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Then you are in the right place, as selecting a top-class hosting company becomes confusing at times. You struggle to choose anyone out of many and end up selecting an average server hosting company that is not worth your money.

We will discuss ✅PebbleHost Reviews in this article, which will help you understand the hosting server more transparently. Here we will guide you and discuss the best server hosting companies that are affordable and best in performance.

PebbleHost server hosting company is right now ruling the world for its hosting service. It is one of the leading hosting companies and stands at the top among all the hosting companies.

In this PebbleHost review, we will discuss its feature, pricing, coupon code of the Pebble hosting company, and any other queries related to the PebbleHost hosting service.

In-Depth PebbleHost Review


PebbleHost was founded in 2017 and become the leading web hosting company in the market. PebbleHost provides various hosting services, including game hosting, Minecraft games, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

The company has consistently grown and offers effective hosting services at a lower price that suits every individual needs. It has qualified technical professionals who are their round the clock and provide better customer services.

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The PebbleHost is the server hosting company that you all know as it is trendy worldwide which provide hosting service. It is pretty much affordable and becomes even cheaper when you apply a specific promo or discount code.

Not only that, but there is also a PebbleHost coupon code that companies offer to their client, and you can use that code to get a discount.

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Use this PebbleHost coupon code that enables you to get a flat 15% off on all plans. [100% Verified Coupon Code] Show Less

PebbleHost Promo code can also be seen quite often, which is yet another benefit for you. You might get a significant discount on the price, but it depends upon the type of coupon you are using. The company especially issues these codes to get some discount: their policy actually and customer satisfaction.

Key Features of PebbleHost

#1 Gaming Hosting

PebbleHost Gaming Hosting

The PebbleHost provides the best gaming hosting service for games which are the best gaming hosting service among all the hosting companies.

It has many advantages for gamers, such as hardware performance is just excellent, and it won’t affect your system in any way.

Backups are yet another advantage where you do not have to overthink about storing data. The customer care service is superb and runs 24*7 to resolve your all query wherever you struggle to find the solution.

Quick resolving is what they provide to their customer, who is fair enough, and contacting customer care is relatively easy. Sometimes customers struggle to contact customer care and face issues, but PebbleHost customer care service is quite good, and you can get them quickly.

#2 Minecraft Hosting

PebbleHost Minecraft Hosting

PebbleHost provides the best Minecraft service at a reasonable price where you can even opt for the premium version to boost the performance.

Great hardware system and amazing and scaling into dedicating service, and it is an added advantage if the available data center suits your location best.

#3 Web Hosting

PebbleHost Web Hosting

The web hosting comprises some panel and added features, such as backups of your data FTP access, webmail, spam filter PHP version, and many other features.

Moreover, it has some supporting features such as instant setup, ticket support, and discord support.
This feature has been added in some hosting, and pebble hosting provides such quality in its server hosting service.

#4 Dedicated Hosting

PebbleHost Dedicating Hosting

Dedicated hosting is another feature of PebbleHost that offers and facilitates the advanced version of Linux support for multiple queries and free multicarat installation.

DDOS protection of 160 Gbps is excellent, and it has Hytale hosting, which is yet another feature.
Hytale is the game that has been recently launched where you can make your Hytale hosting server after it gets officially launched.

Besides this, there are so many other features as well which are recently added while some are old yet very effective and attractive features.

PebbleHost Pricing Plans

There are several packages for the hosting that PebbleHost provides. They are crystal, apatite, and ruby, onyx. Let’s see what service they offer in each box and determine which one is cheaper and best, and you should opt for it.

Pricing has been done based on the service and feature, and the price of different hosting services may vary. There is also the possibility that the price may vary based on the location as well.

PebbleHost Pricing Plans
  • Crystal Package

In this package, you must pay $2 per month, and you can avail of 5 addon domains in which you can create 5 MySQL databases.

Not only that, but it also provides 2GB NVMe SSD storage with a bandwidth connection of 2GB. It also gives you 160gbps DDOs protection, which is just incredible that you can afford easily, even with a minimum budget.

  • Apatite Package

This package is slightly expensive than the previous box but not much and within almost everyone’s reach.

It might cost you more than $3 per month to avail of the service, in which you get ten addon domains and 10 MySQL databases you can easily create. You will also get 160gbps DDOs protection, 5GB NVMe SSD storage, 50GB of bandwidth connection, and many more.

  • Ruby Package

It is another right premium package expensive than the crystal and apatite packages, but the service is excellent.

This package’s cost is $5 per month, and in this package, you will get 25 addon domains, 160gbps DDOs protection, 25 MySQL databases, 10GB NVMe SSD storage, 250GB of bandwidth.

  • Onyx Package

It is the most expensive package among all the boxes, and it has some excellent service, but you need to pay a little extra to avail of this service.

The cost is more than $7 per month with unlimited addon hosting and MySQL databases, and unlimited bandwidth.

The 160gbps DDOs protection will remain the same as in the rest of the other packages have and 20GB and 20GB NVMe SSD storage.

Leading 11 Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

There are so many other companies that provide Minecraft server hosting at different prices. The price may vary, and the policy also depends upon the company, but the service will remain the same.

  • HostingerMCProHosting
  • Beastnode
  • GGserver
  • MelonCube
  • Scalacube
  • Apex hosting
  • PebbleHost
  • Bisecthosting
  • Shockbyte
  • Serverminer

🌟 PebbleHost FAQ

👉What is PebbleHost?

PebbleHost is a server hosting platform for Minecraft games, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, games hosting, etc. It provides top-notch hosting services to its customers with a 100% uptime guarantee.

👉Why do I choose PebbleHost?

PebbleHost is one of the leading hosting platforms that provide services at a lower price than the other hosting provider. It offers unlimited domain support and unmetered disk space.

👉Does PebbleHost offer a refund?

Yes, you will get a refund on your new servers purchased less than 72 hours ago.

👉Are there any working PebbleHost coupons and discounts?

Use the above-mentioned PebbleHost coupon code that enables you to saves 15% off at checkout.

Conclusion: PebbleHost Review + Discount Coupon 2024

There are so many hosting companies, and all provide the same service at different prices; different companies have other policies.

Some companies provide the best coupon and discount code, while some focus on performance. Overall, no such company provides everything like performance, best price, features, and all the coupon and promo codes for discount.

There are enough PebbleHost reviews that you can see online where the users have shared their experience who have taken the service.

It is better to have everything in one hosting service, and PebbleHost is one of the hosting service companies that manage to provide it all in one. It provides the best hosting service in terms of performance and customer support service. It provides service at a reasonable price so that even customer has fewer budgets can easily afford the service.

Now, if you are looking to go with PebbleHost, then use the PebbleHost coupon code that helps you to save some money.🙂

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