Being an online seller, one would always agree that scaling the sales increase is the key to success on all e-commerce platforms. Amazon is none other than different in any way. With FeedbackWhiz, one does not have any need to worry about the scaling of one’s business.

It is an advanced tool that designs for the improvement and boosting of your business, mainly on Amazon, via repairing the feedback and automating the high-volume emails, and improving their product reviews. FeedbackWhiz is initially designed using cutting-edge technology to view and even utilize its advanced features or solutions much more than any other software.

It also comes with its comprehensive developed tutorial with featured step-by-step instructions and guidelines through exciting videos that may help you through the process.

In this article, we have featured our honest ✅FeedbackWhiz Review 2024 that includes detailed insights about this amazing Amazon tool. We have also shared an exclusive FeedbackWhiz discount coupon that enables you to get a 50% off deal.

Detailed FeedbackWhiz Review

FeedbackWhiz Review

FeedbackWhiz is basically can be recognized as achieving an all in one for the features including the order management that are mainly is designed for Amazon sellers which to ease them in managing their orders, even automate emails, increase sales and also profit by even boosting product reviews.

The best feature provided by FeedbackWhiz is the eye-catching of email templates that can be usually tailored to generate high open and feedback rates.

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Key Features of FeedbackWhiz

#1. Order Management

FeedbackWhiz Order Management

FeedbackWhiz always pays special attention to the critical feature that usually doesn’t keep on hold for anybody, which is time-saving. Its Order Management tool is comprehensively designed to improve productivity by always saving them time by providing a significant margin.

Let’s get into more among the details for how and what’s its working mechanism. The process is initially straightforward, i.e., to manage and even tracking the order database. All of the orders usually include customer data, even the order of metrics is fully synced, and it is integrated with a single screen platform.

This filtered data is also quick and efficient for which helps in saving your time. FeedbackWhiz always used to send the emails to every order immediately irrespective of the reasons or the fact that the user is a regular and repeat customer or the customer is the one with an unshipped, even returned, or purchased order.

Considering all of its features, it is intellectually automated with online sources such as emails, contents, and also statistics that are right for any order as per their wish. The Order Management features of this for the instant solution are intuitively designed to save your time and keep you focusing on increasing sales.

#2. Feedback Management

FeedbackWhiz Feedback Tools

It is significant for every Amazon seller to consider having an automated feedback system for their app or website to monitor and interact more with their customers. The positive feedback from the potential and regular customers will always help increase the sales for the product and, thus, will help maximize the revenue.

Even if there is negative feedback, one can easily manage and even set up the instant alerts to be removed quickly with FeedbackWhiz and just a single click. One can even get to attract their potential customers towards your products with their most effective campaigns.

One can easily get to identify quickly with the tool’s intelligent data analytics. These data analytics can also help create the most effective email content and delivery methods, which would be required to help you get more positive feedback.

The Feedback Repair Management tool feature of FeedbackWhiz always gives you all of the data basically for those users who have initially left a negative review for your product. That is, it could be 1 star, 2 stars, and even 3 stars for your products.

You can get to select those buyers with a negative review and also to send them a mail regarding their problems or issues faced by them from a list of different templates that you have set up to know more of the real reason for why they are not happy with the product they bought and even for the address the issue and then just request humbly to them so that they are convinced to remove their negative feedback.

You can even get to use the feature to create customized, professional, or even personal emails for the customers to engage with them 24/7. Automating with your Amazon seller campaigns that take place will mostly shoot the emails based on that event or in a specified time.

The tool feature gives you the filtered results for 1, 2, and even 3-star feedback and the notifications for negative or neutral feedback. It is always advisable to prioritize your negative feedback to address unsatisfied customers and maintain a good reputation with just achieving minimal effort.

#3. Product Reviews Tools

FeedbackWhiz Product Reviews Tools

Managing the products and their reviews need to be featured with effectiveness and considered one of the most viable and essential aspects of any Amazon business.

FeedbackWhiz always gets to come with the essential features that include all in one product and their reviews that will help you manage and even analyze the product and their reviews that are seamlessly always integrated into a single platform or on a screen.

You can either get to view them individually or maybe in grouping them by the product specification. Ever get to use the filter and the search option to get the positive reviews you may be looking for for a long time. You will also get an instant notification or email for all the unfavorable or the negative rated product reviews through email to get to have an immediate response towards this and even get to resolve the whole situation.

With the Product Review Manager feature of FeedbackWhiz, one can monitor any ASIN you wished to and even want on Amazon. Suppose you need to track and also need to analyze your competitor’s products and their feedback. You have to perform the activity, including the import from your list of ASIN. You will then get access to dive into all of your competitor’s data.

You can even get to filter your product reviews by the customers’ star ratings to your product and get the verified purchases and get to add your notes for any specialized product review that you want.

FeedbackWhiz also has an essential feature of the reports option in which one can download the reports that are mainly based upon the orders, buyers, or their reviews and feedbacks. One can initially use this information to run the performance of custom audience campaigns mostly on Facebook by just one need to upload the CSV report on their audience section.

This is a perfect option mainly for those who are launching a brand new but relatedly similar product as before and even want to retarget their past and existing customers who have initially purchased their products before.

#4. Email Automation

FeedbackWhiz Email Automation

This tool featured a FeedbackWhiz mainly saves a lot of time creating emails for their customers and sites. FeedbackWhiz’s email builder feature is elementary to use as one can create beautiful and useful emails only in less than 5 minutes. It also makes an even automated email that one doesn’t even get to worry about the mailing format related to their product or test checks.

The tool mainly offers an exclusive feature of easy-touse as an email creator that would help one create the perfect content for the email by just clicking and even dropping out the variables to customize it according to their wish. You can also see your email via the live performed preview that is draft as a perfect email for your customers

The significant difference considered between FeedbackWhiz and other similar tools that makes them more viable is that FeedbackWhiz mainly puts up a lot of efforts into the performance of some of the main features that would use to help sellers to get them to try to get more of the organic product reviews primarily via contented email automation.

Also, maintaining order and buyer reports according to which people can even download the order information and again run out the custom-audience campaigns organized up on Facebook or other lookalike audience to get out the traffic outside of the Amazon mostly built for the new products as per your wish and requirements to launch.

It’s also tough to get most buyers and convince them never to leave a negative review or even don’t know how to get to leave a review up on Amazon.

Who is FeedbackWhiz for?

FeedbackWhiz is mainly designed for all kinds of Amazon sellers: a beginning seller or maybe a seller having sales of an average of 10 million dollars or even a private labeled owner. For these kinds of private labeled sellers, the featured tools like Product Review and Monitoring order tools are handy. For those sellers who have just get started or those who have about to start getting a few orders in only one day, email automation is an important feature to get organic product reviews and feedback.

When one login into their account with FeedbackWhiz, that could get a quick summary of their orders, and also their feedbacks and the number of sales you have made concerning the product reviews, even the quick statistics on their best selling products and also a quick summary of all of the email campaigns that you are running through your dashboard.

One can also get to filter your data according to your past days, weeks, months, years, or even get to customize it according to the specifications mentioned. The dashboard also mentioned having a notification system to check the feedback, product reviews, orders, and many more.

FeedbackWhiz also supports the different kinds of included Amazon marketplaces like Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, India, and many more. The best thing to know is that one doesn’t need to create multiple accounts to manage their multiple engagements in the market. There is just a need to get only one login that is important to get the required access to all marketplaces.

FeedbackWhiz Pricing

The pricing charged by FeedbackWhiz should be considered as more of an investment than considering as an expense. Prices for the FeedbackWhiz starts from $14.99 to $199.99 per month considered for the Starter plan limiting up to the available Ultimate FeedbackWhiz package.

FeedbackWhiz Pricing

FeedbackWhiz has provided everything and every feature you might need to simplify your sales and effectively grow your Amazon business by increasing your sales. It is the best software considered and rated for the Amazon sellers to dominate their marketplace.

With FeedbackWhiz, more and more merchants can get the opportunity to boost up their Amazon business, improve their product quality and reviews, and also get to automate the high volume content for emails.

🌟 FeedbackWhiz FAQ

🙄What is FeedbackWhiz?

FeedbackWhiz is a powerful automation and monitoring tool designed for Amazon merchants, which helps them receive reviews and feedback, improve their brand reputation, and monitor changes in reviews, feedback, and product listings.

🔎Does FeedbackWhiz provide any free trial?

Yes, FeedbackWhiz offers a 30-day free trial to its new users. The free trial period includes all the functionality as the Starter plan gives you access to all its features for 30 days.

🌎Which Amazon marketplace does FeedbackWhiz support?

FeedbackWhiz supports different Marketplace, which includes Amazon US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, India, and the UAE.

🤑Is there any FeedbackWhiz promo code?

Yes, you can use our exclusive FeedbackWhiz coupon code that enables you to save 50% OFF on all its plans.

Conclusion: FeedbackWhiz Review + 50% OFF Discount Coupon 2024

As FeedbackWhiz is considered as the web-based software that one can get to use directly via just browsing your web, it supports all of the other browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even Mozilla Firefox among all of the other and is also compatible with any other mobile device, tablet or too PC.

Built as one of the most featured and advanced platforms, one will not find any other of the Amazon platform for having such information like data, analytics, and usability to help the Amazon sellers likely save time with your brand’s growth.🤞🤞

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