Owning a website is a dream of many, but building one is quite difficult. You need to create a user-friendly interface and mobile-responsive templates or other related formalities, which increases the complexity.

So, If you are looking forward to building a stunning website, but you are a beginner, then Site123 provides useful tips and tutorials and 24/7 live chat support throughout the process. Know more about Site123 and its features along with pricing detail in this detailed ✅Site123 Review. Do not forget to look after the cons as well!

Detailed Site123 Review

SITE123 Review

The online software is easiest to use, but when it comes to the feature, Site123has the best mobile responsive templates if you are looking forward to building an e-commerce website. For a personal website or business site, you will get lots of features, including designs.

Hence, with the this tool, you aren’t required to focus a lot on templates or layouts, bring content, and are all set with a responsive website!

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Whatever your requirement may be, look at the feature list of Site123, and you will get all your answers. If you are still confused about the ability of Site123 to create a unique website, then we have mentioned several reasons to justify you in this review.

As we have used the tool for more than a month, it was high time to write a review. In this detailed review of Site123, we have covered the customization options, templates, pricing structure, and limitations. Site123 also provides a free plan; however, we suggest you not go for it, as it may not be so powerful. Read on to find out more differences in the plans!

Templates by Site123

What’s more exciting than a tool offering more than 180 templates? There are many options; keep on dragging until you find your best-suited template for your website. Moreover, all the templates are categorized as events, restaurants, online stores, businesses, blogs, etc.

SITE123 templates

Just after you have found your template, you can look after the mocks as well. You can find out how the template will look on a hand-held device or computer screen through this. Click on the template, watch the preview section, and check the working version across different formats.

All the templates by Site123 are available for free; however, there is a bit of downside. If you are using the free plan tool, you will get access to basic design elements, fonts, and colors. Even the template page is attractive, you won’t be able to make many customizations.

Hence, we recommend you go for the paid plan by Site123 to get exciting customization options, add features, etc. All the templates are mobile responsive, and it looks on each device; hence paying the price is a fair deal.

Limitation of SITE123 Templates

So as now you are aware of the benefits of Site123 templates, we won’t keep you in the dark. Here are some printable drawbacks you must know:

  • Some templates are almost similar:

As there are more than 180 templates, some are similar to each other; there are just slight changes in the color schemes. Also, the large hero images, parallax, and centered headlines look very similar. However, you can make individual changes to revamp the look, but you will find less aesthetic themes.

  • You need to pay for the best customizations:

This is the major drawback of Site123 as you can only unlock the full range of editing options by purchasing the Site123 subscription. You will require an upgrade to changing the font library or color themes.

There are some restrictions to Site123 templates, as you can’t buy it to use elsewhere. You won’t be able to get access to the template’s source code, but if you are a beginner, it won’t bother you. These limitations may not bother you a lot if you have a limited budget. But if you have a creative side and need more freedom, a decent number of customization will annoy you.

Features Offered by Site123

If you have enough budget to spend around for your website, then Site123 has everything covered for you. The website builder has excellent features for small businesses, e-commerce stores, middle-sized businesses that can help them grow exponentially.

SITE123 Features

🏹Extensive e-commerce tools

The two highest subscriptions of Site123 , the professional and gold, give you access to display an unlimited number of products. You can send up to 10,000 marketing list emails monthly and gather customer reviews for products.

Moreover, you can even allow customers to create personal wish lists to be saved in their accounts. You will also get an option to get online payments via Stripe, Amazon pay, PayPal, and many more.

💸No sales commission

Even after your customers have bought many products from your site, you won’t be required to pay a single penny as commission to Site123 . There is a payment processing fee of around 3% and standard across all e-commerce platforms.

🔐SSL encryption

As the e-commerce business solely depends on trust and benefits for growth, Site123 doesn’t compromise. The tool is secure, and each user gets SSL/HTTPS encryption on their site.

It’s allowed to add an e-commerce website page in the free plan, but you won’t be able to access online payments for your domain. If your customer is ready to pay offline, then you can go for it.

💻Apps and plugins for SEO

The top two subscriptions of Site123 give the user access to several plugins and an app market instantly. You can use google analytics for SEO, Hojtar for UX, Drip for multichannel marketing, and Zendesk for customer support.

The Site123 app market offers different tools for pricing tables, online bookings, and form building. The built-in tools will help you to improve your website’s functionality and make the business more robust.

🔠Multiple language features

Through the Site123 website builder, one can grow their business dramatically. It is available in 21 different languages. One can also set up their website in five languages, out of a hundred options. This feature is not available for free users and requires a higher subscription level.

🏅Ease to use

There is no drag and drop feature by Site123 , but the simplified editing bar makes the editing process easier. You can easily edit your website’s navigation, general design, and content to confine your template.

You can easily place elements anywhere on the page for quick website building, but you can’t get creative here again!

💾Limited website edits

There is an editing bar on the left-hand side screen of Site123 through which you can see all the varied customization options. You can upload videos and photos, delete and edit site pages, add CTA buttons, and easily add blocks for ecommerce sites.

Moreover, it’s also easier to change the font size and color by a tap. Here also, you will face some key limitations depending on your subscription. To build a perfect and attractive website, you can take the help of several plugins and add-ons.

💹User-friendly dashboard

You can easily manage your account and its features by the user-friendly dashboard. Through the activities panel, you can view mailing list sign-ups, events, and sales, along with form submissions. Also, you can view and manage the plugins and apps easily from the dashboard.

You can reset your website through the settings button and permanently delete the recent changes. In this case, be very clear about what you want to keep at the site and what you need to remove.

💥Connect with existing domain

You can either purchase a new domain through Site123 or add an existing one quickly. The tool provides a voucher for one-year free domain registration on any paid plan you choose. Connecting an existing domain is also easier; you will get access to specific tutorials from leading providers like GoDaddy.

🚀Guided tour

Just after you have started building a new website on Site123 , you will get access to a quick guided tour by the tool itself. This is at the editing bar, and it includes different basic tips and quick videos.

The guided tour feature will help you to get started better with the tool through the pop-ups. The box at the bottom left corner is for live chat support.

Customer Support of Site123

SITE123 has excellent customer support, and there is no downside to it because it not just provides live chat support, email support, and a customer support center.

Customer Support of SITE123

24/7 Live chat: The live chat support is available 24/7 and in 16 languages. The replies are often within 30 seconds, and they don’t upsell their deliverables; instead, they provide actual solutions. Moreover, you can even download transcripts of the live chat conversations to use it later.

Email support: If for any reason, you are not able to have a conversation on live chat, Site123 also offers email support to the users. You can mail your queries at [email protected] and will get an initial response within 12 hours.

However, there will be many steps included in this, as they will ask you your preferred language, specific queries, and other related details. We were highly satisfied with the service, and would recommend you to go for this!

Relevant FAQs for support: Yet another reason to buy Site123 is its detailed customer support center available just by a click. Different queries and frequently asked questions by users are categorized into different sections with both written and described answers or YouTube links.

All the descriptions are clear and up to a point, so your time won’t go in vague, and you will discover a lot within a quick time. You will also find the FAQ at the end of every page. The questions are relatable to the templates, and you will not find any unnecessary details.

Site123 Pricing | Is it worth to buy?

There are four pricing plans by SITE123, each covering different benefits and features. You can also pay partly in every three, two, or one month, or for a year. If you choose the yearly plan, you will get high discounts.

SITE123 Pricing

Through the free plan of SITE123, you will get access to templates, 500 MB of storage, 1GB bandwidth, and necessary customization. The cost of the plans is worth it because it gives a more professional looking site.

It also offers similar functionality as its competitors like online payments, email marketing, product pages, and advanced business plugins.

Try building a basic website at first through the free version of Site123 and look at features and dashboard.

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  • Gold plan: In this plan, you will get free domain access for a year, along with 270GB storage and 135GB bandwidth. You will also get 10,000 mailing lists, no footer tags, credit card gateways, and advanced e-commerce features.
  • Professional plan: Here, too, you will get a free domain for a year, 90 GB storage, no floating tags, 2500 mailing lists, and five mailboxes.
  • Advanced plan: You will get 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, and 1000 mailing lists through this plan. Moreover, you can remove the footer tag and 1 additional language. It’s best for small businesses.
  • Basic plan: Over here, you will get 10 GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, 100 mailing list, and no Site123 floating tag.

Cancellation & Refund Policy of Site123

The free version of Site123 will give you minimal space for creativity; hence you need to buy a paid plan for better understanding. However, if you don’t like to move further with the plan, Site123 offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

There is no automation for the cancellation process. Hence you need to fill an online form and select a reason for ending the subscription. Add your contact information, along with some more details, and wait for your request to get processed.

It will take up to 72 hours for the representative to revert you. Hence we will suggest you not stick to the time frame, and if you dislike the tool, cancel the subscription after ten days itself. Also, take a screenshot of the date and document as proof for avoiding any future inconvenience.


Is Site123 free?

Yes, SITE123 provides a free plan to its users, but it is limited features and requires Site123 branding. The paid plan starts at $12/mo, which includes many features compared to the other website builder.

How does Site123 work?

Site123 asks you certain questions before getting started then generates relevant templates based on the information you provided. Once you get started, you will get a dashboard to design, edit, or add your content.

Is my website SEO friendly with Site123 ?

As we all know, a website that is not indexed by a search engine like Google is useless. Site123 always ensure that your website is visible in search engine.

Which is better, Site123 Vs. Wix?

Both the website builder provides great features. Site123 is more focused on simplicity and has a cheaper pricing plan than the Wix. On the other hand, Wix has competitive pricing plans and gives better support and advanced features.

Conclusion: Site123 Review 2024 | Should you consider buying it?

Site123 builds professional looking and highly functional websites within quick time. It’s highly affordable with advanced features and integration. What’s better than a mobile responsive template and a user-friendly interface? The tool is the best option for beginners and small to medium businesses or e-commerce shop owners.

We liked the most about Site123 because it’s guided tutorials and the 24/7 excellent live chat support for building websites in quick and easy steps. To those who want to spread their business worldwide, the tool has a multilingual interface and live chat options, which is hard to beat.

However, before subscribing to the paid plan, be informed that you won’t be able to access your site’s source code, or integrate plugins from outside sources, or purchase templates from other tools.

Lastly, if you have less time and budget, and want your website to be creative enough, don’t hesitate a minute to buy SITE123!🚀

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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