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Are you looking for legit online courses that are worth your time and money?

Well, you’re in the right place! Read on to know more about edX, an online learning platform made by some of the greats in education, i.e., Harvard and MIT! In this edX review, we will look at the courses, benefits and more of the platform.

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Experience edX, which gives you access to more than 3000 courses offered by some of the world’s greatest learning institutions that are curated especially to help you boost your intellect. So without further ado, let’s get started with this edX review and see how to avail edX coupon codes.

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Detailed edX Review

edX is an online learning platform that empowers its users to learn anything from anywhere. It was created by MIT and Harvard in an effort to provide education for all. It has a wide library of courses that cover every field of expertise. It has over 3000 courses taught by 160 partners to over 35 million active users and has around 110 million enrollments from all around the world.

edX was started in 2012 as an experiment. Its creators wanted to utilize the internet to bring higher education to underprivileged people with a thirst to learn. It has now developed into a full-fledged platform that gives people access to high-quality education at affordable prices.

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edX has more than 12 features specially curated to help you achieve your goals. It follows three principles that influence its approach to online learning, these principles are:

  • Experience

edX believes that you learn by experience. All its courses have a dynamic structure that includes interactive materials such as video lectures, visual aids like graphs and many other engaging elements that make learning a stimulating experience.

  • Practice

As they say, practice makes perfect! edX believes this ideology to be true. It offers its students a dedicated space to practice what they learn and provides extensive material to facilitate that, such as quizzes, assessments, virtual spaces, etc.

  • Apply

edX makes you ready for the real world. Its courses are application-based. They help you practically apply what you have learned in a work environment with ease.

edX for Learners

edX lets you learn and take your career to new heights. It has a wide range of courses catered to specific topics and industries, provided by the best global institutions. Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of programs it has to offer:

MicroBachelors Programs
edX Review - MicroBachelors Programs

edX offers unique MicroBachelors programs that are specially designed for adults looking to better in their careers. These programs are created by top-ranking universities and are a pathway to bachelor’s degrees. These programs make you ready for work and help you get credentialed while doing so.

These programs are a collection of expertly curated college classes that are targeted to meet the needs of modern employers. You learn in a fast-paced environment and pave the way to workplace success, all the while building a pathway for a bachelor’s degree. You can easily start learning with edX’s MicroBachelors programs. There is no lengthy application process, overhead fees, waitlists, etc. You can start learning right away! Here are a few advantages of enrolling in an edX MicroBachelors program:

Affordability: edX lets you enroll in college classes in the most affordable way possible. Their programs have an average price of $166 per credit, making college classes more accessible to those who find it hard to pay traditional college fees.

Flexible and relatable courses: You can now learn at your own personal pace. You can choose the flow and order of the topics you’re learning. edX’s MicroBachelors programs provide you with updated and relevant information that fits the current work landscape, making you ready for anything that comes your way.

Transferable college credits: Each MicroBachelors program has real college credits that you can easily transfer to an actual bachelor’s degree. You can combine these credits with previous or future ones and get closer to completing an actual bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degrees
edX Review - Bachelor's Degrees

edX offers completely accredited online bachelor’s degrees in a multitude of specializations from well-known and recognized universities. You can now earn your degree through edX’s self-paced modules, complete coursework weekly and join live online classes that expose you to other peers from all around the world. When you enroll in a bachelor’s degree with edX, you get access to career services and a dedicated academic advisor and admissions counselor. Here are some of the perks of an online bachelor’s degree by edX:

Career Growth: Apart from academic benefits, a bachelor’s degree helps you scale up your earnings as well. Studies show that people who have a bachelor’s degree tend to earn more than people who don’t.

Flexibility: With its dynamic online mode, edX’s bachelor’s degrees offer you the flexibility of learning at your own pace with interactive classes and an online community that makes learning fun.

Build Connections: Its online programs let you build long-lasting connections with other peers from all over the world.

MicroMasters Programs
edX Review - MicroMasters Programs

Advance in your career with comprehensive graduate-level courses specifically created for helping you deep dive into your career field. After completing this program, you can easily apply to the university that offered the program for a full-fledged master’s degree and earn your complete degree faster if accepted. Let’s take a closer look at how edX’s MicroMasters programs benefit you:

Learn or improve upon a skill: edX’s MicroMasters program is an easy, cost-effective way to gain new insights on a topic.

Self-paced learning: Don’t put your life on hold! You have the liberty to completer a course whenever and wherever you may please.

Get closer to earning a degree: You can use these programs to accelerate or add to a master’s degree.

Boost your career prospects: These programs are built to provide you with career growth as they are extremely focused on industry requirements.

Gain a full master’s degree: You can easily apply to a university that accepts MicroMasters program certificates. If you are accepted, the course will translate to completed credits that, in turn, shorten the duration of your degree.

Online Master’s Degrees
edX Review - Online Master's Degrees

You can now pursue your master’s degree from world-renowned institutions. Learn at your own pace, on your own terms, with flexible and affordable online modules. edX offers a wide range of specializations that help you climb higher in your career path and reach new heights. It provides exhaustive courses, all with support and multiple options of completion. Here are a few reasons to opt for an online master’s degree with edX:

High-value: Gain a master’s degree from one of the most prestigious and recognized universities in the world.

Flexibility: edX’s master’s programs offer multiple completion options and have flexible timings so that you can study without missing out on anything else.

Just as good as on-campus degrees: There is no distinction between an online and offline master’s degree. Your degree will hold the same value.

Boot Camps
edX Review - Boot Camps

Boot camps by edX are very practical, skill-oriented programs that are very immersive and hands-on. They provide a curriculum that is very industry-based, it is designed to cater to the current digital landscape, and it has a very accommodating schedule for learners who are preoccupied. Learn new practical skills and create your own portfolio by the end of boot camp and be ready to excel in your career. Here are a few advantages of enrolling in boot camp by edX:

Stellar support: Get access to a personal tutor, teaching assistants, instructors, on-demand support and more with edX.

Portfolio building: While learning, you also build your own professional portfolio to showcase your skills and be industry-ready!

Career acceleration: Boot camp lets you earn a university grade credit. You also get access to multiple resources and a dedicated counselor that help you add value to your work.

Professional Certificate Programs
edX Review - Professional Certificate Programs

These programs are specifically curated to help you enhance your professional skills and get a leg up against others in your field, with courses that are designed by industry leaders from top universities. The professional certificate lets you:

  • Expand your knowledge on topics that are in demand in your specific industry right now.
  • Learn on your own terms. You can enroll in a course and learn on any device and at any suitable time.
  • Add a valuable skillset to your resume. These courses give you a competitive advantage over your peers.
Executive Education
edX Review - Executive Education

Executive education courses are designed and tailored to the needs of specific industry sectors. They can equip you with expertise to expand your impact in the market. These in-depth programs help professionals in addressing organizational challenges and helping them advance their careers. These courses are taught by expert teachers from some of the world’s most reputable institutions. Here are some advantages of edX’s executive education courses:

  • The immersive, cohort-based learning experience is designed to maximize learning opportunities and provide a global network of opportunities.
  • Its courses target specific managerial needs related to the challenges of today’s business environment. These courses can be used as a tool for decision-making in order to make more informed and effective changes.
  • It has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7. Its success advisors offer administrative and tech support while it has tutors to help you academically.
XSeries Programs

Earn a certificate of achievement to demonstrate your knowledge and show off your expertise. XSeries programs are designed by world-renowned experts, universities, and top business schools. Here are some advantages of enrolling in XSeries Programs:

  • High-level and challenging content that provides a comprehensive understanding for all students, helping them find success in the course.
  • The courses are taught by professors from top universities, including MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and more.
  • Enroll instantly and with ease. Start your learning journey now.

edX for Businesses

You can now contribute to improving the workforce skillset, starting from your own organization! edX has a wide range of courses catered to improving the skill set of your employees. It has courses that cater to the needs of today’s job landscape, all from data science to IoT. Use edX’s skill-based and deep learning courses to get a step closer to building the optimum work environment. Here are a few benefits for edX for businesses:

edX for Businesses
  • Flexible Plans allow businesses of all sizes to experience courses, including subscriptions and bulk enrollment.
  • edX provides you with a comprehensive dashboard that gives you an insight into your learner’s learning process. You can see when they start, stop and complete modules, so you can know what parts of your course to keep or expand.
  • edX provides many integrations to make the learning process easier. You can integrate with Degreed, SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone, EdCast, and others. It also lets you integrate directly with its own API.

edX for Educators

You can now expand your horizons by tieing up with edX and, in turn, helping your students reach new heights. It provides you with curated courses brought to you by some of the world’s leading institutions. edX can help you give your students top-quality courses that make them ready for the world.

edX’s platform is built by experienced educators for educators. Their courses are curated to expand knowledge and improve skillsets, adding value to your institute as well. All its many programs are accredited and have great value. All in all, edX can prove a valuable collaboration. Here are some advantages of partnering with edX as an educator:

  • It provides accelerated and interactive learning experiences online.
  • It has an extensive support faculty that provides exhaustive digital resources.
  • It lets you expand your existing programs and create new programs that attract new students.
  • Courses by edX offer students a greater insight towards topics with interactive and engaging learning modules.
  • Its online mode lets you scale up without the extra infrastructure costs.
  • It lets you nurture students who are ready for the workforce as soon as they are done with their program.

edX Pros & Cons

As they say, there are two sides to every coin. Here are some of the merits and demerits of this learning platform:

  • Its certificates are recognized and accredited
  • It has an option where you can audit courses for free
  • Its courses are self-paced and convenient
  • Has over 3000 courses for all levels and streams
  • UI is easy to use
  • Some courses are expensive
  • Courses lack structure

🌟 FAQ related to edX

Who is edX for?

edX is the best online learning platform for people who are looking for higher education. edX partnered with some of the world’s top organizations, universities and colleges and provided around 3,000+ interactive online courses. If you want to boost your skills, then explore top courses offered by edX today.

Can I take edX courses for free?

On the course introduction page, you will find a FREE option if the course is available in the audit track. You will find an Enroll button where you need to enroll yourself. Once you have clicked on the Enroll button, you will find two options Continue or Upgrade Now. Select Continue if you want to take the edX course for free.

Which is better; edX Vs. Coursera?

Both edX and Coursera are great online learning platforms that enable you to enhance your skills in various fields. The major difference between Coursera and edX is that Coursera covers various courses, and edX provides more advanced science-based courses. On the other hand, one can take free courses on edX, and one needs to pay on Coursera while enrolling for courses.

Is edX legit?

edX is one of the top learning platforms and is completely legit that helps you master a variety of topics, including science, mathematics, engineering, computer science, business and more. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University are the two educational platforms that were established edX. Although you might see some negative reviews about edX courses on the web, as we all know, every online learning platform has its own merits and demerits.

Are edX certificates worth money?

Yes, the certificates offered by edX are worth money. If you’re serious about getting a good education, then you can take a course from Harvard, MIT, or any of the world’s top-ranked universities that are partnered with edX. Courses on edX have been taught by the world’s top institutions and are absolutely worth it. Adding an edX certificate to your CV has a great impact and also shows that you are serious about your education.

Is edX a good platform for learning?

edX is one of the most trusted online learning platforms that one can use to learn new skills. It is the most convenient and affordable approach to take higher education. edX provides online learning opportunities with an unparalleled selection of online courses and certification programs.

Can I put edX certificates on my resume/CV?

Putting your edX certificate on your resume/CV is always a good idea that significantly impacts employers and shows you are very serious about your career.

Is there any active edX coupon code?

If you want to enroll for the edX course at a discounted price, then use the edX coupon code mentioned above that helps you get a massive discount.

How do I apply an edX coupon code?

After choosing the particular edX course that you want to take, click on the Enroll button. Provide all the necessary information and complete your registration. After successfully completing your account, you will find a checkout page where you need to enter an edX coupon code in a box below “Add a coupon code” and click on the “Apply” button.

edX Facebook Group

edX Facebook Group

edX Twitter Group

edX Twitter Group

Bottom Line:

After looking at all its offerings and benefits, its safe to say that edX is a great platform for anyone who wants to enhance their skills and learn. It has many courses you can choose from, and it also provides you with the flexibility of doing these courses at your own pace. You can take this to your advantage and benefit greatly with edX.

What are your thoughts on this platform? Let us know in the comments.🙂

edX Logo
edX Review
0out of 10

edX is the leading online destination for learning new skills and knowledge from the world’s best universities. The online courses are designed on a proven learning method that ensures students acquire new knowledge and transfer it to the real world. Register today on edX and explore around 3000+ courses taught by the world’s best professionals and experts.

  •  It offers a 14-day refund policy.
  •  You can take courses from anywhere.
  •  You will get a verified certificate.
  •  It provides various range of payment options.


  • You will find limited topics.

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