Are you ready to monetize your website or blog in a much easier way? Get ready to use the Amazon associate program, also called Amazon affiliate. Through this program, you can not only increase your website’s traffic, but monetization gets too quick.

Amazon OneLink is an exciting feature by Amazon, which most e-commerce lacks. And as their millions of products, available on-site, monetize a jackpot for yourself right away!

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketers are bagging a good amount of money, and the future of this is on an increasing curve. But the problem here is to understand the right strategy so that you hit the mark at the correct spot.

Amazon operates a lot of online stores across the globe, with different domains. Hence, you can get an opportunity to earn revenue internationally by using .com links. Previously, the links just worked for regional areas, but now you can monetize easily through the globe.

Let us know more about the Amazon OneLink and how to track the right affiliate link easily. In the end, we will tell you some fantastic strategies to get the best out of the universal Amazon affiliate link, so stay tuned!

Amazon OneLink

Amazon OneLink is a feature by Amazon that allows any affiliate marketer to link through different Amazon associate accounts.

This tool by Amazon provides geo-localized redirection from your affiliate account to the relevant Amazon product.

Once you configure the universal link, all the existing links will work properly. You can even add Amazon short links and other affiliate links, but always remember that this feature doesn’t work for other third party linking services.

Just like the way Amazon is growing at a faster pace, Amazon OneLink is available across different countries. Yet there are some countries, but hopefully, you will get good news shortly.

Once you go to the Amazon associate program, link through different regional accounts together. Now, don’t worry about the redirecting part.

Amazon redirects the correct local website on its own along with the right sales tracking code, amazing! Isn’t it?

Next comes the question on how to strategize Amazon’s affiliate feature to monetize a handful of money. But more importantly, as a user, you should know, is it profitable to get into such a deal, then the answer is yes!

Universal Amazon Affiliate Link

Amazon OneLink helps you to get traffic from several countries. Now, the choice is yours. You can either set up a customized link or do it all with the help of a third-party plugin. The plugin service will help you to create Amazon affiliate links in a quick time.

We suggest you go for third party plugins, as it will be a profitable deal, and you can save more time. But the down part you may face will be the potential issues, which is avoidable up to some extent.

Amazon OneLink is profitable because of its compatibility. A user will never face issues relating to hijacking or viruses by using the link.

If you stay in the UK and some people in the United States clicks on your affiliate link, they will be automatically redirected. The best part is you can explore new locales and grow your market without geographical boundaries.

So now, as you know, all the benefits you can get from the Amazon affiliate link, the next step is to set up one universal link for your website.

  • Sign up to your Amazon associates account to get access to other locales like Amazon US or Amazon UK
  • Just after you have signed up, log in to your Amazon associate account (country-specific), and click on ‘Tools.’
  • Look for the OneLink option in the drop-down menu, and click it.
  • Choose “click here to link” and start finding your store ID to get the right traffic redirection.
  • Start verifying, and mapping accounts for every locale you desire to shop at and start logging in at the respective accounts.

You are all set to use the Amazon OneLink now! Previously, there was an additional step that has to be followed by every individual. The users were required to copy and integrate the one tag code.

Start linking your accounts appropriately at each step. There is also an optional step that you can follow to map the products.

There is an option called, exact product match preference, through which users will be redirected according to their geographical location. For example, if your visitor is looking for a product, and he/she stays in Canada, the universal link will redirect him to Amazon Canada.

Through this feature by Amazon OneLink, you can increase your monetization by setting up the perfect product match for your user.

Amazon OneLink is now available for the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, and other neighboring countries.

What are a Close Product Match and Exact Product Match in the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Just after you have set up your Amazon OneLink, you have to choose between the above-given choices. The ‘Close Product Match‘ is the default one, and the ‘Exact Product Match‘ is a choice given to you to match up your preferences.

Once you choose the Close Product Match preference, amazon will automatically redirect your international visitors to the user’s local or nearest Amazon storefront; also, if Amazon finds out any exact or similar product on,,,,,, and, will be displayed on the search results page. This situation only occurs when a similar product is absent.

If you want to redirect your visitors to the exact product from the Amazon storefront, choose the Exact Product Match preference. But in this case, Amazon will redirect your visitors to if an exact match is absent.

Hence, we recommend you to choose the close product match if you want to increase your monetization.

After using the Universal Amazon affiliate link for quite a long time, here’s the full-fledged review that will help you get the best out of the tool in the easiest way!

Here are some of the benefits you can get by this tool:

Usability and flexibility: When it comes to using the Amazon affiliate tool, you will never face issues. Because everything is understandable at a go, also, now Amazon affiliate links work will all existing links, and you can even create short links to make your blogs more readable. More importantly, all the links are easy to utilize and reapply after certain intervals.

Easy step-up: There are no significant set rules or steps you have to follow to set up Amazon OneLink. Follow the above-given steps to configure your account correctly and get the best out of it instantly.

What is Amazon OneLink?

Amazon OneLink is a referral program by Amazon, through which website owners can monetize good money by listing Amazon links on their blog posts.

How will I get paid for my redirected traffic?

Every redirected earnings of Amazon OneLink by you will be paid through the basic payment method. You can choose your mode of payment through your locale account settings.

Does OneLink work for all Amazon text links?

After completing the one-time setup, OneLink works efficiently for Amazon text links. You have the option to choose between Amazon’s full links or Amazon short links. However, the shortened links generated by third-party link shorteners are presently not supported by Amazon, and it will not be redirected.

Will Amazon OneLink work with native shopping apps?

Currently, if you are using the Amazon UK account, then the OneLink will work efficiently with other native apps. However, this feature will be available to other countries as well in a shorter period!

How will Amazon OneLink calculate the earnings?

Every redirected earnings of Amazon OneLink will be calculated based on the standard fee table associated with the locale programs.

Final Verdict:

This is undoubtedly one of Amazon’s best steps to boost monetization of many individuals in a single go. The OneLink tool can help the associates choose between direct matches and click on it to get redirected to the right product.

The viewer even receives access to look similar or close matching products, which is absolutely a big thumbs up. Previously, there was lots of confusion while searching for a product through search engines.

The strategies by Amazon OneLink is the best tool for affiliate marketers to reach the top.

In our opinion, if you are an Amazon affiliate programmer or you wish to be, then this tool can do wonderful monetization for you! So, step up, reach out to the rules by Amazon and sign up now!😊

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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