Are you looking for outstanding online certification courses? Well, ExpertRating is one of the best companies that offer certified courses and do not charge any extra cost. ExpertRating is used by top companies globally, including Google, IKEA, Deltek, and UPS.

In this post, we have featured our honest and trustworthy ✅ExpertRating Review that includes its detailed insights like features, pricing, benefits, and many more. So let’s get started.

Detailed ExpertRating Review

ExpertRating Review

ExpertRating is known for its brilliant certifications for modern professionals offering excellent value for money.

More than 2,700,000 persons across the world have gotten ExpertRating certifications since the start of the company in 2000.

The company is frequently used by some of the major companies such as Convergys, Deltek, IKEA Systems, Fox News, and Fiserv, Google, and UPS, and many more.

Some of the key highlights of ExpertRating’s services include initiatives like custom skills assessment tests intended for Ericsson, and online services marketplaces like Elance, oDesk, LimeExchange, and RentAcoder.

Why should you go for ExpertRating services?
  • ExpertRating is a foremost benefactor of online training as well as certifications. They not only focus on employee testing but also personal certification and online training and courses. It has qualified and certified people for more than 17 years.
  • ExpertRating delivers more than 800 capability test certifications. More than 6500 companies have used ExpertRating for their employees’ training and certification processes.

Main Features of ExpertRating

ExpertRating Courses

📑 Certification

ExpertRating provides certification in Six Sigma. You will be required to pay for a printed copy, shipping as well as handling costs

Online transcripts are also accessible to attest to your credentials, which makes it a reasonably priced certification.

🔄 Combined Packages

Apart from certifications, ExpertRating also offers the opportunity to take up combine packages. You can take up project management certification into every level of Six Sigma certification. There are many other types of certifications, starting from business writing to speed reading.

🏅 Non-manufacturing services

Six Sigma is mostly used in manufacturing and healthcare.

But, ExpertRating enables Six Sigma’s use in other industries as well, which can help in the reduction of waste in project management.

🚀 Lovers of green, black and black belts

Many companies organize internal training and certifications for their employees.

With an ascribed low-cost certification and a low-level green belt, Six Sigma training can be conducted for companies providing high-level internal certification.

You can opt for mastery with the Master Black Belt option also. You are also eligible to choose just one black belt course. The availability of these different choices makes it a multipurpose program.

💻 Project scenarios

When you are learning the Six Sigma methods, you also need to learn how to execute them. ExpertRating also uses the application to permit real learning based on various project scenarios.

Ideal user

The Six Sigma course offered by ExpertRating is appropriate for people who require flexibility to control the timing of their course. You can revoke your course in a month or take the time to do it during the year after its expiration after one year.

Recruit talent quickly and efficiently

ExpertRating solution has been chosen for many big employers for employment testing to identify the right talent for the right job proficiently.

Flexible testing options

The ExpertRating Job Test System is planned to simplify the use and elasticity of trial options and pricing. Employers can commence the test program for their employees by registration and paying the test fees whenever essential.

Unique work-safe features for businesses

  • Economic test
  • User friendly
  • Flexible testing options
  • Thorough reporting features
  • Different payment options

ExpertRating Six Sigma certifications outstanding value for money by offering courses from the Green Belt to the Master Black Belt and the chance to add additional certifications. The program is of one-year duration, and the prize is one of the best in the industry.

What you need to know about ExpertRating

  1. The ExpertRating Personal Trainer Certification Program is an online apprentice course. It breaks down the ideas in a way that makes it very easy to understand. The course provides students with a wide range of learning materials, including more than 120 exercises that are both animated and explained.
  2. The ExpertRating Personal Training Course contains 17 detailed training chapters. The initial chapters would make you familiar with the human body. The following chapters would serve to give you a deeper knowledge of human anatomy, facilitating your understanding.
  3. Various organizations have certified the ExpertRating course. It also has a Trustmark, which makes it certain that the company will keep your information secure. Not only this, but the International Organization for Standardization has also certified it.
  4. The best part about ExpertRating is that you can save money by opting for combination courses. For instance, today’s fitness is a combination course since many people wish their training and diet to be done by an expert.
  5. You also get the option to work at your speed, which means that after you register, all the chapters of the 17 courses are open at any time. You can spend your time studying all of them, and you can also get started as soon as possible. However, it is more appropriate to take each chapter with you and give time to process that particular lesson.

Benefits of ExpertRating Review

  • Personal ability test

ExpertRating delivers 800 plus tests in different disciplines, which will help you save resources on extensive work testing. You can also view real-time reports based on employee test results through email and your employer’s account.

You can test numerous competitors at the same time in different locations, which will save your company’s resources and time.

Another advantage is that you can personalize work checks based on duration, questions, and topics. You can also form tests by making your questions.

  • Get an in-depth analysis

ExpertRating delivers a detailed account after the exam is conducted. The report gives details about the candidate’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy of the scores to make an informed decision about his performance.


The report also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates for demonstrating their ability to perform specific roles.

  • Web monitoring

Even if you use the Web Monitoring Tool offline, you can still monitor the rated individuals.
When an individual completes an online exam, the system also records their photos at constant intervals.

This gives you the option to consult them later to check if the candidate has used unfair methods.

  • Customized test solutions

You can also digitalize the content as well as prevailing questionnaires. The feature of Build Your Test can also be used by managers and employers, providing a combined platform.

The questions’ level of difficulty can be chosen by the recruiters and specifications, too, whether or not to apply the randomization. Tests can also be created for numerous sections.

Pros & Cons of ExpertRating


  • Individuals can achieve certifications of the varied skills they wish when they use their services as this site provides one of the most significant online certification platforms for those seeking to certify explicit skills.
  • ExpertRating delivers the world’s best and largest test inventory with more than 800 skill tests.
  • It is a leading Online Certification course with the replacement rate of about 86%
  • It is served in more than 35 countries, making it a globally reputed platform for courses’ online certification.


  • The only shortcoming of ExpertRating is that it has issues concerning refunds. Many customers complain about applying for a refund when they denied starting.

🌟 ExpertRating FAQ

What is an ExpertRating Certification?

It is an online third-party certification test that you can buy it online from any location. ExpertRating certifications are mostly used by recruitment agencies, job aspirants, etc. to evaluate professional skills.

What are the benefits of taking an ExpertRating certification?

As we all know, these certifications are prepared by qualified professionals who have 7+ years of experience in the technical domain under ISO 9001-2008 specifications. It greatly boosts your career and employment prospects.

What rules need to follow while appearing for a test?

All the tests are closed-book tests. You do not need to carry any kind of study material while giving a test. Also, you can not take help from your friends

What payment methods does ExpertRating support?

ExpertRating accepts payment through Credit card, PayPal, and Wire. Currently, ExpertRating also supports Western Union.

Conclusion: ExpertRating Review Updated 2024 | Should you go for it?

Since ExpertRating is an ISO-certified company, it is a top name for online learning solutions as well as pre-employment testing. They make available a database of online tests and the courses that layered a large variety of developing and conventional areas.

ExpertRating is one of the most consistent, steadfast, and reliable places to get certified online. It delivers more than 800 tests that you request, making it sure that you get the certification you need for your job or business, making it one of the best platforms.

Apart from this, ExpertRating also delivers the world’s most progressive employee testing solutions, offering employers with a fast, affordable as well as a proficient way to assess their employees’ skills.

ExpertRating has already worked and works with more than 6500 companies to reduce their budget for recruitment reviews and professional credentials.😊

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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