Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker

Are you on a search for an honest Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker comparison review? Still wondering whether it’s Helium 10 the right Amazon seller tool for you, or is it AMZ Tracker? Think no more, and read out our Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker comparison review ahead to figure stuff out on your own, the data-driven way!

Running a successful business online, or selling any product on Amazon for that matter, really takes much hard work and dedication. A seller not only has to look after their own products (the quality and the pricing) but even has to constantly check out the competitor’s product as well (obviously to outplay them all). 

In addition to all of this comes a few more processes like inventory management, listing optimization, tracking sales and profits, and the major one – keeping a check on fees Amazon charges to its sellers (it literally keeps on changing every month and is hectic to keep an eye on)

Fortunately, there are several end-to-end Amazon seller software available out there to help Amazon sellers with every task we have mentioned above. And one such seller software (automation software, to be specific) is Helium 10. The software is literally used by more than half of Amazon sellers available out there. And the other half is vouching for other popular seller tools, one being AMZ Tracker

But which seller software is actually the best for you? 

Let’s explore it in this Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker, read it till the end to watch out what are the major differences between the tools and, of course, which seller tool will offer you more features at less price!

Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker: A Quick Overview

Honest Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 is an end-to-end Amazon automation software used by over 10 billion-plus Amazon sellers across the globe. The suite of tools offered by Helium 10 literally does all the groundwork for Amazon sellers so that they can simply focus on what’s more important. No matter where the seller is in their selling journey, Helium 10 offers multiple pricing plans; in fact, there’s a free forever plan also available. 

Dive into this Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker review ahead to explore whether it’s the right choice for you!

Helium 10 Logo

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Honest AMZ Tracker Review 

AMZ Tracker Review

Similar to Helium 10, even AMZ Tracker is a popular Amazon growth tool used by thousands of Amazon sellers across the globe. However, the way AMZ Tracker functions is a lot different than the latter one.

Instead of multiple features, the tool offers users access to a 360° selling strategy. The main motive of the founders here is to help sellers with ranking growth by keeping all the unnecessaries aside. 

Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker: Features Breakdown

Helium 10 Features at a Glance

Apart from multiple paid features, Helium 10 even offers several free tools as well. The two popular Helium 10 free tools are PPC Audit and QR code generator, but down here in this list, we will be mentioning just the Helium 10 core features. 

1. Product Research

Product Research

For efficient and quick product research, Helium 10 has come up with two unique tools – Black Box and Xray. With the help of the Black Box, sellers can quickly identify which products they can sell in the marketplace to gain maximum profits. And by the help of Xray, sellers can explore all the nitty-gritty details about a product since it’s an all-in-one research tool.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Now that the customer has explored which products they really will be going to sell on the marketplace, for the next step – that’s keyword research, Helium 10 has got users covered with two tools – Cerebro and Magnet. Through Cerebro, sellers can quickly perform competitor research via ASIN.

They can get insider information about what exact keywords their competitors are using for the same product they have explored above. And by the help of the Magnet tool, sellers can explore more keyword opportunities that would help their product rank higher. 

3. Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization 

Since the seller has now explored the best product and the right keyword, next comes the listing building step, and for this, Helium 10 has got users covered with five tools – Frankenstein, Scribbles, Listing Analyzer, Audience, and Listing Builder. Through Frankenstein, sellers can process more exact keywords for their listing but the cutting of unnecessary ones.

Through Scribbles and Listing Builder, sellers can build and optimize their listings from scratch. After the listing is built, with the help of an audience poll, sellers can get quick audience insight into how well their listing would perform even before the launch. 

4. Operations 


After the seller completes its listing building and optimization part, next comes the actual OPERATIONS. And for this, Helium 10 offers users 5 different tools. The first and the important one is the inventory management tool. Through this Helium 10 tool, sellers can manage their inventory from anywhere (mobile app available).

Next comes Refund Genie for automating refund management, Alerts for monitoring listings related frauds round the clock, Follow up for automating email marketing, and Seller assistant for customer review automation.

5. Analytics 


Analytics do play a major role in any e-commerce business setup, and this includes Amazon selling as well. Hence, to help sellers overcome all analytics-related issues, Helium 10 offers four different tools – Profits, Market tracker, keyword tracker, and Market Tracker 360. Through the Helium 10 profits tool, sellers can track overall sales and profits, and with the help of a Market tracker, they can conduct in-depth market research.

The keyword tracker tool is all about how the keywords are performing over time, and Market Tracker 360 is all about a seller getting detailed information about what all things are happening inside the marketplace (latest information).

6. Marketing 


For Amazon PPC Marketing, Helium 10 offers users access to a unique, one-of-a-kind Adtomic tool. Why we are saying this tool to be unique is because running PPC campaigns through Adtomic is as easy as driving miles on a straight road. From bidding to analyzing, the tool literally has got users covered with everything.

AMZ Tracker Features at a Glance

When it comes to features, AMZ Tracker is a lot different than Helium 10. Over here, the team has divided the whole Amazon selling journey into three categories – Offense, Defense, and Reconnaissance. Down here, we’ll take a deep dive into what each category stands for and the tools you will be getting into each one. 

1. AMZ Tracker Offensive Strategy

The offensive strategy by AMZ Tracker is all about helping sellers grow rapidly through promotion, conversion rate optimization, and competitor analysis. The tools offered for offensive strategy are: 

AMZ Tracker Offensive Strategy
  • Keyword tracking

With the AMZ Tracker keyword tracking feature, sellers can explore what keywords their products are ranking for. They can even do a competitor analysis here by tracking competitors’ products and making a change in their own listing (whatever works). The features show all the information in a graph for sellers to analyze how the keyword has been performing over time. 

  • Conversion rate checker 

Through this AMZ Tracker feature, sellers can check out the exact reasons behind the sudden drop in their conversion rates. For example, after sharing the listing, the tool will quickly display whether the title length is good, whether bullet points are up to the mark, whether the images are of low quality or superior, product ratings, the number of reviews, and characters in the description. The green tick displayed over here means the specific aspect of the listing is up to the mark, and the red one means you will have to fix it then and there. 

  • Super URLs 

Building URLs for your Amazon product is quite a tricky game, indeed. But with the help of AMZ Tracker’s Super URL feature, sellers can build better URLs to increase their rankings by bringing traffic from places other than Amazon. 

  • VIPON 

VIPON is an exclusive discount marketplace by AMZ Tracker that allows sellers to advertise their products at higher discounts. By offering huge discounts, sellers can actually attract more customers and can bump their number of sales and product reviews within a quick time period. If used VIPON appropriately, sellers can quickly move to the top of search rankings or can get into the best-seller lists. 

2. AMZ Tracker Defensive Strategy

After the offensive comes the defensive strategy by AMZ Tracker, that’s all about sellers protecting their hard-won rankings. The tools included in this strategy are: 

AMZ Tracker Defensive Strategy
  • Negative review alerts

This feature by AMZ Tracker is all about sellers getting quick alerts whenever a customer leaves less than 5-star reviews (1-3 stars). Since the seller will be getting quick information, they can respond immediately to the review and can even raise the rating. 

  • Hijack alerts

Listing hijacking is one of the common malpractices that happens on Amazon, but not with you if you stick to AMZ Tracker. This feature by AMZ Tracker gives sellers quick alerts whenever any other Amazon seller tries hijacking their listing. With the help of this alert, sellers can reclaim the loss that might happen.

3. AMZ Tracker Reconnaissance Strategy

Here comes the last yet most powerful AMZ Tracker strategy, also known as the Recom strategy. Over here, AMZ Tracker offers users access to multiple tools for them to get just the accurate Amazon data. 

AMZ Tracker Reconnaissance Strategy
  • Keyword research tool 

This is one of the advanced features of AMZ Tracker that allows sellers to find the exact keywords and phrases buyers/visitors are searching for. The tool gives users a detailed preview of the ranking of each keyword so that they can avoid low-performing keywords.

  • Deepwords tool 

Long tail keywords are definitely a thing on Amazon; people often type multiple words to search for just a product. AMZ Tracker knows that really well and hence has come up with a unique Deepwords tool. Through this tool, sellers can mine long-tail keywords and find super high-converting keywords within seconds. 

  • Competitor analysis 

Last comes the competitor analysis feature by AMZ Tracker; this tool is all about sellers finding flaws in their competitors’ listing the smarter way. Sellers can track their competitors’ monthly and yearly sales and best-seller rankings very quickly. They can even check out the changes that might have happened in the listing and how these are affecting their rankings.

Winner: Helium 10

AMZ Tracker’s features list is a bit confusing as compared to Helium 10’s, and it even lacks many features. We believe Helium 10 to be a great Amazon end-to-end software because AMZ Tracker can leave you with multiple confusions (if you are just starting out). 

Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker: Browser Extension Review 

Helium 10 Browser Extension – How to use Helium 10 browser extension?

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Over 900,000+ sellers are using Helium 10 chrome extension for performing product research before even launching. It’s one of the most trusted Amazon seller extensions available out there. The extension is best known for its information extraction capabilities with 9 powerful, on-browser tools.

From Helium 10 Xray, ASIN Grabber, Profitability Calculator, Inventory Levels, Review Insights, and Supplier Finder to Demand Analyzer, literally any seller, with the help of the free Helium 10 chrome extension, can do unlimited research. 

AMZ Tracker Browser Extension – What is Unicorn Smasher Pro? 

AMZ Tracker Browser Extension

Unicorn Smasher Pro is a part of AMZ Tracker’s Recon strategy. It’s a chrome extension by the team that helps sellers perform any research just on the Amazon search page. From revenue, the number of reviews, and the quality of the listing to the number of sellers, the Unicorn Smasher Pro browser extension literally displays everything within seconds.

The best part about this extension is it even displays users’ information about estimated sales and revenue and whether the fulfillment of the product is done by the Merchant or Amazon itself.

Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker: Pricing Comparison 

Helium 10 Pricing Plans – Affordable or Not?

One of the major reasons why Helium 10 is known as an end-to-end Amazon growth tool is it literally has something for every seller, from beginner to pro. No matter where they are in their journey, it has pricing plans available for everyone covering all the best features.

Helium 10 Pricing

For example, if an individual is thinking about getting started with the marketplace right now, there is a free forever plan available, and if the seller is selling stuff on the marketplace for a long time, there is an exclusive Elite plan available. And if the user doesn’t fall into any of these categories, they can always go with the below-mentioned pricing plans: 

Helium 10 Starter Plan – $39 per month 

  • Freedom ticket course available
  • Connect 2 seller accounts 
  • Blackbox, Trendster and Xray access available (limited)
  • Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator access available (limited)
  • Frankenstein, index checker, listing analyzer, and listing builder access available (limited)
  • Get alerts of upto 2 ASINs
  • Inventory protector available
  • Track one market and 20 keywords
  • Manage profits
  • Adtomic not included

Helium 10 Platinum Plan – $99 per month 

  • Everything in the starter plan but with more access
  • Business valuation feature available
  • Amazon PPC Academy is available 

Helium 10 Diamond Plan – $249 per month 

  • Everything included in the platinum plan but with complete access
  • Can add up to 3 users
  • Complete access to refund genie 
  • Amazon PPC analytics and management service available 

Apart from these many plans, Helium 10 even offers an Elite plan and a custom plan option to users. Sellers can contact Helium 10 sales team to explore what best the team can come up with for their Amazon selling journey.

AMZ Tracker Pricing Plans – Affordable or Not?

Similar to Helium 10, even AMZ Tracker offers sought-after pricing plans. You can either pay for the services on a monthly basis or get a yearly subscription at a discounted rate. All the AMZ Tracker pricing plans come with a 7-day free trial, so if ever the buyer feels that the purchase is not fair enough, they can contact the sales team for the cancellation. 

AMZ Tracker Pricing Plans

AMZ Tracker Basic Plan – $50 per month 

  • $41.7 if paid yearly
  • Track 110 keywords per month
  • Explore 50 products a month
  • Unlimited reports
  • On Page Analyzer and Amazon Super URLs included
  • Promote Amazon products in one marketplace through VIPON
  • 100 rocket reply emails sends
  • 2 Concurrent users 
  • Check 50 negative review products

AMZ Tracker Professional Plan – $100 per month 

  • $83.3 if paid yearly 
  • Track 500 keywords per month
  • Explore 100 products a month
  • Unlimited reports
  • On Page Analyzer and Amazon Super URLs included
  • Promote Amazon products on six marketplaces through VIPON
  • 1000 rocket reply emails sends
  • 3 Concurrent users 
  • Check 100 negative review products

AMZ Tracker God Mode Plan – $200 per month 

  • $166.7 if paid yearly 
  • Track 1500 keywords per month
  • Explore 200 products a month
  • Unlimited reports
  • On Page Analyzer and Amazon Super URLs included
  • Promote Amazon products on 18 marketplaces through VIPON
  • 3000 Rocket reply emails sends
  • 4 Concurrent users 
  • Check 200 negative review products

AMZ Tracker Legend Plan – $400 per month 

  • $333.3 if paid yearly 
  • Track 3000 keywords per month
  • Explore 400 products a month
  • Unlimited reports
  • On Page Analyzer and Amazon Super URLs included
  • Promote Amazon products on 80 marketplaces through VIPON
  • 10000 Rocket reply email sends
  • 6 Concurrent users 
  • Check 400 negative review products

Apart from these many pricing options, AMZ Tracker even offers larger packages, Yearly Corporate plan 2 priced at $666.7 per month, and Yearly Corporate plan 3 priced at $1333.3 per month. 

Winner: Helium 10

Helium 10 straightaway is the winner here because it not only offers a free forever plan to its users, but when compared to AMZ Tracker, the plans are more affordable as well. 

Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker: Differences & Similarities

Here’s what Helium 10 can do for you and AMZ Tracker can’t! 

Product Validation: Whatever product research you might have done by now, Helium 10, with the help of key market metrics, can validate your product idea in an intelligent way

Profit Calculation: Everyone is here on Amazon for profits, and Helium 10’s profit calculator tool can literally help the seller know how much profit they can expect in the near future by selling a specific product

Listing A/B Testing: Helium 10 literally allows users to do the A/B testing and look out for real customer’s opinions with the help of an in-built Audience poll 

Additionally, AMZ Tracker still lacks many useful features that Helium 10 offers like:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Refund processing
  • Landing page builder
  • PPC auditing
  • Inventory manager
  • Email automation and more!

Here’s what AMZ Tracker can do for you and Helium 10 can’t! 

  • Comes with an extremely short learning curve – you literally don’t have to spend hours doing product research.
  • Offers best solutions for private label products – Helium 10 is great for individuals selling multiple products in bulk, but AMZ Tracker is awesome for private label sellers who want to sell just a few products and improve their branding.
  • Simplified product launches – With AMZ Tracker’s VIPON marketplace, any new seller can launch their product with much ease and can grab the attention of several visitors (because Amazon is highly competitive).

Top FAQs on Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker 2024

Is Helium 10 accurate? 

Yes, Helium 10 data is 75% to 85% accurate, all directly derived from Amazon’s API.

Is AMZ Tracker accurate? 

Yes, AMZ Tracker is fairly accurate, but since it’s more like a strategic tool, the VIPON marketplace by AMZ Tracker is worth trying.

What is Unicorn Smasher Pro? 

Launched by the AMZ Tracker team, Unicorn Smasher Pro is a chrome extension for Amazon sellers to perform operations in real-time while searching for any product on Amazon.

Can I do product research with AMZ Tracker? 

Yes, you can do product research with AMZ Tracker with the help of the Unicorn Smasher Pro chrome extension.

Is AMZ Tracker available for free? 

No, AMZ Tracker doesn’t offer any free forever plan; if you want a free plan, you can undoubtedly give Helium 10 a try.

What are the best AMZ Tracker alternatives? 

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are the best and the most affordable AMZ Tracker alternatives.

What is better, Helium 10 or AMZ Tracker? 

Helium 10 is a lot better than AMZ Tracker because it offers more comprehensive toolsets and even resources to sellers to ace their selling game up.

Conclusion: Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker – Which Amazon seller tool is more accurate?

To be specific, both the Amazon seller tools make every effort to provide users access to the most accurate data. For example, when it comes to Helium 10, the tool derives all the data from Amazon’s API, and more often, the data displayed here are relevant and actual. The same is the case with AMZ Tracker, but since AMZ Tracker doesn’t allow users to perform extensive product research, we are kind of disappointed here. 

To give you a quick answer, 

Use Helium 10 if you are 

  • On a search for a free Amazon end-to-end seller tool
  • You want more comprehensive toolsets
  • You love working on a simple interface
  • You want to sell a large number of products on the Marketplace
  • You want expert guidance

Use AMZ Tracker if you are

  • Looking forward to growing your private label brand
  • Want access to Unicorn Smasher Pro chrome extension
  • Want to mine longtails with the Deepwords feature
  • You don’t want multiple features on your table

That was it, know your budget, understand your requirements and then make a wiser decision for yourself, it’s Helium 10 for us, but again it’s your choice, investment, and business! 

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