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Egrow Review 2022 with Discount Coupon (Get 50% OFF Now)

It’s essential to manage overall sales and revenue in any business. When it comes to e-commerce, you have to store products that would give the right amount of profit you have desired. Amazon is a huge marketplace, and entering into it, where there are lots of competitors around from long back, is difficult.

To help manage your Amazon sellers account better, you must use the available amazon seller device. The tool will only help you to explore various products, but it will give you precise results from the data. Digging out data is the core aspect, and if you are thinking of doing it all manually, you might end up landing in the wrong deal.

As there are lots of Amazon growth tools available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one. In this article, we have covered one of the top Amazon product research tools called Egrow. Read the ✅Egrow Review 2022 and get detailed insights about its features, pricing, working, cons, and other related factors quickly!

In-Depth Egrow Review

Egrow Review

Egrow is a popular software made exclusively for Amazon sellers to boost their business. The tool includes features that are essential for growth, and it is updated frequently. When looked into the Amazon commercial center, millions of data are impossible to use all at once. Egrow aggregates specific data, including charts and boards, for their users to get detailed information.

Hence, with Egrow, many users have saved a lot due to its ability to investigate markets thoroughly. Users can discover items without digging deep down and save their valuable time. The database provided by Egrow includes products from Amazon that are filtered daily.

Moreover, Egrow incorporates previously used keywords and rankings in different search engines. End-client programming is easier to understand and super-quick to use.

The Egrow tool’s benefits are endless, but to give you precise information, read out its features and pricing before making a purchase.

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Features Offered by Egrow

#1. Egrow Product Tracker Tab

Once you enter your Amazon Standard Identification Number, the tool will automatically display the ASIN data. Hence, you can easily investigate the main details and track them after a while. Egrow is highly secure and is quick enough to show details.

Egrow Product Tracker Tab

#2. User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard of Egrow is highly clear to use. You can perform any product research quickly and won’t require any instructional recording or blog to learn anything.

You will get three important features at the uppermost part of the dashboard: Live Amazon Scanner, Product Tracker, and Database Research.

#3. Amazon Database Research Tab

Through this tool by Egrow, you can pick up your research category and any sub-category to do detailed research. It can even be the pricing, deals, income, number of sellers, etc.

By this approach, you can cut off any unrequited data and choose what fits your category the best. You can also understand where you exactly rank in Amazon through this tool.

#4. Live Amazon Scanner

This tab will display the live outcomes you will get by following certain strategies on Amazon. You can avoid using this tool if you aren’t much aware of it because you can get the same information by all other features.

Live Amazon Scanner

#5. Advanced Filter options

Egrow offers its users advanced and adjustable filter options to get the best results. You can play out according to your choice through this Amazon product research tool and get relevant data from the database.

#6. Data Changes Done Frequently

You can track every data change done on Amazon, be it about the classification of keyword ranking, deals, or costs. You can get data from the past 90 days just by a click. Egrow updates all the required data to help you get the best out of the tool.

What makes Egrow different?

Egrow is considered the best Amazon product research tool because it offers free access and access to all users. You can use the entirety of Egrow’s feature without paying a penny and think of buying other packs when you are satisfied with the experience.

It makes the overall analysis process simpler through different options and categorization of data. You can filter the ideal cost, negligible cost, profit cut, number of merchants, and many more. You will also get a list of popular keywords to incorporate.

Egrow has everything required to be a successful Amazon FBA. To help you understand better, below are some exciting reasons behind Egrow’s growing popularity.

Extra Features of Egrow
  • Intuitive user experience

Apart from an excellent product database and other features, Egrow’s software is more client-centric. You won’t require much professional knowledge to access any feature. Hence you can easily spare long periods of research. You can find and locate anything in a matter of seconds!

  • Precise sales data

The major reason behind Egrow’s popularity is its extensively accurate estimated sales data. The tool is built by such an algorithm that quickly calculates assessed deals for products on the Amazon marketplace within a quick time period.

  • Frequently updated database

The tool’s product database is updated frequently, and it’s improving each passing day. The data includes pre-examined items and the history of changes in the density keywords, value, surveys, popularity, and offers.

  • Availability of 90 days of product history data

Whatever changes are made in the database from the past 90 days can be easily viewed by the pro plan of Egrow. Hence, through this feature, the user can learn about changing patterns, long-haul deals, or unsold products.

  • Best Customer support service

As Egrow is built for beginners and professionals, one can get dedicated customer service support to get over any problems. Whatever the issue might be, you can resolve it with professional support.

  • Data security

Egrow doesn’t sell any products on Amazon; instead, it works on the programming system. The overall profit or benefit they get is by growing their customer’s business. Hence, Egrow never utilizes any data, and there is no point in outsourcing.

  • Affordability

The best reason for the increasing demand for Egrow is its affordability. The kind of benefits it offers to its customers under such a price range is impeccable.

List of the Best Features of Egrow

  • Egrow offers the best and filtered database to the user as compared to its competitors.
  • The tool gives exceeding and accurate assessed sales information.
  • Users get access to keywords according to Amazon’s organic query list.
  • The overall work process takes place inside a system itself, and there is no requirement for another program augmentation or devices.
  • It provides a three-month user history adjustments of deals, keywords, and costs.

How does Egrow work?

The overall working of Egrow works on its four powerful tools. It’s explained in detail below:

Product Database:

This is one of the common features that almost every Amazon growth tool would have. Still, with Egrow, you will get access to millions of databases filtered according to your preferences. All you need to do is keep your eye stable on what you want out of your e-commerce business, and Egrow will help you with specialized solutions.

Product Database
Live Amazon Information:

It’s quite common to have thousands of competitors on Amazon if you are a beginner. They already have achieved the customer base, and the competition is stiff for you now. But with Egrow, additional pull data from Amazon relating to keywords. The tool is proficient enough to give you relevant data to do better on several internet browsers.

Live Amazon information
Saved Searches:

You might end up searching a lot on a tool like Egrow, and in this process, you can skip some essential data. Egrow saves all the searches like keywords and extra essentials to save your time.

Product Tracker:

Sometimes, it gets difficult to track Amazon’s products because there are already so many. With Egrow, you can request step by step scraping of any data if you cannot find it on the database. The product Tracker tool by Egrow will search throughout the available data to give you ideal execution details.

Product Tracker

Egrow Pricing Plans

Egrow is highly affordable when compared to its competitors. It offers the best features under a small pricing model and can get several other benefits alongside if you know how to make the best use of the software.

Egrow  Pricing Plans

There’s no free trial period available by Egrow, but who needs it when there is a full-blown plan available for free to use. Below-given is the pricing and features of each plan:

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Basic Plan (For Free)

In this plan, you will get access to half the Amazon items, five tracked keywords, 5 tracked items, 20 live inquiries, and 7 days of item history.

Standard Plan (For $12 per month)

In this plan, you will get access to all the plans, including 30 days of item history. Standard Plan by Egrow is restricted to 100 members, but you will get access to 100 live inquiries in a day. You can get 200 tracked keywords and 100 tracked item lists.

Plus Plan (For $16 per month)

All the plus plan features are similar to the standard Plan, but you will get access to limitless live inquiries and 90 days of item history over here. Moreover, you will also get a list of 1000 tracked keywords along with 100 tracked items.

Pros & Cons


  • More than 300 tracked products
  • More than 200 tracked keywords
  • 300 live researches available per day
  • Access to every Amazon product’s data
  • Three months of product history availability
  • Easy organic search keyword research
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Lacks some essential products as compared to its competitors

🌟 Egrow FAQ

What is Egrow?

Egrow is the popular Amazon product research tool which is created for Amazon sellers. This tool helps you to save your time in market investigation and discover profitable products.

How is Egrow different from other Amazon product research tool?

Following are the main reason that describes why Egrow is different from other Amazon product research tools.
1. It provides highly accurate sales data.
2. It offers the most significant database from Amazon.
3. It is super-fast.
4. It provides user friendly and easy to use interface.
5. It does not require other browser extensions or tools.

Does Egrow offer any free trial?

Yes! Egrow provides 7 days free trial to the users. The user can easily register on the site and use all the features offered by Egrow without paying any hidden cost.

Does Egrow include international Amazon marketplaces (like .DE, .UK, .CA, etc.)?

The current version is developed and optimized for Amazon USA (.COM), India (.IN), United Kingdom (.CO.UK), Germany (.DE), Canada (.CA), Italy (.IT), France (.FR), Australia (.COM.AU), Turkey (.COM.TR), Brazil (.COM.BR), Spain (.ES), United Arab Emirates (.AE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (.SA) markets.

Conclusion: Egrow Review + 50% OFF Discount Coupon 2022

The benefits of the Egrow tool may differ according to the differences in usage. Some may find this software helpful while others would not, due to the lack of some features. But to get much detailed information and work on the tool, it’s important to give it a try at least once.

Utilize Egrow effectively throughout the basic plan itself, as you will get access to 20 live inquiries each day. All other plans by Egrow are highly affordable; hence if you are a beginner, you can make the best use of the tool on a limited budget.

Moreover, the best part is you will be charged yearly and not monthly, which rarely any other tool might offer. You can make use of this Egrow Detailed Review 2022 to get more insights about the software and major discounts!🙂

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