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Upviral Review 2022: Best Viral Marketing Tool (Why 9 Stars)

A viral marketing tool is a platform that helps you create viral ad campaigns. A viral ad campaign usually generates a lot of traction and good ROI due to its high engagement rate and targeted audience.

But, creating a viral ad campaign is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have an idea of how
to get people talking about your product or service, which requires creativity and great content
on your part, but you also need a reliable plan for the future of your efforts. Viral marketing tools
can help with that.

In this competitive time, viral advertising is fundamental for brands. A few tools with similar configurations are accessible at competitive costs, making it hard to pick the correct product. Each time we consider viral advertising, our brain regularly goes on to pondering about Instagram influencers or YouTube content makers. Recruiting and beginning with these celebrated individuals is not very affordable for independent small businesses. Yet, there are consistently different ways for the same if you look out for them.

In this post, we have featured our honest and trustworthy ✅Upviral Review updated for 2022, which includes detailed insights about this platform.

Regardless of the business size, I generally recommend and suggest building an email list. I treat email records as an advantage for a business. There are a few different ways you can utilize the information base, which includes saving for contact with your purchasers or audience (if you are a blogger or host of a digital podcast) and even make viral marketing campaigns.

Now you might be thinking about how making viral marketing campaigns will support your business? Indeed, it can help you create sales and get you popular, which will steadily transform into your business’s money machine.

Sounds astounding, right?

Yet, huge numbers of numerous software/tools are accessible in the market, making it hard to choose over. Out of numerous tools, I have gone over Upviral, as it cases to be a definitive viral referral system that effectively coordinates with your current channels, tools, and funnel. Upviral can enable your business to get the consideration it needs to get viral around the web and become enormously big.

So with no further due, let us get started with the Upviral review and what it brings to the table for you and your business?

Detailed Upviral Review

Upviral Review

UpViral is essentially a cloud-based software that you can utilize to make viral marketing campaigns for your business, which will enable your business to develop. It was established in 2015 with the aim to increase sales, conversions, and leads for all its users. It has helped capture more than 40,000,000 leads for its users. With Upviral, you can make viral campaigns for your business, including sweepstakes, coupons, contests, etc.

You can make a business funnel for your sales, which will generate higher deals later on in the future. It includes landing pages, closed campaign pages, and share page templates that boost your conversion rates.

With UpViral, get complete solutions with its comprehensive viral referral system. Get all the social shares and referrals you want with its viral sweepstakes. Create a roar and generate on-demand leads absolutely free of cost with UpViral’s rewards feature and get a leg up on competitors with a viral waitlist that helps you build a base pre-launch.

What is a viral marketing tool, and why should you use it?

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy to take advantage of an idea or product’s natural spread and growth through its exposure to many people. It is defined as any process that generates interest in a product or service without paying for advertising.

A viral marketing tool creates content that can be shared through social media. Viral marketing tools are a powerful way to spread your brand, product, or idea. They can generate millions of shares, likes, and comments in just a matter of hours if they are done right. Social media is the best way to reach a large audience, and viral marketing tools are best suited for this purpose. It allows brands to connect with their target audience and get them engaged in their content.

How to use Upviral?

Upviral Coupon

Step 1: Upviral has prepared to utilize templates. You can make a campaign worth becoming viral online (Possibly a Contest or Giveaway) utilizing those templates.

Step 2: According to the fundamental strategy, individuals will be approached to share the campaign more on their online media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more they share, the more they get an opportunity to win.

This will assist you in making a circle where your supporters will get you more subscribers.

How will this support you?

You get the chance to maximize your email list just by running these viral campaigns. Furthermore, the same as I said earlier and foremost, ‘Your email list is the asset.’

Furthermore, for the following step, you can incorporate your campaign to ‘Autoresponder,’ which will assist you with sparing time and manual work.

Since ‘Communication and interaction with your audience are the Key.’

How to begin utilizing Upviral?

Step 1: Join on the site and make your Upviral account

Enter the details (Which incorporates Name, Email Address, Country, Company Name) alongside your payment info, and continue further.


When you finish the initial step, it’s time to make your initial step. In the following stage, we will disclose to you how to set up your first campaign.

Step 2: Campaign Creation

Before disclosing to you about making your first campaign, we should understand which campaign does Upviral bring to the table; UpViral offers 3 types of campaigns:

Campaign Creation at Upviral
  • Giveaway Campaign: You can design a Viral giveaway with Upviral, which could be unlocked by any individual who gathers a specific measure of points by getting more subscribers.
  • Contest Campaign: Specially curated for referral advertising.
  • ‍Generic: No fixed prize.

When you pick the type of campaign, you can either incorporate an outsider tool or run the campaign just with Upviral.

Step 3: Designing Campaign

Upviral offers many ready to utilize templates, which makes your work simpler. You can customize them according to your requirements. If you may have tried Canva, these formats are a lot of like that. They are straightforward to use and to access.

You can alter the template with the visual editor. You can remove or add pictures from the template, customize the background, customize font, customize text, customize color, etc.

Step 4: Setting the Rewards up

The most significant part while making a campaign is “Bonus.” Appealing rewards are the best approach to keep your audience connected with and participative.

Always remember that no one will take an interest in case you’re not offering something appealing. You can set up the prize details in this segment, name of the prize, points expected to unlock it, type of the reward, picture of the reward, reward subtleties, etc.

If you need to develop your brand believability on a specific platform, you have to plan your conditions in a likely manner.

Upviral Features at a Glance

💹Viral campaigns

Upviral encourages you to make endless prize arrangements irrespective of the events. The principle strategy behind picking the giveaway or challenge winner on Upviral campaigns are Sweepstakes, and it implies the winner is picked randomly without following any winning rules.

Upviral Promo Code

UpViral presents you with all templates, foundation, and everything you require to have a sweepstake prepared to promote, in hardly 5 minutes. Upviral permits you to mix and match sweepstakes and bonuses to make a definitive viral campaign. With Upviral, you can utilize sweepstake and watch as your participants’ fantasy to win magnificence on the leaderboard interprets a steady flow of new referrals into the business.

🎁Reward system

With Upviral, you can make rewards for any niche. UpViral allows you to make and deliver interesting prizes for a wide range of niche, promotion, and audiences.

Reward system at Upviral

Upviral support URLs for mystery content, downloadable file for digital books, or software downloads—coupon codes for e-commerce stores. With Upviral, your only cut off is your creative mind because Upviral supports a wide range or can say every prizing system. Isn’t it stunning?

It has unlockable achievements; with Upviral, you can keep your participants persuaded with referral achievements that consequently reward them for each referral they bring in.

With Upviral, you can offer innumerable prizes as you can consider and keep subscribers to refer new individuals to your business for longer than expected.

🚀Different platforms can be associated

Here’s my preferred section about the tool. Upviral isn’t restricted just to email marketing or email campaigning. With Upviral, you can coordinate all your other Social Media channels, ram handle, Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, etc.

Numerous Platforms can be Connected. With Upviral, you can have everything under one rooftop.


In this fast world, we don’t possess the time for manual work. With Upviral, you can robotize the whole rewarding framework. UpViral’s automatic reward conveyance system tracks your subscribers, messaging them their prizes at whatever point an achievement is accomplished.

🏅Referral program

Upviral gives you a selective Triple A/B Testing alternative, which causes you to expand your referrals while limiting your expenses.

Reward program at Upviral

It likewise gives you an alternative to testing email follow-ups and landing pages. With Upviral, you can recognize losers and winners among participants to expand your conversions and create incredible viral campaigns.

🏹Everything in one spot

You don’t have to assemble data from various sources and put it in an excel sheet for analysis. With Upviral, all the significant data, such as Details of the Campaign, Social Media Handles (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on), Email information, Split testing view, and so on, are all at one spot. Isn’t it stunning?

💹 Multiple features for Greatest Viral Campaign

With UpViral, get access to features such as leaderboards, incentives that are unlockable, marketing automation, Sharing on social media platforms, tracking and retargeting tools, and A/B testing.

🥇 Multiple Views

See everything’s that going on with multiple optimized views that include:

  • Campaign View

You can track all your campaign metrics like traffic, referrals, conversion rates, leads, and more.

  • Social View

See which platform has the most traffic and keep an eye out for potential new traffic sources as well.

  • Email View

Keep track of your email campaigns and see what’s working and what needs tweaks.

  • A/B Test View

Track which one of your versions is working and what’s not.

💥 Comprehensive Fraud Detection

Play it safe with UpViral’s exhaustive fraud detection system that includes auto deployed captchas, blacklists and whitelists, email verification, and more.

📞 Optimization for Mobile

Mobile optimization has become crucial for businesses because it has allowed them to reach across a wide range of devices, which has helped them stand out from competitors in the market. It is also important because it can help boost user engagement and land more conversions.

🎯 Miscellaneous Features

UpViral also lets you use your own domain, is available in multiple languages, has a comprehensive training program filled with tips, and is very easy to export data from its platform.

We understood significant features Upviral brings to the table. Presently we should see How you can utilize these features and what you can do with Upviral.

What can you do with Upviral?

Certainly, after perusing the features, you have a thought regarding what all should be done with Upviral. To sum up the previously mentioned data, here we picked the 3 most significant things you can do with it.

Make Viral giveaways/Contests
Make Referral Programs
Referral System
Split Testing
Email Marketing
Host campaigns on your personal web pages.

The chance of transforming one lead into many is an interesting idea, and it makes Upviral stand-out. With Upviral’s Referral program, you can easily increase your leads and email list in no time (Depending upon your procedure).

For example, suppose you opt for a giveaway. In that case, you can pick between charging for the item/administration or saying, “if you refer two individuals utilizing this code, you’ll get some % of discount.”

Presently, if you got a list of 5000 individuals and you do this to every one of them, it shouldn’t be too difficult even to consider reeling in a couple of more hundred leads from your built list. From here, it will develop each time you make a viral marketing campaign.

What makes it simple to do this cycle is “Prepared to use templates” accessible on Upviral. You can make beneficial viral advertising campaigns. If arrangement A fails, you have an arrangement B ready, but what about working on both simultaneously?

Good Idea, correct?

With Upviral, you can generally do a split test and know what’s working for you and what isn’t working.

For whom it works best?
  1. Online Businesses
  2. Offline Business
  3. Clinical Practitioners
  4. Bloggers and Podcast Hosts and bloggers
  5. Office Owners

UpViral also helps you customize your email marketing funnel by triggering your target audience with the ultimate set of email templates that include initial welcome emails, emails for new subscribers, unique anti-fraud emails to ensure security, emails to facilitate and confirm double opt-ins, emails to inform users of rewards and welcoming congratulations emails.

These templates are streamlined personalized, including social buttons and multiple sender profiles.
With UpVirals multiple widgets, you can easily self-host campaigns and track the same from your UpViral dashboard.

Pricing Plans of Upviral

Upviral Pricing

Plan 1: Upviral’s Starter Package Plan is for $39 a Month

  • You gain access to run unlimited campaigns
  • You can add 10K participants
  • Just one brand can be incorporated
  • Fraud discovery is available
  • Email support is accessible

Plan 2: Upviral’s Business Package Plan is for $59 a Month

  • You can run unlimited campaigns
  • Add up to 25K participants
  • Can associate 3 brands
  • You’ll not be able to see Upviral Ads
  • GEO targeting accessible
  • Supports API + Zapier
  • Split testing

Plan 3: Upviral’s Premium Package arrangement is of $149 a Month

  • Unlock business features
  • Can run unlimited campaigns
  • Can add 100,000 subscribers
  • Incorporate 10 brands
  • All of them accompany a 30 days Money Back assurance.

Upviral Pros & Cons

UpViral is a great tool for giveaways and contests. Here are some of its pros and cons:

  • Run successful giveaways and contests.
  • Has good features to run referral campaigns.
  • Easy and vast integrations.
  • Has great security and anti-fraud features.
  • Limited tools for overall digital marketing.
  • No support for affiliate programs

How to use viral marketing tools to create powerful online traffic?

Marketing is a competitive space. Each and every company wants to attract the attention of their target audience and make them buy their products or services. Viral marketing is a popular tactic that marketers have used to create tons of traffic and sales. It is a strategy in which the marketer creates a piece of content that generates interest among the masses. The marketer then leverages the interest generated to attract user attention with an offer, including discounts, freebies, or incentives.

Viral marketing tools can help drive traffic to your website or business to generate sales. These tools are often used by marketers, bloggers, and social media managers because they can be very helpful in creating free traffic for your website or blog.

These tools are also good for generating awareness about a product or service that you are selling on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. When you are looking for ways to generate online traffic, there are a number of tools that you can use that simplify the process of creating and distributing content to make it viral.

How to create a viral ad campaign?

What can companies do to get their advertising campaign a sky-high success? Here are the top three ways to create a viral ad campaign.

Focus on the emotions of the audience.
The ads should try to tap into the emotions of their audience, whether it’s anger, fear or happiness. This is important because it will make them want to share their experience with others, and they might also need help with products that correspond with these emotions.

Publish content that resonates with a specific audience.

Companies should publish content that resonates with certain audiences to capitalize on this niche market and reach more people interested in it. For example, if you sell food for dogs, then publish content about dog cuisine online.

Create an ad that evokes a specific emotion.

The best ads are the ones that make you feel something and then think about it for a long time afterward. If your ad doesn’t do this, it will be ignored.

🌟 Upviral FAQ

What is Upviral?

It is a cloud-based software that uses viral marketing to help you grow your business online. This amazing software allows you to create viral giveaway campaigns, sweepstakes, contests, etc. that help you generate more traffic and customers for your business.

Can I use Upviral to run contests?

Yes, Upviral enables you to run powerful viral contests in which you can easily decide how your users can win.

Can Upviral be translated into different languages?

Yes, One can use Upviral in any language. This is the critical feature that Upviral has because whatever is visible to your users is 100% customizable.

Can I use my domain for the referral links?

Yes, Upviral allows you to use your own domain for the referral links and campaign pages.

Conclusion: Upviral Review 2022 | Should you go for it?

Upviral is a stunning and enthusiastically suggested tool for referral marketing. Upviral is very easy to understand the device, and it can greatly profit your business. Just as referenced initially, the most significant factor that will assist you with accomplishing your objective with Upviral is the value of your offering you’re giving out, the sort of content you’re emailing.

Extraordinary marketing and astounding offers will make a decent combination for the success of your campaign.😊

9.4Expert Score
UpViral Review – Start generating leads today!!
UpViral is a powerful platform that generates leads and customers, so you’re in control of your lead generation. UpViral helps you create viral experiences that promote your content and build your audience. With its sweepstakes and rewards, you’ll be up and running with a powerful online marketing tool in no time. 25,000+ businesses around the world use UpViral.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • 100% Cloud-based software.
  • It offers split testing.
  • Zero technical experience is required.
  • There is no built-in CRM.
UpViral – Best Viral Referral Marketing Platform
Get started with UpViral for just $1 & generate more leads for your business.
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