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CrakRevenue WordPress Plugin Review: Monetize your Adult Website

When it comes to monetizing an Adult WordPress blog or website, there are numerous tools, affiliate networks, technologies available in the market which give you money for quality traffic on your website.

Here we will be reviewing a super awesome WordPress plugin developed by one of the greatest Adult/Dating CPA Network: CrakRevenue, for WordPress websites & blogs. The super cool WP plugin works on autopilot mode to monetize your traffic with their highest paying adult affiliate offers.

Lately, the CPA network CrakRevenue launched its very own WordPress plugin for affiliates.

As you may already know, the popular content management system (CMS) is behind 30% of the world’s websites — 15 years after its creation by software developer Matt Mullenweg.

That’s no small feat and today we’ll see how exactly CrakRevenue’s latest offering can help you make more money online.

Why should you care about CrakRevenue WordPress plugin?

CrakRevenue WordPress Plugin Review

If the fact that WordPress powers up millions of websites right now isn’t enough for you, the idea of streamlining your online marketing might.

See, with a plugin such as the one CrakRevenue created, it’s way easier and fast to create profitable affiliate websites. All you need to do is download the WordPress plugin and install it on your website. That’s it.

Here are my top reasons why you should choose this plugin for your WordPress installs.

  • Simple Installation

When I say it’s easy to install CrakRevenue’s WordPress plugin, I mean it. Simply upload it using your dashboard (Plugin > Add new > Upload) and activate it to get started. Of course, you’ll first need to register as an affiliate before being able to make money.

  • It’s completely free

It goes without saying that great plugins require a lot of development. Fortunately enough, this one doesn’t have any premium version: you get everything for free. I think that’s noteworthy because a lot of WordPress publishers charge extra for the features you care the most about, so it’s nice how affiliates are on a level playing field.

  • It’s packed full of neat features!

At the end of the day, it’s the features that define whether or not a plugin will be successful. On this topic, I’m glad to say CrakRevenue delivered. As you will find out shortly, the included features really help boost your affiliate campaigns by providing additional revenue streams

What’s inside CrakRevenue’s WordPress plugin?

If you crack open the plugin, you’ll find lots of things that will pique your curiosity. Here’s a rundown of all the features included within:

#1. In-text Ads

Being able to turn any word into a hyperlink leading to an offer with your affiliate link is very useful. With CrakRevenue’s plugin, you can achieve it easily thanks to a quick and easy to use interface.

In text Ads Crakrevenue Wordpress plugin

Simply choose the words you wish to replace and save. The verticals to choose from are Adult, Cams, VOD, Dating, Gay, Adult Gaming, and Survey.

#2. Native Ads

Native ads are great conversion magnets since they feel like part of your normal posts. In other words, they’re often better than banners because viewers don’t discard them outright.

Native ads Crakrevenue Wordpress plugin

CrakRevenue’s plugin allows you to add your own native ads using a variety of settings like font, color, the number of thumbnails, etc. There are also many tags to choose from so you can really narrow the ads to fit with your niche.

#3. Live cam Widget

Arguably the most powerful and useful feature of CrakRevenue’s plugin. Since the CPA network already well established in this industry, you’ll love being able to display live cam shows directly in any widgetized area of your WordPress theme.

CrakRevenue Live cam Widget

Just like most other features, you’ll be able to select from many tags should you feel like narrowing down the type of content shown. There are over 30 tags for the live cam widget, including stuff like Asian, redhead, toys, etc.

Live Cam Widget is one of the best conversion magnets for adult WordPress sites. It boosts your conversions by over 500% and it is proven to offer the best performance on affiliate campaigns.

#4. Banners widget

Banners are something webmasters are pretty accustomed to. They’ve always been at the forefront of online advertising, so it’s no surprise that CrakRevenue’s plugin allows you to set them up on your pages in a breeze.

#5. Smart Pops

It’s good to have the option of running pops on your affiliate site.

Crakrevenue smart popups

CrakRevenue’s plugin lets you choose from various verticals so your pops are always relevant. Even though it’s titled “popups,” in fact what you’ll get are pop-unders. Here’s a brief overview of this feature as seen in the WordPress dashboard:

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The future of WordPress plugins for Affiliates

The affiliate industry is full of different monetization tools, techniques, and services. Wordpress is one of the most important platforms for Affiliates to host their website, landing pages, product pages and more., Its one of the finest method to drive organic and paid traffic.,

Most of the top affiliates use Wordpress and elementor plugin to create beautiful pre landers and landing pages. Most of the top CPA Networks have already released their powerful Wordpress plugin, which enables automated traffic monetization.

Gone are the days when affiliates need to add each link or source manually. Now its the era of automation, and with Smart links, Auto Live cam widgets in Adult affiliate Industry, Wordpress plugins have come into limelight by offering a great solution to Marketers.

Overall Appreciation

I think CrakRevenue’s plugin is a great tool for adult affiliates. It’s easy enough to use so you don’t get lost and very powerful at its core. All of the included features serve a purpose: helping you make more money with adult offers. The plugin’s a great add-on to any affiliate site running under WordPress; there’s no premium version either, which means you get everything in a single package.

To start using its WordPress plugin, simply create your publisher account at CrakRevenue here and install the plugin on your WordPress website to see better conversions with their highest paying adult affiliate offers.

I have tried this plugin personally, and it works well. If you are having any dating or adult WordPress webiste, You can install this plugin to automatic monetize your content with quick links. It also enables new offers to update directly on your Wordpress dashbaord, So you can see which campaign to implement on your traffic.

CR team will also be going to integrate statics near in the future in this plugin, So you can also see how your campaign is performing right on your Wordpress dashbaord.

So if you’re looking to integrate live cam shows in widgetized areas of your site or just want a straightforward plugin to maximize your gains using CrakRevenue CPA network, go ahead — it’s great.

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