Targeting the multi-verticals of the affiliate industry, Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 by Conversion Club was held from April 19 to 20. An expo held on the grandest scale provided its attendees with the latest knowledge revolving around the affiliate industry.

With over 1500 participants Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 saw a great response from the visitors in Warsaw, Poland. The latest edition of Conversion Conf was one affiliate conference that is to be spoken of for a while in the coming months. So let’s shed some light on what exactly happened at this exclusive meetup.

Conversion Conf Poland Recap 2023

Conversion Conf Poland Recap

Conversion Club is known to hold the best affiliate conferences of all time. They have a reputed image of having to gather the most number of footsteps at each of their event. And this time during the Poland segment of the Affiliate meetup they did keep their appearance as the same.

The two day event, Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 got attendees showing up in numbers, in which they learned about the latest developments and news regarding the affiliate industry. The event even spoke of the other niches that revolve around the affiliate industry and provided great knowledge to the visitors.

The event by conversion club had a huge list of highly acclaimed speakers who spoke about their journey in the affiliate industry and about how they grew in said market. It was certainly a great opportunity for one to learn about business growth and networking.

Speakers at Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023

Without any doubt, the Conversion Club always brings forth the best speakers who can hold the audience in the best manner, when it comes to the speeches and experiences they share. Similarly, this time during their Poland leg of the Affiliate expo, the Conversion Conf 2023 had more than 25 celebrity speakers on stage, having their knowledge shared about their personal epic business strategies, network building, and also the ones who have the most experience in the same industry.

Professionals from various niches like finance, Nutra, dating, igaming, e-commerce, and others were a part of this huge list of guest speakers.

The list begins with the owner of I AM ATIILA, Attila O’dree himself. His experience in the affiliate industry is beyond words and explanation. He has become a zero to the super affiliate within no time, the similar experience is what he shared during his speech at the Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023

Other speakers who hold an alike experience were Alex Slobozhenko owner of Traffic Rules, TIM BURD who is co-founder of Ageny Y, Jane Ejim chief sales officer of Clickdealer, Oleksandr, and Vera the owners of Traffbraza.

The marketing manager for Voluum, Katrina M Hier also spoke a bit about a cloud-based ad tracker. Her company can integrate with multiple platforms and connects the elements that help their users build a better campaign for ad tracking. By providing detailed data on the visitors and conversions, the ad tracking company ‘Voluum’ also guides a person to have the most profitable combinations that will fetch traffic to their ads as well the landing pages.

Other experts in the affiliate industry who spoke during the Conversion Club conference were Robert Wojciechowski, Olga Maksimuk, Iuliana Gavrila, Vladyslav Savchenko, Sasha Klim, Jitendra Vaswani, Catherine Kyrsenko, Vladyslav Zhovtenko, Chiranshu Monga, Kateryna Yeromina, Arthur Kozyryatsky, Yura Marlboro, Mariusz Gasiewski, Christian Heinz, and more.

Schedule of Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023

Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023, which was a multi-day affiliate expo began at 10 am on April 19. Winding up with the registration in the first hour the affiliate expo started with the networking session at 11 am

The first day of the event even had the best speeches held by the speakers mentioned above. The affiliate conference had lot many opportunities where one could learn and develop his business skills, meanwhile also have his network made strong.

Having a number of events simultaneously happening at the affiliate expo the attendees had gathered a huge knowledge and were totally satisfied with what they gained during the multi-vertical, multi-day event.

Similarly, on the second day of  Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023, the gates for the expo opened early, and the attendees were let in to experience the best network-building meetup, while also having them listen to the great experiences shared by a number of speakers covering a lot of various niches.

The Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 also threw an after-party for its dearest attendees, which began at 9 pm and was on, till late midnight.

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The after-party by Conversion Club Poland Meetup 2023

An event must have the best end, to have it spoken for days to come. Sticking to this statement, Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 had one of the best night parties which was held after the whole event, on the night of April 20.

It was certainly a party that had the best combination of music, and drinks and at the same time even had a productive segment. The Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023

After Party took place at the WARSAW EXPO XXI, HALL 4.

This night party provided an atmosphere that was perfect for networking as it had both, the attendees as well as the multi-industry expert speakers under the same roof, and within an unofficial mood.

Victoria Bakalova from Traffic Devils and Andy Wullmer from Traffic Partner were the two hosts for the Conversion Conf Poland Meetup 2023 after-party event.

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