Schedule entire campaigns in advance, so they are released perfectly? Confused about which social media marketing tool you should use? Social Media platforms have come to define communication channels in the modern world. It was but a matter of time that these platforms also became massive marketing channels.

You will be shocked to know the total amount of commerce generated by just making the right social media posts at the right time. In the early stages, social media management tools mainly dealt with helping support social media strategies by scheduling posts, bulk upload, and other content management-related tasks.

Today we have tools that can give relevant content suggestions, custom scheduling, and tools that can supplement all your social media marketing efforts.

Social Champ is one of the most helpful tools for anyone who does anything in social media. It combines the utility of some of the most popular social media tools available to create the ultimate social media marketing tool. In our detailed ✅Social Champ Review, let us go over how Social Champ can make you a champion of your vertical in no time and the features they provide to help you in that process.

Detailed Social Champ Review

Social Champ Review

Social Champ has been in the business for over five years now. They have one of the most rapid success stories that the industry has seen, primarily for their innovative range of features and straightforward interface. One of the best things about Social Champ is that it is integrated with all major online and social channels, so you can schedule posts on all platforms exactly when you want in complete sync.

It also displays the right way for you to present your posts to get maximum engagement. This includes suggesting the right hashtags and much more, which help you create the ideal posts for every campaign on every platform.

Let’s take a look at the features which set it apart from the hundreds of social media management tools available in the market.

Key Features of Social Champ

The full range of features that will support your social media efforts is very extensive, so we will go over some of the top features they offer. All of these features are available for all major social media networks.

#1. Activity Tracking and Social Media Dashboard

When you enter all your social media profiles after joining Social Champ, it will start collaborating with the social networks to get detailed insights into understanding your audience.

Activity Tracking and Social Media Dashboard

All actions and interactions with your social accounts are tracked, and you can monitor them down to the last click. Monthly and weekly analytics are available to do a performance analysis of various campaigns on multiple social profiles.

All data is stored, and you can make infographics for your management presentations or even for your portfolio. Engagement tracking, keyword tracking are all features built into the report itself. All data points compiled here are platform-specific metrics that are important to building an audience on social platforms.

If you minutely understand your audience on every platform, then all your campaigns automatically benefit. Ready-to-present analytical reports are available in the PDF platform, which can be customized for your agency or your client’s brand.

Quickly identify which content works best for your audience, so you always focus on that kind of content and get consistent engagement.

#2. Scheduling Content

The content dashboard part of the Social Champ interface is one of the most intuitive additions to a social media scheduling tool.

Scheduling Content

Features like mentions, hashtag manager, design integrations, and mainly sentiment manager are essential parts of the user interface. Sentiment manager is a tool based on a common practice in social media management, i.e., Sentiment Analysis. The tool takes the analysis data and allows you to maintain the same tone for a brand across all the content that you want to publish by optimizing the content for that theme.

The hashtag manager similarly clubs together all brand-appropriate hashtags, so your promotional tags do not conflict with your main content. Their scheduling feature is very diverse. It allows you to create and schedule fresh content and rebrand old content to keep it up to the times.

Post scheduling can be done for both of these at any time, and on any platform you want. You have the option to create a queue and add your preferred timings or set up the complete publication workflow by picking the time and date yourself. This is done to ensure that you get excellent scheduling automation software that you can maintain control over.

If your analytics show certain types of content work best when uploaded at certain times, you can schedule that type of content to be automatically uploaded at those times, so you don’t have to choose that option every time you post.

#3. Recycle & Repeat Content

The repeat feature is focused on allowing you to consistently repost content until you achieve the goals you set out for it. You can also choose if you want to retain or repost published content and if you want to keep it or remove it. 

Recycle and Repeat content

You can also use this feature to test out the times when different kinds of posts perform the best. This is integrated with your analytics platform so your repost’s success can be tracked directly. Recycle is another powerful feature as it allows you to get more value out of your content creation. Your evergreen content that can be made relevant again with slight editing is already highlighted to get engagement from them again.

You can also create a collection of content in batches to use in your upcoming campaigns. Attach a UTM tracker while doing this to monitor various metrics through Google Analytics directly.

#4. Auto-RSS

One of the most innovative automation features that we have in the market, Auto-RSS, allows you to essentially relax a little from having to content fresh content constantly.


Connect your favorite brand-appropriate blogs to your social media accounts, and their new content will be added to your profiles automatically.

The automation tool will create a post that includes the key image from the blog post and a link to the same. Social Champ can publish the content for you in a 30-minute time frame, or you can create a custom sequence and add your preferred timings. Auto-RSS can be customized to add titles, mentions, descriptions, and hashtags if you want your automated posts to have that human touch.

#5. Workspaces and Team Collaboration

No modern workplace is complete without collaboration between teams and certainly not a group of social media managers.

Team Collaboration

You can collaborate with various parts of your team with the option for you to hide your credentials. Social Champ has recently added a workspaces feature to help you group multiple social media channels of different clients and add concerned team members only on those channels.

Post-approval can be enabled or disabled for any team members, for particular campaigns, and some social media profiles (of, say, high profile clients) so you can check all content before it goes live. You can also directly share the workspace with clients or with the person who manages that particular client so that they can approve and upload the posts.

#6. Bulk Upload

You can schedule uploads for up to the next three years with Social Champ. Just create a CSV file with the links, pictures, hashtags, mentions, and text that will go with the uploads, and you’re ready to go.

Bulk Upload

All the posts you schedule uploads to can be seen in the social media calendar to edit or post/prepone.

#7. WordPress Plugin

The Social Champ WordPress plugin, after installation, allows you to add your WordPress posts to your social media profile as well. This is a feature essentially geared towards users who want to interact with users from their WordPress site and maintain a solid social media presence.

Multiple tags, featured images, custom content options are available if you want to edit content before it goes to Social Media. Essential for users who want to be social media marketers alongside their affiliate marketing blog and all permutation combinations of the same. The plugin is compatible with Facebook (pages and groups), Instagram (requires business account), Linkedin (profile pages), Pinterest (user boards), Google My Business, and Twitter profiles.

#8. Tool Integrations

In addition to the content dashboard’s library of free images Canva, Crello, and Wave.Video is available as part of the Social Champ experience.

Can You Get Social Champ for Free?

Social Champ offers a seven-day free trial without having to input any credit card information.

Social Champ Free Trial

There is no free plan after your free trial ends, though. You can get a free trial on any of the plans that we mention below.

Social Champ Pricing Plans

Social Champ offers a variety of pricing options as they understand the various kinds of users who can generate value from their software.

Social Champ Pricing

Their pricing plans are outlined below:

Professional: $9/month

Handle 15 social accounts and schedule up to 300 posts for all 15 of those accounts. Live chat customer support is available for a single user with one user workspace. Get a performance report every week from Social Champ for all campaigns handled by their tool.

Champion: $26/month

Handle 25 accounts and schedule 1000 posts for all 25 of these accounts. You normally get two users and two workspaces on this plan, but you can pay an extra $8 per user seat every month.

Bulk Scheduling and Auto RSS feeds are available with the option to recycle content and their special Instagram First Comment functionality. Weekly Performance reports are available here also.

Business: $89/month

Handle 50 social accounts and schedule 1500 posts on any of these accounts. All Champion and Starter pack features are available here but with additional users and workspaces, six users, and six workspaces, along with a cheaper per extra member cost, at $6/month for every extra user.

Agency: $179/month

Handle 100 social accounts and schedule 2000 posts per account. A total of 11 users and 11 workspaces can use all the features that we mentioned with the addition of Monthly Performance reports. A yearly plan can be obtained for all of these plans by choosing the bill annually option on signup.

🌟 Social Champ FAQ

🙄What is Social Champ?

For smart marketing, an all-in-one social media management solution. Upload, schedule, and re-post to many social media accounts at the same time.

🔎Which social networking platforms does Social Champ support?

Facebook (Pages & Groups)
LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages)
Instagram (Reminders & Business)
Google My Business

🤔Is Social Champ good?

Social Champ is a fantastic solution for a small advertising agency, digital publications, and social media managers who manage multiple accounts and require a service that allows for rapid control of social networks.

🔎Is it possible to save a draft of a post?

With the ‘Store Draft’ option on the main content dashboard, Social Champ saves your posts as a draft.

🙄What is the maximum number of posts that can be scheduled?

You can schedule 300 posts per social profile for the Pro Package, 1000 posts for the Champ Plan, & 1500 posts for the Business Plan, depending on the plan you choose.

🤔 Is social Champ free?

The monthly cost of Social Champ starts at $10.00 per feature. A free trial of Social Champ is available.

🤔Is it true that Social Champ recycles posts?

Users can create a collection and run a campaign of their evergreen content using Social Champ’s ‘Recycle’ function.

Conclusion: Social Champ Review 2024 | Should you really buy this tool?

The fact that none of the major social media agencies work without social media management software points to their importance. The best thing about Social Champ is that it is not restrictive to the use of social media agencies as such. You can be a business owner, an individual content creator, or even a digital marketer who wants to expand into social media, and Social Champ will aid your efforts.

Social Champ became very popular after Guy Kawasaki, a popular content creator, recommended it in his videos. This is another example of how this tool can help all users get value from it.

Guy Kawasaki was already extremely popular when he started using Social Champ. However, he still made it a point to recommend it to his users without any paid partnership of any kind. Digital spaces are defined by who can hold the attention of a set of users whose attention span is rather limited. Ensure the success of all your social media campaigns by joining Social Champ today.🏅🏅

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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