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With the rise in demand for AI writing tools, many have entered the market to make their content creation process more manageable. And with so much variety, we all need help in finding an ideal tool to fit our needs. One thing similar about these AI-powered content writing tools is that they all can create texts relevant to the topic in seconds. INK AI stands out by creating SEO-optimized content to boost traffic and get more conversions. There is so much more to know about this tool to make it your absolute favorite.

Let’s learn more about INK AI features, INK AI pricing plans, and alternatives in this complete INK AI review.

Used forCopywriting, Keyword analysis, Content planning, SEO- optimization
FeaturesAI writer, AI Content Shield, AI assistant, AI Image generator, SEO Optimizer, AI keyword research, AI Keyword Clustering
PricingProfessional: $39/month Enterprise: $99/month
Free Trial availableYES (5-day free trial)

Writing the content, and making it reach out to the audience and get conversions simultaneously is a challenging task for a content marketer. Also, it so difficult to manage all these tasks on different platforms. The whole process of content creation, optimization, and publishing takes so much time that there is always a fear of missing out on some of the work. What if we tell you there is a tool that can outperform all these tasks in a single platform? No, you are not dreaming, as INK AI is a tool discovered that can make your work be found, engaged, converted, and protected simultaneously.

What is INK AI?

INK AI Review

INK AI, popularly known as INK, is based on Open AI’s GPT language model and is distinctive from any other content marketing tool. As every content creator wants their content to be heard, INK AI aims to strengthen your content marketing game by closing the gap between supply and demand. The tool even has a standalone INK app for desktops.

INK AI follows the NLO (Natural Learning Optimization) revolution to produce engaging and relevant content. The tool uses Natural Language Optimization AI models to generate content that can be found, engaged, and get conversion at the same time. Now what is the NLO revolution? While most of the tools focus on writing faster, INK AI focuses on optimizing your content to make it rank above all. INK AI’s goal with NLO is not just to focus on creating the content but also on making it reach out to the audience.

Official INK AI Logo

Start INK AI Free Trial


Activate INK AI free trial for 5 days and get 10,000 words of free content. No Credit Card details required.

INK AI Key Features

Unlike most of the AI-powered copywriting tools in the market, INK AI not only works on parameters like creating engaging content but also on the SEO aspect as well. Some of these include KW clustering, creating AI Images, and much more. Let’s have a look at some of the INK AI key features worth checking out.

AI Writer by INK AI

With INK AI’s AI Writer, you can create complete and accurate content from blog posts to email campaigns in seconds. It is a great tool for creating long-form posts and blogs.

INK AI Writer

Click on SEO writer, type the heading, type a brief description about your topic in the highlighted box, and press ‘Command.’ The tool will instantly generate a compelling result for your topic

INK AI Conent detection

AI Writer Key Takeaways

  • Ideal for creating long-form content.
  • Create excellent SEO-optimized results targeting your audience.
  • Reads the highest-performing content on your topic to give the best results.

AI Content Shield by INK AI

The AI content shield protects your copies from plagiarism and being flagged as AI-generated. By clicking on the content shield, you can automatically check your content while writing and avoid your site being punished by Google.

INK AI Content Shield

Content Shield Key Takeaways

  • Detect unoriginal, AI-generated content.
  • Increase the website’s authority.
  • Individually detect the paragraphs that are more likely to be AI-generated.

AI Assistant

The AI assistant can work as a writing companion for you by writing any type of content. Whether you want to write an application or interview questions, tell the tool about it, and it will immediately come up with the results.

AI assistant by INK AI

Select the Assistant tool from the left-side panel, type the description, and wait for the results. The results will instantly appear on the right side of the panel.

AI assistant result

AI Assistant Key Takeaways

  • Write any form of content.
  • Allows you to control the output language and tone of voice.
  • Can even help you to pick up the right tool to deliver the best results.

AI Images

You can get outstanding AI-generated images with INK AI. The tool lets you create images from texts. You can even mark the results as your favorite for future reference.

AI Images by INK AI

Click on the ‘Images‘ tool, type in your description, and click on ‘Compose.’ The tool, within seconds, will create the desired artwork for you.

AI Images Key Takeaways

  • Creates images through texts.
  • Users can select filters for image generation.
  • Users can mark photos as ‘favourite‘ for easy future access.

SEO Optimizer

Like any other writing tool, INK AI generates content in seconds, but one thing which makes it different from other tools is its SEO optimizer. With SEO-optimized copies, your content will rank higher and get a lower bounce rate, resulting in more sales.

INK AI SEO optimizer

Type your content on the document file editor and click’ SEO‘ on the right side of the window. The tool will analyze your entry and provide a report to make better content from your competitors.

SEO Optimizer Key Takeaways

  • Completely integrated with INK AI’s document editor.
  • The tool helps you achieve high content performance.
  • Increase your CTR.
  • It is the most accurate predictor to make your content optimized for Page 1 ranking.

AI KW Research

No more wasting your time searching for the right keywords. The AI Keyword Research tool can find the relevant keywords just by knowing your topic and target audience.

Keyword Research by INK AI

Enter the primary topic, choose your target audience, select your audience objective, and you are good to go.

Keyword Research Key Takeaways

  • Discovers highly relevant keywords for your topic.
  • Select the right target audience, and INK AI’s keyword research will not disappoint you.
  • It will give you a detailed analysis of the search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty.

AI KW Clustering

The keyword clusters have higher chances of getting your content to the top. Just provide the list of keywords, and INK AI will analyze those keywords on Google to form the appropriate Keyword clusters.

Keyword Clustering by INK AI

Enter the list of keywords, click ‘Analyze,’ and wait for INK AI to complete the analysis. You will get the perfect topic clusters in no time.

Keyword Cluster Key Takeaways

  • It helps you to group the keywords with the same search intent.
  • Analyzes new Google results to give you up-to-date and accurate groupings.
  • No prior experience in SEO is required to use this feature.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use INK AI

To get the most out of a tool, you must know the steps to use it properly. However, INK AI has tutorial videos to teach you about its features, but some assistance is still required to use it from scratch. Here are the detailed steps to help you use the tool as a beginner.

STEP 1: Click here to be redirected to the official INK AI website. Click on ‘Sign up‘ to create your account.

How to use INK AI

STEP 2: After creating an account with the correct details, you will be redirected to the INK AI dashboard. Choose any of the features as per your requirement.

Choose INK AI feature

STEP 3: Suppose we have to create a blog post for the Paris trip. So, we will click on the document to choose the ‘Blog post’ option.

Choose INK AI Template

STEP 4: After selecting the use case, the tool will teach you how to use it with a tutorial video. However, you can skip the video if you know it already. You can even join the Discord group or visit the INK AI Bootcamp.

INK AI Tool Tutorial video

STEP 5: Type your blog post title, select your target audience and click ‘Run recipe’ to create a blog post introduction.

Create Blogpost with INK AI

STEP 6: Your result, within seconds, is on your screen.

INK AI Blogpost result

Aren’t you amazed by the results?

INK AI Use Cases

INK AI is a unique and essential tool for content writers, content marketers, bloggers, and marketing agencies. Let’s know in detail how INK AI can help these people to grow their businesses and excel in their work.

Social media agencies: INK AI offers amazing templates and features to create high-converting social media copies. From LinkedIn to Facebook and Instagram, INK AI can create excellent social media posts for all these platforms.

INK AI for Social media

E-commerce: With excellent email campaigns and the right keywords, eCommerce businesses can reach out to the right people and make their mark. With INK AI, keyword research and content optimization can be done in minutes and save a lot of time.

INK AI for Ecommerce

SEO writers: The powerful content-generating tool can become a helping hand for SEO professionals by writing SEO-optimized content along with keyword research and keyword clusters. This tool can save a lot of money as they won’t have to hire an SEO specialist and exceed their budget. INK AI makes it possible to rank the content on Page 1 with its excellent content marketing capabilities.

INK AI for SEO writers

Content marketer: INK AI provides an all-in-one content solution for content marketers. It is a great content marketing platform as you can create, plan and optimize the content single-handedly.

INK AI for Content Marketers

INK AI Pricing Plans

INK AI Pricing Plans

INK AI offers 2 types of pricing plans for their customers, which can be billed monthly or annually. However, if you pay annually, you will get some additional discounts and two months for free. INK AI also offers a free trial for its customers. The 5-day free trial comes with a 10k words limitation. No credit card is required to sign-up for the free trial. However, after completing the free trial, you must upgrade to the subscription plans.

Professional Plan

The professional plan costs $49/month. The same plan costs $39/month when billed annually. The features you get in this plan are:

  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Unlimited SEO articles
  • Unlimited AI images
  • Al content shield
  • Keyword research and clustering
  • 130+ AI templates
  • 20+ languages
  • Support, community, and training

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan costs $119/month. The same plan costs $99/month when billed annually. In this plan, you get all the benefits from INK’s professional plan. The additional benefits are:

  • 3 paid users
  • Advanced team management
  • Team performance tracking
  • Supports a team of more than 50 people
  • Premium support

INK AI Customer Reviews

INK AI’s users are highly impressed with the software’s unique capabilities. You can read the reviews below and learn about the customer’s views based on their experience with the tool.

INK AI Customer Reviews

Pros and Cons of INK AI


  • User-friendly interface
  • Writes SEO-optimized content
  • Affordable pricing
  • Helps to grow traffic
  • Keywords analysis
  • Excellent customer service


  • The free trial plan offers limited features.

FAQs of INK AI Review 2024

Is INK AI free?

INK AI offers a 5-day free trial for users. However, after five days, users must buy the subscription plans.

How many users are included in the subscription plans?

The professional plan is limited to a single user, while if you want it for your team or your business, you can always opt for the Business plan.

What are the best INK AI alternatives?

INK AI is the most affordable content marketing tool, and some of the best INK AI alternatives are Jasper AI, Semrush, WriteSonic, etc.

Does INK AI offer any AI image generation feature?

Yes, users can generate AI images using INK AI with its AI Image feature, all you need to do is give text prompts you want to create your AI images. INK AI offers unlimited images to be created by opting for any INK AI paid plan.

INK AI Alternatives

There are several alternatives to INK AI, including:

Jasper AI: Jasper is a revolutionary writing tool that uses machine learning to create high-quality content in a variety of styles and tones. Its user-friendly interface allows businesses, entrepreneurs, and writers to produce anything from blog posts to social media content, emails, and even books. Offering both an intuitive editor and document templates, Jasper aims to eliminate writer’s block and significantly cut down on the time taken to generate content.

Semrush: SEMrush is a versatile digital marketing toolbox that caters to professionals seeking to streamline their online visibility across all key channels. Providing a suite of tools for SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and market research, SEMrush is renowned for its competitive intelligence functions. It enables users to track their competitors’ strategies, discover new keyword opportunities, and identify gaps in their own digital marketing efforts. With its robust and diverse functionality, SEMrush is a go-to solution for any marketer aiming to excel in the digital landscape.

Writesonic: Writesonic is a groundbreaking AI-powered writing tool that helps businesses and individuals generate high-quality written content quickly and easily. With a suite of features like a landing page and blog post generators, product description creators, and advertisement copy tools, Writesonic makes it simple to produce well-written, SEO-friendly content. Ideal for marketers, e-commerce businesses, and bloggers, Writesonic takes the guesswork out of content creation and helps users maintain a consistent writing style across all platforms.

Rytr: As an AI-powered copywriting tool, Rytr has the power to transform your writing process. Capable of producing engaging content for a variety of purposes – from blog posts to ad copy – Rytr takes your input and turns it into polished, professional prose. It offers numerous tone and style options, allowing users to create content that truly fits their brand. Whether you need to write long-form content or just need help crafting the perfect social media post, Rytr can be a reliable partner in any writing project.

All these tools create high-quality, AI-generated content in minutes. However, each tool has its unique features and strengths, and the best tool for you depends on your specific needs and goals.

How is Ink AI better than its competitors?

INK AI benefits

INK AI has several advantages over its competitors. Firstly, it performs all the tasks required to grow content and reach the right audience. The most important feature that makes it stand out from its competitors is its ability to generate SEO-optimized content and provide keyword research tools.

It is also available on a browser extension, so you can edit it wherever you want. Finally, it is more affordable than most competitors, making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.

Conclusion: Is the tool worth the hype?

INK AI is an incredible content generation tool integrated with Open AI’S GPT language model. The content created with this powerful tool is SEO-optimized and accurate. It can even create images in seconds that fit well in your advertising posts and attract your target audience. Hence, it is a beneficial tool for companies or start-ups looking for growth, as content is the most crucial aspect of content marketing.

Well, from a user’s perspective, one of the best things that make INK AI an excellent choice to move ahead with is unlimited content creation, both by images and content. In addition to all that, what makes INK AI’s SEO reports make INK AI an excellent choice to move ahead with. Just in case, if you are not completely sure whether INK AI is the right choice for you or not? I would highly recommend trying the INK AI free trial and later opting for the preferred plan. In addition to all this, it is highly recommended to move along with the INK AI annual plan as it would give you 2 months of free access to INK AI without any additional cost being paid.

As a user, we highly suggest you should try this tool and grow your business to the next level. 

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