Are you scratching your head to give a lucrative look to your website?

Elementor Pro is best for you as it is the leading page builder that works on every WordPress theme. This ✅Elementor Page Builder Review will help you know what Elementor is, its features, and how it is different from other WordPress Plugins.

Elementor themes are the drag & drop page builder of WordPress that helps you to customize WordPress efficiently. Moreover, in the Elementor theme builder, you will get advanced tools to design your WordPress theme. There are ample features and advanced utilities that show Elementor page builder is really good. Even if you are weak in codes, then using Elementor, you can easily design your website. Rollover to read detailed Elementor review!

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Detailed Elementor Review

Elementor Review

Elementor is a unique tool to create and design your website and offers various templates to customize your page designs.

It is high in demand in the WordPress community because of its reach. At present, around 5,000,000 plus websites are using Elementor.

Key Features of Elementor

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  • The interface is quite smooth, and the same helps you to create your website even if you are unaware of the codes of CSS, PHP, HTML, and others.
  • Elementor gives you complete authority to place and manage the page. In short, you can keep any widgets or columns on the page as per your desire.
  • It makes your editing work simpler, and now you can use inline editing features of Elementor. You can click on the page where you want to edit and then start writing.
  • If you have made any mistakes, then UNDO will bring you back to the original working state.

Elementor Pricing Plans

Elementor plugin comes free of cost, which means you can use its basic features. However, if you want to go with the premium features, Pro Elementor Templates is good for you, and its different plans are listed below.

Elementor Pricing Plans
  • Personal Plan

The personal plan starts for $49/year and is applicable for only one website. In this plan, you will get 300 Plus Templates, 50 Pro Widgets, Theme Builder, Form Builder, and WooCommerce Builder. The personal plan is valid for 1 year, and you will receive the updates for 1 year too. If you are a mere novice, then this is a good plan to start with the Elementor.

  • Plus Plan

The plus plan starts with $99/year and can be utilized for 3 websites. The features of a plus plan are similar to the personal plan, and the only difference is the website limit. In the personal plan, you will get access to the Elementor features for 1 website, and in the plus plan, it is for 3 websites.

  • Expert Plan

The expert plan starts with $199/year, and you can use the features of Elementor for 1000 websites. The rest features are the same as the previous two. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, then an expert plan is good for you. The reason is the accessible features of Elementor on various websites.

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In-depth Elementor Pro Review | Why it’s the best?

Elementor Pro Review

Elementor Pro is the advanced and premium version of Elementor that gives you the authority to customize your theme via the drag & drop feature. Creating a template using ultimate addons for Elementor is easy, and all you need to select a theme and then drag the necessary widgets. The widgets are Post title, Post Content, and many more.

The professional version is embedded with Elementor addons that help you customize your website using the advanced widgets and thus removing the other plugins. The widgets include forms, sliders, social share buttons, Login forms, and others.

Why is Elementor Pro the best?

The Pro version comes with the Elementor landing page and templates available in the Library folder. These templates enhance your website’s quality and make your work easier.

Now, let’s see the reason behind the success of the Pro version of Elementor.

Elementor Pro Widgets

🏅Advanced widgets

Reusing the element on every page is a tough job, but the Pro version made it simple. Using this, you can add the element on every page. For instance, if you want to include the social media logo on every page of your website, it is possible with the Pro.

If you want to build a core website with stylish looks starting from scratch, Elementor Pro is the best. It is rich in page builder features that contain new elements and give you full control over the website.

🎯Supports third-party extensions

Pro version of Elementor has broken all the barriers and given the users ample options to work with the extensions. Now, it supports multiple extensions that enhance the Elementor addons.

🌌Serves dual role

Using Elementor, you can only design the content, but you can build the theme and custom pop-ups with the Pro one.

If you want to give an engaging look to the website, Theme Building is a good option. You can design the footer and headers of the template smoothly. However, if you want to customize the pop-ups on your website, then the Pro version is a perfect utility for you.

💻Dynamic content & new design options

Elementor advanced version offers dynamic content that greets the users by its name. This feature will no doubt boost the traffic to your website.

Moreover, in the Pro, you will get new design features such as Motion Effect, custom positioning, etc. In motion effects, you will get Parallax Scrolling, 3D Tilt, Mouse Track, and many more, which will give life to your website.

💨WooCommerce builder

Free Elementor themes for Woocommerce are available in both free and Pro versions, but in the latter one, you will get ample templates and plugins to create an e-commerce website.

With this builder, you can customize the single as well as multiple website pages. It also comes with 18 dynamic widgets.

📃Visual form builder

Using this feature, you can create an advanced form and integrate the same with multiple tools. Moreover, you will get an additional filter and protection feature in Visual Form Builder.

Elementor Vs. Elementor Pro | Which one to choose & Why?

In Elementor, you will get 300+ templates, global widgets, 100+ block templates, and many more. This shows that these components are quite sufficient to build a website.

Moreover, Elementor gives you a vast range of design tools, templates, and plugins. If you properly use these elements, then you don’t have to switch to other WordPress Themes for your website.

If you are making a general website, then the free version of Elementor is good for you. However, if you are working for the client or managing multiple websites, then the Pro version is the best option. With a low investment, you can create several amazing websites. For support, you can either contact their technical team or can learn from the official Elementor Tutorial.

How Elementor page builder stack up?

Elementor is the best page builder utility that gives you amazing and stylish content on your website. The tools are advanced in nature, and the Elementor comes with a free and Premium version. Now, let’s see how Elementor works and the use of the tools.

How does the Elementor work?

Elementor has offered ample elements, and you must know about them before creating the website. For instance, structural elements give you a way to work on sections, columns, styling elements, and many more.

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  • Excellent Elements

While landing on the Elementor dashboard, you will get the Elements section at the left panel featuring columns, headings, and many more. You need to select the one to start working on the page.

  • Stylish Looks

Once you have done the task of headline sections, you can play with the Topography feature of Elementor. After going to the basic things, you can go with the available templates in the Library section.

  • Play with Templates

The templates come in two forms, i.e., Pages and Blocks. You will get the comprehensive page design and all you need to drag and drop on the website in the former part. However, in the latter part, you will get the designs for the sections, not for the entire page. In Elementor, you can customize your website and can make it handy as per the device. Also, the designs of the Elementor are pre-assembled as per the device.

  • Control on the Layout

In some page builders, you will not get the flexibility to customize your elements. But in Elementor, you got full control over the page layout. That means you can place the widgets, sections, and others to any desired place on your website.

  • Text Editing

Elementor offers a unique feature, i.e., Inline Text Editing. Using the same, you can edit the text on the page. Earlier, users tried many pop-up builders to edit the text, but in Elementor, it comes inbuilt.

  • Undo Feature

This feature makes Elementor different from the other page builder. In this feature, you got a chance to rectify your mistake. This will help you to make your website more lucrative.

How does Elementor Pro work?

It is an advanced version of Elementor that gives you multiple features. Let’s have a look at the Pro version of Elementor and how it works.

  • Elementor advanced version is quite simple to work with, and you can easily create a template. To do the same, move to the Template section located at the top of the menu bar and then click on the New Template button. Next, select the type of template and further click on the Create Template button.
  • After creating a template, you can post title, content, and metadata. Moreover, you can add the widgets as per your need, and it comes in various types, such as forms, sliders, pricing tables, and others.
  • Once you are done with all the Pro features, then your website’s look will be stylish and amazing.

In this way, Elementor Pro is beneficial for your website. It provides tons of free Elementor themes and templates, and you can also customize it as per your need.

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Pros & Cons


  • It is free of cost and offers a wide range of features to create your website.
  • In many WordPress themes, the features are restricted, but in Elementor, you will get multiple options to build a page.
  • Inline Editing and Undo features are great. The former gives you a clear picture of what exactly you are writing on the page. The latter enables you to erase the mistakes performed while working on the website.
  • Using Elementor, you can customize your website as per the devices. For instance, if you want your website compatible with a mobile device, you can easily do it.
  • An Elementor page builder is a unique one as it helps beginners and others to create a page that doesn’t know anything about the codes.
  • The Elementor gives you complete control of your website. You can create and design the website as per your solace using the Elementor tools, and you don’t have to search anywhere.


  • Elementor topography may give you a little trouble as it is not that much user-friendly. The same may create an impact on the link style.
  • The margin settings have some flaws also, and if you made any margin errors, it would be very difficult for you to detect the same.

🌟 Elementor FAQ

What is Elementor?

Elementor is the best website builder plugin for WordPress that allows users to create attractive and engaging pages and posts. With the help of its drag and drop interface, it enables you to create a custom layout.

Does Elementor work with every WordPress theme?

Yes, Elementor works with every WordPress theme. Elementor is tested on hundreds of themes to make sure that it works accurately.

How to install Elementor?

Check the following steps that help you to install Elementor plugin on your WordPress site.
1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click on Plugins and then again click on Add New.
3. In the search bar, enter Elementor and search for the Elementor website builder.
4. Choose the Elementor website builder and click on the install button.
5. After the installation of the Elementor plugin, then click Activate.

How much does Elementor Pro cost?

Using Elementor Pro, you can take your website design to the next level. Elementor Pro offers three major pricing plans; Personal, Plus & Expert. The Personal plan of Elementor Pro costs you $49/year for 1 site. The Plus plan costs you $99/year for 3 sites. The Expert plan costs you $199/year for 1000 sites.

✔Is there any working Elementor coupon code?

If you are looking to purchase this amazing Elementor Page Builder plugin, you can use our above-mentioned Elementor discount coupon. This Elementor Page Builder coupon code allows you to save 10% off on all its plans.

Conclusion: Elementor Review 2024 + 30% OFF Lifetime Discount Coupon

This was all about the review on Elementor and Elementor Pro with features. If you want to bring traffic to your website, then the ultimate look is necessary, and load time should be short. Moreover, if you follow these factors, then you can use the traffic to generate money via running the ads on your website.

The theme offered by Elementor is best in the class and can be used on any WordPress-based site. Elementor interface is user-friendly and SEO-friendly, which will increase your website visibility. And will boost your business as well without struggling with impressive site design.🤞

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