TimeAI Summit Dubai which is a promising event will bring forth the latest updates and happenings in the field of AI. The summit will be taking place on October 4 and 5 this year and will serve you with a number of opportunities through which you can gain the best insights about the latest trends and networks in the vast field of the upcoming technology called AI.

The two-day event is all set to take place at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre and is believed to shape the future of AI and unlock its full potential.

Meet over 3000 attendees all ready for AI talks, be a part of the best AI event for two whole days straight, and meet people from a number of countries.

Event Info

Event name: TimeAI Summit
Dates: October 4-5, 2023
Event website: https://timeaisummit.com
Last Happy Bird tickets: https://timeaisummit.com/tickets
Event hashtag: #TimeAISummit 2023

Get in touch with the Event: [email protected]

About TimeAI Summit Dubai

TimeAI Summit Dubai 2023

TimeAI Summit, which is actually the world’s flagship AI conference is all about showcasing the grand capture of AI within every field. As an attendee, you can meet a number of industry leaders, experts, as well as visionaries from around the globe. You can even explore the potential of artificial intelligence as the event will give you many unique opportunities that will help you gain industry insights and also talk about the latest trends that are going on in the field of AI.

Similarly, you can become a big part in shaping the future of AI as well as machine learning. The summit will surely have more than 3000 attendees from all over the world, belonging to a number of countries.

Moreover, this event is one platform that will bring out the knowledge exchanging chances, also the moments that would help you collaborate and get inspired, foster your connections, and notice advancements in the said technological field.


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When you become a part of the event, you will be a big part of the great transformation that will enhance the course of AI and its innovation. And one thing is for sure, You will remember these two days for the years that are about to come.

Also, when you see the list of companies that will be attending the event, you will be struck with awe. Starting with Warner Bros., the event will also have Amazon, HSBC, Virgin, Vodafone, Shell, Meta, Apple, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Google, Deloitte, Microsoft and more.

Trust us when we say that you will get a chance to discover the most effective AI Strategies in this event.

Topics at TimeAI Summit Dubai

With all of the hype that the event has already created, let us get you a few more reasons that will give you much enthusiasm to attend and be a part of this AI event.

The event will cover a number of topics that will ignite the imagination you have within yourself, one such topic surrounds the Power of AI and discovering its full potential to Dominate Your Market. You can expand your knowledge and also learn about the imaginative future in the field of AI.

While you are exploring the topics, you will learn about the next generation of AI unicorns and startups at the TimeAI Summit. Learn about the potential they hold and the power they have got to shape the future of AI technologies. The event will also hold the topics of AI business models, that will be presented by the industry leaders. One thing we would like to say is that the summit plays a crucial role in bringing out the best innovations and collaboration within the AI ecosystem.

Some other topics that will be discussed during the event will surround partnership and collaboration in the AI industry, and will also talk about innovation and growth. The workshops that the event will have and panel discussions at the TimeAI Summit Dubai will encourage the participants to exchange their ideas and also share their personal experiences, while exploring the potential synergies.

Speakers at TimeAI Summit Dubai

Speakers at TimeAI Summit Dubai

Attendees can look forward to insightful dialogues from an illustrious panel of experts, including:

  • Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem, an accomplished figure in the Government of Abu Dhabi, renowned for his expertise in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Meet Martin Hanzl, the Head of New Technologies at EY Law, who brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the table.
  • Nima Banai, an Engineer and Program Lead at Google, brings innovation and expertise to the summit.
  • Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili, a Senior Executive specializing in AI & Digital Transformation at the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and IT of Oman.
  • Leading the charge is Sam Blatteis, the dynamic CEO of The MENA Catalysts, pushing boundaries in the industry.
  • Vladimir Nikolenko, an Associate Director at Accenture focusing on CBDC & Digital Assets, offers a unique perspective on emerging trends.
  • Akshay Chopra, Vice President and Head of Innovation & Design at Visa CEMEA, is a trailblazer in the world of financial technology.
  • Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President at Mastercard UAE, brings extensive experience to the discourse.
  • Levan Bodzashvili, an Ex-Deputy Minister of MFA of Georgia and Rector at Neiron Academy for AI, offers an academic viewpoint.
  • Yannick Even, the Global Analytics Business Partner at Swiss Re, brings data-driven insights to the forefront.
  • Sallyann Della Casa, the CEO and Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC, adds a unique perspective on identity security.

Each of these esteemed professionals promises to contribute a distinctive outlook on pivotal AI issues, ensuring a multifaceted and enriching discourse during the two-day Summit.

Ramia Farrage, a distinguished Forbes personality, Senior Producer, and Presenter, will take the reins as the Master of Ceremony for the highly anticipated two-day Summit.

The Summit is poised to facilitate captivating and comprehensive discussions on groundbreaking topics, including Data Privacy and Ethics in AI, the Current Status and Future Trajectories of AI in Autonomous Vehicles, Challenges and Solutions in Scaling AI for Enterprise, Machine Learning in Financial Services, Global AI Regulations, and the delicate balance between Innovation and Risk.

Emirates Airlines, serving as the Official Airline partner, extends exclusive travel discounts to global attendees of the TimeAI Summit. To further enhance attendee convenience, organizers have curated specially discounted room rates at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center

Why should you attend the TimeAI Summit Dubai?

If you are into the talks about AI and are a real enthusiast of Machine learning technologies, the TimeAI summit will give you a great time to spend around the most important and updated insights of the said industry. The event will have a number of keynote speeches, also have presentations as well as will talk about case studies from a number of renowned experts from the AI industry.

Here, you can participate in the mind-blowing sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the happenings in and around the AI and ML industry. You can have solutions to the challenges that you might be facing as an AI enthusiast and explore more opportunities in the field of AI. All in all , this knowledge can surely be used to boost your imagination and innovation within your own company. This step will help you stay ahead of the competition in the AI and ML niche for sure.

And hold on, that’s not it, you will meet the future titans in the field of AI and also get a chance to discover the experience the journey, and the issues faced by any startup. This is one platform that will connect you to a number of global leaders in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning and at the same time help you shape your own future in this tech field.

If focused on the word of the experts, this is one event that has got no boundaries on itself. And when we look at the experiences of the previous speakers, they have expressed that they were honored to be a part of this event and that they felt very special to be a part of this big community.

Tickets for TimeAI Summit Dubai

Tickets for TimeAI Summit Dubai

The tickets for the TimeAI Summit Dubai are available in two different segments, the standard and the VIP tickets. Both the tickets have got different prices and also cover different types of events.

One thing we would like you to note is that you should hurry a little bit as the tickets are currently available at a discounted price and that you can enjoy a number of great events by saving a huge chunk of your earnings.

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