One of the best comprehensive Affiliate platforms for earning money online, MyLead provides you with all the tools that will allow you to earn a great fortune in the easiest way possible and without even leaving your comfort zone. The global affiliate program, which functions in a totally remote manner has been tested by hundreds and thousands of publishers.

They are known to offer over four thousand three hundred affiliate programs including, email submission, credit card submission, VOD, smart links, as well as downloads and even dating. They have got seven monetization models and a number of publishers that have the tools like content lockers, which are widely known to boost the revenue of an affiliate

Patryk Hoffmann, the CEO of MyLead thinks “Patience and practice are of utmost importance in affiliate marketing.” 

Recently we had a great opportunity to interview Patryk Hoffmann, the CEO of MyLead, and were intrigued to know how his great mind works when it comes to the affiliate industry. 

Read the very inspiring interview below about the most appreciated affiliate industry, MyLead, and know the insight of the affiliate market. 

Interview with MyLead CEO

Check out our Interview with MyLead CEO – Patryk Hoffmann

After all these years in the affiliate industry, I can confidently say that there is no such thing as the best way to earn money. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities, and you can forge any of them into a profitable niche. The only condition is that you must have qualitative traffic. If you have it, I’m sure you will go high.

Speaking of MyLead, we’ve been recently focusing on more advanced users. They are the people who are interested in specific categories of programs, looking for the best rates, more unique offers, ready-to-use tools, and excellent client service.

And, of course, they can find it all on our platform. Starting of the category range to individual approach and ability to negotiate conditions. But surely, there are the areas where we do best and the ones we’re still working on and trying to develop. We achieve high income from dating, and sweepstakes, and I invite anyone interested in these to give MyLead a try.

Q2. How does web scraping relate to affiliate marketing?

Simply put, web scraping means downloading web pages as copies to your computer. You can do it using various tools that can be found on the Internet, or with little programming skills, try it on your own. The main purpose of this is to get the code of a website or just an element on it, which you can then modify for your own needs.

A high-quality landing page is a great tool that allows you to acquire traffic and may be the key to future success and a good return on investment. The thing is, creating one may be really time-consuming, and in this industry, time is money. That is why web scraping is gaining popularity these days when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The data collected on the Internet is someone’s intellectual property. The law provides the owner of the content with the ability to determine how the data can (or cannot) be used.

As internet users, we should respect this law and not download data where the owners do not want it.

Q3. Does having a social media profile instead of a website really work in affiliate marketing?

It all depends on many factors, such as the size of a profile, vertical, and partner creativity. Running a social media account may seem easier, but in fact, it also consumes a lot of time and gives only a few options for placing a link, mainly only in the bio section. A website is more of a guarantee and gives you more options when it comes to affiliate marketing. First and foremost, the chances of losing a website are slightly lower than losing a social media account.

On a website, you can add hyperlinks to blog articles, create lists, use banners, work on SEO positioning, and much more. The thing is that it all needs time, especially the optimization part. The way I see it, social media is used as a tool, not a main character, maybe a great support of affiliate’s activities. But of course, it happens that it plays the first fiddle and gives similar results.

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Q4. What is best, Paid or Organic Traffic?

Again, it depends. If you have a moment to invest in building a base for your activities, organic traffic may be the answer. It surely is time-consuming because it may take weeks or sometimes even months to build a well-optimized website or good-prospering social media account, but it can bring long-term results. Paid traffic is usually quicker to achieve, but it requires financial resources.

In fact, if we analyze each of the examples of free traffic more deeply, it turns out that each of them may also require financial investment to achieve satisfactory results. In order to gain direct traffic, the product must be sufficiently recognizable, and this requires time and advertising campaigns. To gain organic traffic to your website, you clearly need to have one, and this means you have to pay for the domain and hosting, etc.

Q5. Compared to 2018, do push notifications hold meaning in the affiliate market in 2024? Is affiliate marketing through web push notifications a good idea?

Definitely, push notifications do not have the same power as in 2018, but they are still successfully used as a complement to marketing activities.

And yes, it is true that digital advertising has evolved over time, and new ad formats are emerging almost every day. Platforms that specialize in push notifications are also adapting to these changes by introducing newer functionalities and advertising options to keep users engaged. So it may seem that the importance of push ads is decreasing. Although they may be seen as limiting compared to these newer ad formats, there are still benefits to using them.

The most significant one is the fact that the cost of push notifications is much lower compared to other forms of advertising. They can also be a more targeted and personalized form of advertising since they are sent directly to users who have opted-in to receive them. I wouldn’t recommend sticking to them, but also it is probably not the worst option to try.

When it comes to web push notifications, it can be a good idea if executed correctly. It can be an effective way to engage with an audience and drive traffic to affiliate offers, but on the other hand, it can be intrusive if overused or not appropriately targeted.

Q6. Do you think Sub-Affiliate networks are workable?

I truly believe in affiliate networks and sub-affiliate networks cooperation, as it is a beneficial business model for both parties involved. MyLead has always been a network, providing its users with a diverse range of offers in different categories and models and focusing on an individual approach, which makes us a great partner to work with. Our team is always open to discussing potential solutions and exploring new opportunities for growth and success. We value collaboration and believe in working together to find mutually beneficial solutions.

Q7. What tools would you suggest are a must for the publishers?

In recent months, we can see that the industry is becoming more and more popular and professional. There are new and new anti-detect browsers, online card providers, payment options and much more. In this variety of affiliate tools, it is hard to point out just one or two that are a must because it depends on the affiliate. Some of them cannot imagine their lives without an offer tracker, while others prefer spy tools.

In my opinion, a link cloaker is something definitely worth trying, and this is why MyLead has one to offer. Our cloaking system, HideLink, is free for all our users. It protects them from social media and advertising platform bans, which may be very helpful.

Q8. Does having an AI writer seem important to you?

It’s certainly not crucial, but may be very helpful. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a business owner, an AI writing tool can help you save tons of time.

Q9. How can your Website Audit tool help a business earn more?

Our website audit differs from the ones offered on the market. In such an audit, we also pay attention to the layout of the content, the appearance of the website, or its positioning in search engines. However, the main thing we focus on is the possibility of earning on the website. An experienced affiliate manager analyzes a website in terms of its monetization and provides feedback on the website itself, affiliate program categories, campaigns, advertising formats, and affiliate tools that can be used.

All of this is done to achieve the best possible results. And what’s worth noting is that the audit is completely free of charge, while prepared by specialists working in the industry for several years.

Q10. What would you like to say about Bloggingeclispe?

Firstly, thank you for the invitation and for giving me the opportunity to reach your audience. I think that websites like BloggingEclipse that share knowledge are highly useful in the field of digital marketing. One of MyLead’s missions is to teach affiliates how to become even better, and this is something we have in common.

Having interviewed such a great personality, we can only guess the hard work and patience Patryk Hoffmann has been through. 

We respect the efforts that he has put, to bring his company MyLead to a top level and have a range of audiences who appreciate the company and its regulations. 

If you wish to join the network of MyLead, you can always head over to their website and begin with affiliate marketing. 

Or if you have got any queries about the company you can write to them by going on to their website and have your query mailed to them. 

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