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With PiPiADS, you’ll gain access to:

  • Massive TikTok Ad Library: Explore the most extensive collection of TikTok ads, uncovering what’s trending and converting.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Understand targeting, demographics, ad performance, and more to fine-tune your own campaigns.
  • Viral Product Research: Identify profitable, in-demand products before they saturate the market.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain an insider’s edge in the competitive world of TikTok advertising. Embark on your PiPiADS free trial now and witness the transformative impact it can have on your business.

The PiPiADS free trial offers an opportunity to unlock e-commerce potential and boost sales. By signing up for the free trial, users can experience the difference PiPiADS can make for their business. With the PiPiADS free trial, you can experience the platform’s features and benefits without any commitment.

Without any further delay, let’s kickstart with this article and explore what the PiPiADS free trial has got for you!

PiPiADS Free Trial ➤ 2 Ways to Get Started

At this point, basically, there are 2 different ways through which you can get started with the PiPiADS Free trial, the first one includes getting started with the free plan which will give you access to all the basic features with some limitations. The second option is using the PiPiADS $1 trial (almost free), the users can get complete access to all the features offered by PiPiADS in order to get along with all the key features offered by PiPiADS for 3 days.

Let’s have a bit of a comprehensive overview of these ways to get started with the free trial:

1. Getting Started with PiPiADS Free Plan

The PiPiADS free plan offers access to some of the basic features offered, even though there are some limitations, the free plan is sort of a free trial in itself. The free plan is best suitable for those who are looking forward to getting known with the user interface and the set of features offered by PiPiADS. Here are the steps that could be followed to start your PiPiADS free plan:

  • Visit the PiPiADS website: Go to the PiPiADS official website by clicking here.
PiPiADS Free Trial
  • Sign up: Click on the “Get Started – It’s Free” button on the homepage. You will be directed to a new page where you need to enter your email address, company name (optional), and password. Make sure all the information you enter is correct and click on the “Create My Account” button.
  • Verify your email: Check your inbox for an email from PiPiADS to verify your account. Click on the activation link provided in the email to complete the registration process.
PiPiADS dashboard
  • Access the dashboard: Once your account is verified, you will be redirected to the PiPiADS dashboard. From here, you can start exploring the features offered in the free plan, such as winning products, ads library, and TikTok ad samples.

Please note that the free plan comes with some limitations, such as not being able to see ad details, country, CTA button, e-commerce platform, and no customer support. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan to access more features and benefits.

2. PiPiADS $1 Trial: Steps to Get Started

PiPiADS is a powerful TikTok ads spy tool that helps users discover winning products, access a vast ads library, and learn from successful advertisers. The platform offers a $1 trial for 3 days, allowing users to explore premium features before committing to a paid plan.

To start the PiPiADS $1 trial, follow these steps:

  • Visit the PiPiADS website: Go to the PiPiADS official website by clicking here.
  • Sign up: Click on the “Get Started – It’s Free” button on the homepage. You will be directed to a new page where you need to enter your email address, company name (optional), and password. Make sure all the information you enter is correct and click on the “Create My Account” button.
  • Verify your email: Check your inbox for an email from PiPiADS to verify your account. Click on the activation link provided in the email to complete the registration process.
PiPiADS $1 Trial
  • Upgrade to the $1 trial: Once your account is verified, log in to your PiPiADS dashboard. Go to the pricing plan section and select the $1 trial option for either the Starter or VIP plan. This trial will give you access to premium features such as search ad queries, ad details per day, product details per day, advertiser per query, and looking for advertiser details per day.
  • Explore premium features: During the 3-day trial period, you can explore all the premium features offered by PiPiADS, helping you make an informed decision about whether to continue with a paid plan or not.

Please note that after the trial period, you will need to choose a paid plan to continue accessing the premium features.

PiPiADS Free Trial: Features

PiPiADS Free Tools

No doubt that PiPiADS is indeed an excellent tool to look forward to, whether it is product research, advertiser analysis, or any other type of ad analysis, PiPiADS has it all. Since, PiPiADS does have a free trial/ free plan available, getting along with it will give you access to some of the basic features offered, even though the features are pretty much limited, but can be of great use for dropshippers. Some of the key features offered under the PiPiADS free trial include:

  • Advertiser Analysis: Gain insights into your competitors’ advertising strategies, helping you make informed decisions for your own advertising campaigns.
  • TikTok Ads and Product Search: Discover high-performing competitor ads and winning products to improve your marketing efforts.
  • Create your Collection: Organize and save your favorite ads and products for easy access and future reference.
  • Spying Ads: Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring their ad campaigns and learning from their successes and failures.

PiPiADS Features

The features that were mentioned above were offered in the free trial/free plan, but what if you seek to get started with one of the paid plans offered by PiPiADS? Well, here are some of the PiPiADS key features that can help you upscale your business operations by running an in-depth analysis of your dropshipping and marketing competitors.

Advertiser Analysis

PiPiADs Advertiser Analysis

PiPiADS provides a comprehensive analysis of advertisers’ campaigns, helping you understand their targeting, creatives, and overall strategies. This information can be invaluable in optimizing your own campaigns and staying ahead of the competition.

The advertiser analysis offers a set of features and advanced filters including the categories (all, ecommerce, games, app, and website), basic (country/region, ecom platform, and ads), data (ad impressions, likes, popularity, and days), and period (nearly 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days).

TikTok Ads and Product Search - Pipiads

With PiPiADS, you can search for high-performing TikTok ads and winning products across various niches. This feature helps you identify trends and opportunities to boost your marketing efforts. Well, the filters offered are pretty much similar to what was offered in the advertiser analysis above, but users can look forward to some of the additional filters (useful for the target audience) to search across the huge database of TikTok ads using ad keywords, ad text, advertiser name, and links.

Create Your Own Collection

Own Collection Feature - PiPiADS

PiPiADS allows you to create custom collections of ads and products, making it easy to organize and access your favorite content. This feature helps streamline your research and planning processes. The collection creation includes different folders to create the collection based on ad collection, advertiser collection, product research, TikTok Shop Product, and TikTok Shop Store.

Spying Competitors’ Ads

Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring their ads campaign on TikTok. PiPiADS provides insights into their strategies, allowing you to learn from their successes and failures and improve your own campaigns. All of the above-mentioned parameters and features can be used to run good in-depth research on your competitors.

Using PPSPY Chrome Extension

PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

The PPSPY Chrome extension is completely free to use, the PPSPY Chrome extension gives a complete analysis across different parameters including live sales, best-selling products, recently added products, theme used, and much more. PPSPY has also recently started its own web-based platform which offers even better features for Shopify store analysis, the PPSPY paid plans start at a cost of $19.9/month.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiAds Pricing

PiPiADS offers 4 pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets:

PiPiADS Starter Plan

The PiPiADS Starter plan costs around $77/month and can be started at the lowest cost of $44/month if opted for the annual subscription with the exclusive PiPiADS coupon code “BLOGE20”. This plan is designed for beginners and offers basic features, such as access to the TikTok Ads Library and Winning Products. It is an affordable option for those just starting out in the world of TikTok advertising.


The PiPiADS VIP Plan is available at a cost of $155/month and for $116/month if opted for the annual plan, on the other hand, users can get this at an additional 20% discount using the coupon code. The VIP plan provides more advanced features, including Advertiser Analysis and the ability to create custom collections. This plan is suitable for more experienced marketers who require deeper insights and customization options.


The PiPiADS Pro Plan costs $236/month and can be for $181/month if opted for annual plan. The PRO plan offers the most comprehensive set of features, catering to professionals and agencies. It includes all the features of the VIP plan, along with additional tools and resources for advanced users.

Enterprise Plan

Users can also look forward to the enterprise plan if the features offered in the above plans do not align well with their requirements. The price of this plan is not mentioned in this plan, but you can get along with the plan details by contacting the PiPiADS sales and support team. The Enterprise is best suitable for businesses and companies that have more usage of the features offered by PiPiADS in other plans.

PiPiADS Logo

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FAQs on PiPiADS Free Trial

How long is the PiPiADS free trial?

The PiPiADS free trial lasts for an unlimited duration if opted with the free plan whereas if opted for the $1 trial, it will last for a duration of 3 days, the free plan can be accessed without providing credit card details.

What features are included in the PiPiADS free trial?

The free trial includes access to the Ads Library, Winning Products, Product Research, and TikTok Ad Search, among other features

Is credit card information required for the PiPiADS free trial?

No, you do not need to provide credit card information to access the PiPiADS free trial.

What are the pricing plans for PiPiADS after the free trial?

After the free trial, PiPiADS offers three subscription plans: Starter at $77/month, VIP at $155/month, and PRO at $263/month. It is worth mentioning that PiPiADS $1 trial is available on VIP and Starter Plans only.

How can I sign up for the PiPiADS free trial?

You can sign up for the PiPiADS free trial by visiting their website and following the registration process.

Final Verdict on PiPiADS Free Trial

So far, we have considered both of the ways using which you can try PiPiADS without giving any financial commitment. Where one way gives access to the basic features for no cost involved, and the other one is the $1 trial (almost free) which gives access to all the features offered by PiPiADS for a time period of 3 days.

The PiPiADS free trial is indeed a game-changer for dropshippers and online marketers using TikTok ads. With its extensive database of ads and powerful features, it enables you to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions for your business. The free trial is an excellent opportunity to experience the benefits of PiPiADS without any financial commitment involved.

With access to winning dropshipping products, advanced search filter options, and real-time monitoring, you’ll be equipped with the tools and insights needed to succeed in your dropshipping operations.

Sign up for the PiPiADS free trial and start transforming your dropshipping and online marketing strategies today.

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