Ecomhunt Review 2022 | Find winning products? (Ecomhunt Coupons & Promo Codes)

Are you looking for an Ecomhunt review? Don’t worry, I have got you covered.

I know searching for an excellent dropshipping product spy tool can be a hectic task in itself. But that’s just the beginning; how to maximize profit and unlock those potential profits in your dropshipping business?

Or should I say how to be better than most dropshippers that fail to make their business a profitable one?

Maybe I can help you with that! You might be familiar with the process of extensive research to find the hot products best for your dropshipping business. Still, these research hours can be minimized while maximizing your profits. I’ll also provide you with some of the best offers and Ecomhunt promo codes for getting a premium subscription for Ecomhunt at a comparatively lower price.

Since you are now into dropshipping, what’s next? How are the top-notch players in dropshipping business gaining better profits than you? What’s the secret?

In simple words, its finding that perfect product with high demand and low competition, which is all a part of good product research. In this article, I’ll be discussing which ecommerce tools are used by them and what makes them gain better profits?

Ecomhunt is one of the platforms that dropshippers have been using to get better results for their business. It can help beginners get along with hot selling products, niches and even have the data for the right audience with the help of Facebook targeting (covered later what it is).

But before we dive deeper into the features offered and how to maximize your profits using Ecomhunt, let’s take a quick look at what is Ecomhunt?

Detailed Ecomhunt Review 2022

Ecomhunt Review

For those who are not fully aware of what is Ecomhunt, Let me give you a quick review to clear your doubts.

Ecomhunt is a tool that helps you get best-selling niche products that might be a bit hectic while doing that hour-long of researches. Ecomhunt lets you explore the best-selling products available from many sellers and suppliers across different ecom sites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, AliExpress, etc.

If you are new to dropshipping, Ecomhunt can be an innovative tool for you. The tool has excellent features and tools that can help you expand and explore them in depth areas of dropshipping.

As I mentioned above, Ecomhunt can be very helpful to beginners; it can also be helpful to professional dropshippers.

The features of Ecomhunt and the extensive set of tools can help you better analyze the products, audience and much more. We will be discussing this ‘much more’ part in a while.

Getting along with in-depth Ecomhunt review

After having a quick overview of what is Ecomhunt? It offers a great set of features that can help you maximize the profits and minimize your product research part at the same time. Let’s dig into what makes Ecomhunt a tremendous dropshipping tool overall.

Ecomhunt Reviews

Exclusive Ecomhunt Coupon Code 2022 (💯 Working)

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How to Use Ecomhunt Coupons?

You can utilize the Ecomhunt coupon and offers by registering on the website with your name and email address. You can decide whether you want to go for a free version or the pro version.

Going for the pro version is best for the users as they can have access to unlimited features of finding hot products. And if you are not satisfied with the services, then you will get your money back within 30 days.

Ecomhunt Features at a Glance

🎯Facebook Targeting

Getting the right audience for your product can be an arduous task, as you need to get along with the best suitable audience for your product. As a beginner creating the right audience for your dropshipping can be challenging; getting along ad campaigns and targeting the correct audience can take a lot of time.

Facebook targeting can be counted as one of the key features that can maximize your profits; targeting the potential audience with the help of Facebook ads can help you in the long term. The Facebook targeting lets you get along with information like:

  • Age group and gender: The age group and gender suitable for the product while getting along an ad campaign.
  • Country and audience size: For example, if you are searching for a product like a leather handbag, it will show an overview of the country, gender and even the audience size for an ad campaign over that product. Overall, a complete overview of product and ad campaign stats.

As mentioned above, the campaign part may not be needed for professionals, but this will be a total kick starter as a beginner.

🔎Saturation Inspector with Cost & Profit Analysis

Saturation Inspector

The cost and profit analysis really impressed me; while searching for that perfect product for you, the money metrics can help you a lot, the cost and profit analysis helps you by recommending the selling cost, with addition to the product cost and the margin cost (profits, right!!) Whereas the saturation inspector will give you an overview of the number of shops/sellers are selling these products. ( Total stores selling that product)

🏅In-Depth Product Analysis

This really amazed me a lot as it was an in-depth analysis with an adequate amount of product description; while looking at the product analysis, Ecomhunt offered information such as:

  • Profits: The Profits section gave quite some vital information such as:
  • Profit Margin (For example, the profit margin is $30)
  • CPA (As an example, it is around $4-5)
  • Net (The net will be around $25-26)


Product analytics can help you in many ways as you’ll be given a better overview of the product in terms of:

  • Source: The source of the product, like whether the product is from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.
  • Orders: Gives you an overview of the total number of orders on that specific product.
  • And other information such as Product Reviews, Votes and Rating (All covered in terms of information)


The engagement of the product lets you take a deeper view on your product, the engagement lets you know about how your product is performing over FB Ad campaigns as well as other information such as:

Ecomhunt Engagement
  • Likes, Comments, Shares and the Reaction: The perfect overview of how the product performs over a social network (Facebook Ad Campaigns).
  • Links: The links show the stores or platforms across which the product is available; it might show you links such as Aliexpress, eBay, Shopify, Amazon and even the Facebook Ads link. For example, you click on the Facebook Ads link, and it will show you all about the engagement, such as likes, comments, shares, etc. Pretty Impressive, right?

🥇Using Instagram Influencers

This might be helpful for those who look after getting a better organic reach and building customer relationships through their product; if you are someone who looks over Instagram marketing as a way to reach more, this feature will be helping you in a number of ways. You can access a whole list of Instagram influencers that can help you get better engagement across Instagram.

🚀AliExpress Integration

Ecomhunt AliExpress Integration

The integration with AliExpress makes this platform even more trustworthy as you can view the reviews related to the product delivered. The product delivering platform and reviews available on a single screen make the experience for the user much more accessible.

🌌Explore Your Niche

The feature enables you to deliver more products in the same niche that you might be dealing with. This gives you a better chance of exploration along with specific product and their niche. Basically, you will get along with the term more like this, which will make you explore more similar hot selling products in that niche.

As an honest opinion, these features will help you make a more strategic review on how you should be doing the dropshipping; the features mentioned above can be beneficial for a beginner who is new to the dropshipping business.

Should you use Ecomhunt for finding top-winning products in your niche?

Ecomhunt can be a great asset (tool) if you are into dropshipping business, even though most of the popular marketer’s reviewer’s advice is that Ecomhunt is a great way to start a dropshipping business for beginners dropshippers.

Ecomhunt Free Trial

The Ecomhunt webinars and tutorials will enable you to make an excellent deal for beginners and intermediates as well. Still, as per my perspective, even a professional Marketer can better understand drop-shipping and hot products (best selling products) scrapped by Ecomhunt.

Is Ecomhunt free?

Now, after looking at all are the key features offered by Ecomhunt, let’s discuss what all are plan offered by them, even though they offer 2 pricing plans which are as follow:


Ecomhunt Free Trial – How does it works?

Ecomhunt offers a free plan that gives you access to almost all the essential features but within some limitations. If you are someone who has come to Ecomhunt as a beginner, the free plan will give you an overview of all the essential features. Let’s take what does this Free Plan offers:

  • 5 Saved products (As I mentioned above, saving products for future reference)
  • Limited Data Available.
  • You can only search 2 products per day.
  • You cannot access the community.
  • Can’t access new product instantly, (3- days delay)

Pro Plan by Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt Pro Plan offers other additional features that might not be accessible through the ecomhunt free plan. Now let’s take a look at all are the features offered in the Pro Plan Unlimited products and searches a day.

  • Pro Plan offers complete access to Ecomhunt.
  • Unlimited product search a day.

Pro plans offer no delay while looking after the hot products around the trend, which means that you can access all the hot products across the platform on the same day when they are listed, without any delay. Sounds great to me!!

Ecomhunt university, A university for dropshippers

I’ll say a couple of words here as this feature or the access to the Ecomhunt university/community is of great use to all the dropshippers, whether you are a beginner or a professional one. This should be considered an excellent positive feature as you can have access to their webinars and tutorials.

Suppose you are new to the field of dropshipping and do not know how dropshipping works; these webinars and tutorials can be beneficial to you. In that case, these webinars and tutorials can be an excellent way of knowing how dropshipping works.

Ecomhunt Top Tools for Dropshippers (Goldmine)

A quick look around Ecomhunt top tools for dropshippers.

As an ecommerce product research tool, Ecomhunt offers some great features that make it quite a player overall in dropshipping business.

Let’s take a look at all are the tools offered by Ecomhunt over their header (drop menu):

  • Ecomhunt Tracking

Tracking the right e-commerce product can be a task in itself; this feature lets you compare the profitable product with its competitors in the same category. It can be constructive in looking for trends or identifying gaps in the market. Overall, a great feature to make better strategies.

Ecomhunt Tracking
  • Ecomhunt Adam

An AliExpress powered bot, and this bot lets you get along with the best products available across AliExpress. Not just an ordinary bot, but a smart one !!

  • Ecomhunt Lucky

I personally call this feature the “lucky one.” Ecomhunt evaluates each profile thoroughly and helps you find the optimal options for your niche. Kind of a lucky draw to find the best products suitable for you under a particular niche, but in a more organized way with the help of analytics. We can call it a lucky draw but with detailed analysis.

  • Ecomhunt Live

Ecomhunt live refers to the new products that are mentioned in their hot products and are updated manually on a daily basis; Ecomhunt Live allows access to thousands of products and get along with what’s trending in the market, the products mentioned here are updated with the help of their award-winning product finder.

  • Ecomhunt Extension

With the EcomHunt chrome extension, you can find what your competitors are up to and all this on a single click sounds like a time-saving task to me. This extension is all made for the Adhunter tool mentioned above. I guess you remember it?

The Ecomhunt Chrome extension enables you to get an overview of your rivals and their Facebook Ads with a single click to make better strategies resulting in maximized profits.

  • Ecomhunt Classic

The Ecomhunt Classic helps find the right type of product for you with the help of their award-winning product finders. Their traditional way of searching for the best products is by Ecomhunt.

Additional Kiick-ass Features of Ecomhunt

Some additional Ecomhunt features grabbed my attention.

1. Ecomhunt Winners Club

Ecomhunt Winners Club

Seriously won’t this be great if someone cheers for you? Praises your efforts and hard work; this is something Ecomhunt believes in. Winners Club by Ecomhunt completely praises your efforts and the hard work you have done over their platform.

Even when you land on the Winners Club page, it states, ” Winners Club celebrates your hard work and personal achievements with your store,” which looks like a confidence booster.

2. Shopify apps by Ecomhunt

Shopify apps by Ecomhunt

These are the apps offered across the Ecomhunt platform for Shopify that can help you get higher conversion rates and unlock potential profits. These apps are Hurrify, Smar7 Bundle Upsell, Hopify and much more. If you are dropshipping through Shopify, these tools can benefit you, both as a beginner and a professional.

3. 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee by Ecomhunt

Although they offer a free plan so that you can get along with the interface and features offered by them, the features in the Pro Plan are just unique. Unlimited searches, EcomHunt Chrome Extension, and full access to the community make it an excellent choice overall. While searching for product research tools like Ecomhunt, I was able to find only a handful of tools that too with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

Just by any chance, which is pretty thin, if you don’t like the features and tools offered by Ecomhunts Pro Plan and are not satisfied by what they offer. Just contact them, and you will be provided a full refund.

4. Jack Kaching Your 1on1 Maestro

As an honest opinion, this one was missing in almost every product research tool, as they might be offering some customer support, but this involves calling their customer care associate or sometimes even manager, but not in Ecomhunt, Jack Kaching is a free 1on1 expert, solving all the issues that we might be dealing with.

Jack is just a click away and can even help you find profitable products, and by this, I mean solving your queries on the go. Ecomhunt offers this 1on1 maestro for getting along with any issue, whether its Targeting, Scaling, testing or even store reviews; Jack got you covered!!

You only need two things to get along with Jack if you have any queries:

The first one is the Facebook account, as it works over Facebook messenger, and another one is your query itself which Jack will be assisting you with.

5. Ecomhunt Blogs for Learning

Ecomhunt Blogs for Learning

If you are new to dropshipping, these blogs will help you learn about almost everything you need to learn about dropshipping. Ecomhunt Blogs cover topics such as social media advertising, Shopify ads and dropshipping to give you a clear understanding of whether or not these are effective in your business.

You will even get tips on improving your Facebook ads. In addition to this, you can also learn different strategies and keys to running a successful dropshipping business. As you study them, you will know what might work well for your dropshipping business.

So these blogs will be functioning as a kind of EXPLORE AND EXPAND tool to make you a top-notch drop shipper.

Ecomhunt v2.0 (Whats their in the new version)

The Latest Ecomhunt updated version includes:

Ecomhunt Coupon
Classifications of quick search and related products.
Don’t miss any product with their filtering and cataloging system.
Free + Shipping, Retail price, funnels are new products.
Saving favorite products for later.
Every product gets AliExpress actual reviews section.
Product comments

Ecomhunt Pros & Cons

  • Facebook Ad in-depth knowledge.
  • Access to fast-selling and trending products.
  • Find hot niche-based products.
  • Facebook AdHunter to spy on your rival’s ads.
  • Useful tutorials for all newbies and professionals.
  • Free subscription has minimal features.

Ecomhunt Facebook Group

Ecomhunt Facebook Group
Ecomhunt Facebook Videos

🌟 FAQ related to Ecomhunt

🤔What services does Ecomhunt provide?

The best part about Ecomhunt is that it updates its new products daily. The product data, which is listed by Ecomhunt, includes Facebook Targeting, Profit, Analytics, Facebook Ads, Product Video, Engagement, Links, and Offer type. Ecomhunt also provides live training to their clients in order to increase their sales.

🌐In which Ecommerce Market can I use Ecomhunt products?

One can use Ecomhunt products in the various ecommerce market, including eBay, Amazon, etc. One can also use their store using Shopify or Woocommerce.

How often is the Ecomhunt products list updated?

Ecomhunt updates their products list on a daily basis. Every day, they add several products that depend on the quality of the products available on the ecommerce market.

💥Can I save the products for easy reference later?

Yes, Ecomhunt allows you to save and store your favorite products so that you can use that product later.

💲How do you pay on Ecomhunt?

After using Ecomhunt, I came across the point where the payment transactions are performed; now, Ecomhunt does not support credit card payment. So if you don’t have PayPal as your payment method, you might have to wait for a while. As per their official website, it shows that they will be accepting credit cards soon. So, credit card users might have to wait for a bit.

🔎Is Ecomhunt worth the hype?

Overall, as per my experience, I will say that Ecomhunt is an affordable tool for dropshipping businesses, as they offer great features and in-depth analytics of the best-selling products selected by their Product Finder. If you are a beginner, ecomhunt offers a free trial to get along with its product research, analytics, and interface even though the pro plan as per the Ecomhunt cost won’t be a lot compared to the features and tools offered by it.

🔥What are the Ecomhunt alternatives for dropshippers?

In my personal experience, there were not a lot of product research tools that came somewhere around the features and tools offered by Ecomhunt. Still, another ecomhunt alternative that came close to this rock-solid tool is Dropship spy and FindNiche (more specialized in Facebook ad campaigns and in-depth data for ad campaigns).

🙄What is a low visit on Ecomhunt?

The products on Ecomhunt offer metrics for products such as Low Visits, Google trend, Aliexpress interest and margin score. The low visits show how much sellers visited the product, and if the low visit bar is green, this means that a lot of sellers did not visit the product; this indicator can be very helpful while looking for a product with high demand, i.e.,, hot products on Ecomhunt.

🥈Ecomhunt cancels the subscription; should I go for it?

As per my personal experience, you can opt for canceling the subscription, but as per my experience, the features and tools offered by Ecomhunt are worth the money, and the in-depth product research can be beneficial in your dropshipping business. Even though after all the features and tools offered by ecom hunt, if you are still not satisfied by the ecomhunt pro plan, you can contact the company as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Top Videos of Ecomhunt from Social Media

Conclusion: Ecomhunt Review with Discount Coupon 2022: Should you buy?

After looking at all the features, tools, pricing plans and even their 1on1 expert Jack, it can be said that Ecomhunt can really be helpful to you; even if you are new to the dropshipping business, the Ecomhunt is going to be your helping hand.

Most of the new dropshippers go with the wrong product; all credit goes to not having proper knowledge about the dropshipping business and not being able to perform long, extensive researches for finding that perfect dropshipping product for your business.

Ecomhunt has reduced this gap of understanding what dropshipping consists of and working as the perfect tool for finding you amazing products. The blogs, webinars and tutorials are pretty helpful for you if you are new to the dropshipping business, but as per my perspective, you should take a look at these blogs and tutorials even if you are an intermediate or a professional; you never know what you might learn from these blogs.

As per my personal experience, you should never stop exploring in any aspect, and Ecomhunt can be a great product research tool as well as an excellent platform to learn more about dropshipping; there’s just one thing you need to do and its getting their Pro Plan, which is worth the money, but even if after using the trial version, and later pro plan doesn’t satisfy you, you can go Ecomhunt money-back guarantee.

Looks like a Win-Win to me!!

9.6Expert Score
Highly Recommended
EcomHunt is the best tool available to help you hunt hot and profitable products that give high conversion in sales. With Ecomhunt, one can easily discover winning products for selling on their online store. This tool also helps you find trending products on AliExpress. Get started with Ecomhunt for free today and scale your revenue to the next level.🚀
  • It offers Facebook targeting to all its users.
  • ​AliExpress history sales.
  • Trusted by various ecommerce owners.
  • It provides excellent customer support.
  • It offers Chrome Extension.
  • Daily products provided by ecomhunt should be increased.
  • Free membership is available with limited features.
Ecomhunt – Find Winning Products!!
Stop wasting time hunting for new products and say hello to Ecomhunt. Get started for free today.
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