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ViceTemple Review: Is it the best Adult Web Hosting Provider?

Are you looking for reliable adult web hosting Provider in budget?

Let me assure you that you have made the right decision of visiting this page and reading this Vicetemple review which is going to tell you why it is the choice of 100’s of adult websites displaying adult content.

If you are planning to launch an adult or dating website then you must first know what content is prohibited to be displayed on the website or else your site might be suspended without any prior notice from the web hosting company.

Not all Web hosting companies allow adult, nude or dating type of contents. There are numerous types of restrictions and policies.

Very few web hosting providers allow this type of content as they have their data center in a country where adult content is legal to host, For example, Netherlands.

Vicetemple Review + Special coupon code: 2021

Vicetemple Review

ViceTemple is one such super web hosting company that enables you to hose Adult websites, Escorts type of sites with the superior network, performance at a budget-friendly price.

If you have some doubts about the content policies then without any hesitation contact the team of ViceTemple. “It’s better to rise early instead of falling later”.

ViceTemple Company Introduction :

ViceTemple was founded by professionals with experience of over 8 years in the hosting industry, some might have worked in the adult/offshore hosting industry which led to the formation of this one-stop solution for all adult businesses.

ViceTemple was established in 2016 with a vision to provide every possible solution for adult businesses like adult hosting, domains, themes, and scripts.

As adult website content requires large bandwidth, It offers a pure offshore web hosting solution with larger bandwidth at a cost unmatched to another adult offshore hosting provider.

They have a small team of 12 people but that means more focus on every customer. The team works remotely and on-site data centers. It doesn’t rely on other servers for hosting clients websites and has their own servers located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You can purchase any hosting plan with multiple payment options like PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin, Altcoin and bank transfer.

Why Choose ViceTemple for your Adult web hosting?

It offers all in one solution to adult businesses and it is one of the largest adult hosting networks in the world.

If you want to create a blog or an adult website, want your blog or website to be created by the expert team, already have a blog or adult website, working on a new project related to adult website or doing any other thing that has a relation to adult industry, then ViceTemple is a one-stop solution to all your needs.

It is liberal with everyone and accepts all kinds of adult contents unless it falls out of the policies laid down for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of adult blog or website you start with that has controversial content or you run a dark fetish community, It will allow running your website open-heartedly.

Since adult websites can become popular within a few weeks with huge traffic from around the world, it needs a large bandwidth to handle the tsunami of traffic. It ensures that you get unlimited bandwidth for running your adult sites blazing fast.

You keep you going a long way and a happy & satisfying journey, The company offers a 24/7 customer and technical assistance right when you need it the most.

Since nude content spreads like rumor on the internet so are the chances of copyright claims. But ViceTemple ignores such copyright claims as their servers are hosted in the Netherlands, So your site will be running hassle-free without any complications or DMCA issues.

Down the lane, if you find some obstacles that you are not able to find a solution to with ViceTemple hosting solutions then you can cancel the plan within 45 days to get full money back.

The company believes privacy is the most important factor and this is why it offers full data integrity.

Their subscription plans are also cost-effective as compared with other players in the industry. With ideas starts to form just $5 per month with unlimited bandwidth, ten addon domains, and free dedicated IP, Their pricing falls under budget-friendly category but its hosting infrastructure, servers aren’t affected by its low pricing policy.

ViceTemple Plans & Pricing:

There are three categories of adult hosting offered which are adult shared hosting, adult VPS, and adult dedicated servers.

All the plans are optimized to handle high traffic and therefore each plan comes with high SSD storage.

Adult Shared Hosting:

Vicetemple adult shared hosting pricing

This plan includes unlimited traffic handling capability, free SSL certificate, 1 dedicated IP, 15GB SSD, 10 subdomains and addon domains, easy to use control panel cPanel and one-click CMS installation.

Adult VPS:


This plan includes 1GB RAM, Xeon E5-2650 v2 Processor, 1 Core CPU, unrestricted traffic handling capability, SSL protection, RAID 10 SSD 10GB, 1 dedicated IP and full root access.

Adult Dedicated Servers:

ViceTemple Review: Is it the best Adult Web Hosting Provider? 3

This has more power and is the best hosting plan in the industry. It includes 4GB RAM DDR3 ECC, E3-1220V3 (4 core), 2 x 1TB SATA, 1 Dedicated IP, Unlimited Traffic, Free SSL Certificates, Full root access and IPMI available.

All the plans include a 45-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

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All the plans include a 45-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

How to Buy cheap Adult domains from ViceTemple:

Your website success depends upon your domain. The better the domain name, the more natural it’s for users to remember. The domain name is an online brand, and since the launching for new TLD’s and extensions, there are plenty of TLD, launched for adult websites like .adult, .xxx, .sexy, .webcam, .love and many more.

ViceTemple Review: Is it the best Adult Web Hosting Provider? 4

ViceTemple provides all adult + regular domain extensions. Their pricing is also cost-effective, and most of the domain renewal pricing is same as new registrations, While other domain registrars charge hefty renewal fees for the next term.

Check out all domains list and pricing at Vicetemple

ViceTemple Features and services

Let’s take a look at these awesome features and services that come with every hosting plan.

  • Unrestricted Traffic

No matter how much traffic you expect on your website, all the hosting plans come with unlimited traffic handling capability.

Adult contents get huge traffic especially teenagers viewing those contents at night. So be it day time or night of adults, ViceTemple adult hosting plans are always ready to handle massive traffic.

  • Uptime Guaranteed

Your website won’t face downtime throughout the year and will remain always up and running with network uptime 99.9% guaranteed.

  • High Privacy

Nobody can access your files other than you. You have your own private space on the server with password protection only known to you.

  • Free cPanel

To manage your hosting account effectively all the adult hosting plans are integrated with cPanel. You can also install free SSL certificate using Letsencrypt.

  • Offshore location

You are protected with any kind of copyright issues that you might receive due to the datacenters located in the Netherlands.

  • Easy Scaling

At any time you feel a more powerful hosting you can upgrade your hosting plan to another one with more disc space and more features. At a single click, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan.

  • Automatic backup

With an automatic backup, you can take file backups at a click of a button and later restore them from a secured server.

  • Round the clock monitoring

All the servers are monitored 24/7 to keep you safe from the bad guys and kind of malware or viruses attacking your website.

  • Dedicated Support

Although the team is small that is why it focuses more on providing round the clock support to all its users. Get expert opinion or resolve any technical issue with friendly 24/7 support.

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Getting Started with ViceTemple

Now its time to analyze your need, Which plans you should buy?

Get Started with ViceTemple

If you are at the initial stage and does not have massive traffic or you are just trying in this industry, then it’s better to go with ViceTemple adult shared hosting plan.

It costs $5 per month and comes with ultimate features like dedicated IP, ten domains, Free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage.

This plan can handle good traffic initially as you don’t have any limitation on bandwidth.

However, if you want to hose a video streaming website or your site have more downloadable content, then I recommend going with “adult virtual servers.”

VPS are state of the art cloud instance that is far better than traditional shared hosting and comes with dozens of unique benefits with the superpower of speed.

As the company offers 45 days, no question asked money-back guarantee, and you are safe to test their plans and continue further if you feel.

How web hosting impacts on your adult affiliate Business?

Most of the top internet marketers have moved their vertical to adult and dating due to high CPA, more ROI, and low fallback rate. The Online adult industry is booming, and now blockchain industry is stepping in this market and has launched various adult-crypto coins, products, and ecosystems.

Most of the adult website owners use webcam sites, video sharing portals, and more. All these require high bandwidth, and fast loading as your users won’t wait for buffering. Fast video delivery is utmost important in this business.

Adult affiliate + Adult web hosting

Not all web hosting companies allow this type of content, and most of them will suspend this site. Adult + copyright content is permitted in various countries and hence hosting providers who offer adult hosting services, install their data center sin those allowed lists of countries and completely comply with the government laws.

So if you are an affiliate marketer in the adult industry, you may start using vicetemple today or check out this list of best adult web hosting providers.

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Down the Line!

That’s all about Vicetemple Review. We tried our level best to explain all its features and services.

So if you are in this multi-billion dollar industry, Try vicetemple today Risk-Free. Make sure you use the above given unique Vicetemple coupon code to save extra bucks…

Happy Monetizing.✌

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