Welcome to this in-depth Adplexity review, in this review, I’ll be covering every important aspect that might help you in making the right decision on whether Adplexity is going to be the right choice in your ads spying operations or not.

Consider this as, Adplexity is the ultimate ad-spying Swiss army knife, giving digital marketers x-ray vision into their competitors’ profit-driving campaigns. This power-packed platform reveals real-time intelligence on over 100 ad networks, uncovering the ads, landers, and creatives that are crushing it across multiple verticals and traffic sources.

With its unmatched performance tracking, Adplexity serves up granular analytics on engagement rates, conversions, device splits, and more. You’ll gain instant access to a goldmine of actionable data to replicate winning formulas. The tool’s robust but intuitive interface makes both newbies and experts feel right at home.

I’ll highlight Adplexity’s standout features for discovering profitable niches, surveilling the competition, and building high-converting campaigns. From banner ad monitoring to landing page downloads and beyond, Adplexity leaves no profitable stone unturned. Let’s dig into this game-changing platform.

👀 A Quick Glance Over Adplexity

  • Global Campaign Coverage: Observes active campaigns in over 80 countries.
  • Landing Page Downloads: Allows downloading of each landing page.
  • Affiliate Network Insights: Locates advertisements from 100+ affiliate networks.
  • Multi-platform Tools: Offers tools like AdPlexity Mobile, Desktop, and Push for comprehensive competitor analysis.
  • Multi-device Support: Supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.
  • Popup Tracking: Tracks pop-up ads for detailed insights.
  • Banner Ads Monitoring: Monitors banner ads across various platforms.
  • Network Analyzer: Provides insights into network performance and trends.
  • Unique Search Features: Offers advanced search features for precise campaign analysis.
  • International Database: Provides access to an international database in multiple languages.
  • Device Type Analytics: Provides granular analytics on device splits.
  • Traffic Type Coverage: Covers 5 main traffic types: Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, and Adult.
  • Ecommerce Marketing: Covers all bases in eCommerce marketing with its AdPlexity Ecommerce tool.
  • Carrier Insights: AdPlexity Carriers helps see the full conversion flow of offers.
  • Competitor Ad Copying: Allows you to view, study, and copy your competitors’ ads.
  • Search for Banners/Prelanders: Enables search for banners and prelanders.
  • Trend Analysis: Provides the trend of the ad for the chosen time period.
  • Publisher Analysis: Provides insights into publishers and their placements.
  • Traffic Source Analysis: Provides insights into traffic sources by both duration and volumes.

Now that you have a bit of an idea of what Adplexity is? Let’s now take a deeper dive into this Adpleixty to get a complete picture of this overpowered ad intelligence tool.

Let’s get this Adplexity Review Started! 🥳

Adplexity Review 2024 | My Experience with this Ad Intelligence Powerhouse

Adplexity Review

Adplexity is a powerful ad spying tool that provides digital marketers with a competitive edge. This comprehensive platform offers real-time insights into global ad campaigns, revealing the strategies that drive profitability. With Adplexity, you can monitor campaigns in over 80 countries, download landing pages, and gain insights from over 100 affiliate networks.

Adplexity provides detailed analytics on advertising trends, targeted services, traffic sources, and publishers. The tool’s advanced search features and multi-platform support make it a versatile solution for marketers.

Well, Adplexity has to offer a whole bunch of tools that are categorized based on the different platforms or aspects that they work upon. This basically includes:

  • Adplexity Mobile
  • Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Native
  • Adplexity Push
  • Adplexity Adult
  • Adplexity Enterprise

🙋‍♂️ Believe it or Not? Adplexity has changed the ad spying experience for 1000s of marketers globally!

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1. Adplexity Mobile

Adplexity Mobile

Adplexity Mobile empowers affiliates with real-time visibility into the most lucrative mobile advertising campaigns. Its unmatched intelligence reveals all tracking tools and affiliate networks utilized in campaigns, enabling swift replication of winning formulas. The platform detects hidden campaigns running exclusively on 120+ mobile carriers for niche discovery.

With just one click, users can download full landing page assets to effortlessly rebuild high-converting pages. Adplexity Mobile sheds light on the most profitable mobile popups and in-app ads at scale, uncovering advertiser spending power across sources. Using these mobile advertising insights, affiliates can dominate new verticals in a streamlined fashion.

Insights Available on Adplexity Mobile

Adplexity Mobile Filters Available

As you can see in the image shown above, Adplexity Mobile offers a whole set of parameters including Publishers by Duration, Publishers by Volume, Publisher Placement IDs by Duration, and Publisher Placement IDs by Volume.

Ad Trends in Adplexity

In addition to all the key aspects mentioned above, you can also check out the Ad trend which will play quite an important role in analyzing a certain ad to the next extent. Basically, both of the images shown above give a complete analysis of the data that can extracted from a certain Ad running.

The basic yet important key parameters include Popup, ad copy, ad text, the country where the ad is targeted, the connection being targeted along with the top landing pages from a certain advertiser or maybe the top performing landing pages in a certain area.

Adplexity Mobile Pricing

AdPlexity Mobile is specifically designed for mobile advertising intelligence, priced at $199 per month per user. This subscription includes access to data from popup ads across five networks, Android In-App ads data from five networks, and mobile display web ads data from 15 exchanges.

The platform also offers a user-friendly interface, enabling users to download all landing pages with a single click. Additionally, users receive chat and email support for any queries or issues. For those seeking a more cost-effective option, an annual subscription offers a 17% discount, effectively giving two months FREE.

2. Adplexity Desktop

Adplexity Desktop

AdPlexity Desktop is an excellent ad intelligence tool for desktop advertising, offering a suite of features that cater to the needs of affiliate marketers seeking to gain an edge in the digital landscape. With AdPlexity Desktop, users can effortlessly spy on ad campaigns across more than 75 countries, tapping into a wealth of profitable desktop popup traffic sources. The platform delivers real-time insights on desktop ad exchanges, streamlining the process of identifying successful strategies and trends.

Moreover, AdPlexity Desktop simplifies the discovery of affiliate offers, enabling users to pinpoint ads from 100 affiliate networks with just a click. The tool’s diverse filter options enhance search capabilities, allowing for targeted queries by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network.

Additionally, users benefit from the convenience of downloading complete landing pages in .zip format directly from the interface, ensuring they have all the necessary components to replicate and innovate on successful campaigns. This powerful combination of features makes AdPlexity Desktop an indispensable resource for marketers aiming to excel in the competitive world of desktop advertising.

Adplexity Desktop Pricing

Adplexity Desktop is competitively priced at $199 per month per user. This subscription provides access to popup ads data from 4 networks and desktop display ads data from 15 exchanges, covering all major browsers.

For this fee, users also get a powerful yet easy-to-use interface that enables one-click landing page downloads and chat/email support. Those seeking savings can purchase an annual subscription for a 17% discount, effectively getting 2 months free. 

3. Adplexity Native

Adplexity Native

AdPlexity Native is an indispensable tool for marketers looking to harness the power of native advertising. It provides a comprehensive view of the affiliate networks and tracking tools used in successful campaigns, allowing for strategic planning and execution. 

With AdPlexity Native, you can effortlessly identify outgoing URLs to determine which offers are being promoted on specific landing pages. The platform enables you to uncover all campaigns run by both affiliates and advertisers, offering a panoramic view of the native advertising landscape.

One of the standout features of AdPlexity Native is the ability to download complete landing pages, streamlining the process of campaign replication and testing. Additionally, the tool specializes in dissecting the 7 most powerful native ad traffic sources, giving users a competitive advantage by revealing where the most profitable campaigns are running.

Adplexity Native Pricing

AdPlexity Native offers a comprehensive solution for native advertising analysis at a default monthly rate of $249. However, with the use of discount codes like “BLOGGINGECLIPSE_N”, users can access this powerful tool for only $169 per month, unlocking significant savings of $80 each month.

The Adplexity Native pricing plan includes real-time insights from 7 major native ad traffic sources and the ability to download landing pages directly. For those looking for even greater value, an annual subscription provides a 17% discount, effectively granting two months of service free of charge. AdPlexity Native’s pricing is structured to provide both affordability and value, ensuring marketers have the necessary tools to effectively monitor and analyze native ad campaigns.

4. Adplexity Push

Adplexity Push

AdPlexity Push stands out as an unparalleled tool for gaining competitive intelligence on push traffic campaigns across 82+ countries. It illuminates the most profitable hidden campaigns running exclusively on 90+ mobile carriers, enabling swift replication by affiliates. With just one click, users can uncover ads promoting offers from 100+ affiliate networks to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

AdPlexity Push simplifies push traffic source analysis by detecting winning creatives across 10+ high-volume networks. Its robust dataset and powerful search filters give affiliates the upper hand, whether spying on rivals or discovering lucrative verticals and geo-targets. By leveraging these push traffic insights, marketers can pursue global domination with their campaigns.

AdPlexity Push Pricing

AdPlexity Native offers a robust suite of tools for native advertising analysis at a competitive price. The standard monthly rate is $149 per user, providing access to data from 10+ networks, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to download all landing pages with a single click.

For those seeking a more cost-effective option, an annual subscription is available, offering a 17% discount and effectively providing two months of service free of charge. This pricing structure ensures that users have access to the comprehensive insights they need to effectively monitor and analyze native ad campaigns, all while receiving top-notch chat and email support.

5. Adplexity Adult

Adplexity Adult

AdPlexity Adult is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive insights into adult advertising campaigns. It allows users to spy on campaigns running in over 75 countries, including those hidden on mobile carrier traffic with support for 120+ carriers. The platform provides real-time insights on campaigns running on adult ad exchanges and adult pop-up networks.

Users can filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network to find successful campaigns quickly and easily. Additionally, AdPlexity Adult allows users to download every landing page in a .zip format directly from the dashboard. This tool is designed to help users uncover profitable campaigns and gain a competitive edge in the adult advertising market.

Adplexity Pricing

AdPlexity Adult is available at a standard rate of $199 per month, offering a comprehensive view of the adult advertising market. However, users can take advantage of a lifetime discount by using the code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE,” which reduces the monthly cost by 25% to $149.

This discount makes it more affordable for marketers to access the platform’s extensive features, including real-time campaign insights and the ability to download landing pages, while still benefiting from the tool’s powerful capabilities in the adult advertising niche.

6. Adplexity Enterprise

Adplexity Enterprise

AdPlexity Enterprise is the premium solution for power users needing unmatched insights and capabilities from this leading ad intelligence platform. It provides exclusive access to additional data and traffic sources beyond standard ad intelligence tools offered by AdPlexity.

Whether you require expanded coverage of emerging markets, visibility into new verticals and networks, or tailored solutions aligned to your growth roadmap, AdPlexity Enterprise delivers.

This VIP offering by Adplexity opens the floodgates to enhanced competitive intelligence catered to your specific business needs. With the ability to consult directly with the AdPlexity team, you can leverage their expertise to accelerate gains. AdPlexity Enterprise offers enterprise-grade features to give high-scale affiliates, agencies, and networks the ultimate competitive edge.

Filter Available on Adplexity

Filter Available on Adplexity

AdPlexity offers a range of filters that allow users to narrow down their search and focus on specific ads that align with their goals. These filters include date range, days running, ad type, device type, and country.

Users can also filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network. For instance, users can search for ads with a specific keyword on the landing page, find ads promoting a certain offer, or uncover all campaigns run by a particular advertiser or publisher. These filters can be customized to refine the search and view specific ads.

The filters in AdPlexity are designed to help users find every detail about profitable ad campaigns worldwide. By selecting specific filters, users can uncover hidden campaigns, study their competitors’ ads, and gain a competitive edge in their market. These filters not only help in identifying successful campaigns but also provide insights into what works best, thereby aiding in the creation of effective marketing strategies.

The Sorting Feature Available on Adplexity

Adplexity Sorting Feature

Users can also look forward to some of the great sorting features that basically include Landing page URLs, LP redirect chain, LP outgoing URLs, or even select all of the above. These small yet important features can help in selecting and working on a better-defined version. Basically, Sorting makes it easier.

How to Use Adplexity? The Complete Guide

AdPlexity is a powerful tool for affiliate marketers, providing a wealth of data from various traffic sources. Here’s a brief guide on how to use it:

  • Log into AdPlexity: Start by logging into your AdPlexity account. The platform offers different tools like AdPlexity Mobile, Desktop, Native, and Push, each designed for specific traffic sources.
Adplexity Dashboard
  • Adjust Settings: In the left-hand panel, adjust the “Days running” setting to filter campaigns based on their duration. This helps identify long-running, potentially successful campaigns.
Adplexity Traffic Source Filter
  • Choose a Traffic Source: Select the traffic source you’re interested in from the left menu. AdPlexity covers popular sources like PopCash, PopAds, PropellerAds, AdCash, Zeropark, ExoClick, and more.
Adplexity Advanced Filters
  • Filter Campaigns: Use the filter options to search for campaigns by keyword, advertiser, publisher, or affiliate network. This helps you find specific campaigns or uncover all campaigns run by a particular advertiser or publisher.
Adplexity Ad Trends
  • Analyze Campaigns: AdPlexity provides detailed insights about each campaign, including the devices targeted, traffic sources used, and the duration and performance of the campaign. Use this information to understand what works best.
Adplexity Landing Page Details
  • Download Landing Pages: You can download every landing page with its dependencies (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) in a .zip file directly from the platform.

Remember, AdPlexity is not just for copying successful campaigns, but for gaining insights and inspiration to create your effective campaigns. It’s a tool that requires strategic use to maximize its potential.

Does Adplexity Lack in Anything? Possible Limitations

Even though Adplexity has some excellent features to look forward to, there are a few possible limitations you might encounter:

  • Limited Coverage: Adplexity may not cover all affiliate networks or ad platforms, potentially missing out on some valuable data.
  • Inability to Find Specific Offers: Some users have reported difficulty in finding specific offers or landing pages from certain categories like weight loss or crypto.
  • Possible Evasion by Super Affiliates: There’s a theory that experienced affiliates may be able to prevent their landing pages from being detected by spy tools like Adplexity.
  • Cost: Adplexity’s services come at a relatively high price, which may not be affordable for all users.
  • User Interface: While generally user-friendly, the interface can be challenging for some users. For instance, filters may get reset when switching pages to view reports or data.
  • Limited Time for Refunds: Refunds must be requested within 24 hours, which may not be enough time for users to fully evaluate the tool.
  • Lack of Comprehensive Analysis: Adplexity may not provide a comprehensive analysis that covers all aspects of mobile, desktop, and native-related performance.

Why I Choose Adplexity over Other Ad Spy Tools?

One of the key reasons why I choose Adplexity is that it provides marketers with invaluable competitive insights by revealing real-time data on the most lucrative ad campaigns worldwide. These tools uncover the highest-performing creatives and landing pages across verticals, enabling effortless competitor analysis. By studying these successful formulas, affiliates like you and me can swiftly replicate winning strategies when entering new niches and establish dominance quickly.

Ad intelligence also streamlines campaign optimization by spotlighting top ROI traffic sources, best-converting networks, and accurate geo-targeting techniques. By leveraging these data-driven revelations, marketers can precisely allocate budgets to proven placements and creatives that strongly resonate with target audiences.

Rather than wasting resources testing unproven hypotheses, ad intelligence allows focusing efforts on tried and tested, profitable tactics. These solutions transform guesswork into a science – enabling efficient scaling of operations for maximum gains. For these reasons, ad intelligence platforms like AdPlexity are indispensable assets for expansion in your marketing operations.

FAQs on Adplexity Ad Intelligence Tool

Which types of ads can I track with AdPlexity?

You can track a variety of ad types including mobile, desktop, native, push, and adult ads with AdPlexity’s specialized tools. Currently, AdPlexity is also working on a TikTok ad intelligence tool that might be launched soon.

Does AdPlexity support real-time campaign tracking?

Yes, AdPlexity offers real-time tracking, allowing marketers to see current trends and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This can be done in 2 ways including ad details and advertiser analysis across different parameters.

Can I download landing pages using AdPlexity?

Yes, AdPlexity allows you to download landing pages along with their dependencies, such as images and scripts. In addition to that, users can also search for these landing pages using the advanced filter options available.

What kind of filters does AdPlexity provide?

AdPlexity provides filters for keywords, advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and more, to help you find specific campaigns. You can also check out the ad trends that can help in making things better for marketing opportunities.

Is it possible to uncover hidden ad campaigns with AdPlexity?

Yes, AdPlexity can reveal hidden campaigns, including those running exclusively on mobile carrier traffic.

Are there any valid AdPlexity coupons available?

Yes, you can try our exclusive Adplexity coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” to get yourself a 30% additional discount on your selected plan. In addition to that, the annual plan offers an additional discount of around 17%.

Can AdPlexity track ads across different countries?

Yes, AdPlexity tracks ads in over 75 countries, providing a global perspective on ad campaigns. This ad tracking based on different countries is applicable to all the Adplexity plans available (Native, Mobile, Push, etc.).

My Final Take on this Adplexity Review

After taking this comprehensive tour of Adplexity, one thing is clear – this platform is a game-changing power tool for digital marketers aiming to gain an unrivaled competitive edge.

By revealing profitable opportunities across niches and traffic sources, Adplexity transforms guesswork into an analytical science. Its overpowered dataset provides the blueprint for building high-converting campaigns tuned to your goals.

Think of this on the positive side since you’re spying on rivals, expanding into new verticals, and optimizing assets, Adplexity has all the features to set your marketing efforts up for success.

Thanks to its accessible pricing too, this ad intelligence solution levels the playing field so savvy marketers like you can unlock sustainable gains.

Are you UP for using Adplexity for the greater good of your marketing operations?

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Adplexity Review
All Round Tracking Done
0out of 10

Adplexity excels at uncovering profitable ad campaigns across 75+ countries. Its user-friendly interface and powerful data-gathering capabilities provide real-time insights to boost your marketing campaigns.

The overpowering features for researching market trends, tracking competitors, and analyzing data from mobile, desktop, native, push, and eCommerce marketing make Adplexity a complete 360° ad intelligence tool.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive data and filtering options
  • Accurate Insights
  • Campaigns from over 100 countries


  • No Free Trial
  • No Bookmarking Option
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