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Is it with limited and exclusive products you are about to be amazed by the Shopify Booster Theme review, features, and benefits?

You can boost your conversion rate with the sales funnels’ help, which can be initiated with the Shopify Booster Theme that comes with extra productive features and stunning designs.

I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to this, when buying something online, we always see some products relevant to what we want to buy, like, if you are buying a mobile, it shows some back covers, if you are buying a torch, it suggests you buy a battery. This is called up-selling, and the Shopify Booster Theme review is quite popular and has a great success.

Optimization for Mobile

Mobile has changed the world’s course and has ended up being the most frequently used electronic device in the world. The tool has been made with a high level of compatibility so to avoid mishaps. Regular updates make it quite easier every time, which results in taking the sales bar high.

Dropshipping has become the star of the market, and it makes the business easier. In the world of dropshipping, the platform matters the most. This post will give you an idea about the Shopify Booster theme review to make an informed decision.

Shopify has got quite a few themes that have an eye-catching appearance. The dropshipping stores can benefit a lot with this and the amazingly simplified features. It also has some of the plugins for use.

Detailed Shopify Booster Theme Review

Shopify Booster Theme Review

This is the base of dropshipping. A well planned and convincing outline for the store is made. If we talk about sales, Shopify will boost the conversion ratio by providing an ultimate solution and new ideas.

This will have a firm hand on the upselling part. It brings the relevant products to the front as a suggestion.

The Booster theme review has a lot of plugins with different features. It opens up a new world of features that are unknown to the world currently. With the new themes new stores can be created, you can make a mini sales funnel, which boosts the output not as much as the actual sales funnel, but you can rest assured that this will not be a disappointment.

Just so you know, it includes the sales page, checkout option, which takes you straight to the checkout page and the add-on upsells.

Booster Theme: The new version

The new version of the booster theme 3.0 has been tested several times, and the results seem to be pretty out of harm’s way. But still, it is better to be late than sorry, so, if you wish, you can test it your possible ways to make sure everything is fine, not that it is not, but for you’re your good.

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What makes the Shopify Booster Theme different?

The design has been made a lot catchier and perfectly fit to be seen. The countdown timer has now been displayed in a better for the benefit of the user, and the page layout has now been made wider. Now you can choose amongst product page designs.

This page has been made for the second product. This method or page is also used by the giants of the industry, such as Amazon.

The old version had two columns; they made it three instead. All the columns serve different purposes. The first column takes care of the media part, the next one is for the product description, and the third one shows the purchases.

  • Incorporation of the new products

The review, such as Loox and Ali, is now linked to the booster theme. This new feature has linked almost all the liked apps straight to the booster theme, and this made it a lot convenient.

Shopify Booster Theme Discount
  • Currency Converter Integration

The business is now in the worldwide expansion mode. Hence, they have to deal with different currencies. They have worked out a way and made things easier in terms of dealing with different currencies by making the currency converter better.

  • Action Bar

Just for your convenience, a new action bar has been created, which can be added to the store. This makes navigation pretty simple and can be used directly as the main menu.

  • Making it better

The Sales Notification design has been redesigned and will promisingly provide a better user experience.

  • Header Style and strip function

This adds a little elegance to the slideshow. This kind of watermark brings out a new touch to the image text overlay section. Also, the messages are now operated on an automated function. It is also able to display several messages without any interruption.

  • Testimonial section

It is a little achievement, yet I believe it is worth mentioning, Booster has raised the rankings under the testimonial section.

  • Product pages and Badges

The badges are now to the best of today’s world. You are at the liberty of being creative with your store. HTML section has upgraded and has also been added to the home page.

  • Benefits

It is very important when we use an online tool or work on any software. It should be user friendly and should be less time-consuming. The uncomplicated and beneficial Booster theme is simple and fast. It takes much lesser time and is quite smooth to use, which results in better user experience.

Booster Theme Pricing Plan

Shopping online is good, but the most tiresome part, I believe, is the checkout process. Half of the customers do not complete the transaction or rather just quit right before checkout. It is because of the time it takes.

Here, with the Shopify Booster theme review, it is not the same. Once you are done, it straight away takes you to the checkout page without taking any of your valuable time. This plays an important role in terms of conversions. The installation process starts with just a click.

Shopify Booster Theme Features

Countdown Timer

As mentioned earlier, the countdown timer can increase orders due to scarcity. If you want to turn this feature on you can, or leave it out. You can set the timer to countdown from any time and then perform various options such as stop, restart or redirect the user somewhere else.

Savvy users will know this timer is complete nonsense, but most visitors will genuinely assume the sale is ending.

Visitor Counter

This increases the uniqueness of the products in the store. It hides the information on the quantity of a particular product sold. This makes the store well-liked.

🌌 Cross-Sell Pop up

The cross-sell pop up is used for upselling. This pops up once you reach the checkout page.

💱 Currency Converter

This is of great help in doing business with different currencies. If you run a business from Australia and you have a keen interest in developing it in France, the price calculations and other financial aspects become quite difficult.

The currency converter has proven to be beneficial in calculating the price with the conversion rates into the account.

🚢 Free Plus Shipping Offer

With customizable buttons and texts, this feature presents a free promotional offer.

📧 Email Discounts

The Email Discount plugin is used to collect data from the consumer, and in return, there are discount codes/coupons, etc. sent to the customer. The discounts can be any amount set by you.

🎯 Product Reviews

It is a third-party app developed to incorporate product reviews with the booster theme. The new version is quite simplified, which has made the updating part faster and easier.

🌟 Shopify Booster Theme FAQ

What is Shopify Booster Theme?

Shopify Booster Theme is the layout or style pack for your online Shopify store. As we all know, Shopify is one of the greatest platforms that offer its own style theme, which helps you to looks your store great. Shopify also provides a great way that allows you to set up your sales funnel. Originally this theme was known as Shopify Booster, and later it is changed to Booster Theme.

How to upload the Booster theme?

Log in to your store admin, and you will find an online store icon on the left side of the page. Right-click on the button, and you will see the option called “More Themes” below that you need to click on the “Upload Theme” button. If your theme’s uploading is finished, click on the Premium Booster Theme button and then click on the Publish. Once you published your theme, then it will activate it in your store.

Are booster themes worthwhile?

At present, the Shopify Booster theme is the best high converting theme for a dropshipping business. You do not need to worry about the high sale conversion as everything is already setup for you.

What is the refund policy of the Shopify Booster theme?

Once you purchase the Shopify Booster theme’s subscription, they do not offer you any refund.

Conclusion: Shopify Booster Theme Review 2022 | Should you really go for it?

Experience is the mother of wisdom. Booster theme being the foremost tool of the industry, it has extensive expertise. Certainly, when you opt for something new, we have a few expectations; you will not be disappointed by the booster theme.

It has an easy on the pocket pricing structure as compared to others. The reviews will automatically fall on the positive side. Also, the installation process is worth the price.

The booster theme has evolved and now has made a provision in more than ten different languages. In my research over the booster theme, I read a review from someone (didn’t mention his/her name) who says, “I am in an improved situation and theme has proven to be the most valuable, useful and profitable.” This is a testimony to the victories of the booster theme.

If you ask for my advice, I would suggest you go for it.😊

Shopify Booster Theme Review logo
Shopify Booster Theme Review
0out of 10

Shopify Booster Theme is the most converting theme with so many features to help you build a better store, and it is fully responsive. With the Shopify Booster Theme, your customers will love shopping in your Shopify store and get more sales than ever before.

  •  It boosts user experience.
  •  It will increase conversion rate and sales.
  •  Trusted by 45000+ Shopify stores.
  •  100% Satisfaction guaranteed.


  •  There is no live chat support.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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