Are you lacking behind your competitors in native Ads and waiting for soaring higher profits?

If so then you need to change your marketing strategy and look for something else that keeps you in the track race and aim for the gold medal 🥇.

What if you could analyze and SPY on your competitor’s paid ads by monitoring every step that your competitors take? This wouldn’t be less than a miracle ⭐.

A wise man once said, “For an old spy and code breaker like myself, nothing in the world happens by coincidence”.

If you want to be on the top and ahead of your competitors then don’t wait for any coincidence. Contemplating is the best choice to look for new ideas and reach the benchmark that you must set for your business growth.

SpyOver: The Best Tool to Monitor and Analyze Your Competitors Ads

Spyover Review

If you are a serious Internet marketer looking to excel in ad campaigns then you must use the best Native Ad Spy tool that will help you outnumber your competitors. We have done all the hard work to bring you the best tool to monitor and analyze your competitor’s ads.

SpyOver is that amazing tool that will make your competition easy and helps you in analyzing your native ads.  

SpyOver Overview

As rightly said by Jackie Chan “I want to play a fireman and a spy. I want to learn about special effects“. Likewise, if you want to learn special techniques to remain ahead of your competitors then SpyOver will let you overcome the hurdles you might be facing till now in reaching the pinnacle.

This Ad Spy tool is like a watch that cloaks you in invisibility. If you have any doubt about SpyOver then just look at the statistics and you will be confident to work with this tool. SpyOver has monitored over 15 Ad networks, over 6,426,634 ads, 223,232 landing pages in over 115 countries with a global reach.

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SpyOver Key Features:

While there are numerous Ad Spay tools scattered over the web, Here are some beautiful Spyover features that make it different for other traditional tools.

🔎 Innovative Ad Spying

Spyover lets you search Ads by keywords, a chain of redirects, publishers, landing texts, and outgoing links. They have over 15+ networks to show you most performing Ads with detailed analytics.

One can filter with traffic sources, Affiliate Networks, countries, and languages, Devices, browsers, trackers, an impression. This is one of the most useful features of any Ad Spying tool. It lets you search and spy on your competitor’s native or push ads depending on your search categories, filters, etc.

💹 Detailed Ad Statics

Get detailed ad statics for your every camping in the form of diagrams, graphs chart, the connection between site and network in particular graph forms.

Spyover Ad Statics

Statics data is always a goldmine for Affiliates. The Statics in the Affiliate industry is a significant part of monetization. It lets you know should you invest more in an affiliate offer or stop. It enables you to decide your future campaigning, ROI, and more.

🚀 View and download landing pages

Landing pages decide the conversions of offers. The more converting landing page, the better your ad will optimize. Pro Affiliate marketers use very high converting landing pages which are developed after robust testing, and hence they make money with those beautiful landing pages.

SpyOver lets you view landing pages and download them instantly in ZIP Format. Moreover, it also enables you to download creatives, icons, images to push ads instantly.

You won’t require other landing pages ripping tools or builders, As you can easily download top converting ads, its landing pages and use it on your system. Spyover also has dozens of other features like check landing pages by Countries, languages, networks, etc..

Advantages of SpyOver over other tools

Here’s a quick comparison of SpyOver with some other good companies that also provide monitoring and analyzing native ads. After comparison, you will find SpyOver leading all the way and leaving behind the other companies far away. Let us take a sneak peek into the advantages:

SpyOver offers its services in major countries around 115 whereas advault & other covers only a few, so when working with SpyOver you have more chances of receiving its services in your country.

It covers over 15+ networks while advault covers 13. Again SpyOver wins the race.

Now this one’s bingo for users of SpyOver. SpyOver offers Landing page search while adplexity and advault fail to provide this feature.

Some features like filter by country, device type, and networks are the same in adplexity and advault but filter by tracking tool is not offered by advault. One more filter that is not available in advault is filtered by the browser which makes SpyOver the preferred choice.

The download ads feature is one of the most interesting features available in SpyOver. Whereas the download landing feature is not available in advault but available in SpyOver.

One more filter that we forgot to mention was filtered by language which is not available in advault but available in SpyOver.

If for some reason the ad text is in some other language and you would like to convert it into English then this feature is available in SpyOver but unavailable in advault.

Real trend and Mass Ads download features are available only in SpyOver but adplexity and advault have failed to provide these features. So after an overview of the features listed in this section, you must have concluded as SpyOver your preferred choice.

SpyOver Comparison

The most important factor that everyone looks for is the price associated with the features offered. Trust me you won’t be sappy instead you would be surprised to know that the price SpyOver offers for all the above-mentioned features is less than adplexity and advault. We will look at the price in our next section of Plans & Pricing.

SpyOver Plans & Pricing: {Exclusive Discount}

Just like any other software or tools, SpyOver provides you free demo access so you could test its accuracy and flexibility. But a clever mind doesn’t need to justify that a free demo comes with limited features and liability. To get full access to all the features you need to buy a paid plan.

Spyover Pricing

There are two paid plans that SpyOver offers to all its users worldwide. They are:

Tariff Professional: This plan comes at just $149 and includes all data and functions, monitoring and analyzing ads of over 115 countries, features for advanced search by different filters, tables and graphs for examining your work progress and detailed statistics, download native ads and landings and 2 simultaneous sessions.

Tariff Corporate: This plan will cost you $299 but still competitive with the pricing of adplexity and advault. The features offered in this plan remain the same as offered in Tariff Professional plan. The only added advantage in this plan is that you get 6 simultaneous sessions.

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Starting with the free demo or any paid plan requires simple toddler steps. If you choose to start your journey with SpyOver with the free demo access then click on Free Demo Access and then click Sign up for your free account.

If you choose any of the two paid plans then click on get started and follow the same steps and complete your payment. Enjoy all the premium benefits of the paid plan and never back down in front of your competitors.

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SpyOver support:

You can reach the Spy team day and night working dedicatedly to improve their Ad spy tool and provide the best features to monitor and analyze native advertising.

The Spy team doesn’t hangover every day and works from Monday-Friday keeping Saturday and Sunday for a hangover. The working hours are from 8:00 to 17:00 DEU (Germany). But what if you don’t reside in Germany and send a message according to your country’s time zone?

In case when your message is received at other times, the SpyOver team responds to your urgent messages the next day keeping it on a high priority.

SpyOver is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You can reach them via Skype at SpyOver_support, a phone call at +380931854061 and Telegram at @SpyOver.

What to Expect from SpyOver❓

CPA, Media Buyer, and Marketer can expect endless opportunities at SpyOver and make them like hell easy.


  • Trending ads and landings can be detected and monitored.
  • Want to get a detailed statistic of a particular ad? No worries, you will get it here.
  • Spy over your competitor’s activity and analyze their trending campaigns.
  • Want to know the secret sauce of success? With this tool, you can know about the current market topics and solve the puzzle by determining winning advertising combinations.
  • Without wasting any time you can determine successful native campaigns. You get more time to sleep.
  • With just 1-click you can download native ads and landings.

Media Buyer

  • Find out what’s trending and get ideas on new products and bundles.
  • Monitor your competitor’s activity and analyze the behavior of your niche.
  • 1-click downloading of ads and landings.
  • Want to see the actual trend of impressions? At SpyOver, the inbuilt technology allows you to do this for the selected period for the selected country and device.
  • Received data helps you in making profitable bundles. This is possible when you collect the data and create an effective campaign or eliminate the flaws in the existing campaign and improvise it to soar higher profits.
  • This saves your time and at the same time grows your income.


  • Learn the new trends that are making rounds in advertising and analyze those ads for the best outcome.
  • Analytics data and identity effective bundles can be gained.
  • Know about new products and analyze market analysis. This helps you in creating fresh ideas.
  • Monitor the campaigns run by your competitors and get an idea of what’s trending in the market and how you can earn more.
  • Simple and easy one-click downloading of ads and landings.
  • Your precious time is in your hands. The more the time saving the more you make money.

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Why Should you use Ad Spy tools? {Benefits}

When it comes to dominating your competitor’s ads, then you certainly need insider help. You need to know which profitable Ad campaigns your competitor is cashing out and hence here comes the role of Ad Spy Tools.

Just Like Keyword research tools in Organic search ranking s and backlinks analyzer tools for SEO, Ad Spy tools work for paid ads, native, desktop, mobile, and eCommerce.

Ad Spy Tools benefits

It enables you to get thousands of profitable running ads on your display and gives you complete control like downloading ads creative, downloading landing pages, applying filters, and search using your keywords or preferred Affiliate Networks.

SpyOver is undoubtedly one of the best Ad Spy tools which are budget friendly and comes with all Powerful features.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and struggling on your paid ads, Then you should start using Ad Spy Tools right now to analyze your competitor ads and get better profit on your investments.

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🌟 SpyOver FAQ

🙄 What is SpyOver?

SpyOver is one of the best ad spy tools that helps users monitor and analyze the competitor’s native ads. SpyOver is the most accessible native ad spy tool that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.

😎 Does SpyOver offer a free trial?

If you are looking to start with a free native ad spy tool, we highly recommend you go with SpyOver. SpyOver offers free demo access to all its new users that helps them test this tool’s accuracy.

🔥 Is there any active SpyOver coupon code?

If you are looking for a 100% working SpyOver discount coupon that helps you save money, use the above-mentioned SpyOver coupon code and enjoy the attractive discount.

🔎 What is the maximum discount I can get by using the SpyOver coupon code?

By using our exclusive SpyOver discount coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE,” you will save a flat 20% lifetime discount on all its pricing plans.

🤔 How to use the SpyOver discount coupon?

Well, using the SpyOver coupon code is very easy and straightforward. You need to choose your desired plans to start with this native ads spy tool. Complete the signup process and use the above-mentioned SpyOver promo code and enjoy a 20% lifetime discount.

Spy Time Has Just Begun:

A wise man said, “Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet”. I don’t know how true it is and how many of you believe in it but one thing for sure, if you want to succeed in this competitive market then you need to examine and analyze your competitors by hook or by crook.

SpyOver is one such innovation that lets you monitor and analyze your competitor’s native and make money in the relevant niche.

I Hope this SpyOver Review was enough about native Ad Spying and analysis. Soon I will be writing a complete tutorial on using Spyover for finding top converting Ads and landing pages.

Spy over is indeed one of the most trusted Ad intelligence platforms that enable us to find top converting ads on native advertising. It is considered as the closest alternative to Adplexity Native and Anstrex.

You have the freedom to 🕵️‍♀️ spy on others, get over with your troublesome competitors with SpyOver.

Sharing Is Caring:

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