Is LunaProxy the best residential proxy service for 2024? Let’s find out in this comprehensive LunaProxy review.

Did you know? The global proxy market is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2025, driven by the increasing need for data privacy and secure browsing.

As one of the leading players in this growing industry, LunaProxy stands out for its high-quality residential proxies, unlimited plans, and excellent customer support.

Over the next 2800+ words, I will provide you with an unbiased assessment of LunaProxy’s capabilities by evaluating key metrics like speed, uptime, support, and integrations.

Most importantly, I will share my final verdict based on my personal experience and research on whether LunaProxy is deserving of being crowned the #1 residential proxy service this year.

Starting Off with LunaProxy Review

LunaProxy Review

LunaProxy is a proxy IP service provider that has data centers located across the globe to offer residential proxy services in 195+ locations.

LunaProxy operates one of the largest pools of residential IP addresses across both fixed and rotating options. Their global private proxy network currently consists of over 200 million residential IPs.

The LunaProxy network leverages real residential IPs from ISPs rather than datacenter IPs. This allows for more trustworthy, human-like browsing behavior that can bypass anti-scraping systems.

It offers a vast array of proxy services including HTTP, rotating ISP, static data center, static ISP residential, and SOCKS5 proxies.

LunaProxy is accessible via both mobile and desktop platforms, offering users the convenience of instant IP address changes and the ability to effortlessly bypass suspensions and bans.

With a focus on user privacy and security, LunaProxy provides encrypted proxies that ensure user data remains safe and secure, while also offering high anonymity to prevent online activities from being traced back to the user.

The company stands out for delivering its promises for uptime, bandwidth, and support. LunaProxy’s proxies are widely regarded as one of the top options for scrapers and marketers.

Key Features & Benefits of Using LunaProxy

Based on several months of first-hand experience, below are some of the standout benefits I’ve seen with LunaProxy:

1. Reliable Uptime

LunaProxy guarantees 99.9% uptime across its residential proxy network. So far, I haven’t experienced any downtime or connection issues. The proxies maintain consistent uptime even when running heavy usage.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the best parts of LunaProxy is that all packages come with unlimited bandwidth. With competitors, you typically have to pay overage fees if you exceed the monthly caps.

But with LunaProxy, I’m able to scrape and download hundreds of gigabytes per month without worrying about additional bandwidth charges.

3. Global Proxy Locations

LunaProxy offers residential proxies in 195+ geographic locations globally. I’m able to mimic requests from different countries and regions to bypass geo-blocks and avoid raising red flags.

Some of the top proxy locations include the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and more.

4. Fast Proxies

Speed is critical when scraping time-sensitive data or conducting price monitoring. LunaProxy’s proxies deliver consistently fast speeds under 600ms for most locations.

I haven’t experienced any latency or crawling issues till now even when sending a high volume of concurrent requests.

5. Reliable Support

LunaProxy offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email. So far, I haven’t had to contact support much but when I have, they’ve quickly helped resolve any issues I was facing.

They also have an extensive knowledge base covering proxy setup, configurations, and troubleshooting.

LunaProxy Use Cases

LunaProxy Use Cases

Web Scraping and Data Mining

LunaProxy’s residential proxies are perfect for web scraping and harvesting data from target sites. The proxies mimic real human users to avoid bot detections and scraping blocks.

I’ve used LunaProxy successfully to scrape niche e-commerce sites, local business directories, social media pages, and real estate listing sites.

The rotating proxies and global IP locations enabled me to extract large volumes of data without getting flagged or blocked.

You know, the unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds were critical for scraping and downloading hundreds of gigabytes per month. LunaProxy’s proxies have proven highly effective for both small-scale focused crawls as well as large distributed scraping operations.


LunaProxy’s residential proxies are invaluable for the travel industry, where dynamic pricing models are common. By using these proxies, I can access travel websites from various locations to compare prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

This allows me to see different prices that may be offered to users from different geographic regions, helping to identify the best deals and avoid regional price discrimination.

Additionally, proxies can be used to monitor seat availability and keep track of promotions or discounts that are only available in certain markets.

For travel agencies and regular travelers alike, LunaProxy ensures access to the most competitive rates and information, which is crucial for planning and budgeting trips effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO tools often rely on proxies to analyze rankings and avoid getting flagged for scraping activity. LunaProxy provides fresh IPs on every request making it easy to check rankings for client sites.

The proxies have also worked flawlessly when conducting keyword research, backlink analysis, and website audits. I’ve been able to scrape extensive data from Google Search Console as well as third-party tools without hitting usage limits.

LunaProxy also supports location-targeted ranking checks. I can analyze ranking variations from different countries and regions to optimize international SEO campaigns.

Marketing Social Media

LunaProxy’s proxies are a powerful asset for social media marketing. They enable me to automate posting, engagement, and analytics across multiple social media accounts without the risk of being flagged as spam or bot activity.

This is crucial for maintaining an active and consistent presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

By mimicking real user behavior, LunaProxy helps me manage campaigns, schedule content, and analyze performance metrics efficiently, which is essential for growing a brand’s social media presence and engagement.

Price Monitoring and E-commerce

LunaProxy’s proxies are extremely useful for monitoring price changes across retailer sites. I’ve leveraged the proxies to track pricing fluctuations for hot holiday deals, flight ticket discounts, etc.

The proxies also work well for inventory monitoring, especially on limited-stock items that sell out quickly like gaming consoles or sneaker drops.

For e-commerce businesses, the proxies help analyze competitors’ pricing strategies, promotions, product catalogs, etc. to stay competitive.

Ad Verification and Fraud Detection

Online ad platforms impose strict usage limits on their APIs and dashboards. LunaProxy circumvents the limits by providing unlimited clean IPs for each request.

I’ve leveraged the proxies to monitor ad performance for clients across Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc. without hitting API limits or getting blocked. This provides comprehensive and uninterrupted analytics.

The proxies also help detect click fraud by analyzing suspicious click activity patterns from various locations. Their support for location targeting aids in ad verification.

Crawl Proxy

LunaProxy’s residential proxies serve as an excellent tool for crawling websites. They allow me to perform comprehensive scans for broken links, missing images, outdated content, and other site issues that could negatively impact user experience and SEO performance.

By using LunaProxy, I can ensure that crawlers are not blocked or served with different content, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the crawl.

This capability is particularly beneficial for SEO professionals and webmasters who need to keep their websites optimized for search engines and users.

Sneaker Proxies

For sneaker enthusiasts and resellers, LunaProxy’s sneaker proxies are specifically designed to collect limited-release sneakers from popular sites.

These proxies provide fast and reliable connections to sneaker websites during high-traffic releases, increasing the chances of successfully purchasing sought-after sneakers.

By using LunaProxy, I can avoid IP bans and purchase limits, allowing me to participate in multiple drops simultaneously from different geographic locations.

Market Survey

Conducting market surveys with LunaProxy’s residential proxies allows me to gather data on consumer preferences, opinions, and behaviors without geographical limitations.

By using proxies, I can ensure that surveys reach a diverse and representative audience, providing more accurate and valuable insights.

This is particularly useful for businesses looking to enter new markets or assess the potential of a product or service.

The anonymity provided by LunaProxy ensures that the survey results are unbiased and that the data collection process respects user privacy.

How to Setup LunaProxy? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Here, In this detailed guide, I will walk you through the complete process of setting up LunaProxy including:

  1. Signing up for an account.
  2. Purchasing proxy packages.
  3. Installing browser extensions.
  4. Configuring proxies manually.
  5. Integrating with web scraping tools.

1. Signing Up for a LunaProxy Account

  • Step 1: Go to LunaProxy’s website and click on “Login“.
Sign Up for a LunaProxy Account
  • Step 2: Enter your email and choose a password to sign up for a free account.
Setup a LunaProxy Free Account
  • Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email, click on the verification link to activate your account.

2. Purchasing Proxy Packages

LunaProxy offers a few different residential proxy packages based on your usage needs and budget:

Data PackageTotal CostCost per GBResidential ISPsValidity Period
5GB$15$3/GB200M+30+ Days
40GB$88$2.2/GB200M+30+ Days
150GB$225$1.5/GB200M+30+ Days
280GB$308$1.1/GB200M+30+ Days
1000GB + 20GB$816$0.8/GB200M+30+ Days

Let us now take a look at how to purchase proxy packages at LunaProxy:

  • Step 1: After logging in, visit the pricing page to view available options.
LunaProxy Pricing
  • Step 2: Choose a package that meets your port requirements (starts from $0.8/GB)
  • Step 3: Select your preferred payment method and complete the purchase.
Preferred payment method for LunaProxy Purchase

Once purchased, your proxy ports will be activated instantly.

3. Installing Browser Extensions

LunaProxy offers a handy browser extension for Chrome that makes it easy to configure the proxies.

LunaProxy Chrome Extension
LunaProxy Review 2024: Get 77% OFF [$0.7/GB] 200M+ Proxies 8
  • Step 2: Log into the extension using your LunaProxy credentials.
  • Step 3: You can now easily switch locations and rotate IPs directly within the browser.

4. Manual Proxy Configuration

You can also manually configure LunaProxy proxies by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Copy the hostname, port, username, and password from your LunaProxy dashboard.
  • Step 2: Enter these proxy credentials into your web scraping tool or browser network settings.
  • Step 3: Make sure to select the correct protocol – LunaProxy supports HTTP, SOCKS5, and HTTPS.

Here is an example of manual configuration:

  • Host:
  • Port: 12233
  • Username: customer-xxxx
  • Password: your_lunaproxy_password

5. Integrating with Web Scraping Tools

The LunaProxy residential proxies can be easily integrated with popular web scraping tools and libraries like Scrapy, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, etc.

To get started, simply input the proxy credentials (host, port, username, password) provided in your LunaProxy dashboard when instantiating the HTTP/SOCKS proxy objects in your code.

Why do I consider LunaProxy over other proxy services?

I consider LunaProxy over other proxy services for its exceptional blend of features tailored to my specific needs. Unlike many other providers, LunaProxy offers a vast pool of over 200 million residential IPs, ensuring I have access to a diverse range of geolocations for my tasks.

This extensive network coverage is crucial for my global data scraping and market research activities, allowing me to obtain localized content without the risk of geo-blocks or detection.

Moreover, LunaProxy’s commitment to reliability is evident in its 99.99% success rate, which means I can conduct my operations with minimal interruptions.

Additionally, the flexibility of unlimited concurrent sessions and unlimited bandwidth means I can scale my operations without worrying about additional costs or limitations.

The competitive pricing, with options as low as $0.80 per GB, makes LunaProxy an economical choice without compromising on quality or performance.

Finally, the user-friendly interface and the potential for earning through their affiliate program make LunaProxy not just a tool for my proxy needs but also a partner in my business growth.

These features, combined with their attentive customer support and user-centric approach, make LunaProxy my top choice for a proxy service provider.

LunaProxy Promo Code & Coupon 2024

As of 2024, LunaProxy provides a significant discount for new users, with 73% Off on dynamic residential proxies, making it an attractive offer for those just starting with their proxy needs.

Additionally, LunaProxy has a special promotion where purchasing the 1000GB data package grants an extra 20GB for free, ensuring even more value for high-volume users.

This deal is marked as “Hot Sales” a limited-time offer that users should take advantage of promptly.

Moreover, LunaProxy occasionally releases discount codes that can be applied at checkout for an extra discount.

For example, a 10% Off coupon code “VNSPLKJ9VUKR” and a 15% coupon code “LUNA1” have been popular among customers, providing a straightforward way to reduce the total cost of their purchase.

LunaProxy vs. Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

When considering a proxy service, it’s crucial to weigh the options against the competition. LunaProxy stands out in several areas, which I will detail below, comparing it to other leading proxy service providers like Smartproxy and Bright Data:

Feature/ServiceLunaProxySmartproxyBright Data
Residential IPs200M+65M+72M+
PricingStarts at $0.8/GBStarts at $1/GB (estimated)Custom pricing
Locations195+ countries195+ locations98+ countries
BandwidthUnlimitedDepends on planDepends on plan
Uptime99.99%99.99%Not specified
Support24/7 Customer Service24/7 Support24/7 Support
Free TrialAvailableAvailableAvailable

In this comparison, LunaProxy clearly beat the market with its vast IP pool, competitive pricing, and unlimited bandwidth, which are key factors for users who require extensive and flexible proxy services.

The simplicity of its user interface and an expert customer support team give LunaProxy an edge over its competitors.

While Smart Proxy and Bright Data also offer robust features, LunaProxy’s offerings are presented as particularly advantageous for a wide range of proxy use cases.

Security and Privacy Considerations Offered by LunaProxy

LunaProxy implements encryption technology to protect data during transmission, ensuring that user data is safeguarded from interception or unauthorized access.

The use of encryption is a critical aspect of LunaProxy’s security measures, as it helps maintain the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

In terms of authentication, LunaProxy supports IP whitelisting, which allows users to specify trusted IP addresses that can access the service without the need for username and password authentication.

This method enhances security by limiting access to authorized users only and simplifies the authentication process for those IPs.

LunaProxy’s privacy policy further demonstrates its commitment to user privacy. The company clearly states that it does not share personal information with third parties without user consent and takes measures to protect the security of user accounts and personal information.

LunaProxy’s adherence to privacy regulations and its proactive approach to user data protection is indicative of its dedication to maintaining a secure and private service for its users.

FAQs on LunaProxy

Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee with LunaProxy?

LunaProxy offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for users to test their services.

Can I use LunaProxy for sneaker bots?

Absolutely. The proxies work great for copping limited-release sneakers from sites like Adidas and Supreme.

Does LunaProxy have an API?

Yes, LunaProxy provides a powerful API to automate proxy management across your servers and applications.

Can I use LunaProxy for social media marketing?

Yes, their proxies support all major social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. without getting banned.

What payment methods does LunaProxy support?

LunaProxy accepts diverse payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, and wire transfers.

What types of proxies does LunaProxy provide?

LunaProxy provides dynamic residential proxies, static residential proxies, and rotating ISP proxies.

Does LunaProxy support IP whitelisting?

Yes, LunaProxy supports IP whitelisting for enhanced security and ease of access.

Is there a limit to the bandwidth I can use with LunaProxy?

LunaProxy offers unlimited bandwidth with their proxy packages, allowing for extensive use without additional charges.

How successful is LunaProxy in scraping APIs?

LunaProxy boasts a 100% success rate in scraping APIs, making it a reliable solution for data collection and web scraping activities.

How user-friendly is LunaProxy?

LunaProxy is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making managing and configuring proxies a breeze. It seamlessly integrates with existing web crawling tools.

Can LunaProxy be integrated with third-party tools?

Yes, LunaProxy can be easily integrated with any third-party tools, enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

How do I add my local IP to the IP whitelist on LunaProxy?

To add your local IP to the whitelist, log in to the LunaProxy website, click “Start Now,” go to “IP Allow List,” enter your local IP, and click “Add”.

Final Verdict

After several months of using LunaProxy for my web scraping and data mining activities, I’m thoroughly impressed with the performance, reliability, and value they provide.

The residential proxies work flawlessly to mimic real users and avoid bot detections. And the unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds make them perfect for heavy usage.

Based on my experience, I can confidently recommend LunaProxy as one of the best residential proxy services currently available in 2024.

With its high-performance residential proxies, thoughtful features, and helpful customer support, LunaProxy removes all the common pain points from collecting web data and proves that it will continue leading the industry.

For web scraping, data harvesting, SEO, and online marketers, LunaProxy should definitely be on your shortlist of proxy tools.

Don’t hesitate to check out LunaProxy and leverage their top-quality proxies for your needs in 2024!

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