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AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout: Which is Best for Amazon Sellers?

Are you looking out for substantial ways to make quick money in a short period?

Then E-Commerce selling is all that you need! Amazon being a popular E-Commerce platform, has lots of opportunities for everyone out there.

You can not only buy products across the globe, but you will sell your merchandise in this broad online market. You might have heard about AmaSuite 5 and JungleScout, and so, we are here with a detailed review of ✅AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout.

Why do you need a tool for selling products on Amazon?

Is selling products over Amazon easy? No ways at all. There are millions of products with the latest features and best reviews that can attract the viewer just by sight. So how can you remain unique from them? And most importantly, how to come at the top of the search list in quick time?

Here’s where you need an Amazon research tool, and AmaSuite 5 and Jungle Scout are among the popular tools!

So as of now, if you are aware of how you can earn a good amount through Amazon quickly, you would surely know the need for Amazon selling and research tools. The top products in the market for this are AmaSuite 5 and Jungle Scout; hence, we will review the features of both the tools.

We will also compare the effectiveness, application complexity, and value for money of both AmaSuite 5 and Jungle Scout to help you make the best decision!

AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout: Overview 2022

AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout

AmaSuite 5

AmaSuite 5 is a combination of 5 different amazon product research software, and each of them has unique features. All the tools is uniquely designed to perform various tasks with much ease. It is called AmaSuite 5 because it has five software, and the previous version that is AmaSuite version 3, was not just popular among business. Still, it made the selling task easier for newbies.

AmaSuite 5 has unique packages, including a review analyzer, search analyzer, keyword generator, Ali inspector, and top product analyzer. All these products and features by AmaSuite 5 can be used on PC, Mac with the utmost ease.

The UI is understandable so that you won’t require much technical knowledge, and you can become a top seller on Amazon by using the tools strategically. Amazon Suit 5 also offers some exciting bonus for the users.

Sometime they will give you an online training session if you are a beginner and insights about products if you are an affiliate marketer.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool that mainly focuses on product research and launches on Amazon. The software has millions of Amazon users worldwide, and it is one of the leading competitors across the globe. It monitors more than 500 million Amazon products and helps you to save a lot of time. Many sellers have increased their revenue by ten times through Junglescout.

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Once you sign up on Jungle Scout, you’ll get a prompt asking what you want from the amazon product research tool. Like you want to grow your existing business, explore a brand, or start selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout features include product evaluation ideas, product tracking opportunities, exploring the competitor’s strategies, best-suited keyword, and a lot more. As a seller, you can calculate your profit, launch new products, and manage inventory.

Jungle Scout also has Chrome Extension, and it is relatively cheaper than the latter ones. You can easily estimate your FBA sales and revenue!

AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout: Features comparison

It’s essential to look after the features of both the Amazon tools to give you a useful insight for an unbiased review.

AmaSuite 5

  • Top Product Analyzer

It’s arduous to go and manually search for the top 100 products in such a competitive environment. You have to look for pricing, ratings, and availability, and all of it will consume lots of time. But through an AmaSuite product analyzer, you can get a list of the top 100 products within a click. Then you can sort the list out according to your parameters.

AmaSuite 5 Top Product Analyzer

While using the AmaSuite product analyzer, you will get data relating to product availability, pricing, and ratings (you should always choose the one with 4.0). It’s the best software with accurate data!

  • Search Analyzer

The search analyzer is the latest feature by AmaSuite, giving you an extra edge for research that you won’t ever get manually. You will get a list of more than 100 products along with some hidden insights to increase your earning potential.

AmaSuite 5 Search Analyzer

You can search for products from Amazon USA and UK and get lucrative pricing ideas. Then you can choose the discounts for your product to attract more traffic. All the results by AmaSuite are relevant and up to the mark!

  • Keyword Generator

To sell a product on such a broad market, it is important to use the right keyword. The AmaSuite keyword generator feature will not only help you to choose the right keyword, but it will suggest you according to the rankings.

AmaSuite 5 Keyword Generator

The keyword generator is quick enough to give you a list of buyer intent keywords to help you understand what the customer is looking for.

You can use this product as an Amazon affiliate marketer or for FBA too. You can find keywords according to the search volume and use it to get more sales.

  • Review Analyzer

Review of customers matters a lot when it comes to Amazon product sales. After finalizing the product, all you have to do is write a review, and for this, you can take the help of affiliate marketing or Amazon FBA listing. Through the AmaSuite review analyzer, you can get detailed information on reviews by verified users.

AmaSuite 5 Review Analyzer

You can get tons of Ideas by this software by AmaSuite. Also, you don’t have to visit the website now, and then; you can get the full review from the tool itself.

  • Ali Inspector

This is a new software in the AmaSuite bundle, and it has some exciting offerings. You will get a list of top-selling products, top-performing niche, Ali express products, bestseller tools in quick time.

  • Seller & Affiliate Training Course

Not just the software, AmaSuite is popular because of the AmaSuite training courses it provides to the beginners and professionals. The seller training course covers seven modules to help you start and discover the world of selling products strategically.

AmaSuite 5 Amazon Sellers Training Course

The AmaSuite affiliate training course covers nine modules, starting with affiliate marketing and how to earn money strategically. Also, there is a list of tips and tricks by popular affiliate marketers to help you grow instantly!

Jungle Scout

  • Product Tracker

The product tracker tool by Jungle Scout will help you to analyze different product details. You will get to know about sales, trends, pricing, fees, and reviews through this.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

You can track the inventories of the competitor and their overall sales. We liked this tool because of its efficiency and quality insights!

  • Keyword Scout

SEO and keywords matter a lot nowadays. To get on the top, you are required to have the best product and a relevant keyword. You can easily find the niche keyword; buyers are looking at Amazon.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Also, Jungle Scout offers a list of most demanded keywords according to the geographical areas. Keyword scout by Jungle Scout is our favorite because it keeps track of real-time demands.

  • Niche Hunter

The niche hunter tool by Jungle Scout will help you get profitable niche ideas, which is quite difficult to find manually. You can look at the competition score, which is on a scale of ten, along with the listing quality score.

The opportunity score will help you analyze the chances of getting higher on listing. Also, the average pricing gives detailed information about the price of products in your niche. You can keep an eye on the price structure and make changes accordingly.

  • Product Database

The product database is a treasure because you can find millions of products under a roof with lots of relatable information. The filters will help you get a list of high and low demand competitions.

Jungle Scout Product Database

By choosing the right criteria, you can quickly calculate your profits. Moreover, you can even strategize your pricing structure according to the competitor’s product, reviews, and pricing. Jungle Scout also offers a relevancy score and ranking.

  • Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout chrome extension is a plugin to help you get better viability through the browser. The pricing is relatively low, and it’s easy to use as compared to the application.

AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout: Pricing

AmaSuite 5

AmaSuite pricing is easy as they have a single option, wherein you get access to all their software. The cost is $197, but you can get it at an amazing discount of $97; you have to look after it regularly.

AmaSuite 5 Pricing

The features you will get by this plan are access to the bonus package, including unadvertised bonuses and sellers and affiliates marketing courses. Also, you get a 30-day no queries guarantee!

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout pricing is confusing at first, but we have tried our best to make you understand in the easiest way possible. There are three plans by Jungle Scout, and you get an option to pay monthly or yearly.

Jungle Scout Pricing
  • Jungle Scout web application: The Jungle Scout web application cost is $139 for a month and $468 for a year. You will get access to keyword scout, sales analytics, rank and supplier tracker, email campaigns, opportunity finder. Everything is included in the plan except the chrome extension.
  • Jungle Scout chrome extension: The cost of Jungle Scout extension is just $19 for a month and $228 for a year. You will get access to features like supplier database, product tracker, keyword scout along with customer support, accurate sales estimates, and Jungle Scout academy.
  • Jungle Scout combo package: The Jungle Scout combo package cost is $49 for a month and $588 for a year. You will get access to each feature at a highly reasonable price.

AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout: Pros & Cons

AmaSuite 5


  • Can be used on both Mac and PC
  • Interactive user interface
  • Easy customization of columns and view category
  • 30-day guarantee for best assurance


  • Lacks some features, but hopefully, they have announced that they will be on it shortly
  • Lots of email spamming that can get irritating

Jungle Scout


  • Exciting features to get insights about the competitor’s database
  • Accurate results of products and keywords
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Guidance for optimization to make the best use of the tool
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • A bit costly, but effective results can be seen if used strategically

🌟 AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout FAQ

🤔How much is Jungle Scout?

The pricing plans of Jungle Scout are divided into three parts Basic, Suite, Professional. The basic plan costs you $19/mo, and it is limited to 1 user. The suite plan costs you $49/mo, and it gives you the ability to add more users. The professional plan costs you $84/mo, and it is limited to 6 users.

🔎How to get Jungle Scout for free?

As we all know, there is nothing that you can get for free in the market. But you can try Jungle Scout risk-free for 14 days with their money-back guarantee.

🙄What is AmaSuite 5?

It is one of the most powerful software that enables to discover of top-selling products on Amazon. This tool also allows you to target products in unsaturated niches you can use to make more profits.

🧐Which product research tool is better, AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout?

Both product research tool has its own unique features. The majority of people use jungle Scout because of its useful and reasonably priced tool. It also provides comprehensive training modules and lives support to the beginners who are just starting as Amazon sellers. On the other hand, AmaSuite 5 is quite expensive and suitable for an experienced person. It is one of the powerful tools that provide advanced features, accurate data, easy navigation dashboard, etc.

Conclusion: AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout 2022 | Which tool is best for Amazon research?

Jungle Scout is quite popular among Amazon sellers because it’s in the market for a long duration. The pricing is fair enough because you will get maximum benefits. They guide the beginners, which we liked the most.

On the other hand, AmaSuite 5 gives Jungle Scout tough competition because of its exciting features. It’s a bit expensive, but the data accuracy is the most. Jungle Scout offers comprehensive training modules to beginners; hence it is an added advantage.

Both the tools have their own features to attract Amazon sellers, but if you are looking to extend your reach in the global market, then Jungle Scout is a better option. AmaSuite 5, on the other hand, is suitable to boost your business locally, and then you can expand it. AmaSuite has the best review analyzer, and Jungle Scout, on the other hand, can let you analyze your competitor’s journey.

However, AmaSuite 5 is about to improve their tool, and we are actively looking for it! We hope this review of AmaSuite 5 vs. Jungle Scout helped you make the best decision!😊

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