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YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the second-largest search engine after Google.

This massive reach makes YouTube advertising hugely lucrative for brands and marketers. In 2022, over $29 billion was spent just on YouTube ads in the US alone.

But how do you ensure your YouTube ads stand out and get results in such a competitive domain? YouTube ads spy tools are useful in this situation.

YouTube ads spy tools allow you to see the ads your competitors and other brands are running on YouTube. You can analyze their ad copy, creatives, targeting, budgets, and performance. These insights help you improve your own YouTube ads and campaigns.

With so many YouTube ads spy tools in the market, how do you pick the best one for your needs?

Today, I will be sharing the list of 11+ best YouTube ads spy tools to help you get started with your best tool.

What is a YouTube Ads Spy Tool?

A YouTube ads spy tool allows users to gather data on ads running on YouTube. These tools work by scraping or collecting ad data from YouTube and storing it in a database, which is regularly updated with new YouTube ads.

Some of these tools even provide real-time streaming access to live YouTube ads. The data collected by these tools includes the ad title, description, display URL, and thumbnail image/video creative.

Moreover, it also provides targeting details (such as location, language, device, and interests), ad engagement metrics (like views, clicks, and CTR), estimated daily budget, duration of the ad campaign, and advertiser details (like name, category, and country).

You can access this data through an online dashboard, where you can search, filter, and analyze the data as needed.

Key Features Offered by YouTube Ads Spy Tools

  • Search ads by keywords, advertiser, country, etc.
  • Filter ads by duration, budget, engagement, etc.
  • View ad creatives like images and videos.
  • See ad engagement metrics like views and CTR.
  • Track ads over time to see performance trends.
  • Export ad data like creatives and targeting details.
  • Get ad campaign insights like budgets and positioning.
  • Discover new and trending ads in your niche.
  • Reveal competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.

Industry Leading Top YouTube Ads Spy Tools in 2023

Here is the research-backed list of Top YouTube Ads Spy Tools that are leading and dominating the YouTube Ad industry! Let’s have a look;

YouTube Ad Spy ToolsPricing (Starting)Ratings
BigSpy$9 per month4.6/5 (G2)
PowerAdSpy$34.3 per month3.6/5 (Trustpilot)
vidIQ$5 per month4.5/5 (G2)
AdSpyder$49 per month4.9/5 (G2)
PiPiADS$77 per monthN/A
KeywordSearch$197 per monthN/A
VidTaoFree to useN/A
Ad LibraryFree to use4.8/5 (Product Hunt)
Anstrex$69.99 for its Native Ads tool4.0/5 (G2)
Video Ad Vault$77 per monthN/A
Minea$49 per month4.7/5 (Trustpilot)
Adflex€99.99 per monthN/A

1. BigSpy


BigSpy is a comprehensive ad intelligence tool that provides a wealth of information for marketers, advertisers, and businesses alike.

Known for its clarity, core analysis, and intuitive design, BigSpy is a must-have tool for every digital marketing team.

It allows you to spy on ads running on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and notably, YouTube.

BigSpy’s key feature is its ability to provide insights into competitors’ ad strategies. It allows you to see where advertisers are spending their money, the creatives they use, the copy they write, and the landing pages they direct traffic to.

This information can be used as inspiration to craft your own campaigns without having to reinvent the wheel.

Another significant feature of BigSpy is its ability to track and compare ads. This feature allows you to gauge how your ads are performing against the competition and adjust your strategies accordingly.

BigSpy also offers a YouTube Ads Spy feature. This tool can help YouTubers, marketers, or advertisers gather the best YouTube ads for their campaigns.

It allows you to see what types of ads are being run on YouTube, providing valuable insights into successful ad strategies on the platform.

How to Use BigSpy for YouTube Ads Spy?

  • Step 1: Register and log in to BigSpy.
  • Step 2: Find ADSPY at the top navigation.
  • Step 3: Select a category (YouTube AdSpy).
  • Step 4: Put keywords in the search bar.
  • Step 5: Narrow down the result by adding or removing tags and filters.
  • Step 6: To view the original post of an ad, click “…” on the upper right corner of a feed then Original Post.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers several pricing tiers: Basic at $9/month, Pro at $99/month, and Group at $249/month. You can also try the BigSpy Pro Plan for 3 days for just $1.

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Pros and Cons

Extensive ad database covering multiple platforms.Don’t have any Free Plan.
Provides competitor landing page links and Ad performance.The tool provides advertising data from a small number of platforms.
Good filtering system. 
Affordable pricing. 

No doubt, BigSpy is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into ad strategies across various platforms. Its YouTube Ads Spy feature is particularly useful for those looking to understand and leverage successful YouTube ad strategies.

2. PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is a leading ad spy tool that provides a comprehensive database of ads from the most popular social media networks. PowerAdSpy is backed by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, which allows you to generate insights from the world’s largest ad inventory.

One of the key features of PowerAdSpy is its YouTube Ads Spy tool. This tool allows you to search all YouTube ads running to a click funnel, lead pages, or opt-in offers in seconds.

It reveals the best ads and countries that send the most paid and organic traffic to your competitors. PowerAdSpy also allows you to filter by networks, countries, and interests, providing more insights into the leads.

PowerAdSpy’s YouTube Ads Spy tool is particularly useful for businesses looking to gain more customers.

How to Use PowerAdSpy YouTube Ads Spy?

  • Step 1: Log in to your PowerAdSpy account.
  • Step 2: Click on the Products and select YouTube Ads Spy tool.
  • Step 3: Type the brand name or relevant keywords in the search box. You can also regulate your ad searches using the filters given below the search box.
  • Step 4: Click on the search button after selecting the choices.
  • Step 5: Select your relevant ad and click on the show analysis/view results.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy offers the Free plan at no cost, the Basic plan costs $34.3 per month, the Standard plan costs $69.3 per month, the Premium plan costs $104.3 per month, and more as per the user requirement.

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Pros and Cons

Large database of ads from popular social media networks.Requires both technical and analytical skills from the user.
Advanced algorithms and AI for generating insights.Has a learning curve for a non-technical person.
YouTube Ads Spy tool for competitive intelligence. 
Allows filtering by networks, countries, and interests. 
Provides insights into the best ads and countries sending the most traffic to competitors. 

3. vidIQ


vidIQ is specially built to optimize your YouTube presence and enhance your video marketing strategy. It’s more than just an ad spy tool – it’s your growth companion on YouTube.

This tool provides a suite of features that help you understand your audience, optimize your content, and track your performance against competitors.

One of the key features of vidIQ is its video analytics. These analytics help optimize content for better reach and engagement.

It provides competitive insights, boosting video discoverability and helping you understand trending topics.

Another significant feature is its ability to spy on your competition. With vidIQ, you can gain insights into the performance of your competitors’ videos, including their optimization strategies and viewer engagement.

This feature can be particularly useful for businesses looking to gain an edge in a competitive market. vidIQ also offers keyword research and competitor analysis tools to optimize titles, descriptions, and tags.

This can help maximize your video’s organic reach and improve its visibility in YouTube search results.

How to Use vidIQ?

  • Step 1: Install the vidIQ extension on your browser.
  • Step 2: Search for a keyword related to your content on YouTube.
  • Step 3: Use the vidIQ extension to view information about the keyword, including volume and competition.
  • Step 4: Check out the top channels for your search term and analyze their content.
  • Step 5: Click on a video to get detailed information about its performance and optimization.

Use these insights to optimize your own content and improve your YouTube strategy.

vidIQ Pricing

vidIQ offers four pricing plans: Basic (free, for new YouTubers), Pro (starting at $5/month, for more analytics and keyword research), Boost (for increasing views on new videos, pricing details on the website), and 1-on-1 Coaching (for personalized channel growth guidance, pricing details on the website).

Pros and Cons

Provides detailed video analytics to optimize content.May require a learning curve to utilize all features fully.
Offers competitive insights to boost video discoverability.Some advanced features may require a paid plan.
Helps understand trending topics. 
Assists in spying on competition. 

4. AdSpyder


AdSpyder is another YouTube ads spy tool that provides an in-depth analysis of YouTube advertising.

This tool is not just a superficial peek into YouTube ads; it offers a comprehensive analysis that allows you to understand the intricacies of YouTube advertising.

With AdSpyder, users can input a search term and be presented with genuine ad copies exactly as they appear to viewers on YouTube.

One of the key features of AdSpyder is its adaptability. It serves as an expansive YouTube ads library, granting you the flexibility to filter your findings. Whether it’s a date range, a geographic focus, or a preference for newer or older ads, customization is at your fingertips.

AdSpyder also provides access to a vast repository of YouTube ad copies, ensuring you never miss out on emerging trends.

Another notable feature is the video metadata. From channel details to associated YouTube tags, AdSpyder provides a holistic view of the video ad environment. The feature also enables users the convenience of sorting and filtering ads based on date, country, and relevance, making the research process more efficient.

How to Use AdSpyder?

  • Step 1: Log in to the AdSpyder dashboard.
  • Step 2: Input a search term in the search bar.
  • Step 3: The tool will present you with genuine ad copies exactly as they appear to viewers on YouTube.
  • Step 4: You can filter the results based on date range, geographic focus, or preference for newer or older ads.
  • Step 5: Explore the ad titles, descriptions, thumbnails, categories, and full videos to understand every element’s impact.
  • Step 6: Use the country-specific data to craft region-specific strategies.
  • Step 7: Sort and filter ads by date, country, and relevance to streamline your research process.

AdSpyder Pricing

AdSpyder offers a free 7-day trial for all its plans. The pricing starts at $49 per month and goes up to $249 per month.

Pros and Cons

Real-time ad data from 100+ popular ad sources.AdSpyder may be a bit pricier compared to other ad-spying tools.
Access to a vast repository of YouTube ad copies.Premium plans do not guarantee a refund.
Provides country-specific data. 
Allows easy sorting and filtering of ads. 

5. PiPiADS


PiPiADS is a powerful ad spy tool built to help businesses and marketers gain valuable insights into their competitors’ advertising strategies.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, PiPiADS enables you to discover high-performing ads, analyze your components, and apply these insights to your own campaigns.

PiPiADS is not a YouTube ads spy tool, but a versatile platform that provides insights into various video ad platforms, with particular strength in TikTok ad spying.

One of the key features of PiPiADS is its ability to provide valuable information such as the publisher, title, views, and more.

Another significant feature is the Winning Product Sourcing. PiPiADS helps you identify high-traffic products in your niche that you can advertise, ensuring focus on products with the highest potential for success.

PiPiADS also grants you access to high-quality ad materials. This feature provides template inspiration for ads, different market trends that can boost sales, and updated information about PiPiADS and platform-specific ads.

This access to ad materials can be particularly beneficial for those with minimal knowledge about ad creation, providing a soft landing.

Moreover, PiPiADS offers extensive filter options, allowing you to easily find and analyze top-performing ads.

Lastly, PiPiADS provides trivial information on ads regarding date, popularity, and ad impressions. These insights are very useful for keeping track of current ads and how they are performing, providing a systematic investigation of ads and target groups, along with additional ad plans for landing pages, costs, and so forth.

How to Use PiPiADS?

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free trial on the PiPiADS website.
  • Step 2: Use the ad spy feature to search for competitor ads in your niche.
  • Step 3: Analyze the ads’ components, such as the publisher, title, views, and more.
  • Step 4: Apply the insights gained from spying on competitor ads to your own campaigns.
  • Step 5: Continuously monitor and adjust your campaigns based on the data provided by PiPiADS.

PiPiADS Pricing

PiPiADS offers a Starter plan for $77/month, which includes a $1 three-day limited trial. The Pro plan costs $263/month or $2167/year (equivalent to $181/month).

PiPiADS Logo

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Pros and Cons

Comprehensive YouTube ads spy feature.Can be costly for some users.
User-friendly interface.Some users may find the extensive filter options overwhelming or confusing.
Access to high-quality ad materials. 
Winning product sourcing. 

6. KeywordSearch


KeywordSearch is a powerful YouTube ads spy tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize your Google and YouTube ad campaigns. It is crafted to help businesses discover the best ad audiences in minutes and sync them to their ad account with a single click.

The tool’s main focus is YouTube Ads Spying, which allows you to gain insights into your competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.

KeywordSearch provides access to a comprehensive library of tens of thousands of unlisted YouTube ads, with hundreds more being added every day.

It allows you to discover the top ads in your industry and niche, and easily identify the keywords that top YouTube ads are targeting.

This feature takes YouTube ad research to the next level, helping you to enhance your own YouTube ads with proven keywords.

Another significant feature is the ability to see all of a competitor’s ads in one place. You can sort these ads by “views” or “spend-trend” to identify which ads perform the best for other advertisers.

How to Use KeywordSearch?

  • Step 1: Go to KeywordSearch.com.
  • Step 2: Click on YouTube Ad Spy.
  • Step 3: Type your keyword, for example, “clean energy”.
  • Step 4: Click on Search.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve found an ad that you’re interested in, click on details to dig deeper.

KeywordSearch Pricing

KeywordSearch is priced at $197 per month. This plan includes access to the YouTube Ads Spy tool and 100 searches per month using the AI Audience Builder.

Pros and Cons of KeywordSearch

Comprehensive library of unlisted YouTube ads.Limited searches per month in the base plan.
AI-driven YouTube ad search.Computational power & costs associated with using AI.
Ability to discover keywords targeted by top ads. 
Regular updates with new ads. 
Direct integration with Google Ads account. 

7. VidTao


VidTao is a cutting-edge YouTube Ads Spy tool that offers a comprehensive platform for advertisers to explore, discover, and track the performance of YouTube ads, providing valuable insights into the competitive landscape of YouTube advertising.

One of the key features of VidTao is its ability to “spy” on competitors’ YouTube ads. This feature allows you to track the performance of any YouTube ad over time, providing valuable insights into the ad’s effectiveness and the strategies employed by competitors.

VidTao’s ad library is constantly updated, offering you access to thousands of YouTube ads. This vast library allows you to model your own ads based on high-performing YouTube ads, providing a significant advantage in creating effective advertising strategies.

Another standout feature of VidTao is its SwipeTube plugin. This tool allows you to add any YouTube ad you come across to your VidTao YouTube ad “Swipe File”.

Notably, VidTao 2.0, the latest version of the software, boasts an impressive database of over 8 million unlisted YouTube video ads and over 65 million search and display ads. This vast database provides you with an extensive resource for ad research and competitor analysis.

How to Use VidTao?

  • Step 1: Install the VidTao SwipeTube plugin and browse YouTube as you normally would.
  • Step 2: When you come across an ad you find interesting, click the VidTao SwipeTube plugin icon in your Chrome browser.
  • Step 3: This will add the ad to your VidTao YouTube ad “Swipe File”, allowing you to track the ad’s performance over time.
  • Step 4: To discover more competitor YouTube ads, browse the VidTao YouTube Ad Library.

VidTao Pricing

VidTao offers a free version of its software, with premium features available on request.

Pros and Cons

Comprehensive ad tracking and analysis.Premium features require additional cost.
Extensive ad library.Limited to YouTube ads.
Ability to “spy” on competitors’ ads. 
Free version available. 

8. Ad Library

Ad Library- AdSpy Chrome Extension

Ad Library is a powerful and free AdSpy Chrome extension specifically designed for YouTube. It serves as a comprehensive library of YouTube ads, allowing you to find video ad inspiration, spy on competitors’ ads, and discover potential winning products.

Key features of Ad Library include the ability to find ad creatives using any keyword, search for industry-specific advertisers, access top ads in your region or country, and get ad examples within a specific period.

You can also learn from popular ad copy and landing pages, analyze the performance of competitors’ ad campaigns, and soon, save and download ads from the YouTube Ad Library.

How to Use Ad Library?

  • Step 1: Install the Ad Library tool from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Step 2: Open the tool and enter a keyword related to the ad creatives you’re interested in.
  • Step 3: You can also search for specific industry advertisers.
  • Step 4: Access the top ads in your region or country.
  • Step 5: Analyze the performance of competitors’ ad campaigns.
  • Step 6: Learn from popular ad copy and landing pages.
  • Step 7: Save and download ads from the YouTube Ad Library (feature coming soon).

Pros and Cons

Free to use.Limited to YouTube ads.
Provides real-time market data.Does not provide landing page details.
Allows spying on competitors’ ads. 
Offers a large number of ad examples. 

9. Anstrex


Anstrex is a comprehensive ad intelligence tool designed to provide competitive insights for online marketers. It is not specifically a YouTube ads spy tool, but it is one of the best tools for video ad spying.

Anstrex allows you to spy on native ad campaigns and push notification ads, helping you improve your return on investment by unlocking your competitors’ marketing strategies.

Key features of Anstrex include its ability to cover 92 countries and 42 ad networks in its Push tool, and 33 ad networks in its Pop Spy tool.

It offers alerts on competitors, advanced search and filtering, landing page tools, and advanced Boolean searching.

Anstrex also provides a landing page ripper and deployer, which allows you to download, edit, and deploy landing pages for your campaigns.

How to Use Anstrex?

  • Step 1: Create an account on the Anstrex platform.
  • Step 2: Choose the tool you want to use (native ads, push notifications, pops, or dropshipping tools) from the dropdown in the upper left corner.
  • Step 3: Use the search and filter options to find specific ad campaigns.
  • Step 4: Use the landing page ripper and deployer to download, edit, and deploy landing pages for your campaigns.
  • Step 5: Monitor your competitors’ strategies and adapt them to your own campaigns.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex offers monthly pricing of $69.99 for its Native Ads tool, $89.99 for its Push tool, and $89.99 for its Pop Ads tool.

Pros and Cons of Anstrex

Extensive ad database.Not specific to YouTube ads spying.
Powerful search capabilities.Limited to online advertising strategies.
Competitive pricing compared to other ad intelligence platforms. 
Ability to spy on competitors’ strategies. 

10. Video Ad Vault

Video Ad Vault

Video Ad Vault is a powerful tool to give online advertisers an unprecedented advantage in the competitive world of YouTube advertising.

Developed by TubeSift, this cloud-based software offers the largest searchable library of YouTube video ads and landing pages, including unlisted videos.

This YouTube ads spy tool’s robust search mode allows you to quickly find video ads based on titles, descriptions, channels, domain names, or even the URLs of your landing pages.

This feature enables advertisers to keep a close watch on their competitors’ latest video ad campaigns, providing valuable insights into their strategies.

One of the key features of Video Ad Vault is its geotargeting option, which allows you to refine your search based on specific geographical locations. This feature, combined with an array of advanced exclude filters, ensures that users get only the most relevant results.

Video Ad Vault also offers a unique “Watched Channels” feature, which allows you to add specific channels to your watchlist. This feature enables you to stay updated on all the latest video ads from your competitors or favorite advertisers.

It also provides detailed insights into a video ad’s performance, including the number of views it is getting, the countries it is targeting, its past and present landing pages’ URLs, and when it was published.

Video Ad Vault is continuously updated with fresh ad campaigns, ensuring that you always have access to the most up-to-date search results.

How to Use Video Ad Vault?

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Video Ad Vault and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Use the search bar to find video ads based on titles, descriptions, channels, domain names, or landing page URLs.
  • Step 3: Use the geotargeting option and advanced exclude filters to refine your search.
  • Step 4: Add channels to your “Watched Channels” to keep track of their latest video ads.
  • Step 5: Use the detailed information pane to gain insights into a video ad’s performance.

Video Ad Vault Pricing

Video Ad Vault offers two pricing options: The Essential Plan at $77/month and the Pro Plan at $137/month.

Pros and Cons

A large searchable library of YouTube video ads.The tool only provides access to the past 50 video ads viewed.
Advanced search and filtering options.The tool’s customization options may be limited.
Geotargeting option. 
Regular updates with fresh ad campaigns. 
Detailed insights into ad performance. 

11. Minea


Minea is a comprehensive tool that transforms the way e-commerce and dropshipping businesses operate. It is an all-in-one platform that provides a wide range of features, including ad spying, product placement spying, and online shop spying.

Minea’s primary focus is to help businesses find winning products by spying on ads across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok.

It is not specifically focused on YouTube but can spy on video ads on other platforms.

One of the key features of Minea is its ad spy tool, which boasts the largest database of e-commerce ads with over 10,000 new ads added daily.

This ad spy tool allows businesses to search for the best ads on social networks, providing insights into successful marketing strategies and product trends.

Another notable feature is the product placement spy tool, which gathers all product placements of influencers on Instagram and Snapchat across more than 30 markets.

Minea also offers a shop spy tool that gathers data to monitor the biggest e-shops, providing insights into their ads, placements, and winning products.

How to Use Minea?

  • Step 1: Sign up for an account on the Minea website.
  • Step 2: Choose the social media platform you want to spy on.
  • Step 3: Use the ad spy tool to search for the best ads.
  • Step 4: Use the product placement spy tool to find influencer marketing trends.
  • Step 5: Use the shop spy tool to monitor the biggest e-shops.

Minea Pricing

Minea offers three pricing plans: a Lite offer which is free with limited credits, a Starter offer at $49/month, and a Premium offer at $99/month.

Minea Logo

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Pros and Cons

Comprehensive all-in-one tool.Does not provide real-time data.
Large database of e-commerce ads.No free trials for the Starter and Premium plans.
Product placement spy tool. 
Shop spy tool. 

12. Adflex


Adflex is a comprehensive ad spy tool that specializes in providing valuable insights into YouTube ad campaigns. With its YouTube Ads Spy Tool, you can uncover targeting secrets, gain in-depth insights into ad targeting parameters, and unlock precise audience reach.

The tool also enables you to unleash your creative brilliance by exploring niche-specific success stories and crafting irresistible YouTube ads.

Adflex offers over 20 search filters, allowing you to refine your searches and stay updated with YouTube advertising trends.

The tool provides competitive intelligence by uncovering competitors’ strategies and YouTube ad tricks, helping you seize opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Adflex also supports data-driven decision-making by allowing you to analyze performance metrics, optimize targeting, and maximize ad spend efficiency.

Moreover, the tool helps enhance branding impact by discovering powerful branding techniques, refining messaging, and captivating audiences.

How to Use Adflex?

  • Step 1: Visit the official Adflex website and Sign up for a free account.
  • Step 2: Access the YouTube Ads Spy Tool dashboard.
  • Step 3: Enter keywords, domains, or other search parameters to find relevant ads.
  • Step 4: Use the available filters to refine your search and discover winning strategies.
  • Step 5: Analyze ad performance metrics and targeting insights.
  • Step 6: Apply the insights gained to optimize your own YouTube ad campaigns.

Adflex Pricing

Adflex offers a free plan with limited features. For more advanced features, the Pro plan is available at €99.99 per month.

AdFlex Logo



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✔ Find every successful Ad
✔ Begin search and witness the vast ability of AdFlex in finding relevant ads in your niche

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Pros and Cons

Comprehensive ad library.Limited features in the free plan.
Real-time monitoring and updates.There have been reports of intermittent problems with the platform.
In-depth targeting insights.Some advanced features require a paid subscription.
Over 20 search filters. 
Data-driven decision-making. 

Key Benefits of Using a YouTube Ads Spy Tool

YouTube ads spy tools provide several benefits to digital marketers:

1. See What Competitors Are Up To

YouTube ads spy tools allow you to easily see the latest ads launched by competitors and brands in your industry vertical. You get visibility into their YouTube ad strategies which was not possible earlier.

2. Market Insights

YouTube ads spy tools provide real-time market data for specific YouTube ads. This helps you understand the current trends and preferences of your target audience on YouTube.

3. Identify Top Performing Ads

You can sort YouTube ads by engagement metrics like views, CTR, comments, etc. to find the highest-performing ads relevant to your niche. This reveals the kind of ad copy, creatives, and targeting that works best.

4. Get Creative Ideas

By analyzing a vast database of YouTube ads, you can get inspiration for your own ad creatives including thumbnails, ad formats, video styles, etc. Popular trends can also be spotted.

5. Understand Ad Targeting

You can derive who your competitors are targeting through their YouTube ads based on the ad content, captions, and comments. This provides ideas for tailoring your ads to the right audience.

6. Know Ad Budgets and Costs

YouTube ads spy tools provide estimated daily budgets for ads based on engagement and duration. This reveals how much competitors are spending and common YouTube ad costs in your industry.

7. Find Untapped Opportunities

You can discover competitor ads for related keywords and products that you haven’t targeted yet. This allows you to expand your reach and be the first mover in untapped areas.

8. Stay Updated on the Latest Trends

These tools help you keep tabs on the latest YouTube ad trends – new ad formats, emerging targeting tactics, seasonal creative trends, etc. This ensures you always follow best practices.

FAQs on YouTube Ads Spy Tools

Are YouTube ads spy tools legal?

Yes, YouTube ads spy tools are legal. They use public data available on YouTube and do not violate any privacy laws or terms of service.

Can I copy ads from YouTube ads spy tools?

While you can get inspiration from the ads you see in these tools, copying ads directly can lead to copyright issues. It’s always best to create your own unique ads.

How accurate are the ad data and metrics in YouTube ads spy tools?

While these tools strive to provide accurate ad data, some metrics like estimated budget and audience interests are derived using machine learning and may not be 100% accurate.

Can I use YouTube ads spy tools for free?

Some YouTube ads spy tools offer free plans or trials. However, the free plans may have limited features and data access. For full access, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I track specific competitors with YouTube ads spy tools?

Yes, most YouTube ads spy tools allow you to search ads by advertiser name or domain. This lets you track the YouTube ads of specific competitors.

My Viewpoint on YouTube Ads Spy Tools

After reviewing these 11+ best YouTube ads spy tools and using some top tools like BigSpy and vidIQ for my YouTube ad spying activities. I can surely say that these ad spy tools will bring some significant changes in the advertising industry.

With these powerful tools, you have visibility into the latest YouTube advertising trends, top-performing ad creatives, effective targeting tactics, and estimated competitor budgets. These insights are like having a superpower for us!

While the tools listed have varying features and pricing, any one of them will prove immensely useful if utilized properly.

I suggest first identifying your core needs – maybe tracking a few key competitors, discovering untapped keywords, or exporting video ad creatives. This will assist you in your selection of the best tool according to your requirements and budget.

Believe me, the time has come to get benefitted from these YouTube ads spy tools to level up your video advertising game! Don’t let competitors have the upper hand, Act now and sign up with your chosen ad spy tool to supercharge your YouTube ads spying.

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