Top 5 Content Locker Ad Networks 2018 for Affiliate marketers & Bloggers

Are you monetizing your blog or website with content lockers with CPA offers? Which content lockers are you using? Have you optimized it for your kind of traffic and audience?

Or you are not happy with the conversion rates of your current content locker ad network?

Well, Here we have listed Top 5 best Content Locker Ad Networks for 2018 which enables you to generate huge revenue online via content locking offers on your blog or website

Lets know something about content locking

I am sure you know what is content locking and that is the reason you are reading this article :p but still let me explain you in simple words and tell you some strategies behind content locking monetizing techniques

Basics about content locking

Content locking was introduced in mid of 2011 and CPALEAD was the first company to invent content locking solutions for bloggers and internet marketers. Later on Content locking was endorsed by numerous of CPA companies and now it has become on of the best monetizing solutions for bloggers & affiliate marketers.

How does content locking works?

Content locking formula is simple. A website owner or content owner can lock their premium content like Ebooks, Games, Programming files, scripts, etc on a content locking platform and then integrate it on their website/blog or app

So when a visitor wants to download or view your premium content, He/She have to complete a CPI (Cost per install), CPL (cost per lead) or CPV (Cost per view) offer to view or download that particular content. Now When the visitors complete the offer, You will get paid for the particular offer.

On content locking, There are numerous of offers depending upon different countries and average payout per offer is $1-$10 depending on offer type & GEO

Example of How content locking works
Assume if you wanna get some game secret cheat code or script but it is not available for free on the internet and then you lands on a website which shows you that you can download that particular game secret cheats for free but you will have to complete a small survey or offer which hardly takes 1 minute.

Now you will complete the offer as you anyhow wants the game cheat and once the offer/survey is completed, your file will began download and the author of the website will earn revenue by the content locking company.

How content locker Ad Networks works

There are hundreds of content locker Ad networks scattered over the web but only very few of them are ethical. A content locker is platform which allows advertisers to host their offers or campaigns and publishers can upload their files or links and use offers from the advertisers to earn revenue.

Many Ad Networks offers self hosted landing pages with beautiful design which boosts the conversion rates.

Top 5 Content Locker Ad Networks 2018

Best Content Locker Ad Networks

Here are the top 5 best content locking Ad networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. These are the most trusted and used networks by top internet marketers and have highest industry leading payouts. So Signup on all of them as they all have unique benefits & features for their publishers.

We have included Newbie friendly networks, So if you are new into content locking, Signup on any of them without hassle and your account will be activated after approval. Approval is easy on all of them 🙂


1: CPAlead 1: CPAlead
CPALead is top CPA & PPC network specializing in CPA offers, CPI mobile app installs. CPALead is working since 2007 with advance custom racking to offer the best services for publishers.

CPALead enables you to earn revenue with pure content locking as they have highest number of publishers on their platform. They offer you the highest rates in industry. You can create, edit or host unlimited number of offers .

CPALead features & benefits

  • Highest payout in industry
  • Oldest & largest CPA content locking platform
  • Engage in CPALead community to build relations with top internet marketers and learn more tips.
  • CPALead offers weekly payment via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, ACH direct deposit.
  • Have dedicated landing page for mobile app install.

You may view Offers  on CPALead even without signing up. Just head over to to check all offers from different category.


I am personally using CPALead since 2012 and i can say it is simply the best network, However i am also using other Content Locker Ad Networks but my love for CPALead is the same.

2: AdWorkMedia 2: AdWorkMedia
AdWorkMedia is another great Global performance marketing and CPA affiliate network which provides different tools to publishers to for content locking as well as product.

AdWorkMedia allows you to generate most profit from websites and app traffic. Since 2010 AdWorkmedia is offering in-depth content locking solutions with innovative offers and better payouts.

AdWorkMedia features & Benefits:

  • With inventory of more than 2500+ Offers
  • Network built in monthly performance bonuses
  • Knowledgeable support team is available 7 days a week
  • Easy Payments by Check / PayPal / ACH Direct Deposit / Wire / Payoneer / Western Union / Payza
  • Real-time Postback, XML, and Pixel Tracking

AdWorkMedia have thousands of offers on their platform with different categories. You can use their built in templates and self hosted content locker to lock your files and earn money.


So just create an account on Adworkmedia and start optimizing your traffic instantly as it has the widest range of offers for all kind of traffic!

3: MGCash 3: MGCash
Mgcash Media is another industry leading content and traffic monetization platform which offers great monetization solution for content owners & publishers to make more revenue from their content, app, site, etc..

Top 5 Content Locker Ad Networks 2018 for Affiliate marketers & Bloggers 1

MGcash is an innovative CPA affiliate content locker Ad network which is now being highly recommended by numerous of Pro CPA geeks. MGCash also offers Pre-hosted landing page which allows you to create a locker easily without any cost or efforts. They have numerous of innovative and exciting features which dominates all other CPA content locker Ad Networks.

MgCash key features & Benefits

  • Net15 & Bi-Weekly Payments! Payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney, Wire and ACH. Minimum Payment: $50
  • Top Exclusive Offers from Direct Advertiser Relationships + International Campaigns Spanning Over 180 Countries
  • High Approval Rate and Built-in Performance Bonuses
  • Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Tips That Allow Affiliates to Extract Greater Revenue from content locking
  • Expect the Highest Level of Service and 24 Hour Support – 7 Days a Week!
  • Lifetime 5% Referral Commissions

MGcash also have YouTube monetizer which is a revolutionary tool to transform your description link into short link automatically. So you earn the revenue when people click on it.


Overall MGcash is a must use network if you wanna use content locking as preferred monetizing method for your website or blog.

4: Adscend Media 4: Adscend Media
Adscend Media is another great and popular CPA Ad network which deals in content locking, allows you to create a self hosted locker and have largest offers for each geo.

Top 5 Content Locker Ad Networks 2018 for Affiliate marketers & Bloggers 2

Adscend Media allows you to generate Revenue from your Downloadable Files, eBooks, Videos, Articles and Virtually any Digital Content. Their content locking inventory creates a significant revenue stream to monetize your premium content.

Adscend Media key highlights & features

  • Growing Platform of 30,000 Publishers paid over $50 million
  • Monetize Your Users with Virtual Rewards 
and Keep Them Coming Back Daily
  • Massive inventory of over 2,000 offers
  • Weekly payments over 5 major payment options available for publishers.
  • Seamless Integration with your apps and websites via API
  • Excellent support with dedicated Account manager to help you monetize better.

Adscend Media have lots of great unique features such as premium mobile video monetizing solution, Unparalleled Inventory, global monetization, offer wall and much more. Overall AdscendMedia have lots more options then content locker Ad networks.


So if you need a network which offers more monetization options beyond content locking, Adscend Media is perfect choice for you

5: Cpagrip 5: Cpagrip is a cute performance marketing, CPA & PPD network which have the aim of providing pure CPA content locker and pay per download solution to their publishers. CPAgrip have one of the highest payout in the industry and with innovative file locker templates and custom hosted lockers, CPAGrip have become  #1 choice for serious CPA marketers in the industry.

CPAGrip always innovative  platform, tools and features enables publishers to make more money then anyone else. They have the leading technology and best custom advance tracking to take marketing game to next level.

Key features & highlights

  • Custom Publisher content tools with on demand publisher support
  • Industry leading 5% referral commission
  • Always on-time payments
  • Content lockers, URL and file lockers.
  • 2000+ CPA, PPD Campaigns .

CPAGrip is easy and simple to work as they does not have lots of confusing features or tools. All you need is to signup on CPAGrip as publisher and create a content locker or file locker in seconds. You can either host the locker on your website or use any of CPAGrip file lockers URL which you can share as download link for your premium content,.


CPAGrip have highest payout in industry with best offers for desktop and mobiles both. I have been personally using CPAGrip since 4 years and they always pay on time via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, etc.

We have listed the best content locker Ad Networks for 2017 which helps you to earn huge revenue from your premium content via various platforms.

Lets conclude

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Content locking is one of the most used methods for monetizing traffic. It enables you to earn a lot more than traditional display banner ad methods. All you need to do is work in the right approach, Write quality articles and guides and then enable content locking links on your website.

So friends, Are you working with any of the above listed Content locker Ad networks? If yes do share your experience with us via comment section below. Happy Affiliate marketing & stay tuned with BloggingEclipse foe more reviews & updates.

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