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  • One of the largest pools of advertisers in the world
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  • Advanced technical support for both advertisers and publishers
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  • Flexible campaign options along with smart offer targeting

Affiliate marketers and publishers know the value of a good offer. Finding the right offer at the right time can make all the difference in boosting your earnings. However, sifting through offers on individual networks can take time and effort. OfferWall ad networks simplify the process by aggregating offers from multiple advertisers in one place.

We’ll compare the reach, targeting capabilities, and payout models of major networks while you’ll also learn strategies to select the right ad formats and placements to drive high eCPMs. With the explosion of mobile gaming, OfferWalls presents a compelling way to capitalize on this growth.

Join us as we break down the numbers and demystify how to choose the suitable ad network that will optimize your monetization.

What are OfferWall Ad Networks?

OfferWall Ad Networks are a unique form of in-app advertising that allows developers to monetize their apps by rewarding user engagement. They act like a mini-store within an app, presenting users with a variety of offers or tasks to complete in exchange for in-app rewards. These tasks can range from watching ads and completing surveys to registering a username or making in-app purchases.

Some of the key features offered include:

  • Boosts in-app purchasing
  • Promotes higher user retention
  • Non-intrusive consented to advertise
  • User-initiated, non-disruptive
  • Improves user experience
  • Delivers high eCPMs
  • Monetizes non-spenders

Top OfferWall Ad Networks for Affiliates and Publishers

OfferWall Ad NetworksStandalone Feature of the Ad Network
AdmobRelevant and targeted ads
MyLeadSmart targeting and flexible campaigns
OGAdsHigh-paying apps are available
UnityConnects to over 60 demand sources
KevelAd Selection based on several factor
AppLovinLarge pool of Advertisers
Media.netGot Contextual Ads
Adscend MediaSuperior monetization solutions
CPA LeadReal-time bidding marketplace
WannadsAutomated and Segmented Offers
TapjoyOne billion monthly users
Grab Rewards3X Conversion Rate Compared to Others
Persona.lyPersonalized ad experiences

1. Admob


AdMob, a leading ad network by Google, offers app developers a powerful platform to monetize their apps through high-quality ads and advanced app monetization technology. AdMob’s OfferWall integration allows developers to leverage its extensive global advertiser demand, ensuring a wide variety of offers and tasks for users to engage with.

AdMob’s mediation feature further enhances its OfferWall capabilities by enabling developers to serve ads from multiple sources, including third-party ad networks, maximizing fill rates and revenue. With a focus on user experience, AdMob ensures that ads are relevant and non-disruptive, contributing to higher user retention and engagement.

Key Features of AdMob OfferWall Ad Network

  • Global advertiser demand
  • Advanced app monetization
  • Mediation feature
  • Relevant, targeted ads
  • High fill rates
  • Supports multiple ad formats

2. MyLead


MyLead, a renowned affiliate network, presents its Offerwall solution as a game-changer for app developers and affiliate marketers alike. With a commitment to support and mentoring, MyLead stands out by providing unparalleled customer service, ensuring affiliates receive the assistance they need every step of the way.

Key to MyLead’s success is its Offerwall – carefully tested by trusted publishers and designed to empower affiliates with a robust platform for monetization. MyLead offers a wide array of features tailored specifically for maximizing earnings through the Offerwall. With customizable options and responsive design, affiliates can seamlessly integrate the Offerwall into their user experience, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

Key Features of MyLead OfferWall Ad Network

  • Advanced technical support
  • Extensive offer selection
  • Flexible campaign options
  • Fair compensation structure
  • Collaboration with leading advertisers
  • Seamless integration
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • iOS & Android apps

3. OGAds


OGAds is a mobile and desktop affiliate network that specializes in helping affiliates, webmasters, and developers monetize their mobile and desktop traffic by promoting iOS and Android apps, as well as content surveys and downloads for desktops. With a focus on social media publishers, OGAds offers a top mobile content locker in the industry, featuring exclusive high-paying apps and weekly burst campaigns.

The platform’s content locker is a popular tool among top social media publishers, driving earnings through promotions on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and other platforms. OGAds provides a variety of social media offers with high payouts, ranging from $11 to $75 per conversion.

Key Features of OGAds OfferWall Ad Network

  • Mobile & Desktop affiliate
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Content surveys & downloads
  • Top mobile content locker
  • High-paying apps
  • Weekly burst campaigns
  • Social media focus
  • High payouts per conversion
  • User-friendly platform
  • Wide range of offers

4. Unity

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a robust mobile game ad network platform that provides developers with a comprehensive suite of monetization tools. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into your app, offering a variety of ad formats such as rewarded video, full-screen interstitials, and banners.

Unity Ads connects your game to over 60 demand sources through a single SDK, allowing you to manage and optimize your ad strategy effectively. It also offers in-app purchases (IAPs) integration, enabling you to monetize your app further. Unity Ads is particularly beneficial for OfferWall Ad Networks, as it provides a fair first-price auction system, ensuring competitive bids for your ad space.

Key Features of Unity OfferWall Ad Network

  • Offers a variety of ad formats.
  • Connects your game to over 60 demand sources.
  • Allows integration of in-app purchases into your game economy.
  • Provides tools to manage the ad content shown in your games.
  • Provides powerful reporting tools for ad strategy optimization.
  • User Acquisition Strategy to choose the type of campaign base.
  • Access the Unity Ads Network through your preferred mediation provider.

5. Kevel


Kevel is a robust ad server that provides the infrastructure APIs needed to build custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, native ads, and more. It offers a unified ad platform that allows for any ad format and creative, and management of multiple demand sources.

Kevel’s server-side APIs simplify scaling your ad business, focusing on revenue while handling the tech. The platform is designed to serve relevant, non-invasive ads, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Kevel’s ad engine selects an ad to serve based on various factors, including the creative’s size, targeting, and goal settings, and the channel’s priority for the flight. This ensures that the most relevant and effective ads are displayed, maximizing engagement and revenue.

Key Features of Kevel OfferWall Ad Network

  • Infrastructure APIs
  • Custom ad platforms
  • Unified ad platform
  • Server-side APIs
  • Relevant, non-invasive ads
  • Ad selection based on various factors
  • Flexible ad formats
  • Multiple demand sources
  • User-friendly experience

6. AppLovin


AppLovin is a prominent ad network that empowers app developers with advanced monetization solutions and access to a vast pool of advertisers. With its focus on mobile gaming, AppLovin’s OfferWall integration provides users with a diverse range of offers and tasks, ensuring high user engagement and retention.

AppLovin’s MAX mediation platform allows developers to manage multiple ad networks, optimizing fill rates and revenue. By leveraging AppLovin’s proprietary technology and data-driven approach, developers can maximize their app’s monetization potential and drive profitable growth.

Key Features of AppLovin OfferWall Ad Network

  • Mobile gaming focus
  • MAX mediation platform
  • Data-driven approach
  • Large advertiser pool
  • Optimized fill rates
  • User engagement emphasis
  • Diverse offer selection
  • AI-based optimization
  • Multi-channel success

7. Media.net

Media.net ad network

Media.net is a leading global advertising company that provides a comprehensive suite of monetization tools for app developers. It is a contextual ad network that connects publishers with advertisers to deliver highly relevant ads to their website visitors. Media.net manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites and its platform and products are licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech companies worldwide.

Media.net uses advanced contextual targeting technology to ensure the ads delivered to users are highly relevant and likely to result in clicks and conversions. Media.net’s OfferWall integration can provide app developers with a diverse range of offers and tasks, ensuring high user engagement and retention.

Key Features of Media.net OfferWall Ad Network

  • Contextual ad network
  • Advanced targeting technology
  • High-quality ad supply
  • Large publisher network
  • Customizable ad units
  • Premium advertiser roster
  • Cross-format header bidding
  • Exclusive access to search demand
  • Native ad budgets

8. Adscend Media

Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a renowned ad network that provides a suite of monetization solutions, including OfferWall, Rewarded Video, and Affiliate Marketing. With a focus on rewards-based ad solutions, Adscend Media allows users to earn rewards by completing quick actions such as downloading apps or watching videos.

Adscend Media’s platform is utilized by over 35,000 publishers in 180+ countries, demonstrating its global reach and popularity. The company’s proprietary fraud-fighting solution, Total Fraud Defense, ensures the integrity of its ad network. Adscend Media’s OfferWall integration provides a diverse range of offers and tasks, promoting high user engagement and retention.

Key Features of Adscend Media OfferWall Ad Network

  • Rewards-based ad solutions
  • Global publisher network
  • Total Fraud Defense
  • Diverse offer selection
  • High user engagement
  • Superior monetization solutions
  • Quick action rewards
  • High-quality video and display
  • Dedicated account management
  • Market research integration

9. CPA Lead


CPA Lead is a performance-based ad network that specializes in delivering installs for Android and iOS apps. It connects mobile app developers, CPI networks, and over 1,750,000 publishers through a real-time bidding marketplace, enabling them to generate revenue from CPI offers.

CPA Lead’s OfferWall integration allows app developers to monetize their in-game premium content using in-game rewards in exchange for CPI offer interaction. The network supports targeting by country and device, ensuring that the right audience is reached. With a reputation for delivering high-performing CPI offers and daily payments, CPA Lead is recognized as an industry leader in the ad network space.

Key Features of CPA Lead OfferWall Ad Network

  • Performance-based network
  • Real-time bidding marketplace
  • In-game rewards integration
  • Country and device targeting
  • High-performing CPI offers
  • Daily payments
  • Large publisher network
  • Android and iOS app installs
  • Direct relationships with advertisers
  • Industry leader reputation

10. Wannads


Wannads is a platform that enables app developers, website owners, and game creators to monetize their platforms effectively. With tools like Mobile SDK and OfferWall, Wannads provides an opportunity to earn from users who do not generate a direct profit. The platform offers automated, segmented, and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries, ensuring a diverse range of tasks for users.

Wannads is recognized for its user-friendly interface, high conversion rates, and ability to monetize traffic through various types of ads like OfferWall, CPA, CPI, and surveys. With a reputation for timely payments and dedicated support, Wannads has become a preferred choice for many publishers worldwide.

Key Features of Wannads OfferWall Ad Network

  • Mobile SDK and OfferWall
  • Automated, segmented offers
  • Global reach
  • High conversion rates
  • Diverse ad types
  • Timely payments
  • Dedicated support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatically translated offers

11. Tapjoy


Tapjoy is a leading mobile advertising and app monetization platform that empowers advertisers to connect with over one billion monthly active users through value exchange advertising. With a focus on mobile games and apps,

Tapjoy’s OfferWall integration allows app developers to monetize their content, grow their audiences, and reward their users. Tapjoy offers a variety of ad formats, including rewarded video ads and in-app purchases, ensuring high user engagement and retention. The platform is trusted by companies such as Scopely, Glu, Ludia, and many of the top 200 grossing app publishers.

Key Features of Tapjoy OfferWall Ad Network

  • Value exchange advertising
  • One billion monthly users
  • Rewarded video ads
  • In-app purchases
  • High user engagement
  • Trusted by top publishers
  • Global organization
  • MobileVoice® market research
  • Deep linking supported
  • Attribution tracking

12. Grab Rewards

Grab Rewards

Grab Rewards is a unique ad network that connects advertisers with millions of people across Southeast Asia as they engage in everyday transactions. The platform is part of Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, and leverages rich first-party data insights to create personas and audiences based on actual consumer behavior.

Grab Rewards incentivizes user interactions, driving up to 3X conversions by encouraging complete ad views or clicks with rewarded images, videos, or lead generation. The platform is recognized for its ability to drive engagement and action at all stages of the funnel, building brand awareness, generating in-app or in-store sales, and boosting site traffic. With its user-friendly Ad Manager, any merchant can launch an ad in just 3 minutes, making it a preferred choice for many advertisers.

Key Features of Grab Rewards OfferWall Ad Network

  • Incentivized user interactions
  • Rich first-party data insights
  • User-friendly Ad Manager
  • 3X conversion rate
  • Brand awareness builder
  • In-app or in-store sales
  • Site traffic booster
  • Rewarded image, video, lead generation
  • Real-time consumer behavior insights
  • Southeast Asia’s leading super app

13. Persona.ly


Persona.ly is a tech product company driving mobile user acquisition for brands and app developers. This global platform offers a suite of tools including an OfferWall ad network that helps developers monetize their apps. Persona.ly’s OfferWall integration provides users with a variety of tasks to complete in exchange for in-app rewards, driving user engagement and retention. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized ad experiences, ensuring high conversion rates.

Persona.ly’s proprietary technology also includes fraud protection measures, ensuring the integrity of its ad network. With a reputation for delivering high eCPMs and quality user acquisition, Persona.ly is a trusted partner for many app developers.

Key Features of Persona.ly OfferWall Ad Network

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Personalized ad experiences
  • Fraud protection measures
  • High eCPMs
  • Quality user acquisition
  • Global Platform
  • In-app rewards
  • High user engagement
  • Variety of tasks

Are OfferWalls Still Worth It?

OfferWalls Insights

Once deemed relics of the past, offerwalls have made an unexpected comeback. While they may lack the sophistication of today’s digital ads, these classic cash-for-action platforms are still kicking in 2023. Offerwalls incentivize users to complete various activities like surveys, games, and sign-ups in exchange for rewards.

Compared to ads, they provide a more transparent value exchange. Publishers can integrate offerwalls to monetize traffic without disruptive ads. Though the payouts are relatively small, the overall revenue can add up thanks to higher conversion rates.

With many major networks improving their offerwalls with more relevant, engaging activities, offerwalls have proven they can evolve with the times. Their simplicity and reciprocity keep bringing users and publishers back.

Wrap Up

Now that we have covered all the important aspects of these Offerwall ad networks, these ad networks can be of great value to developers and game owners who seek to earn a substantial amount of revenue through their apps and games by leveraging the traffic that they have.

While there are many Offerwall ad networks to choose from, the most successful networks have certain key traits in common. The top performers provide a wide variety of offers at various payout levels to appeal to different users. They work with high-quality advertisers and have effective systems to detect fraudulent activities. Most importantly, the leading Offerwall ad networks prioritize creating a seamless, rewarding experience for users that keeps them engaged while also delivering results for advertisers.

By choosing a network that gets this balance right, you as a publisher can maximize your ad revenue to a greater extent.

Hopefully, you have got the best OfferWall Ad network for yourself.

Happy Marketing!

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