Are you looking for a blazing-fast speed for web hosting your website or blog? If yes, then it is time to turn the tables and switch from your existing slow hosting services to lightning-fast hosting services offered by A2 Hosting.

In this article, we have featured our trustworthy ✅A2 Hosting review, which offers 20X faster hosting. We have also shared an exclusive A2 Hosting discount coupon code that enables you to enjoy a 50% off deal. A2 Hosting is a fantastic Web service provider which offers highly cost-effective pricing for bloggers, Affiliate marketers, and internet entrepreneurs.

A2 Hosting has been trusted by all pro bloggers for years and has achieved the highest possible awards for being the best web hosting in the industry. Whether you are looking to host your site for the first time or already have a site that loads quite slow due to poor servers that your hosting provider offers? A2 Hosting has hosting services for newbies as well for large businesses that will never let your site go down and run smoothly with zero downtime.

When deciding for website hosting services, it should be kept in mind that the service provider round the clock immediate support offers and fast page loads with highly advanced server configuration. A2 Hosting provides 24/7/365 dedicated & friendly support, and also, by means of cutting-edge technology, it offers fast page loads.

Have you ever thought about why you need fast page loads and what will the impact of slow page loads is?

Let me brief you. If your site page loads slowly, then your visitors might not be able to view the complete page and keeping them waiting for the page to be loaded is quite an embarrassment. If the page loads slowly, your visitors won’t spend much time on your site, resulting in a significant loss. In this post, you can find the features and reasons for hassle-free choosing A2 Hosting to host your site.

Detailed A2 Hosting Review – Best Web Hosting Services

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is a reliable hosting service provider that has worked hard to provide excellent hosting services, unlike other hosting providers that settle for less. It knows that your site needs ultra-blazing speed, so the page load time is fast, which increases the conversion rate and thereby results in more profit. To make sure your site page loads fast and your visitors spend more time on your site, your site is hosted on its SwiftServer platform.

Company Introduction:

The company has a vast experience of 10+ years of building the hosting platform with the help of Guru support, who made it possible with blood and sweat. Its Turbo servers offer 20x faster speed for page loads than other web hosting providers.

All the technicians working with A2 Hosting are hand-picked based on their knowledge and experience to offer real support and resolve your issues with ease. The company started its operation in March 1999 and, in 2004, became one of the leading companies to support PHP 5. In 2014, it launched WordPress Hosting with secured features and guaranteed faster performance.

A2 Hosting Features at a Glance – What does A2 Hosting do?

A2 Hosting Reviews

#1. 20x Faster Turbo Servers

A2 Hosting Turbo Servers built with perfection offers you turbo speed up to 20x faster than what other hosting providers offer. The turbo boost technology is an innovative feature that combines global servers, SSD hardware, optimized infrastructure and the power of cloud computing in a single web hosting to boost the website performance by 20x.

#2. Guru Crew Support

A2 Hosting Guru team has vast experience and knowledge to help everyone with any issues to be resolved. Their team is able to solve even the toughest hosting issues quickly.

#3. 100% Free Site Migration

Upset with your existing hosting provider? A2 Hosting migration team will migrate your site from any hosting provider to their platform for free, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax. No matter which CMS you are using. Their team is able to migrate all types of sites, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc., without any issues.

#4. Anytime Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the A2 Hosting service, then you can get your money back anytime by giving blazing-fast hosting a try for free.

#5. 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

A2 Hosting servers are reliable and built with cutting-edge technology that offers 99.9% network uptime, ensuring that your site never goes down with zero downtime assurance.

#6. Powered by Latest Technologies

A2 Hosting all plans comes with state-of-the-art services on board. Their Linux hosting packages comes with a cPanel control panel, Apache server, Up to PHP version 7.1, and Node.js. Their windows hosting plan comes with a Plesk control panel with blazing fast performance. The biggest advantage is that it offers a customized hosting package according to your need. So you can also choose the custom package and select add-ons, resources limit and needed Disk space to get the best price for huge enterprise web hosting solutions.

Reasons to Choose A2 Hosting? – How Good is A2 Hosting?

Here’s the big question! Why choose A2 Hosting to host your website when you already have thousands of cloud hosting providers around the world?

After reading this section, you will shortly know the reasons to choose A2 Hosting, and this will make you decide whether A2 Hosting is perfect for hosting your site. To make sure that you get the best of features since you have entrusted them and invested your hard-earned money, A2 Hosting is always focused on delivering quality features for dominant hosting performance.

  • Free SSD

SSD’s offer 300% faster speed to your site, making your site page load faster than before. Host your site free on SSD and boost your site performance to get optimum performance.

  • PHP 7 on all plans

A2 Hosting offers the latest version of PHP 7 that supports your site and offers super flexibility. Not just PHP, it supports much more popular software to give your site what it deserves the most.

  • Servers located Worldwide

A2 Hosting has a server located globally, so you can host your site on the nearest server to attract more visitors to that particular country or region. Choosing the nearest server offers more speed and ensures your site is always up and running. Global servers, which are exclusive to A2, give you a good speed game with 20 times faster speed than its competitors.

  • Highest performance guaranteed

A single-second page load delay can impact your website’s SEO rankings, bounce rate and even conversions. A2 Hosting ensures your website performs well in all locations and loads at ultimate speed in any of their pricing plans. No matter which plans you choose, their SwiftServer platform makes you worry-free. With Turbo SSD servers, your website page load time decreases, and you get better rankings on google too.

  • Carbon neutral hosting

With the evolving world, A2 Hosting is evolving as well. All the servers are deemed ‘carbon-neutral‘ by purchasing carbon offsets, and that’s how it gives you carbon-neutral hosting. So you can be really assured that your site is simply not adding to your carbon footprint.

  • Free SSL certification 

This is essential site security which ensures your visitors trust your website, and A2 offers you this feature for free, which is really nice. This certification, though common among most websites, is an important feature to have on most websites. 

  • Free Cloudflare CDN

This feature is really important to have, and A2 provides you freely. CDN is crucial to have in any hosting package as it gives added speed and faster loading time.  

  • Handles websites of all sizes

With a growing business, so is your traffic going to grow. But if you choose A2 Hosting, you just don’t have to worry at all. It also does not matter if you’re starting out with a website from scratch or you’re a big business reeling in plenty of traffic and sales; this hosting provider has it all as it can handle the growth of your website with a whole new variety of its hosting packages.

A2 Hosting Products & Services – A2 Hosting Reviews

What was your experience when you last visited a site that was loading slowly, and even your coffee got over?

You must be annoyed or frustrated. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to your website, then choosing A2 Hosting services is an intelligent choice as site speed means a lot and affects your SEO ranking, conversion rate and much more.

It is essential to keep your readers engaged on your site, and that would happen only if your site page loads fast with a bolt speed. And when you choose Its Turbo Servers, your site runs 20x faster.

The company offers the following hosting solutions:

1. Shared Hosting

Their shared hosting is best for a personal blog, affiliate website, or launching a new website. Its user-friendly, reliable and even Managed WordPress Hosting can be chosen for newbies and experienced users.

The basic shared hosting plan starts at only $2.99/month with the SwiftServer platform that runs 20x faster and is ultra-reliable, ensuring 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Don’t worry if you face any issues at any time; the guru crew support is available 24/7/365 to resolve your questions in a short time.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting
Startup Shared Hosting Plan$2.99 Monthly paid upfront for a three-year plan
Drive Shared Hosting Plan$4.99 Monthly paid upfront for a three-year plan
Turbo Shared Hosting Plan$9.99 Monthly paid upfront for a three-year plan
Turbo Max Shared Hosting Plan$14.99 Monthly paid upfront for a three-year plan

The shared hosting plans work best for small websites which have just started and beginning to see traffic. Also, as you go up with the pricing, you can host an unlimited number of websites and get unlimited storage. You get a 20X turbo boost for faster site speeds with the last two plans. These plans are also as per the latest updated pricing on the shared hosting website.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

With this hosting, you can step up from shared hosting with enhanced WordPress features which ensure you good speed and security.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting
One – Site$12.99 a month paid upfront for three years
Three – Site$22.99 a month paid upfront for three years
Unlimited$43.99 a month paid upfront for three years

As you can see, the only difference between the three plan options is the number of websites you can manage and also the amount of storage you get along with it. So you can choose any of the above plans which fit your hosting needs. All of them do come with a 20X faster turbo speed feature.

3. Managed VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting Managed VPS Hosting
Lift 8$46.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Lift 16$57.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Mach 8$59.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Mach 16$89.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Mach 32$99.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan

If you have started getting into managed VPS hosting, you can look forward to increasing the RAM and storage capacity capabilities. This gives good flexibility for someone who is looking into a dedicated server plan.

4. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

This type of hosting ensures that your site runs fast along with additional RAM, storage and root access. VPS’s plan is also developer-friendly.

A2 Hosting Unmanaged VPS Hosting
Runway 2$7.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Runway 4$9.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Supersonic 8$34.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Supersonic 16$54.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Supersonic 32$74.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan

5. Reseller Hosting

If you have multiple clients to host their site, then the A2 Hosting White Label Reseller Hosting solution is perfect for your hosting business. It enables you to resell the best hosting to your clients with your own branding and storefront. Reseller Hosting comes with WHM (Web host manager) panel to create multiple clients’ accounts and packages.

Kickstart$18.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Launch$24.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Grow$34.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Scale$44.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
Turbo Kickstart$29.99 a month paid upfront for a three-year plan
A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

With this type of hosting, you get additional SSD storage, WebHost Manager, cPanel, Free Blesta billing system, free SSL certificate, around-the-block guru support, and free website migration too.

Reseller Hosting offers blazing-fast speed, doesn’t require you to spend much on servers and bandwidth, and sells hosting to your clients worry-free with 99.9% uptime guaranteed and custom branding that allows you to customize your customers control panel with your brand name.

6. Dedicated Hosting (Unmanaged Servers)

A2 Hosting Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting
Sprint$99.59 monthly
Exceed$165.99 monthly
Mach$248.99 monthly

So as you can see, the more RAM, storage or transfer TB you need, you would have to pay accordingly. Dedicated hosting with unmanaged servers is a good option for developers who want to have more control. 

7. Dedicated Hosting (Core Servers)

With this plan, you get HostGuard management features like: 

  • Managed installs and upgrades of core software
  • Daily automatic and rebootless updates
  • Smart system notifications
  • Security patches
  • 99.9% Uptime commitment
Sprint$141.09 monthly
Exceed$207.49 monthly
Mach$290.49 monthly

8. Dedicated Hosting (Managed Servers)

This plan is for those who are low on budget, cannot afford any downtime, and want the best A2 Hosting offers. But you would have to pay for the price tag in order to get access to its perks which include lightning-fast speeds and a dedicated crew.

A2 Hosting Managed Dedicated Hosting
Sprint$141.09 monthly
Exceed$207.49 monthly
Mach$290.49 monthly

Money-Back Guarantee

These affordable plans start at $141.09 a month. You can try them for 30 days to get an experience of its features. But if you are not happy with the performance of A2 Hosting, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their hosting plans. A2 Hosting provides you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the technical experts who work tirelessly to ensure your online websites remain live at all times.

You can certainly try A2 Hosting for yourself as a full refund backs you within 30 days or a prorated refund on the unused services if you cancel it after 30 days.

9. Virtual Private Servers

When your site gets more traffic, then you should switch from Shared Hosting to VPS, which offers more power and flexibility to your site with you having control over your website.

A2 Hosting offers three different kinds of VPS hosting plans. They are Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS, and Core VPS. For an experienced developer, Unmanaged VPS is best; that costs $5/month; for more power and support than Shared Hosting, you can choose Managed VPS, which requires $32.99/month and finally, Core VPS starting at $32.99/mo offers Managed VPS with Root Access.

The advantages of using VPS Hosting are that it doesn’t take a long time to set up, and the software can be installed at will and modified accordingly.

If you don’t have knowledge of operating servers, then you might commit a mistake. You can choose SSD VPS Managed servers for faster performance, improving your site’s page load speed.

10. Dedicated Servers

The most robust hosting solution with managed and unmanaged options to suit your every requirement. Dedicated Servers offers you your own server to be chosen with specific needs. A2 Hosting Dedicated Servers are divided into 4 categories. They are Semi-Dedicated Server, Unmanaged Flex Server, managed Flex Server and Core Flex Server.

  • Semi-Dedicated Server starts at $9.31/mo, which includes free cPanel, unlimited storage and transfer and an open SSL but doesn’t have root access.
  • Unmanaged Flex Server starts at $99.59/mo and is entirely customizable, and it sounds like an excellent choice for developers.
  • Managed Flex Servers start at $141.09/mo and are fully managed. This is the most popular Dedicated Server plan.
  • Core Flex Server starts at $141.09/mo and is fully managed with complete root access.
  • A2 Hosting Dedicated Servers are fully scalable and allow you to upgrade your hosting solution as your business expands and so do the needs of your site.

Additional Perks Offered by A2 Hosting | A2 Hosting Discount Coupon

Next, in our A2 Hosting review, we will look at a few of the other additional tools that are offered by it. You can shop for a preferred domain directly via them and explore other highly specific additional hosting solutions. Let’s check out a few of them: 


As mentioned in our review, you definitely get speed and uptime, but you cannot forget about your domain. So A2 Hosting offers you a new domain, or you can also transfer an existing one to get your site running. 

Below are some of the popular extensions with their pricing: 

  • .com – $14.95
  • .io – $49.95
  • .biz – $17.45
  • .org – $14.95
  • .net – $14.95

Though these pricing plans are not that cheap, A2 Hosting is definitely an option if you don’t feel like going through the hassle of transferring one. 

Additional hosting solutions

Yes, you’ve read that right. While we went over plenty of hosting plans and packages earlier, A2 Hosting lets you dig deeper into a seemingly endless rabbit hole of software and hosting solution combinations according to even more specific website needs. After selecting an appropriate plan, A2 Hosting lines you with a combination of the best hosting options and software available to meet your specific needs.

Just for instance, if you are running a classified ad site through them, if you click on that option, you are greeted by a list of popular classified ad software that would be highly compatible with A2 Hosting services. Along with this, it would also give you a comprehensive list of the best web hosting plans perfect for classified ad sites. This feature is really handy if you are running a website that is detailed oriented. So all these unique features make A2 stand out as a powerful hosting solution for a wide variety of sites in various niches.

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A2 Hosting Reviews & Customer Testimonials

A2 Hosting Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Top FAQ on A2 Hosting Review

Does A2 Hosting keep your site secure?

For keeping your website secured, A2 Hosting offers several SSL certificates to fit your site’s needs, including a basic SSL for free and an Advanced SSL with top-level business protection.
A2 Hosting SSL certificate offerings:
1. Let’s Encrypt: Free SSL solution added to your site to give you enhanced security.
2. Single Site: Affordable site protection with easy SSL setup.
3. Wildcard: Protects an unlimited amount of subdomains with a single SSL certificate.
4. Premium SSL: Enhanced security and trust with organization authentication feature.
5. Advanced SSL: Extended Validation and features organization authentication feature.

Can A2 Hosting handle site backups?

The Quadruple Redundant Network feature from SwiftServer does allow you to stay connected even if the several US A2 Hosting data center links fall apart.

What are the A2 Hosting name servers?

People who are already having a domain with a different registrar need to change the name server settings for the domain to point to A2 Hosting. But remember that you use,,, and

What is the support that you get from A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting offers you 24/7/365 support via phone, email and live chat. The company does keep its 24/7 promise. Even if you ring them at 4 am, they do answer your phone call.

Where are the A2 Hosting servers located?

The primary data center of A2 Hosting is located in Michigan (United States). Further, it also has data centers in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore. A2 Hosting owns all of its web servers and monitors them 24/7/365.

Which is the cheapest A2 Hosting plan?

The cheapest shared hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting is $2.99. A2 Hosting also offers a 30-day money guarantee. So if you feel that A2 Hosting is not ideal for you, or you are not satisfied with its results, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days or a pro-rata refund on the unused services if you cancel after 30 days.

Does A2 Hosting assist in website migration?

Yes, A2 Hosting does offer free site migration. If you are using cPanel with your current hosting provider, they will migrate your site for you. But if your site is not on cPanel, you would have to contact their support team for website transfer assistance.

Can you install WordPress?

With A2 Hosting, you get an option of either having WordPress auto-installed or configured with your order. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with login information. You also get an option to use the Softaculous 1-click WordPress installer that comes with your cPanel control panel.

What are the extra features you get with A2 Hosting?

You do get some exciting freebies like: 
1. A free Website magazine subscription.
2. $50 Bing/Yahoo Ad Credits.
3. Your site listed in Google in 24 hours with Attracta.
4. You also get a free iContact email marketing trail plus discounts on WordPress themes from Tesla themes. 

How to renew an A2 Hosting subscription?

1. First, log in to the Customer Portal.
2. Then On the menu bar, click Domains, and then click RENEW DOMAINS:
3. In the domain list, you need to select the check box for the domain that you want to renew:
4. After this, Select the renewal length period in the list box.
5. Finally, Click Order Now to complete the renewal process.

How to cancel A2 Hosting subscription?

Following are a few of the steps which you need to follow in order to cancel A2 Hosting: 
1. Head to the account dashboard and login into your account 
2. Then click on services 
3. Click on manage 
4. Click on request cancellation 
5. Now accept the warning 
And you’re done with it!

A2 Hosting on Twitter

A2 Hosting on Twitter

Conclusion: A2 Hosting Review 2024 | Should you go for this hosting service?

So that was our A2 Hosting review. A2 Hosting has been in the long run of hosting competitors and proved itself to be different than others by providing reliable and scalable hosting solutions. The plans might be little expensive when compared to other cheap UN-reliable hosting providers, but the features are impeccable and don’t leave a chance to satisfy your growing business needs.

I hope this review was beneficial for your website requirements. You can use the A2 Hosting coupon code from this page to save your wallet while purchasing any of the Innovation hosting plans.

A2 Hosting Logo
A2 Hosting Review
0out of 10

Get your website online in minutes with A2 Hosting! It offers scalable and fast servers to handle every need, from personal blogs to corporate websites. A2 Hosting offers reliable and affordable hosting options that are a must-have for any business owner that wants to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re looking for an affordable web hosting plan with fast servers, unlimited data transfer, and free site migration and email accounts then A2 Hosting is the hosting provider for you.

  •  Excellent uptime
  •  Extensive knowledge base
  •  Good positive reviews
  •  24/7 Phone service and live chat


  • Windows hosting coming soon
  •  Short-term plans are expensive

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