Gone are the days when you can earn profit by sitting idle at a place and talking to the neighbors for selling the product and service. This is the era of globalization; your business has no limits.

It’s all up to you how you scale it and how much profits you want to earn. As there is no geographical limitation nowadays, you need to learn as many languages as possible to convey your idea.

In short, to be in this crowded place of successful entrepreneurs, you need to know different local and foreign languages as it is the only way you can sell your service by starting the right communication. Let no language be a barrier to your growth. But is it essential to travel to places to learn new languages? The answer is a big NO.

You can learn as many languages as you can through different teaching applications from the comfort of your home. But as there are so many online language learning platforms, it’s quite challenging to find a reliable and informative one. Rocket Languages and Duolingo are market-leading applications, having distinct features and benefits.

In this detailed review of ✅Rocket Languages vs. Duolingo, you will find some entirely subjective points as we are sharing our personal experience. We will share all the language learning platforms’ features to help you make the right decision according to your needs.

Don’t forget to check the FAQ of Rocket Languages and Duolingo to find answers to your questions!

Rocket Languages vs. Duolingo 2024: Which one is better?

Rocket Languages vs. Duolingo

Rocket Languages Overview

Rocket Languages is a leading language learning company built-in 2015 to help people get over their linguistic problems quickly. The tool is compatible with MAC, OS and comes with 26 courses along with 13 languages. It’s a self-funded application but started to gain popularity just in 13 months and grew now!

Rocket Languages recently started delivering quality content in more than 15 languages, and are working on improvements constantly. You can get conversational from your comforts of home with the best comprehensive courses.

Why choose Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages are made for individuals who fail to understand their learning capabilities and assist them in the right way throughout the process. It focuses on improvising the core problems or confusion the person is facing.

Rocket Languages Review

There are more than fifteen languages available, named Rocket French, Rocket Spanish, Rocket Italian, Rocket Japanese, Rocket German, Rocket Korean, Rocket Chinese Rocket Arabic, Rocket Hindi, Rocket Portuguese, and many more.

All the language courses are designed to provide new value to the listener and help them learn the language quickly. It’s an all in one package, where you learn, apply, and explore all at once.

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There are several reasons why we like Rocket Languages the most. The top of all is how it allows users to learn grammar and vocabulary through practical and real-world languages. The practical assignments help to write, read, listen and speak the new language effortlessly.

Rocket Languages Coupon

The voice recognition tool of Rocket Languages makes the pronunciation of the listener perfect by matching voice. The user can get over the fear of speaking as they will get access to comprehensive grammar materials.

The Rocket Languages app can be used anywhere and anytime. There are more than 120 hours of lessons in Rocket Languages covering in-depth knowledge of the subjects.


Benefits of Rocket Languages

  • Rocket language has the best features, including voice recognition, gaming method for teaching and learning, testing, etc.
  • Proficient exercises for writing, listening, reading, and speaking to improve the language skillset and a good sense of pronunciations.
  • Different versions of software available to make the learning promising
  • The Arabic version covers several beautiful and compelling graphics to break down complicated topics into smaller and easy to understand fragments.
  • Different modules covering quality content to keep the user engaged for an hour
  • Specialized vocabulary and word to improve the knowledge and provide advanced skills

Shortcomings of Rocket Languages

  • There are a lot of advertisements which can get tiring and frustrating to the user.
  • A lot of pop-ups in between the courses are annoying.
  • The desktop interface of Rocket Languages is arduous and confusing to use

Duolingo Overview

Duolingo was built in the year 2012 by Severin hacker and Louis von Ahn. Being an American language learning website and mobile application, the tool is available for free to everyone eager to learn.

Duolingo Review

Duolingo also won the iPhone app of the year award back in 2013 because of its high-quality courses and affordability.

Duolingo is continually growing its teaching methodology through its competent courses and intuitive designs. The creators work on upscaling the skills of the learner by their experience.

Features of Duolingo

  • Methodology: Each lesson in Duolingo comes with unique learning methods to make learning fun and engaging. It will also give you hints when you are going wrong or stuck somewhere.
  • Clear format: Duolingo converts the complicated sentence into the simplest form and units to make the understanding process easier. There are also plenty of audio materials, articles to translate available for users.
  • User-friendly interface: You won’t need any technical knowledge to use this application; everything is understandable by sight. Also, there are reviews available from previous learners to help you understand the process.
  • Variety of languages: There are many language options available in Duolingo, like Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc
  • Gamification for making learning fun: The stories and events in Duolingo makes the process easy and engaging. There are small quizzes and riddles provided in each lesson.

There is lots of hype of Duolingo and false consideration that it can help you learn a complicated language with ease. But we believe that to understand any native language, and it’s important to read magazines, newspapers, podcasts, television shows, and books. Don’t just rely on an app, and try to do some groundwork on your own.

Rocket Languages vs. Duolingo: Which is Best & Why?

Both the tools teach well and have their places and benefits. You can enjoy the learning process by building up the right pace and rhythm. To make your answer for comparison between Rocket Languages vs. Duolingo, easier; we would like to display some factors.

If you are thinking of going for the free version, try both the software, but you need to choose carefully for paid versions. Rocket Languages sometimes teach formal language inaccurately. But on the other hand, Duolingo is a free app with updated content.

As far as the customer support service is concerned, Duolingo lacks this part, and Rocket Languages offer it. So, if you get stuck while using Duolingo, you might end up having a bad experience.

Some languages are taught in a better way in Rocket Languages than Duolingo, and vice versa. But if your motive is to save money, Duolingo is our pick for you, and if you want to learn languages in detail, then rely on both the services.

Duolingo Vs. Rocket Languages: Pricing

Rocket Languages have different pricing for different languages. But it offers lifetime access and a 60-day return guarantee to their buyers. There are three levels by Rocket Languages, each having various features.

Rocket Languages Pricing Plans
  • Level 1 of Rocket Languages is for beginners who want to reach the intermediate level. There are 134 hours of lesson time, 2666 phrases, 34 interactive audio lessons, and 33 language and culture lessons.
  • Level 1 and 2 of Rocket Languages are for beginner to advanced level. In this, you will get 244 hours of lesson time, 5807 phrases with voice recognition, 66 interactive audio lessons, 56 languages, and culture lessons.
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 of Rocket Languages are for beginner to advanced conversation level. In this, you will get 370 hours of lesson time, 10004 phrases with voice recognition, 98 interactive audio lessons, 87 language and culture lessons, and three bonus survival kits.

The cost of Rocket Languages ranges from $149.95 to $259.90, depending on the language you choose to learn.

However, Duolingo offers both free and paid versions to the user. The cost of plus subscription of Duolingo is $12.99 per month and $79.99 for a year. With the plus membership, you can download unlimited lessons to do offline in the mobile app, with a full degree. Also, there will be no ads in the premium version, whereas the free ones have resources but can get frustrating.

Duolingo Pricing Plans

Duolingo for students’ features through which you can keep track of your child’s progress at no additional cost.

🌟 Rocket Languages FAQ

Can I download the Rocket Languages course material?

Rocket Languages allow the user to download the content in pdf form and then use it later online. Some are in audio format, and others in a video. However, the application recommends its user to take the courses online to better understand. There are many quizzes to progress tracking elements, notes, etc. You can download the study material for free for future use.

Why is the audio inaudible in the Rocket Languages course?

Sometimes, some users face technical issues while attending an online course because they might be using an outdated version. For better results, Rocket Languages should be used on google chrome.

Can I get a refund from Rocket Languages?

If you are not happy with the course or content, you can initiate a refund within 60 days by contacting the customer support team. There are specific terms and conditions applied to it that you have to check with the team itself.

Is Rocket Languages worth the price?

Rocket Languages use a variety of quizzes to make the course interactive. It was a user-friendly interface and graphics with relevant resources. Hence, the tool is worth the price and investment.

How many language courses do Rocket Languages offer?

The answer to this question is quite long, but in short, Rocket Languages cover major diversity of language like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Native English, Hindi, etc.

❓Do Rocket Languages offer a trial period?

Yes, you can get a full preview of all the courses before using it. Moreover, Rocket Languages offer a full refund if you are not happy with their service, but certain terms and conditions exist.

🌟 Duolingo FAQ

What are Duolingo’s stories?

Duolingo’s story is a feature by which the user can learn new languages in a fun and intriguing way. Just tap the story tab, and gain points through exercises. However, to get access to the stories, you need to clear the tree’s first checkpoint.

What are the Duolingo Events?

Duolingo events are language focused social gatherings amongst people interested in an in-person practice and are learning a new language.

Can I get Duolingo events for free?

Some Duolingo events are free, but for others, you need to pay the cost for the expenses, including museum or theatre charges. These expenses are minimal and not heftier.

Can I learn multiple languages at the same time as Duolingo?

Yes! Through the drop-down menu, you can change the language you want to learn.

Final Verdict:

Don’t ever forget that only Practice makes a man perfect. All these tools are just the best resources to help you explore different languages, but only regular practice and real-time application will help you learn it efficiently.

Rocket Languages and Duolingo serve their users at its best. You can establish your pace of learning by saving the videos or data for later. Rocket Languages and Duolingo do their notion of learning, anytime, and anywhere satisfactorily.

But as far as the review is concerned, we would suggest Duolingo as it has both the web and app to make your learning process easier. However, Rocket Languages have extensive resources to provide you sufficient knowledge.🏅🏅

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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