[Infographic] Top 10 reasons for poor conversion rate & How to fix them

Affiliate Marketing is a huge industry and has a huge potential. Every day huge number of people join affiliate marketing to make a fortune by being a successful affiliate marketer. However, not all of them succeed.

Thousands of bloggers/affiliate marketers step into affiliate marketing daily but all does not get success because of poor marketing strategy, lack of knowledge, lack of right approach and lack of proper conversion techniques.

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Success in affiliate marketing depends on several factors like lack of knowledge, proper research, low budget & most importantly failing to take action. The fastest way to get started with affiliate marketing is to drive paid traffic to the offers.

Driving paid Traffic to your landing page:

Affiliates marketers or internet marketers generally drive the paid traffic directly to the offer page or through a pre-lander/landing page. Direct linking works sometimes, but it is landing page which is the winner most of the time.

The sole aim of landing page is to convert visitors into lead/sale and increase conversion rates. Landing page acts as a buffer site and an affiliate can convey a strong message through the landing page to the visitors and persuade them to take desired actions.

At the end of the day all that matters is the amount of conversions & profit the affiliate is making.

Not every campaign performs the same way and very few campaigns are profitable from the beginning. Generally, campaigns start with a loss and with proper optimization it can be broken through and make profitable. The best way to achieve better conversion rate is by using well-optimized and converting landing pages. However, that is not an easy task, especially for newbies. One must first need to know the reasons for poor conversion rate before optimizing the landing page.

Some of the common reasons for poor conversion rates are landing page design, headlines, content of the landing page, CTA button size, CTA button text, CTA button position, color contrast on the landing page and more importantly A/B testing.

A/B is very important in optimizing any campaign and an affiliate must test different variations of landing and test multiple offers. Split testing multiple landing pages along with multiple offers, allows achieving best landing page and offer combination, which yields better conversion rate.

Affiliate Ninja Club has described the top 10 reasons for poor conversion rates & how to fix them in this infographic. The points described in this infographic are:

  • Landing page design
  • Landing page headline
  • Landing page content length
  • Landing page images
  • Call to Action (CTA) mistakes
  • Landing page persuasiveness
  • Landing page trust factors
  • Landing page colors
  • Landing page lead forms
  • Landing page A/B testing

poor conversion rate readons

These were the top 10 reasons and tips why affiliates fail to get proper conversion for their campaigns. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting a product with better strategy as you have to convert a visitor into customer. Soon we will be coming with more tips & In-depth tutorials for guiding affiliate marketing to beginners.

Do share this infographic with your friends on social networks and if you have any questions related to this infographic, Shoot in comment section below. till then stay blessed and wish you good luck in affiliate marketing.

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