Are you a prospering affiliate marketer and searching for your campaign management solution?

Try ThriveTracker, an eventual mobile and web campaign management platform for affiliates.

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Note: You can also go for a 14 days trial plan where you will be able to track up to one million clicks.

What is ThriveTracker? – ThriveTracker Review

ThriveTracker Review

We all know that affiliate marketing is all about performance marketing. ThriveTracker is the tool helping you utilize your data to make abreast decisions in a modern way. Your data is worked upon through this by ThriveTracker’s ultimate mobile and web campaign management solution in the industry.

It was established in 2014 with the mission to deliver a prodigious experience for its users. They invest a lot in designing, planning, engineering, and supporting their tracking tools. It is an all-inclusive solution for those running their own or client’s campaigns. ThriveTracker is the tracking platform that takes care of all the tedious work so that you can put your brains on the amentaceous side of the business.

How to Start with ThriveTracker – Beginners Guide 

It can be a little tricky when we start getting used to a new platform where you have to figure out everything and locate and also see how all the moving pieces fit together.

Now in this ThriveTracker review, we will guide to help walk you through the initial setup process and to help you find the different items that you are looking for. Though everyone has a unique setup, this should serve as a helpful guide for the overall process. 

Let’s begin with navigating with ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker Navigation

So as you can check out, these options are pretty self-explanatory, but their a few hidden ones which you may wish to find out: 

With Click through Codes, you can track clicks from landing page offers. This you can find under the Landing Page Tab and then on to Get LP Code. 

Postback URLs or Pixels can help you to place your offer with your network. You can find this under the Tracking Tab

The Landing Page Pixel is helpful for tracking clicks to your landing page without using a campaign URL redirect. You can find this under the campaigns tab and then inside the specific campaign.

Plus, you can also view the setting Settings Gear Icon at the top right of your login:

ThriveTracker Dashboard

Now that’s where you can manage more granular settings and sub-user accounts, Edit your column view for the current page, API, or use their migration tool if you are coming over from another platform.

Getting Set Up for the First Time – Where to Start

Now we will walk through an example setup. You don’t have to do things in the exact same order, but this can be helpful so you can set up your primary components before creating your overall campaign.

Setting Up a Traffic Source

We shall start by setting up our Traffic Source. And for that, head to the Traffic Source Tab of your menu and select Add New Source on the right-hand side of the page. This will give you a modal where you can choose any of your pre-defined sources, or you can even add your own unique source. In our case, we are using Facebook, for example.

Add New Traffic Source in ThriveTracker

You can see that there is a Postback Pixel section above. That’s where you can place your Facebook pixel if you have one which you would like to fire on the traffic source level. You also have options to set on the campaign-specific level once you create a campaign. Also, note that you will want to select the pixel or postback type in the dropdown menu. And suppose if you are using an iFrame; select it. If you have HTML based pixel and it does not fit into any of the categories, Select Raw Code as the type.

If you place a postback URL here, you have to ensure to place the {externalid} token in the corresponding parameter of the postback where you need to send your traffic source the unique click ID. 

Further, if you scroll down in the modal, you can see the Custom Variable fields. We have filled in the available parameters and tokens in the pre-defined sources for you, but you can adjust when needed. If you are creating your own unique source, you can go ahead and add any custom variables which you wish to track from your source. 

External ID – It is used in the event that you wish to use a postback URL with a traffic source. Postbacks require a unique click ID in order to fire. 

Cost – If your traffic source has a token to pass you the dynamic cost through the URL, then you can place that here. Facebook does not offer this, and that’s why we have left it blank. By placing the cost token and having the source send it through the URL, thrive would pull the cost value instead of the default value set on the campaign. 

New Traffic Source in ThriveTracker

Creating Your Landing Page

Next, you will be using a landing page before your offer pages. Here you want to set it up under the Landing Page Tab and then Add a Landing Page.

The LP Group Filed is for organization purposes. You can create a new group or, in the future, select an existing group. Also, there is a wide variety of tokens that you can use to pass through your landing URL, such as device, subid, and offerid, along with any of your custom variables.

Add Landing Page in ThriveTracker

Click Through Links

The click-through links are needed to connect traffic from your landing page, and this you can find under the Landing Page tab –> Get LP Code.

They have the option for PHP pages as well as any other page type. You have to place this code in any click-through text or ad that leads the visitor from the lander to the offer. This will help you keep track as an LP click in the report.

Also, make sure that if your offer page is HTTPS, you will need to use an HTTPS click through the link, which requires SSL to be installed.

Creating a New Offer

To create a new offer, navigate to the offers tab of your menu and Add New Offer. The offered group is for organizational purposes; you can create a new group or select an existing one. Your value per conversion is the payout amount. You also have the option for your network to pass the payout to them through the pixel. And anything which is sent in the pixel/postback will override this default payout.

And if you have to pass any information through your offer URL to your network, you can do this by using the provided tokens. If you wish to pass any custom variables from a source, you will have to use the var tokens.

Add New Offer in ThriveTracker

Now How to Place Thrive’s Postback or Pixel with Your Affiliate Network?

After you have your offer added in Thrive, it’s time to place either a postback URL or pixel with your affiliate networks so that you can track your conversions. 

You can find this under the tracking tab of your login.

You have a few options depending on what your network can support:

  • Iframe
  • Image
  • Postback

Note: If using postback, please ensure that your network places their token for the unique Click ID after &subid=. This is required for postback tracking.

Remember that the type of pixel you place will also control what kind of pixel/postback will fire for your traffic source.

  • Network places Thrive’s iframe pixel –> Any type of traffic source pixel or postback will fire.
  • Network places Thrive’s image pixel –> Only traffic source postbacks will fire.
  • Network places Thrive’s postback –> Only traffic source postbacks will fire.
Golbal Tracking Pixel in ThriveTracker

Setting Up Your Campaign

Next, Setting your campaign is what contains the various components together. Here you can also find the URL to use with your traffic source. 

And to set up a new campaign, 

  • First, go to the Campaigns tab of your login
  • And then select Create New Campaign.

The first page is where you have to enter your general campaign information like name, traffic source it will run on, default CPC, campaign type or CPA, and any tags. If you wish to place a traffic source postback or pixel on the campaign level, even that you can place it here.

Setting Up Your Campaign in ThriveTracker

The next page is where you have to take set up Campaign Rotation. Rotations are stand-alone entities that can be added to 1 or multiple campaigns. That’s where you will have to add the different landers and offers that you want in your traffic flow.

You can add landing pages and offers under those landing pages, or you can also direct links to offers. Then you can also adjust the weights for each to find the rate at which it serves.

And if you want to send traffic to different landers or offers based on criteria like country, device, browser, etc., for that, you can use their Redirection Rules for this. These rules allow you to set up the separate rule under your rotation to capture specific traffic based on criteria met. 


There are various places inside ThriveTracker where you can view reports. 

Campaigns Tab

Here, you can view an overall report of all of your campaign stats on the main page. You can see details like conversions, costs, revenue, EPC, and Clicks here. 

Inside a Specific Campaign

If you have to look at one campaign specifically, you can do that as well and navigate into that campaign and get a few report options like: 

  • Offers & Landing Pages tab – This will show you how each lander and offer is doing in the rotation.
  • Day-Parting if you want to see stats by day
  • Other Variables to view stats by criteria like device, browser, geo, and any custom variables.
  • Drill-Down if you want to drill down by a few different criteria.

Advanced Reports

In this, global reports are available where you view different variables across multiple campaigns. You can also view day-parting reports. 

Click/Conversion Log

Here under the tracking tab of your login, you can see a tab titled Click/Conversion Log. This is more kind of a granular report. If you export this report, you can check every single click and conversion with all the details. 

Few Other Tools Offered by ThriveTracker

  • Manual SubID Update

You can find this under the Tracking Tab of your login. That’s where you can manually convert or unconvert any Thrive sub id. So in case, your network tracked a conversion, but you only can see the click in Thrive for that sub id, you can use this tool to manually convert it.

  • Manual Cost Update

You can use this tool to manually update any cost for a campaign(s) by CPC or total cost.

  • Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter

And if you have the geo-redirect/bot filter enabled on your account, you can set up filters for known bot traffic or any other criteria which you want to completely filter out of your stats.

  • Job Queue

You can use this option to export any large jobs to the job queue and in the background while you are working on other tasks. This process will continue to download even if you log off. 

Key Features of ThriveTracker – Is ThriveTracker Legit?

It offers the most arable attributes in the market and the team of agile developers that work towards rolling out new features regularly. Let’s see what all highlights make this product worth considering for your marketing campaign. 

1. AI Optimization

With ThriveTracker, you can decide to run your landing pages and offers, get outcomes in actual time, and simultaneously grow your campaign competence. Pick up the period and reckoning method that acts ideal for you and let their formula improve for you based on execution, assisting to step-up your turnouts. Utilize the ThriveTracker’s AI chronology graph to analyze other algorithm verdicts.

2. Bot Filter

You can send the traffic where you want it to so that you get the desired results. This can be done based on geo, browser, OS, and other factors. You can separate identified bots, known bot hosts/ISPs, and any other discarded traffic, and send them to a redirect page or some other marketing campaign. ThriveTracker’s geo-redirect/bot filter allows you to keep that information apart so you can still examine and deal with it.

3. Quickest Redirects

Its worldwide apportioned AWS structure and advanced technology guarantee your traffic gets where it’s expected to go, and that also very quickly. They very well understand how to assist desktop and mobile traffic so that you stop losing clicks you paid for with drawn-out trackers.

4. Automatic-Scaling

When you get the whole traffic source with the ideal offer, your tracker should be the endmost thing on your mind. With ThriveTracker’s unique cloud-based solution, your activity climbs up as you surmount.

5. Ascertain Your Domains

Your domain position straightaway affects your ROI. You have to see that a “grouped” domain doesn’t influence your ROI. ThriveTracker helps you with this, an all Your traffic will dispatch via your customized domain.

6. Best Support

The most agile and spectacular ThriveTracker team is always there to help you. You can get in touch via raising a ticket. They are intended to support your business and perpetually developing your solutions. You just have to keep an eye on reproducible releases and consolidation.

7. Landing Page Pixel

Point your click tracking pixel on your landing page and test traffic direct to your page from your traffic root. ThriveTracker trails everything without a redirect and still lets you divide test offers.

8. Funnel Support

Structure out the two-fold landing page and offer split-tests. One can path untrammeled pages in a channel using Branches. Assign up-sell conversions to the precise offer. You can also interchange offers without writing landing page cipher.

9. Multiple-User Access

You get independent logins for your workers, affiliates, or partners so that there is no confusion and interference. One gets access to his separate account to check the progress and know the analytics. 

Overall, the above features come together to make ThriveTracker a successful campaign management platform for affiliates.

The best part about ThriveTracker is that it comes with 14-day free trial.

ThriveTracker Pricing and Subscription Plans

ThriveTracker offers plans suiting individual requirements. Every plan has features of ultimate tracking and concierge hosting. Let’s check the plans and the common features:

ThriveTracker Pricing

Cloud Lite – $49/mo 

  • AI Optimization New
  • Up to 100k Clicks
  • Standard Support
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Additional Domains ($10/domain/mo)
  • Reporting API ($49/mo)
  • Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter ($59/mo)
  • Cloud Lite + – $59/mo

In this plan, you get all the features of the Cloud Lite Plan along with Up to 500k Clicks

  • Cloud Classic – $99/mo 

In this plan, you get all the features of Cloud Lite+ Plan along with Up to 1 million Clicks and Multi-User access

  • Cloud Pro – $275/mo 

In this plan, you get all the features of Cloud Classic Plan along with Up to 5 million Clicks, 5 Custom Domains and VIP Onboarding

  • Cloud Entrepreneur – $425/mo

In this plan, you get all the features of the Cloud Pro Plan, along with Up to 10 million Clicks and 10 Custom Domains

  • Cloud Enterprise – $899/mo

In this plan, you get all the features of the Cloud Entrepreneur Plan, Up to 30 million Clicks, Priority Support, Unlimited Domains and a Personal Account Manager

  • Cloud Elite – Custom Pricing

The company does not disclose its pricing, but this plan comes with complete features of ThriveTracker.

Thrive Self Hosted Affiliate Tracker Pricing:

ThriveTracker Review 2024: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is it Worth Money?) 1

Why Choose ThriveTracker? – ThriveTracker Reviews

This affiliate tracking software is influential and gives you clarity about your campaign. ThriveTracker is cost-efficient and also feature-rich as compared to other expensive tracking software. Its cloud-hosted plans give you multiple access globally. The cloud infrastructure also helps in faster redirects. 

A user-friendly interface is a good option for those who have less or no experience in coding and web development. You just have to download the software on your server and start the trial period. Once you are through with the performance of the software, you can go for the subscription. 

It is a self-hosted private tracker meaning your data belongs to you in your database, which ensures complete privacy. The mobile enhanced capabilities enable faster data redirection without any intervention. It also helps in keeping records so that you get a systematic performance chart. This feature is indeed helpful in better tracking and management of data.

ThriveTracker Vs. Other Performance Marketing Trackers

ThriveTracker is an ultimate tracking solution for web and mobile is the only solution which comes with cloud-based tracking, or you may also self-host the tracker on your servers. The tool comes with cutting edge technologies for high volume media buyers and affiliate marketers to get better performance insights on their campaigns and activities.

ThriveTracker Features

Other affiliate trackers in the market are cloud-based, or some are the only self-hosted While a ThriveTracker has all the options and comes with entirely AI optimization with their developed algorithm.

ThriveTracker is more cost-effective and comes with additional features like controlling your domain for redirecting traffic and faster redirect.

ThriveTracker offers free trial without any restriction; their pricing is budget-friendly and comes with a more fabulous feature than other popular affiliate trackers in the market.

Top FAQ on ThriveTracker Review

What is ThriveTracker?

ThriveTracker is the ultimate web and mobile campaign management solution for Affiliates. It focuses on campaign and management by which you can focus on competition, strategy and scaling. It provides Affiliates with all the tools required to compare their spending to what they are earning in real-time.

What are the benefits of ThriveTracker?

The following are the benefits offered by ThriveTracker:
1. Faster redirects
2. Auto-Scaling
3. Landing Page Pixel
4. Extensive reporting
5. Multi-user access
6. Funnel Support
7. Ease of Integration
8. Top-notch support

Does ThriveTracker offer a free trial?

Yes. ThriveTracker does offer a 14-day free trial, which is beneficial for users to check out this platform and see how it functions and then decide whether to use it or not.

Can you upgrade your ThriveTracker plan?

Yes. The company understands that Scale is known to go up and down. So your plan with ThriveTracker is prepared to help you with such instances. And to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you simply have to Submit a support ticket (or speak directly with your account manager), and they will get it handled right away.

What kind of support does ThriveTracker offer?

Well, ThriveTracker offers extensive support. On their official website, they have a separate support page which is dedicated to this. Also, their Blog section contains valuable information which can be understood by any new user. ThriveTracker offers support via 24/7 live support and online.

Which are the other ThriveTracker integrations offered?

ThriveTracker integrates with Go2mobi, FunnelFlux, Outbrain, PropellerAds, MobFox, Revcontent, Taboola, and TrafficJunky.

Final Thought – Should you go for ThriveTracker?

As affiliate marketing is on the rise, many businesses and individuals have benefited from it. To know the progress of your affiliate marketing campaigns, the trackers like ThriveTracker, ThriveCart, Voluum, Post Affiliate Pro, etc. are used to track and maintain the progress of your campaign. 

We recommend ThriveTracker due to its simplified process of tracking, and being a self-managed private server. Its cloud structure helps in maintaining the data more securely in its database. The AI-powered real-time tracking system helps in hassle-free functioning, reporting, and analyzing statistics. Its video tutorials, blogs, articles, and the supportive team helps you every time you are stuck in the process. 

Well, if you still have doubts, then go for the 14-day trial plan and decide for yourself. I hope you got all the relevant information on ThriveTracker, an affiliate tracking software. 

Will you integrate such a powerful affiliate tracking software for your next venture? If you like our ThriveTracker review, then do share this post with your affiliate marketer friends. And also, don’t forget to use our exclusive ThriveTracker coupon to save money on this tracking tool.

ThriveTracker Review 2024: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is it Worth Money?) 2
ThriveTracker Review
0out of 10

Analyzing the performance of several marketing strategies can be a difficult and daunting task. Traditional methods for tracking marketing efforts are time-consuming and expensive. ThriveTracker is the ultimate AI tracker that helps you, monitor, analyze, and optimize your strategy across all platforms. Be on top of your campaign in seconds with ThriveTracker. It’s never been easier to track the performance of your offers and traffic sources. Sign up today with ThriveTracker to be instantly connected with your next big opportunity!

  •  Ideal for affiliate marketers
  •  Reasonably priced
  •  Self-managed server
  •  Clear reporting structure
  •  Multi-user rol\AI-powered
  •  Real-time routing
  •  Cloud-based tracker


  • Missing support options like live chat, email, etc.

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