If you want to run a successful long term online Affiliate Business then Coupon website is sure-shot on of the best fail-proof strategy to scale your affiliate marketing earnings

If you are wandering to launch a Coupon sharing website with WordPress to boost your affiliate income then here is a complete a-z guide for starting your coupon website on most powerful CMS in the world “WordPress

Why Coupon Website?

Have you ever dreamt to work from home and make enough money to not return to the office? I know how you feel. I also know that the search for a project you may monetize can take forever. Thus, I’ve decided to share one good idea with you. In this article, I want to talk about a coupon or daily deal websites. If you want to work from home and help people save time and money, this option is right what you need.

Launch A Coupon Website With WordPress

Even if the Internet is overwhelmed with savings offers, you still have a chance to avoid the tough competition. We’ll consider later how to do that and now let’s see what pros and cons discount website has.


  • Simple to start. You need a domain name and hosting service to create the site.
  • Quick to start. With CMS platforms like WordPress and WordPress blog themes, you can establish the website in just a few clicks. Consider Dealsy template for a reference.
  • Flexible to manage. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can run your coupon blog with no hassle.
  • Viable idea. Everyone likes discounts. Thus, coupon websites are so popular on the market.


  • Strong competition. Most popular areas are already influenced by well-known coupon websites. But still, don’t forget about local businesses.
  • Time-consuming process. Don’t believe people who say this is a passive income undertaking. It is not. People are looking for coupons and deals updated every day. That being said, you will have to post them daily or sometimes even twice a day.

If the shortcomings don’t scare you, let’s continue.

Research The Market Of Coupon Websites

Coupons and daily deals websites become more popular. I am sure there are no people who love purchasing products, services, and other items at a reduced price. Besides, the merchants are more than welcome to attract new clients and unload their warehouses from the products that have gone stale.

Even though coupon or daily deals website is a great marketing instrument to connect both sellers and buyers, I still recommend that you research this market better. When figuring out all advantages and shortcomings, you can decide if coupon business is right for you. Thus, let’s consider how businesses and clients benefit from coupon websites, their business model, and competition level.

Mind The Benefits Of Daily Deal Website

For Business

When going ahead with coupon websites, businesses experience the following advantages:

  • Advertisement: Now, the entrepreneurs don’t have to pay for views and clicks on ads to spread a word about their projects. Instead of that, they can sell products and services attracting more clients. After Expedia Affiliate Network, discounts and coupons are ones of top factors to drive loyalty with 61% of consumers saying they use them.
  • Brand awareness: Coupon business is a perfect solution for self-representation, especially when it comes to brand new enterprises.
  • Increased Conversions: Offering deals and promotions with the limited time you create the feel of urgency resulting in the increased sales.
  • Half-priced customers: With no doubt, they are better than no one at your shop, restaurant, or hotel. For instance, 81% of consumers search for dining deals on a regular basis, according to RetailMeNot.

For Consumers:

The shoppers get the following advantages while using coupons:

  • Saved budget: While buying products or services at a reduced price, buyers can save their household income.
  • Experiments with a new brand:. Due to the low price, people don’t risk to pay a lot for items they may not like. Besides, the shoppers get a chance to try the brand they’ve not dared to buy because of the high price.

Picking the perfect Niche for your coupon website

Niche for coupon website

Prior to starting your coupon website, it is also important to select your niche. The narrower it is, the more targeted the audience you get. Consequently, low competition in a specific market is just perfect.

Write down top-3 or top-5 ideas for your future coupon website based on your hobbies, experience, and interests. To figure out what niche comes with the lowest competition level, go to Google search. And then..well, you know what to do.

Consider Business Model

To succeed in developing your coupon site, it is critical to learning the ways of monetization. The business model of discount websites are the following:

  • The sites get about 20-50% of every deal.
  • Some discount websites obligate the merchants to subscribe to become members. In return, they offer optional promotional and customization services.
  • Some of the coupon sites offer premium membership option to their consumers. It guarantees access to privileged deals.
  • Most of the brand ads are paid on the websites.
  • The sites may be involved in the brand affiliate program to get a commission.

Explore The Market

The market of coupon websites already knows such giant companies like Groupon, RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, LivingSocial, and others which can scare you with tough competition. But still, there is an opportunity to take a solid position. For this you need to:

  • Make an accent on domestic enterprises. Even though Groupon-like websites cover a wide range of categories, they cannot have the same strengths in all fields. This is your chance to start a brand new discount website to cover those areas not yet occupied.
  • Reduce the niche. Don’t focus on the most popular niches on the market. Try to vary interests to reach a more targeted audience. Products for kids, pets, sports life, equipment, and events, books, eco-friendly, and automotive niches are still available and not influenced. All you have to do is just opt for the one you are interested in the most.
  • Demonstrate the value to your audience. Take care of providing outstanding features, user-friendly terms for enterprises and shoppers. Doing so you will be able to take leading position comparing to your competitors.

What Other Types Of Discount Website You Can Establish?

Coupons clipping websites

Thanks to a wide selection of discount pages, you are not limited to coupon websites only. On the market, there are three methods allowing you to offer discounts. One more method you can go ahead with refers to an ongoing deal site which is considered to be a hybrid option. Briefly, it comes with features specific to all three methods and does a little of everything. Let’s consider all of them further.

Types of Online Discount WebsiteOnline Clipping ServicesDaily Deal Web PagesCoupon Referral And Aggregate WebsitesOngoing Deal Page
Working PrinciplesThese websites list coupons from different sellers allowing the shoppers to print them out and use at the local store.Known as group-buying websites, they offer deals acquired via sales volume. The sellers suggest large savings upon condition that the site can cover the needed volume.Allowing other discount pages to place their deals all in one place, this kind of websites point consumers to where they can find them. All you have to do to become an aggregate site is just affiliate with the sellers.This is a specific type of coupon websites that offer relevant deals for their members. The last ones pay a monthly fee and get access to all savings at regular intervals.
Sources of IncomeShare from the use of coupons.Serving as an affiliate on the coupon website.Commission from ads.Membership to your site etc.Share from each deal.Commission from ads.Membership and others.Share from other websites you are cooperating with.Monthly membership fee.

Having got a clear understanding of how each of the methods works, you can select the one that would perfectly help to meet your goal.

Why Choose WordPress for running coupon websites over standalone framework

Selecting a platform for building your future website is important and sometimes challenging. Thus, the question ‘What platform to choose’ is one of the most widespread in Google search. Figuring out what platform is the best you can spend the whole day.

To prevent this, I want to recommend that you take a closer look at WordPress. Serving over 30% of all world’s sites including such corporations as NBC, New York Post, Sony, and others, this CMS is ideal.

Why WordPress for coupon website

Thanks to its user-friendly nature, WordPress is perfect for everyone from non-techies and beginners to tech-geeks and professional developers. Among other remarkable features are the following:

  • Flexibility. Despite the fact that WordPress has been specifically developed for blogs, it is still can be used for different types of websites. Whether you have a personal or lifestyle blog, small business, or large corporation website, WP is a great deal.
  • Extended functionality. With a wide range of themes and plugins available for WordPress, you have an opportunity to make your site look uniquely yours and boast with advanced functionality.
  • Additionally, plugins let you apply such features as a portfolio, photo galleries, shopping cart, contact forms, e-commerce, and others
  • Mobile-friendliness. WordPress features a fully responsive layout and adapt to any modern device including tablets and smartphones. Text and images are also flexible, hence rendered correctly.
  • High ranking. WP platform comes with numerous tools and plugins that optimize content for search engines. That being said, websites built with WordPress will more likely reach the top of search results.
  • Strong community. Being free and open-source CMS WordPress is supported by developers from all over the world. They are responsible for applying changes and keeping WP updated. Above all, you can always rely on the community if you experience issues with installing or using your WordPress.
How To Launch A Coupon Website With WordPress To Boost Up Your Business? 1

WordPress is one of the first CMS platforms on the market and the most popular among web users. With no doubt, it is worth using when it comes to establishing a fully-fledged and user-friendly coupon website.

How To Create A Coupon Website On The Fly?

Once you decide on the CMS platform you want to build your coupon website with, it is a high time to start. In order to launch a website without experiencing any issues, I recommend that you follow the next 5 steps that will help you implement your idea.

How To Launch A Coupon Website With WordPress To Boost Up Your Business? 2

1. Get A Domain Name

First and foremost thing you need to do is register your domain name. This is the site address used to find you on the web. Choose the name that would display the purpose of your website and build a unique image of your brand. Once the name is chosen, you can register a domain for it.

The hosting company usually offers a free domain, but I would recommend buying it separately so that you can get full control over it.

2. Buy Hosting

After registering a domain for your website name, it is important to buy a web or cloud hosting and not to skimp on it. While we are talking about creating a coupon website with WordPress, it is critical for hosting service to be compatible with the platform. We recommend HostPapa as #1 choice, followed by GoDaddy, A2Hosting, and Hostinger.

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Once signed up for hosting, you will get an email with the instructions. By following them log in to your account and the address of the host’s name servers. Make sure the name server contains two series of numbers. Copy them and paste to your domain name in the domain registrar. Once completed, the registrar will understand where the domain should point to.

3. Install WordPress

When you are ready with domain and hosting, let’s move on further to installing WordPress by following the next steps:

  1. Log in to your host account, locate cPanel dashboard and WordPress script. Hit the ‘Install’ button.
  2. Select the domain name you want to install WP too.
  3. Set your website name, admin username, email address, and password. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes. This information can be changed later.
  4. Click the ‘Install’ button to proceed further.
  5. Click on ‘Installation Complete’ to get redirected to the other screen with your WordPress URL and password.
  6. Log into your WordPress. Locate the dashboard panel and learn it before opting for a ready-made theme.

4. Set Up WordPress Coupon Theme

In case you have a limited budget and want to build a website on your own, ready-made template is a perfect solution. Furthermore, WP has an unlimited number of pre-designed templates for all occasions. You may select between premium and free WordPress themes. In order to choose the appropriate template for your website, I would recommend answering these 7 questions.

If you’ve decided to replace the default theme with a brand new one, let’s find out how to do that:

  • Go to WP admin > Appearance > Themes and choose ‘Add New’.
  • Select the template from the themes directory on the official WordPress.org or you can to choose these Top WP Coupons themes and choose to install it.
  • Go back to Appearance and select Customize to adjust the newly installed theme. You can change all settings inside the customizer installed with the template.

Diving deeper to the library you will find the advanced set of coupon WordPress themes as well. They are custom-made and offers responsive design, extended functionality, and premium support for your comfort.

5. Apply Plugins

Since the default templates come with a finite number of plugins, sooner or later you may experience lack of functionality. In this case, I suggest you install additional plugins while customizing the site. There is a list of the most important add-ons needed for the better performance of the coupon website.

recommended WordPress plugins

Here it is:

  • Yoast SEO is #1 WordPress SEO plugin that offers a powerful toolkit allowing you to optimize your discount website for search engines.
  • Contact Form 7 is an addon that lets you create easy-to-use contact forms with just a few clicks.
  • Coupon Creator refers to a plugin that helps you create coupons on your own or upload the coupon image instead.
  • W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular add-ons for WordPress. It allows enhancing SEO and UX by improving your website performance and reducing load time.
  • Floating Social Bar is a plugin that enables social sharing without impacting the site speed. Consequently, your visitors can easily share the coupons and deals on their social network pages without facing slow loading.

Also watch: Top 5 Must have WordPress plugins (Video by TemplateMonster)

Closing Thoughts

Even though coupon business is considered to be the most competitive, you still have a chance to take the leading position. Make sure to research the market, business models, advantages and shortcomings of running a coupon website prior to launching it.

Whether you have enough knowledge about this industry, you will be able to pick the niche with less competition resulting in the more targeted audience.

Being well informed you can easily succeed in the coupon and daily deals business.🤞

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