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Tutor LMS Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying? (Lifetime Access)

If one sector is flourishing and nurturing itself today, it has to be the online learning industry.

With everything becoming digitalized, education is also ready to join the race. In today’s blog, we have featured our honest ✅Tutor LMS Review, which has created a lot of hype since its inception.

Many sites and reviewers claim Tutor LMS to be the most powerful WordPress LMS plugin, despite being the newest in this field.

Tutor LMS is a platform that allows the smooth creation and selling of online courses. It can be looked at as an online course marketplace through which you can govern and monetize your education, choice of the period, and online school or institutions.

Detailed Tutor LMS Review

Tutor LMS Review

Do you wish to begin an online course creation journey, but always take a pause because of your perception of the entire process as manic?

We make schemas according to what we hear from other individuals, why not try it out for ourselves?

Tutor LMS smoothens your complete online course creation journey, irrespective of your affiliations ( single tutor/ instructor, educational institution, or training center).

With Tutor LMS, you can view your site come to existence as you construct it. It has emerged with a revolutionary change that lets you publish online courses directly, without going to the back-end.

An added advantage of Tutor LMS is that it does not let the strong connection between the instructor and the students fade away. With the support of reports, add- ons and analytics, online interaction between the students and the tutor, sees new heights.

If you are hesitant about your weak technical knowledge, then you should cheer up now! Teaching through Tutor LMS does not require either the instructor or the student to have high-grade technical knowledge.

Featured offered by Tutor LMS

If we want to have a complete review of any site or object, then listing down the key features provided by that entity is an impeccable step.

Here are some features bestowed by Tutor LMS to its users. It will help you frame an individual outlook on the plugin.

💻Front-end course builder

Apart from having a drop and drag back-end course builder, Tutor LMS also comes with a front-end course builder. Inculcating a front-end course builder gives the course creators a modified better sense of their site.

Tutor LMS Discount

A set of varied options like adding course title, setting the course type, determining difficulty level, listing the course duration, and its benefits, Tutor LMS is your one-stop station for creating online courses.

💹Reports and Analytics

Tutor LMS comes with a creative and unique Tutor reports addon that helps you get the stats for your site, further aiding the process of improvisation in certain areas.

Tutor LMS Reports and Analytics

Reports are generated on a diverse range of parameters. In case you wish to look for analytics related to course, you can easily do that by predefined time filters or enrollment number of courses on a particular date.

For posting and viewing reviews, Tutor LMS provides you with the Tutor Report Section, where the management of reviews is maintained, from deletion to update.

🌌Unlimited instructors

All the educational sites keep multiple instructors for different courses. It helps the students to gain insight on different subjects with specialized instructors for each of them.

The Multi Instructor addon enables a similar function for educational institutions who believe in providing knowledge with many hands.


No relationship is complete without communication, and a teacher-student relationship is no exception. This need is taken care of by Tutor LMS.

The Tutor Email addon is an intriguing feature that enables the instructors and admins to send and receive emails in an event.

This can be done in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Enter the name and email address of the targeted population
Step2: Write an email footer text that will automatically appear in every mail.

💸Earning and Commission allocation

We do it all for the salary. The ‘money’ aspect takes this feature on the priority list. If your educational institution employs multiple instructors to teach the students, how will the earned money be distributed and allocated?

Tutor LMS Earning

Tutor LMS comes to your rescue yet again, and the site admin distributes the share of money equally amongst the candidates.

Once you start earning, you get the chance to set the admin commission and instructor admission percentage.

Previous money earning statements can be accessed from the ‘dashboard’ option in settings.

Pricing Plans of Tutor LMS

Similar to every other attribute, Tutor LMS shows flexibility in its pricing plans as well. As an instructor or admin of the educational institution, you can either pursue the lifetime or the annual pricing plans. You can enjoy their varied features free of cost with the ‘free version of Tutor LMS.’

Tutor LMS Pricing Plans

However, if you aim to make your site up to the sky, you need to buy the Tutor LMS pro. This offers different pricing plans, all of which are full-featured. Your license number and the number of sites you use can affect your interest in pricing plans.

If you purchase the annual pricing deal, you will receive priority support and updates every year.

  • Single license: $149
  • 5 license pack: $199
  • Unlimited licenses: $299

The lifetime pricing deal comes bearing priority support and updates for your entire lifetime.

  • Single license: $399
  • 5 license pack: $599
  • Unlimited licenses: $999

🌟 Tutor LMS FAQ

🙄What is Tutor LMS?

It is a WordPress LMS plugins that provide a user-friendly platform for creating complex courses. It also offers useful addons to users such as multi-instructors, assignments, reports, course prerequisites, certificates, email, course preview, etc.

🤑Is WordPress LMS plugin free?

Yes, it provides both free as well as a pro version to its users. If you go with the Pro version, then you will get more advanced features that are not there in the free version.

🔎Can I use other plugins with Tutor LMS?

Yes, Tutor LMS allows you to use other plugins if you have this WordPress LMS plugin on your site.

🧐Can I use Tutor LMS after my license expires?

Yes, you can easily use Tutor LMS after the expiration of your license. But it is recommended to renew your expired license for priority support and updates.

Conclusion: Is Tutor LMS worth money?

Tutor LMS can be seen as a polished plugin that makes the back-end services convenient, and the front-end services are worth an experience.

Given the plugin platform’s period, it will not be right to make quick comparisons with other well-grounded LMS plugins. With its tech-savvy nature and provision of multiple features, online course creation has been a thing of negligible time.

Takin in consideration the exceptionally well feature of getting a free live demo before investing the money, Tutor LMS is worth a free spin.🏅

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