If you are still lacking behind affiliate marketing strategies & right way to promote clickbank products being in India, this article will definitely help you.

Are you still confused in promoting Clickbank products being in India or you are not getting the right traffic, Audience on your website then here are some proven tips to Get targeted traffic and boost conversion on your clickbank affiliate products & services.

ClickBank Earning Guide for Indian Bloggers

Indian Bloggers can earn money by ClickBank

In India there are thousands of bloggers and daily hundreds of new bloggers are born, In this Internet marketing era many freelances re turning into bloggers or affiliate marketers as there are numerous of benefits in blogging once you get the right approach.

There are hundreds of methods scattered over the web for earning money via blogging and affiliate marketing is one of the best methods used to monetize a blog as it can make you earn maximum dollars once you promote a product or service in a right way.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

]If you still don’t know, Affiliate marketing is promoting (marketing) a product or service through your platform. It can be your website, social media profiles or even a simple Email.

Almost all companies selling products & services via internet have their Affiliate programs and those who don’t have, They promote their products though Affiliate networks. ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate network in the world.

How it works:

This all works on ‘tracking links’. If you are an affiliate marketer, Then you may have to integrate an affiliate link of particular product or service on your blog or any platform to promote and suppose any conversion happens (Sale or lead), you will be granted a commission as per the policy of affiliate product.

There are thousands of affiliate products to promote on ClickBank which gives you upto 70% affiliate commission.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is world’s largest Affiliate marketplace connecting vendors and affiliate marketers together on their innovative platform. There are thousands of products to promote on clickbank from thousands of vendors around the globe.

there are hundreds of categories and you can get all types of products form health, Web hosting, webmasters tools, SEO, Business investing, mobile, sports, travel and so many more categories. Products hosted on ClickBank are international, hence you can market products from any corner of the world.

Numerous of Pro Bloggers use Clickbank and Amazon affiliate network to earn revenue through affiliate marketing, 

Clickbank is best choice for Indians as they have direct deposit p[payment option available for Indians affiliates, Which allows you to get payment deposited in your local Indian bank account in INR through NEFT on weekly, Bi-weekly & monthly basis.

Tips to Earn Money through ClickBank

Here are some proven tips from top affiliate marketers and my personal research since last 4 years. I started earning form $5 per day via affiliate marketing and after i got the right approach, I started making from $50-$100 per day via affiliate marketing and hence I will suggest bloggers who are getting good traffic should use affiliate promotion methods on their blog instead of traditional banner advertisement.

👉 Tip 1: Natural Content

Do you know Google have changed their ranking algorithms and now penalize websites very fast if their are too many back links which seems to be Un-natural.

In today era, the best way to get organic traffic from Google is to have natural quality content on your blog. Try to write long articles from 800-1200 words. don’t write short content and avoid copy paste at all costs.

If you publish natural high quality content with proper keywords, Then your site will rank higher on google even without a single back-link. Always use proper keywords  and try to add related keywords in the post for better rankings.

👉 Tip 2: Target Geographic Traffic

This is very important factor when it comes to affiliate conversion. At first analysis all the traffic coming to your blog and from which countries the maximum traffic is.

Then promote the particular product or service for that country y searching on ClickBank marketplace. If you are having traffic from India and you are promoting products for U.S.A, then it is simply waste of time.

If you only want to target a particular country for getting traffic, then you can also choose your domain extension for that country.

For example make your blog to abc.in instead of abc.com if you are targeting Indian traffic. There are certain domain extensions available which ranks higher fast in particular local country.

👉 Tip 3: Use Coupons & Discounts

This method convert the best, Every one loves discounts & promo codes to save money purchasing online. You may make an coupon website using a premium WordPress coupon theme and share discount &  coupon codes of various popular products & services to get traffic.

You may also ask Vendor in clickbank for special coupon code for you, So they may provide you customize coupon  which will make you more sales than expected. If you promoting via coupon & discounts, make sure you write quality information about each coupon you post, as that info will be fetched by google for rankings.

👉 Tip 4: Focus on single Niche

it is better to focus on single niche in initial days for getting organic search traffic.

Niche means a particular category. For example some blogs are only dedicated to technology or gadgets, it means those blogs are of Tech niche. some blogs focus only on health and some blogs focus only on webmaster products. These are niche blogs which are easy to manage and get plenty of visitors easily.

Don’t make a multi-niche blog in the starting. focus on one product or niche in one blog and only write about that topic to get targeted customers.

You may use Multi Domain hosting & register different domains to make numerous blogs about different niche each.

Recommend Multi Domain web Hosting: Bluehost (50% Discount link)

👉 Tip 5: Social Media & Fourms

Don’t be just a blogger, Try your approach on hundred of Social media and forums where you can get exact buyers fort your affiliate marketing products.

Reach all social media websites and engage regular with readers, Use a Email subscription plugin on your website to grab Emails form users as that will enable you to grab more affiliate sales by sending weekly emails about new posts to your readers

Also search for forums & QnA websites related to your niche and engage with users and then redirect them to your affiliate website wisely.

You can grab lot of sales via clickbank if you get right approach. It takes time and blogging needs lot of patience. maker sure to choose right keywords and learn SEO basic before writing. Improper SEO can give you negative results.

Here are some of exclusive resources which will make your ClickBank earning boost. We have also shared discount coupons & deals for some resources which will

Final Words:

It is always better to use proper methods for making money via Clickbank in India. you should have patience and never quit. You should have lot of patience as it takes several days & months to get tour first sale.

I have shared all the ethical ways & working tips to earn money through clickbank. If you have any questions, Shoot your comments below and stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more affiliate marketing tips.

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