Are you wondering about the utmost ways to generate more traffic and convert them into business via a Landing Page? Well, if yes, then you must craft your website with Unbounce.

Unbounce is a conversion generation platform that enables you to create a traffic-driven landing page using multiple tools. On the Unbounce landing page, you will get Unbounce templates that will help you to create lucrative conversion-boosting landing pages. While using Unbounce, you don’t have to be tech-savvy. In short, knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP is not mandatory to access Unbounce.

If you are a mere novice and need to start a business, or else if you are an entrepreneur and looking to boost the business, then traffic is required on a website. The proper use of traffic is essential, and your prime focus is to convert such traffic into the business. To achieve this task, you must read our honest Unbounce reviews.

Why Unbounce Review??

The review is very important to judge any products or services. Here, in Unbounce reviews, you will get comprehensive information about Unbounce, its tools, pricing, pros, and cons, etc.

Detailed Unbounce Review (Best Landing Page Builder?)

Unbounce Review

It is indeed the best landing page builder that provides unique and advanced plugins to scale your marketing campaigns to the next level. It helps you to design a landing page for the lead conversion. In short, Unbounce has given you a platform to generate the lead directly from the landing page. After creating a landing page, you need to compel the traffic to act.

Unbounce comes with various features, and the major one is the A/B testing that optimizes the conversions. The other tools include popups, sticky bars, and AI algorithms.

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👉 Steps to redeem Unbounce coupon code

Once you get the coupon code, then you can use it smoothly. The process is very simple, and all you need to follow the steps listed below.

  • Open your browser and go to the Unbounce official website.
  • On the homepage, you will get the “Start My Free Trial” Link. Click on it.
  • Next, move to the Plans section and then select the one that is beneficial for you.
  • After selecting the desired plan, you will be directed to the Order Summary Page, and beneath the Price Plan, you will get the Referral box.
  • Now, enter the Unbounce coupon code or copy from the website and paste the same in the box.
  • Soon, you will find that the final amount is deducted, which means you got the discount on the respective plan.

Unbounce coupon code saves your cost, and it comes in various proportions. Sometimes, you will get 20% off or even 30 % off. So, make sure to visit this site regularly to grab the coupon code.

Features Of Unbounce

📟 Ultimate landing page builder

To design a landing page on a website is quite nasty. Moreover, if you are unaware of HTML, PHP, or JavaScript codes, it will be just like a nightmare for you to create a landing page.

Unbounce Landing Page

But, a big thanks to Unbounce because it brought a drop & drop landing page feature. You can drag & drop your favorite template on your landing page to make it lucrative in simple terms. While designing, you can customize the landing page and even add or remove the unwanted elements you want.

You can easily create a new campaign by cloning and editing features. Through this, you can save your time and effort and can bypass the new start for a landing page. The publishing time is very short, which means you can live your website in no time. In Unbounce, you will get 100+ templates that will help you to design the landing page more conveniently.

💻 Conversion tools – Popups & sticky bars

Unbounce offers unique conversion tools, and they are popups and sticky bars. These two tools will boost your business by converting traffic to leads.

Unbounce popups & sticky bars

You just need to drag & drop them on the landing page to use the popups and sticky bars. There is a template for the popups that will help you to design the page more effectively. You got the control to choose the right audience through the popups. Moreover, this feature works with Dynamic Text Replacement, and together you can trigger the authentic audience. In Unbounce, you will get additional features of popups. This means you can place the popups anywhere on the landing page, such as on arrival, on a click, on exit, and many more.

In the conversion tool, you will get the schedule feature. It will enable you to play with the promotions as you want just by scheduling them.

🥉 Sticky bars

Sticky Bar is a tool that brings the users’ attention to the landing page’s ads. It is a header that remains static even when the users scroll down the respective page.

Unbounce sticky bars

The sticky bar focuses on the ads, and it continuously remains in front of the users, and it triggers them to take action on that particular ad.

Bonus tips: Among the users, if the one is already converted, try to avoid showing the same popups to him/her. The reason is they may get distracted, and you may leave the potential lead. Moreover, try to use the sticky bars for mobile users to avoid search engine penalties.

🏹 Advanced testing

Unbounce offers an A/B testing feature to optimize the landing page as well as popups. This feature will generate traffic to the leads. The use of the A/B testing feature is quite simple, and within a few clicks, you can optimize your landing page.

🧭 Outstanding analytics

Analysis of the work is very important to get the best output. Moreover, analysis helps you to know what you have done and what you need to do. Unbounce Analytics feature is the best in class, which shows the insights of your landing page. Using the dashboard of Unbounce, you can get the analytics report.

But for the optimum result, you can go with Unbounce integrations with Google Analytics. After integrating the same, you can see the user’s behavior or actions on the landing page via event measurement. This method will broaden your vision to attract more traffic to your landing page.

📑 Dynamic text replacement

Dynamic Text Replacement is the outstanding feature of Unbounce through which you can place the exact search the users are looking for. Let’s understand this dynamic text in a brief form. For instance, if your ads on the landing page show the Smartphone and the user is looking for a Samsung smartphone. Then, in this case, you can apply dynamic text on a landing page that will match the exact user search to your ads. This is the most appropriate method to enable the users to take action on the Ads.

💨 CRM feature & client tool

If you are handling multiple works of a client and need to manage efficiently, then the Unbounce client feature is good for you. It is a tool that will help you to manage and track the client works on a single account.

CRM technology is a pretty efficient way to build and manage potential and existing customers. Through the same, you can enhance your business by managing your customers. Unbounce offers the CRM feature, too, and you can easily grab this feature.

💹 Advanced AI – Smart traffic

Unbounce offers a Smart Traffic feature that is completely embedded with advanced AI. It will monitor the behavior of users and then will direct them to the respective landing page.

The AI follows some pattern to perform the task that includes, user’s location and the device they are using. The same helps the users too to get the best experience of the landing page on their device. Smart traffic boosts the business by converting 20% of the traffic to leads. But it is a new feature and still in Beta form.

📱 Accelerated mobile page

AMP is a feature to make the website handy for mobile users. This is quite good for those users who work mostly on mobile. Unbounce is the first one that offers the AMP service to the members. Through this, you can connect to most of the users irrespective of the devices they are using. Unbounce offers an AMP template and using this, and you can make your website accessible for mobile users.

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Unbounce pricing varies as per the plan, and that starts from $80/month to $300/month. Let’s descriptively see the plan.

Unbounce Pricing Plans

The initial plan starts at $80/month, and in this plan, you will get 75 landing pages and 8 Popups & Sticky Bars. Well, this plan is basically for beginners who want to start their business. The next plan is the Premium one that starts from $120/month. In this plan, you will get 150 landing pages and 16 Popups & Sticky Bars. Apart from these features, you will get client sub-accounts and AMP features.

The last plan is the Enterprise one, where you will get 375+ landing pages and 40+ Popups & Sticky bars. To get this plan, you will have to invest $300/month and then grab the full features of Unbounce.

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However, if you are running out of money but still want to access Unbounce, you can use Unbounce Coupon. The same will help you get the plan at a discounted price, and check the above information that will help you to know about the Coupon code and redeem process.

Unbounce Customer Support

Customer Support is always essential as they guide you to take the right path to essence the product or services’ flavor.

Unbounce Customer Support

Unbounce provides customer support to their members so that they can access the Unbounce features without any interruptions. The support team works from 5 AM to 5 PM PST, and the mode of contact is Phone, email, and live chat. You can choose any medium to resolve your queries.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent Dynamic Text Replacement.
  • Amazing AMP feature.
  • Outstanding Customer Support.
  • A/B Testing in few clicks.


  • Lack of Grid creates confusion while creating a page.
  • Lack of Beginner Tutorial.

Unbounce Alternatives & Competitors

Since time, various Unbounce competitors came into the market that offers landing page building with AMP feature. Few of them are provided below that offer more or less the same features offered by Unbounce.

  • ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels enables you to create a website offering few features such as lead conversion, landing page builder, and drag & drop.

  • InstaPage

The landing page builder offers the utmost and comprehensive solution in creating a landing page for a WordPress website.

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub

It offers a CRM platform that brings the right audience to your website. Moreover, it also offers an inbound marketing campaign.

🌟 Unbounce FAQ

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a highly converting landing page platform that helps you to build a beautiful landing page.

How much does Unbounce cost?

Unbounce offers four affordable pricing plans that are Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Scale. The Launch plan costs you $72/mo, the Optimize plan costs you $108/mo, the Accelerate plan costs you $180/mo, and the Scale plan can costs you $270/mo. By using our special Unbounce coupon code, you can save upto 20% off.

Does Unbounce offer any free trial?

Yes, Unbounce 14 days free trial to its new user. Click here to start your Unbounce 14 days free trial and also get a 20% discount.

Does Unbounce offer any discounts or coupons?

Check the above-mentioned Unbounce discount coupon code that helps you enjoy 20% off and a 14 days free trial. Click this link to grab a 20% discount and free trial.

Final Verdicts:

This was all about Unbounce, its features, coupon code, and the ways to redeem it. If you want more conversion from the traffic on your website, then Unbounce is the best platform.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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