Are you looking to earn good bucks while promoting the world’s one of the best adult websites? If you don’t know which platform I am talking about, then I must tell you it is the only Jerkmate! Yes, you thought it right. But, do you know that JerkMate has an adult affiliate program that has proven to be one of the best among all? Today, we will be sharing JerkMate affiliate program review with you all.

Now tell me quickly, are you tired of the same old cam sites, where all the models are indifferent to your needs and act bored no matter what you ask to do them? If that is the case, then JerkMate is worth checking out. As the name suggests, this platform is specially built to find your jerk buddy! In simple words, JerkMate is a platform where you will find multiple hot friends and jerk off in front of them without any shyness or awkwardness.

Sometimes, this platform is a bit laggy, but nothing could prevent you from jerking with all those perfect girls. You even get notified when your favorite ‘Cam Model‘ is online! All the cam girls on JerkMate come from different backgrounds and cultures. So you will not have to see the same old white face in every other model.

When the platform is this good, will it be easier to seek people to check out this excellent platform? You bet that will be! But first, let us get to know more about JerkMate and the reasons to go with this platform.

Detailed JerkMate Affiliate Program Review

JerkMate Affiliate Program Review

JerkMate is the newest scheme out there that you can register. There is a reason that makes this camming site different from all. I mean, you can gather the difference by its name. Can’t you?! Don’t tell me you do not know what this word means exactly.

JerkMate indeed is a logo over the top of a cloned cam site. I know some people might be disappointed by hearing this, but unfortunately, this is the truth that no one can change. JerkMate also claims that all its reviews are unique. But tell you the truth, they are not.

Its tagline says, ‘You will not have to jerk off alone again‘! Isn’t that exciting? I don’t know about you, but for me, it is pretty appealing!

Join JerkMate’s Affiliate Program & Promote the Trendiest Offer in Cam

JerkMate’s currently the hottest cam aggregator on the market. Are you aware of the fact? They have paid nearly $10M commissions since January 2019.

JerkMate Afiliate Program

With a conversion rate of up to 10%, JerkMate successfully leads the race of ultimate lead generators. No matter what your way of promotion is, any tactic can work with JerkMate! If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, where would you start possibly? If you think that affiliate marketing is easy, you are living in a fake world.

Nothing is accessible here. You might get to earn a few good bucks in the beginning days. But as the days passed. If you do not have any new techniques, you might end up with huge losses. You do not want to face that. Do you? So, you can start your journey with an adult program because you do not need to pull lots of strings here.

With JerkMate, you get the opportunity to seduce your traffic with the unique customized experience offered by JerkMate and watch them roll on in seconds! They offer $3.50 for every double opt-in lead generated on Jerkmate.

Why Should You Go for JerkMate Afiliate Program? – Benefits of JerkMate Affiliate Program

The concept behind JerkMate is simple. It is a cam aggregator that searches for the perfect model based on its taste and experience. As soon as you sign up for this platform, an AI named Jerky asks you simple questions about your taste. It will try to gather an idea of your dream model. Jerky efficiently steers user’s traffic to their perfect match! Also, it will ask for any kinks or fetishes the user may or may not have.

The best part about this platform is that it is simple and very efficient to use! And it offers a conversion rate of up to 10% with qualified traffic. It is time to send your traffic to Jerkmate and get paid $3.50 per lead (DOI).

1. Steady Affiliate Revenues

Steady Affiliate Revenue

In the past few years, the adult cam vertical is undoubtedly the one vertical that has generated the most affiliate revenue over the past few years. The maximum traffic of JerkMate comprises the people who are looking for some online cam fun.

Now people may change, but their fetishes will always remain the same. Even if one person goes, the next will come up with more desires. That is why, if you decide to become a JerkMate affiliate marketer, you will get a steady affiliate revenue, no matter what.

Similar to dating, chatting and interacting with real live models increases the chances of converting your adult traffic and generating more conversions. The funnel view of JerkMate favors the user’s desire to interact with the model, which really helps enhance the conversion rate.

2. Get Conversion Rate Upto 10%

Get Conversion Rate Upto 10

If users are offered what they come for, there is no doubt in their conversion. If they are presented with their ideal model, they will convert for sure. And this s the beauty of this platform and a reason why it has become a lucrative option for affiliates. Believe us; we have seen some drastic conversion rates upto 10%. Now tell us one thing, did you achieve such par results with other cam offers? We highly doubt that.

3. Aggregator: The Future of Cam Promotion


Since its release in 2019, JerkMate has observed some incredible growth in its popularity. This trend can be explained by the growing demand for customized and interactive experiences from cam aficionados. In today’s time, people do not like to scroll through all the pages.

They want to make sure that they are in a room where there are models according to their interests. They want to meet the ONE without wasting any time. And this thing can easily be achieved with Cam aggregators. Cam aggregators’ motive is to make people meet their desired model without wasting much time. If you want to know how cam aggregators work, click on the link below to get started with JerkMate and see the results by yourself.

How does the Jerkmate Work?

The Jerkmate affiliate program works quite well, and you can follow the below-mentioned procedure to get along with it.

#1 Sign Up For an Account

First and foremost, you have to sign up as a Jerkmate. You first have to click on the “Create my account” link, which is in the top right corner. You can choose to sign in with your Google account or create an account with any email, username and password. And that’s how you can have your free Jerkmate account.

The next step is to add payment information if you have to use a few of its premium features on You are not required to complete the steps if you only have to get a sneak peek at the models. You can add the payment details later on if you find something of your liking.

But in both cases, you have to activate your account by clicking the activating link in the signup email from Jerkmate.

#2 Browsing Models

Now that’s where things start to get more interesting. Jerkmate has really defined this section and is entirely distinct from its competing sites. The number of categories and custom search options is simply enormous, and you can really dial in your search and get the right one that you want.

It offers 38 “broad” categories from which you can browse the specific type of fetish or model. You can also checkout how many models are online in each of the categories, and you will have at least find 13000 online at the time of writing.

#3 Interacting with Models

Once you find the right model, you can start chatting as you click on their profile. Few models do perform gold shows when enough gold is shed on them. You can also reserve a spot in a gold show by spending more gold on them.

Even you can buy a private and exclusive show from a model. But mind well, its very expensive but well worth it. Various models perform different shows to make clear what you are going to get before the real show begins.

#4 Staying in Touch

Well, it can be heart-wrenching if you find the perfect model and then lose contact. But Jerkmate offers several ways by which you can stay in touch with your favorite cam models. The first and easiest way is to click on the outlined heart next to their username when you are on their profile. And this will add them to your favorite list by which you can get all notifications when they are online.

Plus, you can also join a model’s fan club if it has one. Though this does not cost any monthly fee, it comes with a bunch of cool benefits which are decided by the model.

You can find a special icon next to your username when you chat with that model. We have done this with two of our favorite ones, and it does make it a lot easier to get their attention and focus their chatting and playing with you. You can also get other benefits which are decided by the model but make sure you know them properly so you can enjoy all of them.

Why Should You Signup through CrakRevenue for JerkMate?

When you are accessing any platform through CrakRevenue, it provides you with the benefit of 24*7 support! Their in-house team of media buyers and few handpicked affiliates has been testing the JerkMate Funnel since its release in January 2019.

JerkMate Login

From all the tests they have conducted, the particularity of JerkMate is that it has generated massive leads, no matter what promotion method was used.

You can join CrackRevenue to get started with JerkMate.

According to them, the whole JerkMate process is highly streamlined, and their in-house staff is going through the roof with that brand! They are proud to introduce this lead-generating magnet exclusively to CrackRevenue Affiliates.

Following are the reasons why should you send your Traffic to JerkMate:

If you have missed any description above, you can go through these critical features. And they are the perfect reason why you should go with this platform!

  • Conversion rate up to 10%
  • It’s a real lead generator
  • Conversions with every promotion method
  • Pre-rolls available
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • $5M+ in sales in the first quarter of 2019

JerkMate Affiliate Program Payment Methods

Following are the accepted mode of payments by JerkMate: 

  • Search
  • Display 
  • POP
  • Social Media 
  • Pay-Per-View 
  • Mobile App Traffic 
  • Email 

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What JerkMate Costs?

The honest answer behind JerkMate being completely free is a kind of myth. This is a marketing tactic for every adult website. The original site covering all the cams and has the webcam girls that work on JerkMate is 22 years old.
If you think that the services are free, you may be wrong. When you sign up to their platform, you will not be charged anything.

But once you start engaging with models, you will require credits to go on. Now, some people may feel like credits are cheaper than a full-time subscription. But the scenario is vice-versa. A full-time subscription is way cheaper than credits because, in that, the spending is limited.

Jerkmate Premium Access

You can get premium access when you do add payment details to your account. You can do this from the settings menu or by simply clicking the “Premium Upgrade” button, which is on the top right corner.

Jerkmate Premium Access
Jerkmate Access

So with Premium Access, you get:

  • Full access to explicit cams
  • Enjoy cam-to-cam action
  • You get all site features

Why JerkMate is the Best Camming Site?

There are many camming sites, but the reason to go with JerkMate is apparent. Besides watching hot girls getting undressed, you will come across hot men as well.

JerkMate employs horny men and women to join as cam models regardless of their sexual experience and home country. Anyone can create an account on JerkMate for free.

Cam models will pop up on your screen, even if you do not click on their profiles. No matter which positions you prefer, these models will help you jerk off in any position. And all this can happen because of the hot models, which are not less than a goddess. Pornstars are hot, and they are even hotter when you call their name on JerkMate. You can easily forget the old-fashioned adult cam sites where you watch pretty girls only dancing and getting striped for you.

For android users, they can enjoy the same features on ChatRandom that are available on Google Play. You can either let the random cam choose the model for you or sign in using your Google account and pick out from their selection of cam models.

Why Go for Adult Affiliate Marketing?

You can make a lot of money in the adult niche.

The adult niche is one of the most profitable niches on the internet, and it’s also one of the riskiest. But when done correctly, this niche can be highly lucrative for both publishers and affiliates alike! The adult industry is a 10 billion dollar market with over 12 million visitors per day. One of the best ways to make money online in this niche is through affiliate marketing.

The importance of adult affiliate marketing is often overlooked. The adult industry has always been a huge market for advertisers and affiliates alike, but it’s become ever more important in the last decade. There are many reasons why this is so, such as the proliferation of devices that make adult content accessible anywhere – laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Adult affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income. One of the easiest ways to do affiliate marketing is through adult niches like camming, phone sex, and porn sites.

Are there any Pornstars on Jerkmate?

The best part about Jerkmate is that there are a lot of Pornstars who are on it, but the sad aspect is that most of the high-end pornstars are very busy, and you might not find them online that much. But we would suggest you add them as your favorite, and as they come online, you will get a notification so that you can quickly have a chat with them.

So that’s the easiest way to enjoy and get some live-action with your favorite pornstars. However, they are not cheap, and you should not expect a free chat with them. As they are high in demand, so are their charges and pricing.

You can browse online pornstars by clicking on the “Pornstar” category link, which is on the left-hand sidebar. You will not find too many options, but at times you can be the lucky one. You can also try out different names at different times of the day, as other models do work different hours.

JerkMate Affiliate Program Support

Honestly, the support offered by JerkMate is a reasonably limited one. You have the support tab where you can check out a few common questions regarding JerkMate.

You can also choose from the set of questions for your queries. Apart from this, you don’t have any other option to get in chat with their executives directly. Plus, you also don’t have the opportunity of customized ticket support.

JerkMate Affiliate Program FAQ

What is JerkMate?

JerkMate is the adult cam site that allows people to watch live sex cams along with hot and sexy cam girls for free. JerkMate offers enormous categories that will enable you to filter girls by appearance, region, and fetish. Join JerkMate today to meet the hottest camgirl.

Can I join JerkMate for free?

Yes, One can easily join JerkMate for free as it allows its users to create a free account. One can even “sign in with Google” to create a free account on JerkMate.

What makes JerkMate different from other cam sites?

JerkMate is the best camming site available on the internet where you will find all types of girls. JerkMate offers cam shows which are at least 720p along with crystal clear audio. JerkMate provides a cam room with unique models. On, you will find various categories that help you to filter the girl of your choice.

Why should I join the JerkMate affiliate program?

In the CrakRevenue affiliate network, JerkMate has reached to top 3 converting offers. On the other hand, CrakRevenue continuously works on the JerkMate to allow their affiliate to make more money by simply enhancing their conversion rates. JerkMate affiliate program is the real lead generator for those who are working in the caming vertical.

Where do I get the JerkMate affiliate link?

JerkMate is the only lead generator in the camming industry today. To get the JerkMate affiliate link, the user needs to join CrakRevenue, the adult CPA advertising network that connects advertisers and publishers. CrakRevenue offers the leading adult affiliate programs that mostly focus on the trending offers.

How much will I make by joining the JerkMate affiliate program?

Our JerkMate affiliate program review shows that it is the ultimate lead generator with a 10% conversion rate. By simply sending traffic to the JerkMate, you will get paid upto $3.50 per lead.

What is the adult cam vertical?

The adult cam vertical is the fastest-growing segment in the cam industry and has been for years. It’s not hard to see why, with many people looking for new ways to explore their sexuality online. Just like dating – chatting and interacting with real live models really enhances the chances of converting your adult traffic and generating conversions.

What are the benefits of using a cam aggregator?

People are less inclined to browse between thousands of models these days , they want to be reassured that they are in the room that’s right for THEM – and that’s exactly the power and beneficial nature that lies behind cam aggregators

Can you get private shows on JerkMate?

Yes. While most of the models do perform private shows. And you have two levels of private shows. The first is together with others which are going to cost you from $4.99 per minute. And mind, well, a purely private show is going to cost $9.99 per minute.

Is JerkMate legit?

Yes. JerkMate is 100% legit, as it does take various steps to protect your data. It does use a secure payment gateway to ensure payment security that also captures data. Also, all of the JerkMate pages are encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Is JerkMate safe?

JerkMate is a premier and top adult cam site which is 1005% safe to use. But having said that, it is critical for the user to take a few steps while accessing adult cam sites. You can find real girls on JerkMate, and you can also interact with them. Also, when you compare JerkMate with other competing websites, it does stand ahead and has a great user experience.

How to delete your Jerkmate account?

1. To delete your account, you can click on your profile and select “Support” from the dropdown menu.
2. Then Click on “Close Account” and click “Submit.”
3. It will ask, “Are you sure you want to close your account.”
That’s how your Jerkmate account is closed.

Conclusion: JerkMate Affiliate Program Review 2024

If you are looking for a way to make money online, JerkMate is the perfect affiliate program. The company offers a 100% commission on sales with no monthly minimums or upfront costs. And the most important aspect of this affiliate program is that you don’t have to invest a single penny. Also, deciding to get into adult networking can really bring more benefits as the niche is also most in demand and is not going to go down any time soon. In fact, the pandemic has given this industry a rapid boost.

Sign up for the JerkMate affiliate program and start earning money from your very first day!

With this, we conclude our JerkMate affiliate program review. Any doubts and suggestions are welcome in the comments section down below.🙂

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