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How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog -2022 Updated Methods

Backlinks are most important factor of SEO nowadays. A quality backlink can rank your site higher in SERP and bad backlinks can make your site SEO worst and may lead to google penalty.

SEO have changed a lot and earlier traditional methods for ranking sites doesn’t work at all now. There is a lot of competition in every blogging field and a lot more confusion in SEO. Thousands of SEO bloggers shares different knowledge and a new user gets confused about the right methods.

How to Get Quality Backlinks to your blog

In this post we will discuss the right way to get quality & some natural link building techniques which are necessary to rank a website higher without any google penalty.

Does backlink really Works now?

In the earlier years, backlinks was the only main focus for SEO’s to rank websites on google. There were lot of paid backlinks tools & software over the web, but after the launch of google panda & Google penguin, All the things have changed.

Yes backlinks does work now and it is also base strategy for every kind of SEO but now google is very strict in terms of backlinks, If you optimize your site with heavy backlinks or do irrelevant backlinks then chances are higher that your site can be penalized. Hence you should be very careful while building quality links for your site.

Google is playing smarter moves daily in SEO and only wants quality websites to be ranked on their first page. All blogs with lots of low quality backlinks, Improper knowledge and less informative blogs are now resting very far away from Google’s first page. Hence it is very important to do Quality backlinks wisely,as It can also harm your site rankings.

What is link building?

Link building is a major factor in search engine optimization. As per the SEO ranking factor, websites which have good links form other websites in same category ranks better in SERP.

This clearly states, your site should have quality links from other websites which are relevant to your niche.

If you make dozens of backlinks from Ir-relevant sites, forums or directory websites, it will harm your sites SEO rankings.

How link building works?

Link building is called connection of links between websites. Some calls it link-exchange. Link building is good in SEO point of view, however extent of link building or building links from off topic website can cause serious harm to your site’s ranking.

Make less links but it should be related to your blog topic and only make a backlink with a website which is having good rank and better domain authority. Just excuse all low quality sites

What is a quality Backlink?

There are numerous types of backlinks. Quality back link means a link back to your site with proper anchor text, Keyword. A quality backlink helps boost your website ranks.

If you on tech niche, comment or guest blog on other tech niche blogs by researching their domain age, authority & page rank. This will create a quality link back to your site in ethical ways. Avoid any types of backlinks or link building software as Google knows how links are build and your site can be penalized.

Can backlinks increase Site rankings?

The answer is yes! however bad quality and extent of backlinks can cause google penalty on your website. So don’t focus on creating too many backlinks at the initial stage. Focus on content first and then create less but quality backlinks so it would the best SEO practice for your blog to get higher rank on google search.

Tips for Getting Quality backlinks:

Here are some tips for getting high quality backlinks to your blog in ethical manner. Once you have quality links back to your site, It will enhance your online exposure, higher rankings, more traffic and more money.


Interview other Bloggers

This strategy is working like a charm now and hundreds of wise internet marketers and using this technique to get their website popular, Build backlinks and get tons of loyalty users.

try to interview other leaders in your blogging niche. Don’t be shy or feel that your blog is not compatible to take interviews from them.

Every successful blog has passed through initial stage, hence just contact leaders and tell them you want to write an Exclusive interview and ask questions. This will generate readership and will give you lots of readers first and then backlinks too, when they share your post.


Guest Blogging

Guest post or guest blogging is another way to build high quality authority backlink (Do-follow or no-follow) from a blog in ethical way.

Guest blogging is not easy,unless you are a good writer. Find blogs on your niche and see whether they accept guest posts. Ask the author for guest post and provide them guest blog article with informative content, informative links and some links back to your domain.  You will get plenty of visitors from that blog and a quality backlink which will make your site boost in SERP.


Social Bookmarking

Social media is the largest traffic  source now after google. Apart from Facebook, twitter & google plus, you should bookmark your website and posts on other high following social websites like Reddit, pint-rest, LinkedIn, and many more.

There are few hundreds of websites for social bookmarking and i can’t list them all here, So you may search for it and try to add your website profile with detailed information update posts regularly in it to get quality targeted traffic from social websites.

Social Bookmarking not only gives you extra traffic from social websites but also tell search engine that your site is linked with particular social websites, resulting in increase in rankings.


GOV or Edu Back links

You might have heard for authority domains. If you have quality likes from .gov or .edu websites, It will improve link authority of your site.


Write Evergreen content

Content is king and i have seen websites with natural high quality content without a single back-links, have ranked on first page of google.

All pro bloggers are concentrating to share long, in-depth quality content to their visitors. It is better to focus on evergreen content for building your blog authority and rank higher in SERPS.

There are many ethical companies or SEO providers which offers quality link building service for money. If you are lazy enough, you can buy link building services from premium marketplaces like Fiverr, SEOclerks or linksmanagement. However you should first analyze your blog or website and then purchase links which are really require to move your site up on google. These links building provider usually offers backlinks of high quality on authentic websites in $5. So in just $5 you can get plenty of ethical backlinks which really improves your sites ranking like a magic..

Final Words:

Don;t just focus on backlinks. Build natural content for your visitors and this is the best SEO. I have kept this article less confusing and only sharing information which is necessary to get quality backlinks

There are many tools & application available on the internet for creating backlinks but it is better to do it manually.

If you are still feeling lazy for creating a good backlinks, you may consider outsourcing this works to other SEO Marketers or on fiverr, As you can get quality authority backlinks from $5.

Share your views on building quality back links and what’s your link building strategy with us via comments below and stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more such exciting updates.

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