Most of the students in India choose blogging for generating extra income online. but most of them fails in doing so. they quit blogging after some time when they see no results in their Revenue. Here are the Top 5 Tips for Making Money from Blogging in 2015. I have received so many emails of Readers they were not able to properly monetize from Blogging and online business. The most conman reasons for failure in blogging is lack of knowledge ,Un-Ethical monetizing programs and Duplicate content on Blog, lets see the best 5 Tips for Making Money from blogging in brief.

Top 5 Tips for Making Money from Blogging

Top 5 Tips for Making Money from Blogging

There are numerous of tips and method for blogging but when it comes to earning money from It then new bloggers always choose some wrong techniques by which they get fail. Blogging needs a lot of patience. You should only think about monetizing from a Blog when it has completed minimum of 3 Months, if you are blogging for making money from initial stage then for sure you won’t get Success. As per the research below are the Top 5 methods which which you should choose as your monetizing plan in 2015.

Why you are not able to Monetize?

This question might be clicking on your minds as almost 99% of bloggers are not able to monetize even working hard. The answer is they do not have proper Blogging knowledge.  A new blogger should learn first and then implement, New Bloggers always choose fast method for earning which are mostly fraud and then they Get Failed.

Duplicate Content

Most of the New Bloggers just produce Duplicate content on their Blogs. They just copy the article and paste it but they are not aware about the latest Google penalties for killing duplicate Blogs. Belive Me if you are having a habit of producing duplicate content on your blog then you will never be able to earn a single penny from your Website/blog. Always go with innovative ideas and Original content to get tons of Traffic from organic Search.

Best 5  Tips for Making Money from Blogging

Below are the best 5 tips/methods listed for earning from Blogging in 2013. Check out which suits perfect for your Blog/Website.

Google Adsense

Adsense is the most traditional and popular way for Earning money from a Blog or website. To get Accepted in Adsense is easy but to Survive . Most of th pro blogger are using Google Adsense as the main monetizing method for etheir Blog.

Adsense Accepts only genuine Blogs  which doesn’t have any copyright content. Their Terms and conditions are very though which will make you disabled if some anything Un Ethical. Hence you need to maintain your blog  as per Adsense T&C. Even many bloggers are getting low earning on their Adsense Account It is because their traffic is low and even the content quality is low, It is better to produce high Quality content to Boost your Earnings and CTR

ShareASale (Affiliates)

ShareASale is the most popular Affiliate program in the world. If you are really looking for earnings with Affiliate program then I highly recommend to use ShareaSale. The advantage for Indian Bloggers is they directly Get payment into their Bank Account via Direct Deposit and minimum payout is 50$. Hence there would be no worry of paper checks. ShareASale consists of thousands of advertisers like Hooksuite and genesis themes. You should Select Advertiser related to your Blog niche and place banners and links on your Blog to Earn with Them

CPA Marketing:

CPA (Cost per action) marketing is the best way in 2021 to generate huge revenue from your content. CPA is a part of affiliate marketing and it enables you to make money by promoting CPA offers or campaigns on your blog  or website. There are numerous of CPA networks with different features, I have explained in depth about CPA marketing in another post & also mentioned the top 5 CPA affiliate networks with its detailed review.

If you are having Indian traffic you can use Indian CPA affiliate networks such as VCommission, Admitad, etc..

Do you share any type of files,Apps on your Blog, Then go ahead and monetize each of the files using Fileice pays you for every download of your files They pay through Wire transfer and Paypal with NET7 and NET15 payment methods. Its harder to get accepted into fileIce, But once accepted you can make it the main money making method for your Online business

CPALEAD (Content Locking)

CPALEAD is an biggest content locking affiliate network which pays on Cost per lead and Cost per Sale Campinas. If you have Indian traffic then you can make some which money using CPALEAD. There are various of CPA, CPL and CPS Campaigns which can be enabled on your Blog or website. CPALEAD pays through Payoneer , PayPal or Wire for Indian User’s and also through Check. There minimum payment is 10$.

Register at CPALEAD

Adversal (Adsense Alternative)

I just love Adversal. if you love Adsense ads and sadly not able to get accepted into Adsense Then go with Adversal, It will display Doubleclick (Adsense) Ads on your blog which pays most highest. I have been monetizing my other Blog : from Adversal. The main advantage is they pay on NET 35 basis and their minimum payout is $20. New Bloggers who are thinking to Register at Google Adsense should first try Adversal.

Sign Up at

Lets conclude

This was the most useful Tips for Making Money from Blogging in India. New inspiring bloggers should focus on quality content to get traffic first on their Blog and then use any methods for monetizing.

Stay updated with us as we will be coming back soon with a post for getting tons of Traffic to a new Blog. Check out Our  Making Money Section to get most latest Monetizing posts and subscribe to our email newsletter from the right sidebar to get yourself updated with us.

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