Are you waiting for a big opportunity to knock at your door? Then you might be interested in the year’s biggest networking event, “Blockchain Life 2020”. It is the 5th consecutive event taking place in April with the motive to enlighten attendees on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining in the world. 

About the Blockchain Life Forum: 2020 Edition

Blockchain life 2020

The event will not only unite marketers worldwide but built a strong community through networking. Blockchain Life Forum is one of the most significant industry events in the world. Last year, the event gathered 4000 participants in Singapore, and this year the expected crowd is around 5000. Blockchain Life 2020 event will bring together global industry leaders and those who are developing interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

From the last four years, internationally recognized event Blockchain Life has proved beneficial for many growing firms globally. It is indeed a place for marketers to meet and greet and discuss their future plans and get enlightened about market trends. The market leaders meet the representatives of government agencies, and it is a place where thousands of contracts impact the global development of technology.

Attendees of Blockchain Life 2020

You know, as that it is a grand event, the list of dignified attendees attending the event is also huge. Let’s check out who all will be taking advantage of this life-changing event:

  • World Crypto Industry- Get the chance to meet company chiefs and establish an effective alliance with them.
  • Business Owners- Aspirants get a chance to learn how to employ blockchain in your business and make profits.
  • Fund Investors- Find out the bankable projects of the industry in the Expo Zone and the Startups Pitch.
  • Startups- Find out about all phases of the project to present them on StartUp Pitch and get the attention of investors.
  • Miners- Get all info about the mining industry and get acquainted with the experts making huge profits from the same. 
  • Blockchain Developers- Give and take the latest updates on Blockchain development. 
  • Government officials and special guests

Topics to be discussed in Blockchain Life2020

Blockchain life is one of the biggest Blockchain and crypto conferences happening in Moscow. The event is scheduled to be held in April 2020. Due to the recent coronavirus outrage and sudden fear among users. Blockchain life 2020 is for now un-affected with its date changed. The team is fully prepared to welcome you to Moscow with the most enlightening event of the year.

Blockchain life 2020 - The Biggest event on Blockchain, Crypto 1


  • Carrying out of blockchain technology in small and big business
  • Blockchain in the public domain
  • Kinds of blockchain and property of their usage
  • Susceptibilities of blockchain 
  • Tokenisation in real estate and other fields
  • Blockchain in the banking sector
  • Tokenization of big organizations
  • Structure of technology evolution in 2020


  • Bitcoin
  • The outcome of bitcoin fraction
  • Repercussions of margin trading on the industry
  • Cryptocurrency trading in 2020. Proposal, tools, and approvals from major Russian and world traders
  • Prospects of altcoins. Trading is beneficial or not.
  • Libra. Is it profitable or a complete failure?
  • Cryptocurrency billfold in 2020. How to store cryptocurrency off the hook?
  • Legitimate panorama of cryptocurrency spreading in Russia, CIS, and other regions
  • Future of stablecoins
  • Influence of organizational capitalist in the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Government dominance of cryptocurrencies in Russia, CIS, and other locations.


  • Key attributes of prospering startups in the cryptocurrency business
  • World drift IEO
  • ICO, IEO, and STO – the future story
  • How can a startup pull in finances and private financiers?
  • Best nations to register a blockchain startup
  • Legal characteristics of the financing
  • How to place your item on the exchange and to pull off its value?
  • Commercializing of projects in 2020. What affects finance?


  • 2020 – a new period of mining.
  • Key mining gainful factors.
  • The alternate of equipment in 2020. What to purchase?
  • What to do with obsolete equipment? Forward-Advanced changes in 2020.
  • The positioning of equipment. Best states and regions.
  • The best industries of mining equipment in 2020.
  • New ways of profitable mining.
  • Technical solutions for the mining industry.
  • Prospective of minelaying.

About the speakers @ Blockchain Life 2020

The speaker list is updated regularly, as many industry experts would like to share their experience with the novices. To keep yourself updated, just subscribe to Blockchain Life 2020 newsletters and get all the latest info of the event. 

Here are some of the featured speakers in the event. For a complete list of speakers, visit the official website

Blockchain life 2020 - The Biggest event on Blockchain, Crypto 2

The speeches will be held in English, Chinese, and Russian. For all associates, omitting the Basic package, a receiver for synchronized translation into Russian is provided.

Forums Programs

The Blockchain Life 2020 will be held in Moscow, Music Media Dome, on 22 and 23rd April 2020. There are two halls booked for the two-day event, right from 8:00 to 19:00. The event will be followed by regular coffee and lunch breaks. 

It is the most prominent media space on the planet, which is twice enclosed in the Guinness Book of Records. The specific architecture and the modern visual communication technologies make Music Media Dome an ideal setting to hold a meeting at the highest grade. Furthermore, foreign participants are offered help in acquiring a Russian visa.


If you want to save money, then book the tickets now before the prices rise in the next few days. The tickets are divided into four segments, namely Base, Standard, Business, and VIP. The Base ticket will include only a 2-day visit and rent of receiver for interpretation, and the Standard plan consists of access to all zones along with coffee-breaks for two days. 

Blockchain life 2020 - The Biggest event on Blockchain, Crypto 3

The top seller package is the Business ticket with all inclusions of Standard ticket, bonus, gifts along with after party on 23rd April. The VIP package includes every aspect of the event with lunch, first-row seating, parking, access to VIP speaker lounge, and after-party. 

The price schedule is indicatory; ticket prices can rise any day, relying on the flow of sales. Purchase ticket right now at the best price before its too late. 

Blockchain life 2020 - The Biggest event on Blockchain, Crypto 4

Also, in this year’s Blockchain Life, participants have access to “Networking 2.0” — a specially developed app for instituting new connections.

While registering, attendees can select the action and services that they offer and want to get. After that, the user can find the group he or she needs by selecting their criteria in the filter column and getting in touch with them right on the app. “Networking 2.0 will launch at the end of March.

Another networking highlighting feature of this event is “Speed networking” — a uniquely designed area at the venue for “agile” meetings where everyone has 1 minute to present themselves. Attendees take turns sitting at random tables and get acquainted with new people. Therefore, each meeter can get more than 40 useful contacts in an hour.

People Associated with the Event

Besides the attendees, speakers, mavens, and big corporations, there are hundreds of other people associated with the Blockchain Life 2020 to make it a great event than last year.

The participating companies are- Listing. help, Binance, El Petro, BitForex, Bitmain, B2Broker, Universa, Deloitte, Buffett’s 10$, TradingView, S7 TechLab, Waves Enterprise, Kraken, Bitmain, Poolin, QIWI, MyRig, Gazprom Oil, Mirax Group, Token Metrics,, and others. 


The organizers of the event lend their helping hand to all the attendees. In case of any queries, you can do a live chat or catch up with them on WhatsApp or Telegram. You can also apply to their website, mentioning your name, email, and phone number, so that they can get in touch with you. For getting any updates and modifications in the event, subscribe to their newsletter by just inserting your email ID. At the end of the webpage, you will get a list of email IDs for contacting a specific person for a particular task. 

🌟 Blockchain life FAQ

What is Blockchain Life?

Blockchain Life is a serious of events focused on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The Europe edition of the event is held every year in Moscow, and Blockchain Asia is being held in Singapore. This event has encoded the largest quality attendees in the industry so far.

When is Blockchain Life 2020 happening?

The largest Crypto and blockchain event {Europe edition} will be held on April 22-23, 2020, in Moscow, Russia. The two-day event will house over 5000+ attendees form over 70 countries. Significant health precautions have been placed to avoid any problems for attendees.

For who Blockchain life is ?

If you are in the world of the crypto industry, startups, miners, funds investors, affiliates, or blockchain developers, This largest event in crypto is highly beneficial for you.

Final Crux

Blockchain Life 2020 is an event that can open many new opportunities for curious minds. The topics introduced like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining are ever-growing fields with a lot of potential for newcomers. The attendees will not only know about the key areas to explore but also have one-on-one sessions with industry experts, simultaneously building a vast network.

They also have an award distribution ceremony for the most prominent players in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and startups. To get the details, log in to-

I hope you don’t miss this great opportunity and grab the tickets before the price hikes. 

Are you ready for Blockchain Life 2020?

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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