Do you want to beat your competitor in their own game plan?

Then you must try the On-Page tool called Page Optimizer. The tool gives you an undue advantage over SEO and unveils the on-page secrets for ranking high.

In this post, we have shared the latest ✅Page Optimizer Pro Review and Discount Coupon updated for 2024. Check this post, which provides you with deep insight into the mechanism, its working, and its significance.

What is Page Optimizer Pro(POP)?

Page Optimizer Pro Review

Page Optimizer is an on-page SEO tool that helps you in ranking high on the search engine pages of Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Kyle Roof is the mind behind this tool, who also invented a method for ranking sites called Scientific On-Page Method. Page Optimizer Pro is based on the same theory.

Kyle arrived at this on-page ranking method by going through 300 tests on the Google Algorithm in over the past three years. 

If you have no time to run your own errands, file reports, and take forward the optimization process, The Page Optimizer Pro will do all the hard work for you. Their experienced teams will interpret the results, run the reports, create optimized content, and write up suggested modifications you need to accomplish optimum ranking developments.

If you are new to the field, keep busy, or have not tried hands-on SEO yet, then POP is a must-have for you. 

About Kyle

Kyle is the co-founder of High Voltage SEO, a customized SEO firm with workplaces in Phoenix, Berlin, and Melbourne. Before establishing Internet Marketing Gold, a scientific SEO community, Kyle was the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency. His out of the box thinking made this tool an excellent choice for web developers and content creators. 

He found that disregard the popular notion, almost all web pages are actually over and under-optimized concurrently.

It was only via counting out different ranking incited on high performing pages that he started noticing structures appearing. Using this approach, Kyle was then able to rank pages of meaningless text for competing keywords in Google.

Together with Ted and Clint Butler, Kyle also runs the weekly SEO show SEO Fight Club. 

Kyle is a regular speaker at many popular events like:

  • White Hat Black Hat SEO conference
  • InOrbit18, InOrbit19
  • SEO Rockstars conference in Las Vegas, 2018
  • SEO Spring Training, 2019
  • SEO Rockstars conference in Las Vegas, 2019
  • Chiang Mai SEO, 2019

He has been interviewed on:

Working Of Page Optimizer Pro

For running the tool successfully, install it on your machine. After that, open up the software and insert your keyword and then the URL of the page you want to get ranking for. You can add upto 10 competitor page URLs and get Page Optimizer Pro recommendation report for the same.

The report will tell you the exact placement on your page for:

  • Keywords
  • Keywords Variations
  • LSI terms
  • Word count scope to use on your page
  • Suggested header tag usage
  • The best schema to use
  • The best page framework for a new page

All New POPExpress:

POPExpress is for those who want to simplify and speed up the process to produce the content for the web without getting too technical. It is highly beneficial for content marketers, copywriters, small business owners, and inbound marketers.

Pop Express

It works like this:

  • You have to offer them your website and your target page
  • Give them the keyword you want to rank and your position
  • POP Express constructs a visual content editor for you to improve based on their simple approvals
  • Then you can publish your changes to the web and wait for the magic trick to bechance.

Page Optimizer Pro Languages

POP functions in every standard language and gestures. PageOptimizer Pro is one of those on-page SEO tools that are compatible with English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Hebrew, Thai, German, Korean.

This feature makes them stand out from the rest of the similar tools as very few optimize your work in so many languages. By using POP in different languages, you will be able to win the hearts of clients worldwide. 

Who Can Use Page Optimizer Pro?

Page Optimizer Pro is for all those who put out content on the web and want a better ranking in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Nearly all users find that after using POP on their aimed web pages, they see fast ranking advancements.

  • SEO Pro

Excellent on-page SEO is the essential step and, at times, the only step required for bang-up rankings and traffic.

  • Internet Marketer

Maintain your SEO agency or online marketing team under set parameters and confirm whether their writing is well optimized for Google or other search engines. An easy to interpret metrics to non-SEO’s to get things done.

  • Copywriter

Utilize Page Optimizer Pro to show your customers the content you are writing is fully SEO optimized, and boost your reputation and increase your value.

  • Agency

Utilize POP to easily exhibit to potential clients why they want to choose your work over others. Apply for the tool’s approvals, then use the page scoring to show your customer how much you’ve developed their SEO content. They’ll stick to you forever. 

  • Affiliate Marketer

Pander the on-page SEO on your web pages that are by now converting but require more traffic. With easy to utilize page tweaks and zero link building, you’ll be surprised at the fast transformation you can get to traffic and rankings.

  • Freelancer

Some SEO tools are costly and go over $100 a month. But the Page Optimizer Pro gives you desirable and valid information to get a win-win situation for clients at such low cost. Supply your client’s fun reports so that they can understand that they make trust and establish the value you provide!

Why Page Optimizer Pro?

Page Optimizer Pro is a helping hand for those who don’t want to waste their time in the tedious task of managing on-page SEO manually without any prior experience in the same. It helps in choosing the right competitors and applying best practice modifications to their web pages.

Page Optimizer Pro Discount

Along with the standardized reports, you get an elaborated manually written documents illustrating the amendments to make to their web pages. 

POP is a premium service that empowers you to explain the information and compose easy to understand, step-wise mandate telling you how to amend your SEO pages for better rankings.

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing Plans

There are two sets of pricing for POP Done For You service and POP alone. POP has two subscriptions costing $575 and $475 for a single target page. The former pricing refers to the plan with POP +Cora + Content and the later one for POP + Cora. 

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing

If you want to go for only POP, there will include two bifurcations, namely- Single User Plans and Agency Plans. The Single User plan is divided further into four segment.

Unlimited plan at $39/mo and Premium plan at $30/mo, Basic plan for $20/mo, and Starter plan for $10/mo (you get 7-day free trial with five free reports). Agency plans get divided into monthly and yearly plans- $78/mo and $780/yearly. 

Customer Support

If you are stuck anywhere, Page Optimizer Pro (POP) founder Kyle has offered enough support through videos, tutorials, blogs, ticket submission, and FAQs.

You can also get in touch with them via social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. They have also offered numerous payment options for their clients PayPal, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Maestro, and Visa.

The authenticated reviews on the POP site prove that the users are very much satisfied with the support system and improved rankings of their web page.

🌟 Page Optimizer Pro FAQ

How to deal with more word count on a web page? Why one gets a score of 0.01 even after ranking #1 on Google?

The tool doesn’t take into account where you are ranking within Google. All that the tool takes into account are the rivals you put in the tool and the URL you are attempting to make a road-map for. If you select competitors beneath you in the ranking list, then you are possibly to have a lower score.

What if the tool tells the precise match keyword number in the HTML head and body is XX a one sees this number on the higher side?

Please look for the source code for your page. The HTML Head and Body tag signal are tallying keyword use from your pages source code. To check out your source code, open your web page, right-click, and then pick to view page source. Once you are on the page source, control/command F, and insert in your keyword. You may be astounded to discover how many times your keyword displays in your source code.

Will the POP subscription reactivate on its own?

If your subscription terminates, you will need to activate your subscription by taking a monthly plan. Your original plan will not revive merely by adding a new credit card.

Will credits get rollover?

No, the credits from the subscription will not get rollover?

Conclusion: Page Optimizer Pro Review Updated 2024

Page Optimizer Pro seems to be a promising tool and offers a complete helping hand for ranking your web pages higher in search engines. Moreover, if you want them to carry on the whole optimizing process for you, then go for Page Optimizer Pro premium services. 

We would recommend this tool for the beginners as well as pros to carry their on-page optimizing process. So, at the cost given for the tool, the deal seems to be fair enough. The yearly plan will definitely help you to save more.

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