Still on a search for an honest review from a real user? Well, look no more, and read out this review ahead, because we have used this tool for a long, and we truly know where it excels and where is it really worst at!

AI Copywriting industry is making buzz everywhere, it’s literally automating anything and everything, all for GOOD!

However, if you are someone who has not yet explored the power of AI, you are missing out on much. For example, if you are a marketer or a solopreneur, doing all your stuff on your own, you must have been wasting a lot of time. Because the real work lies in strategizing your business, not in doing the boring task – like writing.

And to help with this, the AI industry has got you covered with AI writing tools. These tools are in the market for quite a long time period, back then they did lack a lot (the content generated was not so human-like but more machine-like), and now these tools have excelled a lot.

Having said that, one such AI tool that’s best known for its human-like content generation capabilities is But whether this tool is worth giving a shot or not still remains a question that has to be answered, and we have done it for you in this Creaitor AI review, read it out!

Quick Summary on Review! is an AI-powered writing tool being awarded as the best of Swiss apps back in 2022. The output quality of the tool is really awesome, it offers over 70+ templates to users. The tool recently launched a very unique ChatGPT-like feature – chat. In this review, we have made sure to cover all the latest features of the tool, and stay hooked till the end to find out whether this tool is worth giving a shot or not!

What is | Honest Review review is an AI-driven content-writing tool that helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and website owners create and publish unique, human-like content within minutes. The tool is extremely cost-effective and is power packed with the best templates (approx 30+). And to add to this list, has recently come up with chat, that’s completely similar to ChatGPT but offers even better outputs.

The best part about as compared to other AI writing tools available in the market is – to date over 100,000+ marketers have used it, we being one among them. From ad copies, blog posts, creative stories, company bio, Pinterest descriptions, and GMB event posts, to content paraphrasing, there’s nothing that can’t do (kinda pun intended). But read out this review ahead to explore what really the tool is capable of, and what it can’t do (yes, there are a few downsides).

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Use our verified discount offer and get standard plan for just $29. Features at a Glance | Templates offer various features for overall aspects of content generation. The tool offers templates for blogs, digital ads, social media, youtube, and much much more! Let’s have an in-depth look at features:

Blog writer

For blog writing itself, offers ten templates. As amazing as it sounds, you can not only brainstorm exciting blog titles for your blog but even ask the AI assistant to write amazing outlines for your blog post. To get started, there is a Blog intro template available, followed by Blog Body, Blog Outline, Blog Paragraph, and Blog Paragraph templates.

Moreover, the tool can even come up with informational short summaries for your blog posts. It can write sports reports from scratch and short stories for your social media posts.

And let’s not miss out on the fictional story idea generator! This template can literally help you with amazing stories if you are unsure about where EXACTLY to start.

Digital ads writer

Worried about how to come up with unique words for your digital ads? Well, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a copywriter, because has got you covered with amazing Digital ads templates – almost 9.

If you are someone who wants to step into the Facebook Marketplace, you can generate ad titles and ad text from The tool can even help you with some killer Google ads text and titles – that are both attention-grabbing and converting.

Not just this, can even come up with exciting Bing Ad Text, Pinterest Ad Titles, Yandex Ad text, Snapchat Ad Titles, and Taboola Ad text. Just give the AI writer tool the right input – like product description, creativity type, tone of voice, target audience, and whether you want emojis or not – the tool will instantly share the best outputs (depending on how many output variations you have asked 1-5).

E-commerce templates

Apart from digital ads, handling e-commerce content creation also gets a lot easier with For e-commerce, offers four different templates – Amazon product description, product description, Shopify product description, and product reviews.

With the Amazon product description template, Amazon sellers can grab compelling product descriptions for their products. By the normal product description template, they can come up with more description variations for other marketplaces. And with the product review template, sellers can come up with unique and compelling reviews for their products.

Social media writer

Are you a copywriter writing hundreds and thousands of social media posts for your clients? Well you do have a human brain, and it comes with huge creativity limitations – and here’s where social media writer will come to your help.

For social media, offers 10 templates to users. The first and most important one is the photo post caption writer. The tool will write catchy captions for your photos, you just have to share it and it will give multiple variations. It can even write Pinterest pin titles and Pinterest descriptions for you.

Not just this, getting creative personal bios, LinkedIn bios, and TikTok bios is also a lot easier with To the last, you can even get Facebook captions, Reddit post captions, and Slack text messages through this AI writing tool.

Video content writer

Creating video content from scratch is not an easier task at all. From brainstorming new content ideas, to analyze what’s trending across multiple social media platforms – the struggle is real. But, once again has got you covered with all your video content creation issues with its five unique templates.

The tool can generate engaging, click-worthy YouTube Titles for your YouTube videos. You simply will have to enter the keywords, and the tool will generate multiple title options within seconds. If you are unsure about what topic you must cover in your next video, the tool will even brainstorm new topic ideas for you. It will create unique descriptions for videos to rank higher.

And in addition to all this, with you can create newer script outlines and webinar title ideas from scratch. writer

That was just not it, apart from these many templates option, offers a lot more options, like – headline writing, summary writer, creative story writer, testimonial helping, content rewriter, paraphrase content generator, job description generator, songtext writer, FAQs generator, and much more!

Did we mention that with you can even generate love letters for your beloved ones quickly? Yes, the tool is really so amazing!

How to Use A Step-by-Step Guide!

How Works

Now that you have explored some of the best creaitor AI templates, next comes the usage part. Using for content creation is extremely easy, you simply have to sign up, pick up a plan, and that’s it.

  • Go to the dashboard available on the official website
  • Pick up the right AI assistant (template) for the right content generation
  • Enter the name of your product, or give a short description to what exactly you are expecting from the AI to write
  • Make the most out of the filters available (creativity, tone of voice, target audience, and emojis options)
  • Hit the CREATE button!

The AI, instantly within seconds will generate awesome, plagiarism-free content for you. You will be surprised by the results the way we were because does:

  • Ideation – it will brainstorm quirky ideas for you
  • Creation – it will create any content from scratch for you, all creatively
  • Improvement – it will improve existing content for you, all unique, by keeping the real meaning intact

Quality of outputs

Accessing for content writing and editing is a lot easier, we have seen that above – but what about the outputs? Is the output good enough? Can you upload it straightaway or you will have to make the changes?

The answer is, YES!

  • creates the best attention-grabbing headlines (infact multiple within seconds)
  • Offers best blog outlines, and even creates long-form blogs from scratch
  • Drafts perfect email by adding just clear and concise words that would make the reader read the email till the end
  • Offers SERP beater feature – you will just have to enter a specific keyword and the tool will instantly display the keyword difficulty and the search engine name
  • Offers chat, a ChatGPT-like feature through which users can have conversations with the AI for content generation. Pricing Plans | How to Use for Free? Pricing Plans

Given the number of templates offers to its users, the pricing it comes with is really surprising. It’s high on budget, whether you are a solopreneur looking forward to investing in an AI writing tool that’s budget-friendly, or whether you are an agency owner who wants to generate huge words through AI – is literally for everyone. And the best part is, you don’t really have to use your credit card to sign up, pick up a pricing plan, sign in, pay the amount, and you are all set to go! Basic Plan – $9 per month

  • Generate 100,000 characters per month
  • One user access
  • Content quality – average
  • 70+ AI templates
  • 40+ Languages Standard Plan – $29 per month

  • Generate 300,000 characters per month
  • Two users access
  • Content quality – great
  • 70+ AI templates
  • 40+ Languages
  • Translation form available
  • SEO capabilities included Professional Plan – $59 per month

  • Generate unlimited characters per month
  • Two user access
  • Content quality – best
  • 70+ AI templates
  • 40+ Languages
  • Unlimited translations
  • Access to SERP beater feature

All these pricing plans come with a three-day free trial period. Other than these plans, offers a free plan to its users that offers similar basic plan feature access but comes with extreme limitations – you can only generate 20,000 characters per month.

To be very honest here, paid plans are much better as compared to the free ones, and if you really want to use this tool for your business, you must stick to the premium plans, they offer better value indeed.

Pros and Cons of Review

  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • ChatGPT-like conversational AI feature available
  • 70+ use cases
  • Can create content in multiple languages
  • Beginner-friendly UI/UX
  • In-built SEO feature available
  • 100,000+ satisfied user
  • Doesn’t offers a free forever plan
  • Can sometimes come up with poor outputs, depending on the prompt you have given to the AI

Top FAQs on Review 2024

Who should use is the best AI copywriting tool highly suitable for entrepreneurs, marketers, website owners, and agency owners.

Can I use for free?

Yes, offers a free plan to its users through which they can generate up to 20,000 characters, but it comes with maximum limitations.

What can do for me? can do the content ideation, creation, and improvement part for you. Overall is a Copywriting tool that can generate content for various aspects.

Is good?

Yes, is an excellent AI writing tool being used by over 100,000+ marketers across the globe and is being loved by its users.

What is SERP Beater?

SERP Beater is a unique feature that helps you find the weak points of your competitors so that you can analyze and take advantage from it.

Best Alternatives | Vs. Other AI Writing Tools

Although is one of the best AI copywriting tools, yet you might want to know about some of the alternatives to, they are, Jasper, Writesonic, and Rytr. Let’s discuss about each of these below:

Jasper | Vs. Jasper

Jasper is a very popular generative AI platform for solopreneurs and business owners that generates human-like content 10X faster than ever. The basic plan of Jasper AI starts from $29 per month through which users can generate 100,000 words per month. Some of the best feature the tool offers is Jasper Chat, Surfer SEO integration, Boss Mode, and Chrome extension.

Writesonic | Vs. Writesonic

Writesonic is a popular AI content creaitor tool best known for its SEO optimization capabilities. The tool generates plagiarism-free content within seconds. It offers a free trial to all new users, and the long-form plan is priced at $19 per month. The best features the tool offers are a paraphrasing tool, text expander, article summarizer, AI writer, and landing page generator.

Rytr | Vs. Rytr

Rytr is a popular AI-powered copywriting tool used by over 5,000,000+ writers and marketers across the globe. The tool serves at least 40+ use cases and comes up with the latest features quite often. The basic plan of Rytr is priced at $9 per month, and the unlimited plan is for $29 per month. Review Wrap-up: Is it the Best AI-Powered Writing Tool?

We have been using for a really long time period for all our copywriting stuff and long blog posts via AI, and we personally are quite a lot impressed by the AI templates option the tool offers. With better prompts, any user can get the best output, it’s just all about how good you are at word selection. The more precise your inputs will be, the more promising outputs the tool will offer.

Coming to the pricing plans, all three subscription plans are really affordable to us, from solopreneurs to huge enterprises, there is an option available for everyone. The UI/UX of the tool is intuitive and engaging as well. And when it comes to the ad generation part, the tool literally offers the best words out.

So, what are you waiting for? In this review, we have literally listed out the in-depth features, pricing, pros, and cons of the tool along with its alternatives. Pick the best one, and give your content generation the real, best start!

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