.

Speakers of CFO Stratech

Speakers of CFO Stratech

Did we mention that you are going to be enthralled when you meet the speakers at the CFO Stratech event taking place this year? Well, if we didnt, having a look at this list will make sure you are. 

Amel Chouikh, head of finance, Middle East & Africa, Uber, Mohamed ElRouby, Chief Financial Officer, MEA & Finance Lead, Pharmanovia, Manish Sharma, Chief Financial Officer, ESG Division, Oasis Investment Company are some of the great personalities who will be taking the stage at the CFO Stratech this year. Along with them, the Executive Director of Group Finance at Dubai Holding, Zohaib Zubair, Tamer Abomosalam, Group Chief Financial Officer, emaratech And Ahmad Aboud, SVP of Group Finance, Ghassan Aboud Group will also be present at the event.

Want to become a partner?

Partners at CFO Stratech Middle East 2023

If you are looking out to become a partner in this event, this is surely a great decision. Let us tell you what profits you can have by being a partner of CFO Stratech 2023, a financial event. First of all, the visitors at this event are great decision-makers and are actually looking out for financial suggestions, which could also help them with their accounting and also in strategy making. They are eager to learn new things and hop on new adventures.

You can explore more about what goes around in the industry and what people actually want. Meet the most amazing people from the finance industry who are looking to expand their competencies in order to maximize their company outcomes.

As a partner, you will be meeting a motivated group of decision-makers and also the ones who match your business profile as well as the products and services.

Next is the brand recognition you will get through this event. Your company will be featured as the one leading digital transformational solution in all of the Indian market. Along with that, you will also be able to highlight the USP of your product. You can connect with the tech heads in the event. And trust us that these prominent attendees are eager to enhance their strategy. This will eventually help you in easing down the chase you are doing to find the right connections.

Showcase your company and get the attention of the most motivated attendees, towards your digital transformational efficiencies. The dedicated slots during the agenda will also give you a chance to have one-on-one meetings with the best buyers in the finance field.

Registration for CFO Stratech 2023

For registrations, you can go to the official website and register yourself as an attendee, speaker, or even sponsor.

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