E-commerce is the most profitable business. But in the same one needs to manage a lot of things to stay at the top. You need to shortlist your best products to attract customers and later deliver them properly to get the right review. So to help you with that, we have brought in our Kibly review. 

If you become successful, then you need to manage your money as well. Each seller has their balance sheet and profit margin for their products. Hence, for effective execution, it’s important to take the help of several seller software. Every business will require a tailored process for making their work easier.

The feedback and reviews differ from the experience the customer is getting after they purchase. Positive reviews help a business to generate more sales and attract new customers. At the same time, negative reviews act as a fallback and have adverse effects on profit. If you are a beginner in this field, you need to find the right tool to generate profits.

The power of feedback and review is a lot more than any other aspect. Hence, you need to have an automation tool to increase and get positive feedback from your buyers. Kibly is one of a kind software and has increased its customer base over the past few years.

Answering your question, Why should you use Kibly? We have provided a detailed and in-depth Kibly review. After using the software for an extended period, this review will not only give you a clear picture of the benefits of Kibly, but also you can decide whether it is the right tool according.

If you are looking forward to becoming one of the top Amazon sellers, don’t forget to read our final thoughts of Kibly at the end.

Detailed Kibly Review – What is Kibly?

Kibly Review

Just like other Amazon sellers software tools, Kibly is yet another email automation software. It uses AI to persuade every customer to leave any feedback or reviews to boost sales and generate profits. Initially, Kibly does A/B tests for your emails to determine which email template works best for your customers.

Moreover, Kibly also allows users to enjoy their different yet unique feedback solutions like review solicitation emails and real-time statistics of the shipped orders. If you are an Amazon seller, you can experience five times more reviews, feedback, sales, and rankings with their Plug-N-Play Customer Engagement Engine by using Kibly properly.

By now, If you got more curious to know Kibly features stay hooked, as below we have covered it all.

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How does Kibly Works?

If you wish to get more feedback and reviews for service, Kibly is a one-stop destination or software you can ever have. Setting up Kibly is also much easier; you will require a maximum of three minutes to link the software to your Amazon account.

Kibly Coupon

Kibly is fully automated; all you need to do is set up the software and automatically contribute to your sales. You don’t need to worry about reviews or feedback after that. Initially, Kibly will send a personalized and customer-friendly email to all the customers who have placed your product’s order. Kibly uses a pro-active approach to reach out to customers to build the right trust and grow the business.

Later, Kibly will send your buyer a message about the shipment details and other related information. This will help customers to stay assured about the business taking each order seriously.

The user will get a message like “Hi, We have received your order number xxx and are currently preparing it for shipping,” and other delivery related details. Hence, as the business will be providing updated details of the order, they will more likely give positive feedback. After completing the overall delivery process, Kibly will follow up on the purchase a few days later by asking the buyer to leave a review or feedback on their overall experience.

Customizing Emails got easier with Kibly!

Kibly has exciting features for their customers to grow, and the best of all is email customization. All you need to do is choose your preferred template and customize your emails as per your wish.

Kibly Promo Code

If you have many products to sell, it will get tedious for you to follow up on each product sold. Just after you have completed the email setup, Kibly will automate the overall process.

Features Offered by Kibly – Kibly Reviews

Kibly Features

1. Product Rank Tracker

It’s quite common that most Amazon sellers find difficulty choosing the right product for their store. If you are a beginner, you might end up choosing low-ticket products, which may not give you any profits. The product ranker feature by Kibly automatically ranks the products you’ve listed on Amazon based on several parameters. The parameters include the number of items sold, the number of positive and negative reviews given, along several returns.

2. A/B Split Tester

The A/B Split testing by Kibly allows businesses to decide what type of mail is exactly working for them the most. As Kibly offers a variety of templates, you can’t use any random one out of it. Hence, through A/B testing features, you can find out what your customers love. Customers often love a human and customized approach instead of machine interaction, and A/B testing by Kibly checks for the best human approach for your email.

3. Attachment Availability

When you add additional incentives to the customers, you can attract them greatly on a broader scale. Hence in your Amazon business, if you attach anything from like a PDF file for giving your customer more insight about the specific product. You can also gift a unique voucher with a “Thank You Email” to your customer who has received their product. Therefore, Kibly allows users to attach the Logo or an image with the embedded file through the email.

4. Blacklisting Unwanted Customers

You will generate profits on Amazon when you start getting positive reviews for your service. Some customers might leave negative reviews that can kill your sales rate. It’s seen that few customers have been legitimately disappointed with a specific product. In contrast, others are just malicious, and their only aim is to destroy the reputation of the specific brand. Through Kibly, you can easily blacklist such types of customers or hide their reviews by denying them access to give a review.

5. Seller Feedback Tracking System

By now, you must be aware of how important feedback and reviews are for any business. Both of them can make a big difference in the number of repeat customers you can get. Through Kibly, you will get an offer or an option to create a product tracking link via emails. Feedback tracking by Kibly helps businesses minimize negative feedback and increase the number of positive feedback without much difficulty.

6. Creative Template Varieties

Another amazing feature by Kibly is its templates that are not just simple but also have appealing designs. You will get access to many template options to choose from, but sometimes you may not find one that matches your needs. While Choosing a template from Kibly, choose the one that comes close to what you’re looking for, or else customizes it according to your preferred specifications.

New Features of Kibly

The following are the new features that are introduced by Kibly to be the best in the race.

1. Link Shortening Tool

It isn’t easy to understand where you are getting traffic while you own e-commerce business. Hence to receive the highest traffic, you need to be aware of the channels. The link shortening tool by Kibly allows the sellers to find out which website redirected their customers to their landing page. This tool also shortens the long links which you can use on different channels.

2. Direct Mail Marketing

Kibly recently launched this feature and is among the major reasons behind the tool’s popularity. The software has combined online marketing with direct mail to achieve effective results. Through this feature, Amazon sellers can send their buyer email instantly after they have purchased a product. The mail might include several promotional offers or just a follow-up message, depending on your choice.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing

Kibly uses multi-channel marketing features; that is, it uses different marketing campaigns to give effective results. Hence you can take help from several social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook to display ad am retarget the customer. As a result, you can easily build trust, and the customers will also rate you higher on Amazon.

Kibly Customer Support

Kibly is a web-based software, and that means you don’t have to download anything. If you have questions concerning the tools or features, you can chat with customer care on their website. You can also send them an email with any issues like billing assistance and technical support.

Kibly Customer Support

What makes Kibly the best?

So many Amazon sellers love Kibly software. Hence, it surely contains some unique attractions. Many Amazon users have come up with fantastic product lists through which they have enhanced tremendously from the past few years.

Kibly Coupon Code

Many Amazon sellers have generated 5 or 6 figures monthly sales in just 6 to 8 months just after their product launch. With its smooth user interface, Kibly has attracted many users. It holds a simple design pattern so as the users don’t get confused. You can customize your email limitlessly by setting up the software in just 3 minutes.

Kibly also has a 1-click email scheduler. Through this feature, you get extra time to focus on your product lists. The email templates are attractive and time-saving. Conclusively, Kibly’s approach saves a lot of time for Amazon sellers to focus on their business by giving the right and effective professional touch. All the features are tested and pre-loaded, so you don’t need to pay extra anytime!

Why does Kibly Attract most Amazon-Sellers?

Most Amazon sellers are impressed by Kibly’s features and achievements due to several reasons or secrets.

Kibly’s unique selling proposition is to gain customer’s trust to offer five stars just by a purchase. Many Amazon sellers focus on selling quality products on amazon to get a good review, but it doesn’t work that way. A good product is a part of getting better feedback, but customer service also plays a crucial role. Many times, customers forget to give a review once they receive the product. In such cases, you should be in regular touch with the customers when they are ordering your product until it reaches them.

Hence the customer feels connected, and they tend to purchase a lot from you. They will realize that you aren’t there to sell a product, but you are here to make long-term relationships. As a result, you can get 5-star ratings easily through automation.

Should I Use Kibly?

There are many competitors of Kibly, and each one of them is doing better every passing day. New features are continuously added, along with lots of improvisations. However, there are many reasons why we suggest you use Kibly.

Kibly Discount

With increasing software updates now and then, Kibly has also added new features recently like multi-channel marketing and link shortening tools. Due to this, Kibly has overcome its shortcoming and made the right step towards growth. There is still a lot of weakness of Kibly, as its competitors have innovative features. Comparatively, Kibly has fewer useful features. The next thing that Kibly lacks is the customer support service. With a slight improvisation in this part, Kibly can reach heights.

Conclusively, we would say that Kibly can become more productive with features and do well shortly. The reason why its competitors rank higher is due to customer service. The fair pricing of Kibly makes every cons adjustable, so if you are ready to compromise a bit on the service part, you should go for Kibly right away!

How to Setup Kibly?

Setting up Kibly is very easy, and we will now guide you through the steps. 

Step 1 – Choose Your Pricing Plan

Kibly primarily offers three subscription plans. You can select any plan of your choice depending on the number of your monthly sales. The cheapest plan starts at $37/month and has a 6,000-letter limit which many novice sellers can find expensive. 

Step 2 – Enter Your Amazon Account Information

The interface of Kibly is something many find user-friendly, so you just won’t require much time to set you your Amazon account with it. And simply don’t rely on technical support as they are hardly contacted. 

Step 3 – Schedule Your Emails

You can review the different email templates before you pre-load them to ensure they comprise strong CTAs, an appropriate subject line, and an optimal layout. As you get accustomed to them and start using them, your chances of improving your feedback and reviews increase. 

For further queries regarding the setting up of Kibly, you can try to contact their technical support.

Alternatives of Kibly that You Should Try in 2024!

Kibly Vs. SageMailer 

SageMailer is an automated feedback management software that Amazon sellers can use to automate getting product reviews and feedback from customers. It has several features that enable this automation process, such as categorizing reviews, automating responses to inquiries, storing customer data, and more. It offers you features like Email Campaigns, Setting Up Delivery Settings and Letter Templates, Professionally Translated Templates, Amazon’s “Request a Review” Button Automation, Review Monitoring & Seller Feedback Notifications, Data Analytics & A/B Testing and much more.

It has pretty straightforward pricing plans where it offers five standard pricing plans; FREE, BASIC, PRO, PREMIUM, and ULTRA. When comparing the pricing plans, SageMailer is a touch more expensive, but its features are much more advanced. Also, SageMailer is suited for larger businesses. 

Kibly Vs. Zonmaster

Zonmaster is a landing page software that is specifically designed for Amazon Sellers. This software allows sellers to create an email template that will activate if the customer has left a comment on a product they purchased (as opposed to writing a review). The software also includes features that make it easy to manage orders and track inventory.

It offers features like Multi marketplace support, a review of every order in detail, Advance programming, Powerful template design, Virtual assistant accounts, Order timelines, Multiple activation options and much more. Its pricing plan starts from $6.99 / month, which is its mini-plan and goes up to $29.99 / month, which is its Zonmaster plan. You also get a 15-day free trial with Zonmaster. 

Top FAQ on Kibly Review

What is Kibly?

Kibly is the best Amazon sales software for Amazon sellers who want more feedback, reviews, and sales. Kibly helps users achieve their goal and make it easier for them to run their business more efficiently.

Does Kibly work for all countries?

Kibly works in every single Amazon marketplace. One can easily start free with Kibly if your country has the Amazon marketplace. Following are they compatible marketplaces;
United States of America

Does Kibly really work?

Since 2014, the professional team of Kibly helping thousands of Amazon sellers globally to improve their Amazon business. They are proud of the fact that they can partner with entrepreneurs and make their lives easier. They have got positive reviews about themselves which are posted on their website.

Is Kibly expensive?

No Kibly is not expensive as their main goal is to give you value for the least amount of money. Therefore they offer you a free account forever, and you only need to pay for what you are going to use. Your account comes with sign up bonuses and no long-term obligation if you use nothing forever. It is a great way to try the service without risking your hard-earned money. There are no signup costs, subscription fees, contracts or obligations. 

Is Kibly easy to set up?

Kibly is an easy-to-use tool. Setting up Kibly with your Amazon account takes less than 5 minutes. After signing up for Kibly account, you just need to follow the setup instructions in order to integrate Kibly’s Developer ID with your Amazon Seller Account.

Do you have to write your own follow-up emails?

With Kibly, you don’t have to worry about writing emails as it comes with default email templates that have been tried, tested and optimized to fetch you results and make sure that all your customers are satisfied. You get a 1-Click default scheduler by which you can quickly and easily set your emails for all your products. You can also edit your templates or create your own.

What are the benefits you get by using Kibly?

Following are the benefits that are experienced by many users of Kibly.
1. You get an increased number of Product Reviews
2. It also offers an increased amount of Seller Feedback
3. You get Higher Seller Feedback ratings
4. Fewer complaints and returns.

Can you customize your Email Follow-Up with Kibly?

You can easily customize your email follow-ups by using templates provided by Kibly. You can edit the text’s style and design and add a PDF attachment. You can also include your store logo in it. Kibly also offers you beautifully designed Shortcodes, which you can utilize to add information like order IDs and buyer names to your email. It will also update automatically every single time.

Is Kibly TOS complaint?

Yes, Kibly is a TOS complaint. It is a powerful tool by which you can customize the messages that you send to your customers. After all, they are your customers. But due to this, it is possible that you would break Amazon’s TOS. But to avoid this, we would recommend you not include something inappropriate or against TOS in your messages. To get Amazon Developer, Kibly uses to integrate your seller account. For that, Kibly had to be investigated and approved by Amazon. You can easily use Kibly without worrying about getting in trouble with Amazon.

Can you integrate multiple seller accounts with Kibly?

With Kibly, you can easily integrate multiple Seller accounts. You can also add new marketplaces, which is really handy if you want to sell your products in different countries. If you are someone who wants to manage multiple Amazon accounts and want to use Kibly, they have got you covered in that as well. Kibly offers a separate platform for it. Also, its completely free to add a new marketplace.

How can Kibly help you with getting feedback?

YES! Kibly does help you to get Feedback from your customers. By sending a follow-up to your customer with pertinent information about their order, you gain trust as a Seller and your chances of getting a positive review increase. Kibly provides your customers with a link that redirects straight to the feedback page. This would instill confidence among the customers, and they would feel more connected to you.

Final Verdict: Kibly Review 2024 – Should you really go for Kibly?

After using Kibly for a while, we can assure you that it’s a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to monitor their product listings on Amazon. You can closely work and increase the number of feedback, along with reviews from your buyers. Kibly also offers an extraordinary number of emails, included in their every plan, so you don’t run out of emails. If, in any case, you fall out of emails, Kibly will automatically refill them and might bill you later, accordingly.

With Kibly’s smart email delivery system, your customers will get your essential mail about deliverables at the perfect timing. The best feature of Kibly is its ability to monitor your negative feedback. It also offers suggestions on how one can minimize or eliminate the negative feedback or user base.

We are highly satisfied with the fair pricing of Kibly, as their competitors do charge hefty amounts. The 14-days free trial by Kibly, is a power pack feature through which you can easily decide whether to invest or not!🤞

Kibly Logo
Kibly Review
0out of 10

As an Amazon seller, you know the importance of a positive customer experience. You work tirelessly to ensure that your product is delivered on time and as expected. If you’re looking for the best way to grow your business and make more sales, it all starts with getting feedback. Feedback can be used as the fuel for your marketing engine that grows your sales but also helps identify what you need to improve on. Kibly is a plug-n-play customer engagement engine that helps you collect 5x more feedback, reviews, rankings, and sales by automating the customer engagement process.

  • Easy setup, just a matter of minutes.
  •  The simple interface makes the software simpler to use.
  •  Effortless strategy building through A/B split testing.
  •  Blacklist customers that aren’t providing value to your business.
  •  Wide template varieties.


  •  Fewer features, but comparatively provides more value.
  •  Poor customer support experience.

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