Top 12 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2022]

Are you Promoting Adult affiliate programs and searching for the best adult CPA networks? If yes, you have landed on the right blog.

Here is the updated list of proven Adult CPA networks in the adult, XXX, or dating vertical that will enable you to convert your traffic into huge profits.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, you can take complete advantage of the best adult CPA networks mentioned in this article updated for 2022.

All the adult CPA networks in this post are competent in the market with the highest paying CPA offers and top converting creatives.

Here, in this post, we bring you the latest and the Top 12 Premium adult CPA networks that will help generate a lot of revenue and will target multiple devices such as desktop, Android, and iOS.

Top 12 Adult Affiliate CPA Networks: Updated 2022


These lists of top Adult affiliate networks have a specific mechanism to satisfy the needs of the dating industry. It is quite tedious to search for the best CPA Network and considering this, we thought of reducing your search time, and therefore with our extensive research, we came out with the best adult networks that you could choose for optimum results.


It is one of the most prominent and recognized adult CPA networks with 11+ years of affiliate marketing experience. With complete dedication and strive to offer better features to its customers at every step has made CrakRevenue the best revenue generator for adult industries.


Due to its expertise and in-depth knowledge, It offers a brand new platform CrakRevenue 2.0 to experience excellent dating CPA programs.

You can intuitively get statistics on your campaigns and traffic. It comprises a team of more than 125+ professionals working in different fields such as designers, marketers, and affiliate managers ensuring that you are in safe hands.

The reports show that its revenue since 2011 has grown up to 2000% which is remarkable and this is why CrakRevenue has achieved pinnacle. It offers over 2200+ campaigns and has bagged 20+ awards within 11+ years of relevant industry experience.

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CrakRevenue claims to have over 52,000+ pro publishers in its affiliate network and provides $60M+ in commissions to affiliates per year.

👉 Reasons to choose CrakRevenue:

  • Out of 20 awards, it has won 6 international awards making, best in the business.
  • Dedicated customer support, claims to have 91% customers satisfied.
  • Every month it reaches 50B impression and creates 50,000 new banners every year.
  • It has made conversions in more than 200+ countries & territories around the world.

Its performance tracking system is accurate and reliable and keeps the record of the user’s entry and exit until the conversion is made. The use of cutting-edge technologies and precise tracking system ensures that all your marketing efforts do not go in vain.

Crakrevenue offers the greatest Payouts in dating/Adult vertical along with extra 30% earnings options via Popunders. It also offers 5% referral commissions for the lifetime and bests converting landing pages/creatives on their offers.

CrakRevenue has dozens of private offers and some very exclusive campaigns that can generate revenue at rocket speed.


AdCombo Does not need the introduction. It has changed the CPA Marketing industry by giving it a new shape. From Dating, mainstream, eCommerce, App installs, and even C.O.D. AdCombo has all types of offers onboard.

Adcombo is powered by its in-house affiliate platform which offers real-time, reliable tracking and complete integration with all popular platforms.

AdCombo provides an excellent payout structure for numerous campaigns and highest rewards and contests for affiliates with multiple affiliate parties and meetups throughout the year.

👉Signup on AdCombo

Adcombo has exclusive products and adult C.O.D Offers which can’t be found on other affiliate networks. It also offers localized funnels with landing pages and pre-sales pages in more than 40 languages, built-in automatic language translation for orders and native speakers from 44+ countries available around the clock.

👉 Reasons to choose Adcombo for dating/Adult traffic

  • It has the highest numbers of an exclusive process with guaranteed high payouts for all its affiliates
  • Thousands offer for every Country along with native landing pages for each GEO’s
  • Reliable CPA platform with built-in comprehensive tracking, domain parking, support for macros and third-party postback integration for your support.
  • Personal affiliate managers to help you scale your earnings by optimizing best offers for your traffic.
  • Twice a week payments via PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire, Paxum, and Tipalti.

Adcombo has over 2300+ active campaigns, and the network receives over 20 million unique clicks per day and over 50,000 leads a day. The number speaks itself.

AdCombo has affiliate campaigns for almost every country and in over 12 verticals. No matter which traffic you have their smart tools are able to cash out even the most desperate traffic.

Join the party by registering yourself with AdCombo today!


CPAmatica is one of those best adult affiliate networks that have a passion and strives for affiliate marketing and provides proven adult affiliate programs.

They have recently revamped their CPA affiliate panel and redesigned their complete website with a new stunning look.

The company works on exclusive partner products to offer the most favorable conditions to affiliates. It only works in mainstream adult and dating niche with proven expertise.


👉 CPAMatica benefits & key features:

  • Its wide area network covers 100+ countries to bring offers for web and mobile.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting are offered using its excellent tools that maximize traffic.
  • Weekly payments are made, and newbies can withdraw their first payment after 10 days.
  • Dedicated support team ensures that all your issues are taken care of and resolved effectively.

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It was aimed at providing quality affiliate solutions for the rapid growth of its customers. It offers competitive payouts and gratifying customer support for publishers as well as advertisers. The company was established in 2015 and has a team of 20 passionate mojos always ready to help 24/7.

CPAMatica has recently launched its exclusive CPAMATE CLUB which enables affiliates to collect points and redeem it with $$$ on their online shop. It is a loyalty program for affiliates to scale their earnings and get cool stuff like action camera, MacBook, Drones, etc…


PaySale is another European adult affiliate network headquartered in Lithuania. The company provides exclusive and scalable offers for publishers with monthly payments via PayPal, paxum, WebMoney, and wire. The network is famous for its quality service to the publisher with dedicated personal mangers.


Paysale houses over 1000+ adult, dating offers and over 362+ adult gaming affiliate campaigns. Some of their direct advertisers are flirchi, Be2, eDarling and many more.

👉 PaySale Features & Key Benefits:

  • 100% Premium – Affiliate network for adult and dating offers.
  • Dedicated Team for fast approval of publishers.
  • It claims to have 500+ M clicks per month, implies a strong performance network.
  • It allows real-time bidding for traffic for both advertisers and publishers.
  • industry leading payouts and custom payouts for high performing affiliates
  • Payments are processed by paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney and Wire.

PaySale enables you to convert your traffic into money, With tons of tools like smart links, dynamic trafficking links, TDS, parking and global postback you can integrate payscale with any of your affiliate tracker for detailed analysis of your performance marketing.

If you have adult gaming traffic then our best highest paying adult gaming offers on PaySale to boost your earnings.


Adsterra is another pioneer digital advertising company that offers optimum solutions for advertisers and publishers all around the world.

With 10 billion impressions per month, 190 GEOs covered, 20K successful campaigns and 6000K leads in the last month makes it is the best choice for the CPA network. It was established in 2013, and within one year it reached 1 billion impressions per month.

Top 12 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2022] 1

👉 Reasons to choose Adsterra:

  • Publishers can monetize every impression with the smart technology inculcated by Adsterra. It is simple to work with Adsterra, sign up as a publisher, place the code and earn money that you wouldn’t have even thought of.
  • It offers the highest CPM rates with 100% fill rates, monetizing impression couldn’t get better than this.
  • It’s safe and secure as it uses third-party malware detection system to thwart attackers that ensure you are in the safe hands.
  • Different payment models such as CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, and CPI (PPI) can be chosen to monetize traffic for optimum conversion.
  • Its wide range of web and mobile ad formats allow you to make more money from your site or app.
  • It uses NET15 hold policy for on-time payments and payment could be withdrawn via bitcoin, wire transfer, paxum, Payza, PayPal, and WebMoney, etc.

At present, it has 122 employees working with all the courage and aiming to reach the pinnacle. With the use of spearhead technology, it has managed to transform digital advertising for the web, mobile and social platforms by making it eccentric and innovative.

Golden Goose

If you have adult mobile traffic, then is one top adult CPA network that allows you to monetize traffic around the world. With one click flow, click2sms and PIN submit type affiliate campaigns, GoldenGoose has been ranked as premium network with an exclusive bunch of mobile campaigns.

Golden Goose Adult affiliate Network

Either you are a website owner, media buyer, ad network or an application developer, you can use golden goose offers to scale your affiliate earnings.

The company is well established with having their official support and accounts on all premium affiliate marketing forums, direct connection to the operator, and personalized support.

👉 Reasons to choose Golden Goose:

  • Personzlies suppoert and top campgians recommedetaions to each partnert
  • Daily payouts witjhout any limitations .
  • Most popular and morden formats to ads to monertize enrire mobile traffic.
  • 1000+ worldwide offers with high converting cretives, pre-landes, etc.

Own mobile traffic for dating and adult niche? then Golden Goose can surely scale your earnings with better campaign optimization. It will also increase your ROI. Try it today!

MyLead affiliate platform is a comprehensive platform for earning with the best affiliate programs and offers. The company has received several positive reviews from top public figures in the affiliate industry and has a wide range of adult affiliate offers.


The plans based company has over 2007+ adult offers, which consists of hardcore adult, dating, and live cam — most of the campaigns provide an industry-leading payout, which beats other networks.

👉 MyLead.Global features & Key benefits:

  • $20 minimum payouts via PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, Wire, ACH, etc
  • Worldwide geo traffic accepted.
  • 100% tested and continuously updated creatives for best conversion rates.
  • In-house developed tracing system with directly real-time statics.
  • Massive database of exclusive campaigns with individual deals.

Mylead provides free access to unique training to enable you to generate good revenue from the start. The company also houses other offers in different verticals like eCommerce, sweepstakes, travel,, and crypto.

MyLead is undoubtedly one of the highest Adult affiliate network for serious internet marketers that enables to make huge $$$ from your traffic — accepting into my lead is also easy and does not require lots of experience like other CPA networks.


AdVendor is a leading CPA affiliate network with hundreds of special adult CPA offers. It has come into limelight due to its massive payouts in adult vertical.


Adsvendor helps you to turn your traffic into money. The company uses the CPA model for best revenue generation to the publishers as well as beneficial for clients.

On Adsvendor’s publisher dashboard, you will find over 150+ exclusive adult CPA offers for international traffic. Most of the offers are open to all, and some may require private access, which you may ask your affiliate manager to approve.

👉 Advendor Features & Key Benefits:

  • Vast number of XXX, dating campgians.
  • Payments are currently supported by ePayments and WebMoney or check.
  • SmartLinks and API access for integrating offers into your affiliate or tracking software
  • Guaranteed high payout and custom payout after talking with AM

They use an Affise tracking platform that offers ultra-fast analytics on your performance. their dashboard also enables you to download all creatives for each offer and view details info on every campaign.

If you are seriously looking for some charming adult campaign or your current traffic is not profiting to your current working network, Try Advendor today.


One of the oldest and leading CPA networks have some pretty hot dating and adult affiliate offers which are very excluding to the network and can’t be found anywhere. Maxbounty is not totally into the adult vertical. The company has a wide number of offers on all verticals and also holds a powerful image in the adult affiliate industry.


They have a custom tracking system and a very powerful dashboard for the publisher. It offers you to create custom pixel and also connect our tracking software like voluum, red track in a click.

👉 MaxBounty Features & Key Benefits:

  • Proprietary tracking and analytics software.
  • 2000+ activate camping with daily adding of new advertisers.
  • Guaranteed weekly payments without any delay to keep you motivated.
  • Exclusive performance bonuses and affiliate rewards on your billing.

Their dedicated affiliate managers are very helpful for all the stages. Their payment options include Payoneer, PayPal, Wire, check and ACH.

Try Your Luck🤞

MaxBoumnty in one of the pioneer CPA networks in the affiliate industry which ranks in various verticals. It has received hundreds of awards and also ranked under the top 10 by mthink Affiliate awards.


Adxxx has experience of more than ten years in the advertising market. It is one of the pioneering adult affiliate and digital marketing company.

It is recognized as one of the best adult Ad networks in the world and has completed several ads projects successfully. Since its launch, it has successfully converted traffic into massive profit, and this is the reason why more than a hundred webmasters prefer Adxxx and complement its quality affiliate services.

It has significant contacts with advertisers in every corner of the world and uses its handcrafted mechanism to satisfy advertisers and publishers. It makes weekly payments, which are a sigh of relief and provides the best technical support with a direct approach to every partner.


FireAds, being an all-rounder CPA Network has 36+ highly converting Adult campaigns under its hood. FireAds houses numerous verticals from an adult, dating, e-commerce, crypto, etc, however, if you are looking for some highly converting adult campaigns, then its time to fir your marketing skills with FireAds.

FireAds Adult affiliate network

The company claims to have over 220000+ publishers registered with them and are under business since 2011. They work on CPA, PPI, CPI, CPS, CPL, and other verticals. The company is headquartered in Poland.

Indeed has lesser campaigns on adult and dating; However, due to its expertise in the vertical and direct advertisers, it has been recommended by adult affiliate marketers in the industry. Signup on FireAds to get instant account approval to test its adult campaigns.


Candyoffer enables you to monetize your traffic in a sweeter way. It is a core dating affiliate network with some exclusive adult affiliate campaigns. It’s a brand new affiliate program for expert affiliates who wish you make money in the easiest way possible.

CandyOffers Coupon

It offers 10 higher payouts on over 200+ affiliates’ offers. Candy offers SmartLink that enables 120% extra performance as compared to other traditional smart links.

With candy offers get higher payouts with flexible and reliable payments. The company houses offer in different countries and gave pre landers, creatives for each country.

CandyOffers is a new name in adult affiliuate indsutry, However, the company has direct exclusive offers and lists of reliable payments on time. Try their exclusive affiliate campaigns with in-house built creatives.

💋Adult Affiliate campaigns: Goldmine for Internet marketers!

If you are still struggling in generating a passive income via affiliate marketing, You need to change your vertical to “ADULT

It’s a $110 billion industry and hence have a huge budget in online advertising, Most of the top CPA networks are now only focusing on adult, dating, matchmaking, romance type of campaigns due to high payout and a huge audience.

Top 12 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2022] 2

Working in an adult niche is not as easy as others. One needs lots of strategies, spying and a budget for testing offers with paid traffic.

Most of the top marketers in this niche do not use free traffic sources. They simply pick a good campaign and test it on numerous paid native and push traffic sources using an affiliate tracker.

Optimizing adult offers on paid traffic sources is one of the most proven earning methods which is being used by thousands of affiliates. It enables a huge ROI on your budget.

The adult affiliate industry is not only limited to mainstream adult, but it also included adult games, dating, apps, hookups, matchmaking, eCommerce, etc.

The best way is to use premium Ad Spy tools Like Adplexity Adult or Spyover to search thousands of successfully running ads in the adult niche and you can also download their landings and creatives to make your work easier.

Adult niche is a high-risk and High reward game!

Push Ads + AdPlexity Push + Adult Campaigns = $$$

If you want to generate passive money fast, then it’s better to buy paid traffic rather than depending on free or organic traffic. Push Notification Ads are becoming a favorite traffic source for top adult affiliates. With a better conversion ratio, higher delivery, more targetted options, and low CPC, Push is dominating other display and traditional ads method.

AdPlexity have recently launched their Push Ads Spy Tool. Get set go to download top converting Push ads and its landing [ages to create massive campaigns.

Adplexity Push ads spy tool

Push traffic is cost-effective than other traffic sources and for Adult campaigns, it works pretty well when done strategically and wisely.

Most of the adult Affiliate networks like CrakRevenue, CPAMatica, etc.. allow Push traffic on selected SOI or DOI offers.

One can buy quality adult push traffic from numerous Push Providers like Evadav, richpush, MGID, etc.. and set up your campaigns directly or use any affiliate tracker for better ROI tracking.

🔥🔥Get Adplexity Push {60% Exclusive Discount}

So if you are still struggling to generate good revenue with adult affiliate marketing, it’s time to go on push notification and change your complete way of promoting with these new innovative methods. If you are going for an Adplexity Adult alternative on Adult Ads spy, Try PowerAdspy or Anstrex

Adult Affiliate marketing: 5 Important Tips to consider

Affiliate marketing is an art and not everyone is an artist!

Here are some exclusive tips which can help you to make more money smartly in this ocean of adult affiliates.

  • Goodbye to Free Traffic: If you in the dating or adult sector, SEO or free google traffic is NOT for you. Adult campaigns are proven to convert well on paid traffic sources such as native or push.
  • Adult SmartLinks: If you have tried lots of offers on different traffic sources and not getting good results, Try Adult smart links by CrakRevenue or another Adult CPA network, Smartlinks converts the best on Mixx traffic and may give better ROI.
  • Always use a Tracker: It is always better to use a third party affiliate tracker for your campaigns. It enables clear statics with in-depth analysis like A/B testing, profits, and easy to manage. I recommend Voluum for tracking solutions.
  • Pre-landing wins the game: Instead of sending the user directly to the main conversion page, Use pre-landers (mostly they are available under the CPA offer) or you can create one. Pre-landing increases the conversion chance by 200% and also passes on most traffic sources, including FB.
  • Multiple creative testing Never runs single paid marketing for multiple devices in single creative. Always create different sets of the campaign for each device and counters. Technically it gives more ROI and lesser CPC.
  • Try the new: What if you are making good money with a particular offer, and it suddenly gets paused? You will lose all future revenues. Hence it is recommended to rest and try multiple offers though even if one particular campaign is working well for you.
  • Video Traffic: Video sites like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook has the highest traffic but they do not allow direct adult advertising. However, using pre-landers and soft pages one can easily monetize adulty CPA campaigns. Smart affiliates are already doing it, Why can’t you?
  • Adult Gaming: After the cover-19 pandemic and most people living at home, working from home are bored at some time, Fantasy and adult games are very popular niche to promote nowadays, With the highest EPC and higher CPA payouts, Adult gaming affiliate programs and campaigns are being popular among marketers.
  • Whitelabel is the new Gold: Whitelabel programs for the online adult industry are the new sources to make tons of cash promoting the whole website. Whitelabel solutions by these companies enable you to run a full adult site under your branding. Recommended Whitelabel adult affiliate is Bongacash

I have shared only proven tips here, which will surely help a lot in dating/ adult CPA campaigns. Just follow the simple rules, tips to scale your earnings. Stay away from paid bullshit guides & courses.

Top 12 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks [Updated 2022] 3

🌟 F.A.Q on adult affiliate networks

What is adult affiliate marketing?

Adult affiliate marketing is promoting or adult dating websites, 18+ games, and 18+ products to the internet audience and earning commissions on sales or lead.

Which is the best Adult affiliate network?

As per the recent awards and honesty user options. CrakRevenue is rated as best by top affiliates around the world.

Does affiliate marketing still work in 2022?

Affiliate marketing is never-ending a career. Due to vast field and increase of web users daily, Affiliate marketers are making huge money by promoting products/services on websites, youtube, Quora, Social media, and paid media like Facebook Ads and PPC.

How to promote adult affiliate programs?

You need to create a strategy for the targeted audience to promote a particular affiliate product or service. The best way is to create a website or blog and get search traffic by writing quality content. Most of the top affiliates use the media buying technique, which involves buying traffic from FB, Google, and thousands of native, push ads networks.

Conclusion: Top Adult Affiliates networks [2022 Edition]

In this post, we brought you some of the best adult affiliate networks in the world that have global partners and recognized as the best adult CPA programs.

In the CPA Affiliate Industry, dating and Adult affiliate offers are being scattered over almost all CPA networks, Many new Companies have arrived in this niche. As the payouts are higher here, Many saturated networks have wisely implemented these types of offers to lure publishers.

Potential is always higher and Marketers still get higher ROI on their media buying.

Some of these companies provide dating affiliate programs and proven adult affiliate marketing.

If you have dating or 18+ traffic then choosing any of the above affiliate networks will surely monetize your traffic and result in massive profit.

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Hope this list has helped you in deciding which adult affiliate network to choose between maximizing the profit and growing your business worldwide.🤞

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