Are you looking to scale your Facebook Ads game while being able to peek into your competitors’ strategies, uncover their winning ads, and gain valuable insights ?

Facebook Ad Spy Tools can be your best companion in your marketing and dropshipping journey. Here I have listed the top Facebook Ad spy tools or Facebook Ad Intelligence tools that help you to quickly browse millions of Facebook ads across various parameters.

These Facebook ad spy tools will act like your personal detectives, helping you browse through millions of Facebook ads, filter out the top-performing ones, and analyze their detailed demographics. They’re the same tools that big companies use to stay ahead in the game.

If you want to get the kind of sales the corporate giants are getting through social media, you also need to start using these AdSpy tools. The problem is finding the right one for your business. Fortunately, we have brought you a fully updated list of Facebook Ad Spy Tools in 2024 with their specific benefits and cons to help you make the right choice.

Top 13 Facebook Ad Spy Tools (Updated 2024)

Facebook Ad Spy Tools

We have attached a detailed list of the best Facebook AdSpy tools in 2024 for you to choose from, depending on your needs and affordability. Don’t forget to save more using the latest coupons to get the highest savings.

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#7. AnstrexGet Exclusive Now (30% OFF) Special Coupon
#8. AdPlexityVisit Now (30% OFF)
#9. SocialAdScoutVisit Now (20% OFF)
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#11. PexdaVisit Now (50% OFF)
#12. Connectio.ioVisit Now (Lifetime Access)
#13. AdEspressoVisit Now (Free Trial)

1. AdSpy

AdSpy is one of the oldest and most reputed AdSpy tools in this list and the Fb Ads industry. They have a comprehensive ad database as one of the pioneers of AdSpying, and their database is not limited to Facebook. If your target audience is in Facebook or Instagram, Forgot all other and go with Adspy, With free 1000 Ads views you can test the tool for a few days and then quickly subscribe to their cost-effective premium plans by using our special ASpy discount coupon to get virtually unlimited usage on Adspy.


They have indexed over 4,000,00+ ads making them the owners of one of the most extensive ad indexes in the world. You can get data on how ads are performing on both Facebook and Linkedin using this platform. Your social advertising game will get a massive boost the moment you join AdSpy as you can both replicate your competitor’s advertising strategy or analyze your plan and fill the gaps in your strategy.

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The function to add geotags on ad performance (track the location of which ad is performing well in a particular region) and bookmark ads allow you to make the most of the vast statistical data it presents you. The growing use of technology means a successful social media campaign today is impossible without using these tools, and AdSpy is your perfect partner to make your winning campaign strategy.

AdSpy Key Features

  • Enhanced Basic Search allows users to search for Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Enables users to search for true data from user reactions in advert comments.
  • Accurate assessment of ad targeting based on location, gender, and age range.
  • Users can find ads by affiliate networks, search for specific affiliates and offers, and bypass cloakers for accurate information.
  • Massive database of over 144.7 million ads across 222 countries and 88 languages.

2. Minea

Minea can be considered an all-in-one Ad Spyying suite from Facebook to Tiktok. You can make your competitive ad analysis across different platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. Minea analyses over 80+ marketplaces and has analyzed 15 Million+ on all social networks; in addition to all this, what is really excellent is the 2 billion+ users targeted by online advertising; in simple words, you can use these users and ads to upscale your reach while making things even better for targeting.


They have a dedicated database of Instagram and Snapchat influencers showing how their campaigns have worked in the past, their reach, and how well that reach transitions to sales. More and more entrepreneurs have come out with statements stating and restating the growing importance of influencers in social media marketing.

Facebook Ads and their spy tools will always be essential factors in helping you better direct your marketing campaigns, but the rise of influencers in the scene cannot be ignored. Furthermore, the lack of ad spy tools for these influencers cannot be ignored. Affiliate networks have also started partnering with influencers in a growing manner, reinforcing this fact.

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Minea is the first to get you the data on Influencers and spy on the influencers working with your competitors. If you are looking to include social media influencers in your marketing campaign, as you should, Minea undoubtedly has a vital role in the success of your campaign then.

Key Features of Minea

  • Tracks ads on Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Uses AI Selection of Winning Products.
  • Provides insights into a shop’s advertising strategies.
  •  Allows users to filter search based on various parameters.
  • Offers a Chrome extension for easy access.
  • Analyzes influencer placements on Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Offers free shop audits, access to winning products, and community sharing.
  • Offers Lite (free), Starter (49€/month), and Premium (99€/month) plans.
Minea Logo

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3. BigSpy

BigSpy is a tool positioned towards users newer to AdSpying and cannot spend as much on an adspy tool but want to get that advantage that using these tools provides.


BigSpy was primarily engaged in increasing users for SMEs and advertising agencies. Still, the good thing about BigSpy is its advanced search and custom filters, and you can find the data you need or even instruct it to provide you with the correct information for your ad campaign, making it highly user-friendly. The BigSpy database is divided into AdSpy, Ad Tracking, and Ad Copy Analytics. Ad Tracking and Ad Copy Analytics are tools you can use to see how any particular ad of yours or others is performing and how a specific piece of copy is performing from any ad you’re looking into.

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Offering 6+ platforms for you to scour through currently, it is an ideal tool if you’re looking to get helpful information at a price that leaves you to use other services and products as well for your new business.

Key Features Offered by BigSpy

  • Offers access to over 1 billion ads across 9 major social networks.
  • Allows specific ad search based on various criteria.
  • Provides daily trending ads using big data analytics and intelligent algorithms.
  • Delivers real-time data for discovering niches and ideas.
  • Selects winning or trending ads daily for optimized ad spending.
  • Enables ad tracking and performance analysis.

4. AdHeart

AdHeart is one of the only Facebook ad spy tools which also hosts a large base of creatives. What this means is in addition to getting you the data on all the Facebook ads you want to know about, you can access their network of over 700,000 creatives in multiple verticals and countries.


Their searchable database is a combined effort to help you engage your audience with suitable ads and the right people to create and feature in those ads. Filter ads by country and get a read on their performance by country to isolate profitable keywords, a crucial part of being a digital marketer. These amazing tools are just the start of AdHeart as when you tap into their creative base, divided by industry type, and gather the right individuals to make your well-researched ad campaign come to life.

This ad spy is for marketers, shop owners, and arbitrageurs alike who can all make use of their web of creatives and millions of ad-media files.

Key Features Offered by Adheart

  • Over a billion ad creatives for competitive analysis and inspiration.
  • Real-time insights into competitors’ ad creatives.
  • Filter creatives by various parameters like language, ad type, copy, headline, and traffic source.
  • Comprehensive analysis for mobile applications and their creatives.
  • Insights into the income and creative usage of FanPages analysis.
  • Insights into creatives for gambling apps.

5. Dropispy

As the name suggests, Dropispy is an ad spy tool geared majorly towards dropshippers. The technology here is specially designed to help dropshippers identify the most profitable products and niches by offering them a big database of ads and providing them with the tools to search through the huge database with ease to find the winning products and niches.


Well, it is worth mentioning that Dropispy also offers some excellent advanced filters that can turn out to be a game changer in your ad analysis game. You can come across some major filtration options, like targeting certain demographics, audience groups, CTA buttons, and much more. On entering the ads tab, you can see the likes, shares, and comments on any particular ad with the date of the ad creation and its traffic. The other tab is the shop tab. Under here, you can find thousands of dropshipping shops and spy on their sales and how they are achieving them.

You can see which apps the stores you want to compete against are using so you can optimize your sales campaign for that particular app. The combination of seeing which store is promoting on which app and where their traffic is coming from can be a valuable resource in directing your marketing efforts.

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An active blog, sufficient tutorial material, and 24×7 customer support with a variety of filters, making it not only a large but an easily searchable database makes the Dropispy tool worth every penny you spend on it for your dropshipping business.

Key Features Offered by Dropispy

  • Database of over 50 million e-commerce ads, with thousands of new ads added every day.
  • Discover trending ads backed by social proof and real-time data.
  • Search by keywords and filter by ad type, country, creation date, platform type, number of interactions, and more.
  • Offers advanced filters for more precise and targeted search results.

6. PowerAdSpy

One of the most advanced tools you’ll find on this list, PowerAdSpy, has a reputation for providing very reliable data to its users. The core function of an ad spying tool is to allow you to gain information on your competitor’s strategies and integrate them into yours to get sales.


A vital part of this is that your AdSpying tool provides you with actionable data. That is the vision with which PowerAdSpy was created. PowerAdSpy’s ad database is reputed as a vast and easy to navigate one, allowing you to fulfill any and every need you may have from your ad spying tool. They have a large team to keep track of all the top-performing ads across all verticals. This means you’re covered with the same ad spying tool even if you choose to expand.

PowerAdSpy keeps you one step ahead as you don’t have to guess how your copy or campaign will perform, given you can base it on ads that are already performing well in the market. The signature feature offered by PowerAdSpy is its advanced search and filtering. This feature allows you to find the most relevant ads for your needs, increasing your campaigns’ probability of success. Their range of filters includes age, gender, relationship with the interest of your product, keyword, or the landing page action of users for any ad you want to know about.

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Their Revealbot function is an ad automation tool that can help you create top-ranking Facebook (and other social network ads) instantly. These ads are optimized to get you the maximum brand awareness, ROI, and reach on your respective platform. This, along with their in-depth analytics tool, which can instantly draw the market segments for every ad, complete their in-house package of advanced adspying tools.

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The ability to control and use all these functions from a single easy-to-use dashboard and active customer support with an active Facebook and Twitter community offered at a competitive price makes it one of the best AdSpying tools on this list.

Key Features of PowerAdSpy

  • Enables niche-specific ad position analysis.
  • Provides real-time ad engagement insights.
  • Facilitates precise ad discovery using keywords.
  • Helps identify effective Call to Action in a specific niche.
  • Delivers social interaction data for ad performance assessment.

7. Anstrex

Anstrex is a tool focused on providing data on more niche native advertising. For any product you’re looking to sell, you can get the entire ad data on that product in a single click. Native advertising is not looked into as much, and using Anstrex, and you can expand your marketing campaigns into this very profitable media channel.


Usually, you would have to undergo hours of copious research to get any info on the native ad networks, but with Anstrex, you don’t have to because they have already done that research for you. With access to more ad networks than is possible with any other tool and a database storing millions of ads for each of the 15 countries, they operate in, the keys to infinite traffic are with you, always. A unique database offering exclusive data about native markets is what you want to take advantage of. Anstrex is the collection of native spy tools that will get you that advantage.

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Their signature features are access to the big players in the marketing strategy and the tools to frame a winning campaign in multiple countries.

Key Features of Anstrex

  • Coverage of 92 countries and 42 ad networks in Anstrex Push Tool.
  • Coverage of 33 ad networks in Anstrex Pop Spy Tool.
  • Coverage of 65 countries in Anstrex Native.
  • Data filters for narrowing down search results.
  • Keyword search for finding specific ads.
  • Save and recall search functionality.
  • Affiliate network detection.

8. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a leading adSpy tool because they provide you the option of accessing the landing page URL and directly downloading the landing pages, banners, and all the promo materials which are getting the most sales.


Operating across more than 70 countries and Desktop, Mobile, Native, and API ads have made them one of the leading players in this industry. The ability to see, in real-time, which campaigns are the most successful in 75 countries on a single screen is truly a step in the forward direction for the industry as a whole.

It is easier than ever before to isolate profitable ad campaigns as AdPlexity directly detects a spike in mobile or desktop traffic and gives you a popup to indicate the traffic sources. Another unique feature of AdPlexity is that you can see the top affiliate ads and directly go to the affiliate networks and programs that offer these ads to get in on the action if you are an affiliate marketer (as a large majority of users are).

Integrating both of these functions in the same tool can help users make the most out of their ad spying efforts as you can instantly capitalize on whichever is more profitable at any given moment.

Their advanced search filters allow you to search for data on an ad’s keywords, advertisers, publishers, countries, devices, and URL. The option to track traffic sources is also available, but you need to be an advanced online marketer to make sense of the data presented. Overall, AdPlexity is indeed a handy adspying tool; it checks all the right boxes, has a vast ad library, and can help you identify and tell you how to appeal to your target audience.

Key Features Offered by AdPlexity

  • Vast database including important products and campaigns.
  • Allows users to download landing pages, saving time and effort.
  • AdPlexity provides real-time data on top trending products and campaigns.
  • AdPlexity offers advanced search and filter options.

9. SocialAdScout

SocialAdScout is known for its speed and efficiency of use as an ad spying tool. The signature function of SocialAdScout is to gather data on social media ads to see the entire timeline of the ad’s progress.


This means you can see how the ad did from the moment it was uploaded to its visibility till the point you tracked it, where the viewers were from and how it ranked overall. Working in over 21 countries with filtering options for demographics, text, and URL SocialAdScout is one of the most advanced AdSpy tools for Facebook ads. You can also download the landing pages of high-performing ads according to your convenience.

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Essentially SocialAdScout is focused on providing the functions of high-end intelligence tools and their advanced features to you at the price of a cup of coffee.

Key Features of Social Ad Scout

  • Search by various criteria, including text, URLs, demographic information, and geographic location.
  • Shows the precise targeting of ads, such as “50+ year olds in Canada“.
  • Stores all landing pages and their dependencies in a compressed file for download.
  • Covers every ad format, including videos, images, and carousel ads.

10. EcomHunt

EcomHunt is more of a product research tool. Still, we have included it here because it is a brilliant platform that features winning products from multiple verticals and regions and lists them in a simple, understandable manner.


A typical application of AdSpy tools is to help you see which ads are performing the best and then focus your business on selling those products. With EcomHunt, you can directly see a list of winning products and then focus on selling them.

Suppose you want to eliminate the element of guesswork from your product choices as a seller. An active EcomHunt community and their initiatives like the Winners Club make them very popular with sellers. In that case, you can use their constantly updated database created by experts based on solid data analytics. Essentially, if your adspy tool aims to figure out which are the winning products, you should consider joining EcomHunt before you move to figure out which adspy tool to purchase.

Key Features Offered by Ecomhunt

  • Offers a curated, daily updated database of successful dropshipping products.
  • Provides detailed analytics for each product, aiding in informed decision-making.
  • Compatible with various e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces.
  • Allows users to save and review potential products for future selling.
  • Includes tools like Ecomhunt Live and Ecomhunt Lucky for identifying potential best-sellers.

11. Pexda

Pexda is similar to EcomHunt, but the key difference is the broader range of functionality you get with Pexda.


With Pexda, you can discover a daily updated list of high-performing profitable products, so you never waste money on the wrong products. This list is paired with a database of hot products which you can access before they go viral. To understand how they achieve this, we will take an example. You are a seller trying to research for products you think will sell well.

You don’t have the appropriate data to figure out the perfect profitable products, so you think you will get an adspying and a product research tool. The people at Pexda offer you a database of winning products with data on any ad you wish to know about. This helps you get the utility of both with a single platform, and you can focus on making your money while also enjoying the savings of not having to pay for two different expensive tools.

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Pexda is one of the most value-for-money tools on this list, and it can help you rake in money from the moment you join, so the only question you should be asking is if you will buy the Premium Plan or the Ultimate Plan?

Key Features Offered by Pexda

  • Pexda uploads 5 new products daily for everyone’s access and an additional promising product exclusively for Pexda Ultimate subscription members.
  • Offers three ready-made targeting options, helping users promote their products to reach the right target audience on Facebook.
  • Pexda provides a link to an AliExpress seller page for each product, allowing users to see the seller’s data.

12. is a tool for advanced marketers. With features like connecting your autoresponders to your Facebook custom audience and connecting your CRM autoresponders to all your Facebook lead ads, it is undoubtedly a tool with an extreme amount of functionality.

Marketers have used this tool to discover the targeted buying audience in seconds. If you want to focus on knowing your audience better or growing your audience, you can do both with this tool as you can retarget campaigns based on the average behavior of members on your website.

You can also use this tool to leave your competition behind by focusing on highly targeted interests which have less competition than the products you’re selling or marketing now from their database of high selling low competition products. Finding out the top users in niches, and running automated tests to find out your competition’s interests and your performance statistics for your copy before you run it without missing a beat is just the start of the benefits of

Key Features Offered by

  • Connects Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder.
  • Links your autoresponder with your Facebook account.
  • Provides detailed metrics on your marketing efforts.
  • Offers robust insights into your marketing efforts and audience behavior.
  • Keeps you informed about important events or changes.
  • Allows for effective customer targeting based on various criteria.
  • Automates the publishing of your marketing content.
  • Tracks the ranking of your content on various platforms.
  • Enables targeted marketing efforts towards specific customers or groups.
  • Filters marketing efforts based on specific keywords.

13. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an all-in-one advertising tool. You can optimize existing ad campaigns to get your Facebook Ad campaign to the optimum levels. You can also test out images, promos, headlines, and every aspect of your ad campaign in this program before your content goes live to ensure sales.


Using their various proprietary filters, these features can be used better if you browse through their Facebook ad gallery. At $49, AdEspresso is perfectly priced to be your one-stop shop for all your advertising campaigns.

Key Features Offered by Adspresso

  • Enables creation, management, and optimization of ad campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Provides split testing and detailed analytics for ad performance.
  • Automates the promotion of posts based on set criteria.
  • Supports data synchronization with third-party CRMs and marketing tools.
  • Offers customizable reporting tools for comprehensive ad performance analysis.

How Can Facebook Ad Spy Tools Help You?

Not sure how audiences will react to your campaigns?

Want to know how to use Ad Spy tools to your benefit?

All the big brands formulate strategies that help them get the kind of sales they do. But in today’s digital age, they make these strategies using tools so sophisticated even seasoned digital marketers are in awe of them.

Digital marketing is a highly competitive field, and social media marketing is its most competitive form. The multitude of users, less time and space to pitch your product, and too varied a user base to appeal to at the same time are just a few of the challenges social media sites involve. Facebook is the haven of most sales on social media platforms given its massive users and its no-holds-barred market. This is a widely known fact why people rushed to Facebook, and now it is a very saturated marketplace.

If you can become one of the more significant sellers in a saturated marketplace, you can reap the benefits of it nearly permanently. To help you form the right marketing strategies to achieve that, you need to use AdSpy tools and understand the type of ads performing well in your vertical.

Essentially with a Competent Facebook AdSpy tool, you will be able to access the following information:

  • How your competition is approaching the customers on occasions they can make sales.
  • What are the discounts and coupons, and how they are pitched to the users to get conversions.
  • The kind of content that is to be shown to get sales (videos, images, and links).
  • When what and how many times you should post (and when your competitors’ post and related data on the post’s performance).
  • A summary of customers’ reactions to different posts.
  • An understanding of how your competition targets its customers and the tools they use to do that.

You can get a detailed insight into how your competitors go about their marketing and the highest-performing marketing strategies. With this information and an active Facebook audience, you are free to reach the sky as an online marketer.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi, My name is Ali, since my initiation into the digital marketing in 2015, I’ve been deeply involved in the exploration and evaluation of various tools and services that are pivotal to the success of online businesses.

13 Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools for Marketers In 2024(#1 Pick) 1

Over the years, I’ve honed my expertise in the realm of Adspy tools and competitive ad intelligence. I’ve spent countless hours dissecting the functionalities of top Adspy tools like AdSpy, Anstrex, and Dropispy, among others. My hands-on experience with these tools has equipped me with a deep understanding of their capabilities, from ad performance analysis to competitor tracking and audience targeting.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the use of these tools for competitive ad intelligence. I’ve conducted extensive research and testing on how these tools can be leveraged to gain insights into competitors’ ad campaigns, optimize ad spend, and improve overall marketing strategies.

My expertise doesn’t stop at just using these tools. I’ve also been actively involved in analyzing the trends and shifts in the digital advertising landscape. This has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the most up-to-date and effective strategies for your ad campaigns.

Moreover, my knowledge extends beyond just Adspy tools. As an experienced affiliate marketer, I understand the intricacies of running successful digital campaigns, from ad creation to performance analysis. This comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem allows me to provide you with holistic advice that takes into account all aspects of your online business.

FAQs Relevant to Facebook Ad Spy Tools

How do Facebook Ads Spy Tools work?

Facebook Ads Spy Tools gather data on ads running on Facebook. They maintain a large, regularly updated database of ads. Users can search this database to find ads relevant to their industry or niche. These tools provide detailed insights about each ad, including targeting options, ad format, ad spend, and engagement metrics.

What are the common stats seen using Facebook Ads Spy tools?

Facebook Ads Spy tools are designed to provide detailed insights into the advertising strategies of competitors on Facebook. Some of the common stats include data around Ad Creatives, Ad Performance, Targeting Information, Ad spending and placement, Landing Page URLs, etc.

How can I choose the best Facebook Ads Spy Tool for my needs?

The choice of the suitable Facebook Ads Spy tool can vary from person to person but, some of the common aspects that need to be considered include features, database size, user interface, advanced filters, etc.

Conclusion: Top 13 Facebook Ad Spy Tools Updated 2024

Social media advertising is a key success factor for any business nowadays. If you are new to Facebook Ads or you are interested in boosting your paid traffic on Facebook, it is always a good idea to use social media Ad spy tools. These tools will help you to understand the Facebook advertising landscape and create Ads that are targeted, engaging, and get the maximum amount of conversions.

These tools will help you to see the potential of your Facebook business pages and to re-create them as engaging and effective Ads. Businesses that make use of Facebook Ads are at a great advantage when it comes to building their brand, acquiring new customers, getting visibility, and spreading the word about their company.

If you are a business owner, you can take advantage of these Ad spy tools, you can use the above-listed Facebook Ad spy tools to crash test your ads and find out what type of Ad copy and creatives engage the most and what type of content performs the best.

Try Adspy For free + $150 OFF Coupon (1000 Free Ad Views) is the biggest FB ADs spy tool with the largest searchable of FB ads with the highest level of filters. Best for Affiliate marketers and e-commerce. Try Free and use Coupon code “BLOGE50” to get 50% off for the first three months.

We hope this list helped you understand which is the ideal adspying platform for Meta. AdSpying is an essential practice that the big players are already making use of, and if you want to be a part of the future of digital marketing, you also have to join hands with an adspying platform.

To decide which is the right platform for you, you have to think about your needs and your budget precisely, which comes in the meeting point of the two—all the best, leaving your competition behind in the dust using their strategies.🤞🤞

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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