A factor other than your hard work and skill which affects your potential to succeed is knowing what your competition is doing and how their strategies are working out.

“Social Media will be the next big arena for digital marketing,” says BigSpy founder

In Digital Marketing, this has taken the form of using AdSpy technology to see how your competitors are doing and their keywords and marketing strategies framed around those keywords. The trouble comes with the affordability of these tools.

The database on offer is inadequate to gain any insight, or the cost to access that database is unsustainable.

This is where BigSpy comes in as an affordable, offering even a completely free plan with limited features or a $1 special trial (limited time offer) with all features unlocked, and effective AdSpy tool covering 6+ major platforms with data on over a billion ads and intelligent systems guiding you through getting the most out of your AdSpying data.

BigSpy Interview

Venturing upon such a creative tool, we were moved to seek out its founder for an interview about BigSpy, the direction that the AdSpying industry is taking, and the future of advertising;

1. Before going further, tell our audience a little bit about yourself

This is Alex, the founder of BigSpy. I started the BigSpy program in 2018. Before that, I have been working as a digital marketer for ten years. Over the years, the growing relevance of AdSpying motivated me to create a tool that is something marketers can get the most cost-effectiveness out of.

2. What role does BigSpy play in the lives of drop shippers and Affiliate Marketers, according to you?

BigSpy is a versatile tool and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. To dropshippers, BigSpy has this feature called “Ecom Spy,” in which dropshippers can search ads across e-commerce platforms.

CEO of BigSpy Interview

Ads are important to drop-shippers because they will also need to advertise their products to the public. They can get ideas for ads, see what their competitors did with their ad campaigns, etc.

In addition to that, dropshippers can discover winning products based on their ad performance or what products were featured by their competitors. So you can say that BigSpy helps drop shippers with finding products ideas and ads ideas.

As for affiliate marketers, BigSpy also covers the data in the leading affiliate platforms, such as ClickBank, MaxBounty, etc. Affiliate marketers can benefit from ad creatives and data analysis.

As a powerful tool, we provide a trial at $1, so it’s easy for our users to take a trial. And our pricing packages are pretty cost-effective, which makes them popular among dropshippers and affiliate marketers.

3. What motivated you to start EtsyHunt, AmzChart and FindNiche after BigSpy? What are some of the struggles which you faced in the process of setting up BigSpy?

To make it clear, I didn’t start Etsyhunt, AmzChart, and FindNiche. We are partners. BigSpy is always open to establishing relationships of mutual benefit, which is the relationship we have with EtsyHunt, AmzChart, and FindNiche.

For the struggles, I think it has always been differentiation. In today’s industry, it is not enough to have a good solid product. It is important to outwit and outdo the competition to rise in a competitive marketplace.

Therefore, we have been working on data collection, accuracy, and modeling optimization to acquire users and outcompete others. We hope to help our customers achieve at BigSpy; we’re constantly reminded of it.

4. Where do you see the future of ad-spying, given the growing concern about data collection by social media companies?

Facebook has an ad library that provides companies and individuals collections of ads running on Facebook.

We use ad-spying to gather information to inspire, which we believe will benefit both individuals and the industry. We do not intend to or engage in any practices that infringe on anyone’s privacy, and if anyone in the ads spying industry does, then we don’t think they should be a part of the future we envision.

5. Why did you opt to offer a free plan for your services, as this is not a common practice in the AdSpying industry?

It is our marketing strategy. We offer a free trial to attract customers. We are pretty confident about our tool and believe customers will stay with us after the free trial.

We also offer a completely free plan (after a user signs in for free) with a limited number of queries per day (restricted to FaceBook ads-only) as we know after a user sees the value which can be generated by using our tool, they will continue using BigSpy even more.

6. How well do you think AdSpying software can help eCommerce sellers maximize their ROI?

AdSpying software can help you increase your ROI in two main ways. Taking the example of two sellers, one using BigSpy one going solo. The seller with BigSpy can access our database to see which products ad is more successful, telling him which product will perform better in the market.

Interview with Alex

The other seller does not have the advantage of knowing how the products he is choosing will perform.

On the off chance that they are better performing products, the seller with BigSpy will know that too as they can see the ad strategy that the other seller is using and also how that ad is performing in the eyes of consumers keeping the BigSpy user ahead with his constant knowledge of which are the winning products.

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7. What do you think makes BigSpy a class apart from its competitors?

AdSpying is a fairly technical exercise. Having an ever-growing database that has surpassed industry standards long ago while keeping a daily update of data and offering all of it at a fair price has made BigSpy as much of a success as it is.

Alex Interview with BloggingEclipse

Helping users navigate data effectively is also conducive to building a loyal customer base. You earlier questioned our intent behind offering a free plan and free trial. Still, despite offering a completely free plan, we have over 400,000 paid customers as part of the BigSpy family, all due to these factors.

8. What would you be doing if you had not decided to be an entrepreneur?

I would probably be a DJ 🥁

9. Do you have any plans to integrate TikTok ad analysis into the BigSpy database?

Digital marketers and adspyers cannot ignore the growing influence of TikTok, so we are planning to enter the TikTok ad ecosystem shortly and offer our users an even more comprehensive database to take advantage of.

10. Do you think advertisers will move from Facebook in the near future?

We have noticed social media platforms have attracted more advertisers to deliver their ads. The expense of social media advertising is going to increase in the long term.

BigSpy Interview with Bloggingeclipse

I would say Facebook will still be the major platform for ads. The content format may change, though. However, given the mass users on the platform, I don’t think advertisers will let go of Facebook.

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11. How big a role do you think social media will play in the future of digital marketing?

Social media definitely will be the next big arena for digital marketing. We have seen an increased use of social media such as TikTok for promotion.

The audience seems to be more engaged in short clips. Therefore, I would say the formatting is important. Facebook and Google will still be the main platforms for digital marketing. That’s why we are working on improving the database for Facebook and Google platforms.

12. Are there any expansion plans for BigSpy to display data beyond the 7+ platforms it already does?

We are constantly looking to serve our users in a better way. We track the ad traffic on multiple platforms to see which platforms will be the next big players in our industry so we can stay on top by offering our users insights into how to advertise on platforms beyond the ones we are already offering.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a concerted effort to breach into the TikTok adspace as well.

13. What do you think is the most important factor in achieving sales for a product online?

Two main factors define the success of your product.

Your product itself, for one, The most important factor is knowing what your product is going to fulfill and how well you can satisfy the need you see in the market.

BigSpy CEO Interview

This is coupled with the fact that there might be others offering similar products to fulfill the same need, and you need to price your product while marketing your brand to stay competitive.

In addition to the quality of your product, you need to focus on how you present it, how much and where the demand for it is, how to breach into the spaces where there is demand for it and provide excellent customer service to your users on how to use your product to their advantage effectively.

The other would be knowing your market. The best product will fizzle out in a saturated market, and an amazing product being marketed to the wrong crowd will ultimately be an unsuccessful product.

Knowing your core target set of consumers and how to pitch your product to that set in a way the marketplace will react to it is the other factor in making your product a successful one.

14. What do you think are the problems internet businesses face in this sector during and after the pandemic?

Internet business survived the pandemic since consumers shifted to online shopping and online service. There are still challenges since the competition among Internet Businesses was getting more fierce.

Smaller players may have gained a deeper foothold, but the digital giants still dwarf their market presence.

Therefore, the challenges for Internet Business during and after the pandemic are mostly coming from internal competition. Making good use of tools/software is going to help you survive the competition.

15. What does a normal day in your life look like?

A normal day in my life will start, end, and be filled with many meetings. I constantly engage with my team to make sure we’re advancing our technology and interact with customers to know how our technology is beneficial or how it could be better.

Working in this two-fold approach helps me know what our users want and what we are doing to give it to them.

16. How would you describe the role of Internet marketing blogs like BloggingEclipse in the industry?

BloggingEclipse is a leading affiliate blog. I am very glad to have a firm partnership with it. It provides useful information on affiliate marketing that is proven golden, and you have my word for that since it is one of our top affiliates.

It also provides deep and detailed reviews for online tools as a courtesy. BloggingEclipse knows its stuff and is a lovely partner who is approachable and generates good results.

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BloggingEclipse is indeed one of BigSpy’s top affiliates, but I think the credit for that is shared with BigSpy itself, given the stunning product that they offer. AdSpying, by its very nature, is a bit of a delicate task as one has to navigate a lot of complications to get value out of the exercise.

Having this insightful chat with Alex certainly helped us get a more informed perspective about the same. If you’re looking to get that edge over the competition, you can head on over to bigspy.com and better your business at a price that won’t bankrupt it at the same time.

This Exclusive interview with BigSpy founder Alex is a part of the BloggingEclipse interview series. We try to cover the best question that could benefit our audience. This discussion is counted in a good faith without any monetary transactions.

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