Wondering how to set up or take your Amazon FBA business to the next level?

Are you tired of purchasing separate tools for the different needs of your business? Want a one-stop-shop to identify your most profitable products and how to market them while getting your key metrics in the same software?

Setting up an FBA business on Amazon is easy, which is why the Amazon marketplace is becoming more and more competitive day by day. There is only one way to make your product rank up in search and make the product listing to guarantee a sale.

You have to use sophisticated keyword research tools and dedicated product database software to understand which products will perform the best and make them perform to that level. This requires sellers to put in more and more effort to get sales.

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool for Amazon Sellers no matter where they are with their FBA business. They can help you set up, upgrade or connect you with brands and agencies which will work to fulfill your every need.

Read on about Jungle Scout and use our Jungle Scout coupon codes to join the Jungle Scout platform at never-before prices.

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How can Amazon Sellers Benefit from Using Jungle Scout?

As a seller, you have product ideas every day. You have to research Amazon to see how those kinds of products perform and how they are listed.

This research is incomplete as you are not aware of the top-selling products and how they became the top-selling products.

Jungle Scout Discount

Using Jungle Scout, you can isolate which products to sell and how to make the most sales in 6 easy steps:

#1. Product Database

With Jungle Scout’s best-in-class product database, you can directly narrow down the profitable products. You can search around any keyword, category, or with their wide range of custom filters.

You can cut down on the time you spend finding your winning products by seeing which products have the highest demand.

#2. Product Tracker

The Product Tracker feature in Jungle Scout is not restricted to just seeing how your product is performing. You can track the performance of any Amazon product with this feature.

This allows you to track the competition’s product’s performance, marketing strategy and compares your product to theirs. This also allows you to scout ahead how different products perform if you are looking to expand.

#3. Supplier Database

They have an established network with a variety of suppliers. You can view the supplier’s top customers, the products they manufacture, and the volume of their manufacturing capability.

This network is comprised entirely of qualified international suppliers through which you can filter by your desired search criteria.

#4. KeyWord Scout

A big part of getting sales is ensuring your product gets the maximum visibility. In the online markets, this takes the form of making sure your product reaches the top of Amazon search and such.

Jungle Scout provides you the option of using ASINs or keywords to get an insight into what Amazon users are searching for. Using these keywords, you can gather more traffic on your product listing and gain better results with your PPC campaigns.

#5. Sales Analytics

The Sales Analytic tool in Jungle Scout is the financial command center for your FBA business. You can track expenses, revenue, sales, and other vital metrics through this feature.

Our favorite features while using Jungle Scout were monitoring performance over time and the simple strategy to reduce costs to gain revenue.

#6. Inventory Manager

Keeping track of your inventory, knowing when to and how much to order are essential aspects of setting up a scalable business model. This Inventory Manager can keep track of your inventory status in real-time, helping you avoid expensive stock outs and fees.

Following these steps can get you the most out of your Amazon business when you join Jungle Scout. Use the following Jungle Scout Coupons we have put together for you to get these functions at rates you’ve not seen before.

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Jungle Scout Web App Vs. Chrome Extension

(It is to be noted that the Chrome extension’s functionality depends on whether you are using the lite plan or the pro plan. The features mentioned below are from the Pro plan; hence we recommend the pro plan to get the most out of both the Web App and the Chrome Extension)

The Chrome Extension is focused on acquiring data about a particular product on Amazon. After installing the Jungle Scout Extension on the Chrome browser, you are using to browse Amazon, the screen which will appear after clicking the extension will present the following data:

  • Opportunity Score:

Any product idea you have can instantly be verified if it will be profitable or not. The Jungle Scout in-house opportunity Score feature judges a product idea by competition, demand, and other data to understand how much potential a product holds.

  • AccuSales:

AccuSales is a real-time database that you can use to see if a product is a worthwhile investment or not. Using over 1 billion data points, you can take the guesswork element out of your product research.

These data points include general information about the historical trend of the product, such as prices and sales, and an estimate of the product’s monthly sales

  • Jungle Scout Chrome Extension:

When using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can instantly get key product insights from the Amazon page you’re browsing. See product demand, competitive data, and profit projections directly on the Amazon page itself with the browser extension.

Check reviews and ratings for the product category you selected to see what are the number of reviews and ratings they get and what are those reviews and ratings

  • Fees and Net payments:

This is a Pro Exclusive feature. After deciding on your product, you can use Jungle Scout itself to view its profitability. You can also check the prices of the product on Alibaba to check the costs of production to determine further how profitable your venture will be

  • Calculate Monthly Income:

This is a Pro Exclusive feature. You can see the monthly sales history of any product you’re considering. With the product cost data on the top extension version, you can easily calculate your future monthly income.

The Jungle Scout web app is focused on helping users find products, what products work well and track the products which the Chrome Extension has filtered out.

The main difference between the web app and the extension is the functionality and ease of use of the Jungle Scout extension.

(It is to be noted that the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is also available to Mozilla Firefox users. The extension version keeps changing as they keep adding new features to both Jungle Scout & Extension)

Jungle Scout Cobalt | 50% OFF Jungle Scout Coupon Code

The Jungle Scout Cobalt service is geared towards brands and agencies who want to dominate their verticals and push the limits on their margins. Cobalt users get access to data that is updated daily.

Jungle Scout Cobalt

Use Cobalt to understand your market share, gain insights into your competitors, and understand your desired category and segment trends.

You can evaluate your product’s performance over time to budget or increase your investment in the product. Use our Jungle Scout coupons to get the jump on the Cobalt service and edge out your competition.

After joining Cobalt, you get the following apps on the Jungle Scout Web app:

  • Track your market share:

While multiple platforms allow you to track your market share, the beauty of Jungle Scout Cobalt is that you can understand different market segments. Request data on the value any segment of the market occupies.

You can see the number of brands in a particular market segment, the size of the segment in dollars, and projections for different brands, including those who could be your competitors. With advanced data on your market segment, you can make informed choices for your brand, bettering your chances for success.

  • Integrate with Jungle Scout API:

Jungle Scout hosts the most accurate API for Amazon, and with Cobalt, you can incorporate essential data from your systems and mobile solutions into it.

You can also connect your internal company reporting with Jungle Scout’s API to get direct targeted access to Amazon’s complete product catalog. This data can also be used to build custom dashboards and monitor the ranking and prices of different products.

  • Success Manager:

Jungle Scout employs several Amazon experts who can devise plans for each segment that are guaranteed to succeed. With Cobalt, you can regularly consult any of their experts, develop a plan tailored to your needs, and watch your revenue soar.

  • Training and Customer Care:

Cobalt users are given dedicated training on how to use essential features of the Jungle Scout suite to propel their Amazon FBA business forward. Their prompt customer care ensures that the doubts even left behind after training are solved immediately.

Use our exclusive Jungle Scout coupon codes to join Cobalt today and make informed decisions to lead your company to success.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Finding profitable niches is an essential part of every Amazon FBA tool. The issue is most tools check the top ads in a niche and decide if it is beneficial. But even one or two niche records can lead to a niche being declared profitable.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Sometimes a profitable niche can get ignored because of improper ad data. Both of these are widespread tools that Jungle Scout carefully examined and avoided in their Niche Hunter.

All the anomalies are accounted for, and the Niche Hunter will never show a segment to be more profitable than it is. Google Trends data on niches, products, and categories is also available to see for yourself how the Niche Hunter is presenting you the best products and niches.

This advanced feature might seem unnecessary, but users have reported a growth in their sales estimations and their sales per month consistently using the Jungle Scout Niche Hunter.

Additional Jungle Scout Features

As we have seen in this review, Jungle Scout is far more than a simple profitable keyword list. You can analyze product trends and product performance over long periods.

Understand keyword rankings and keyword search volume in even very niche keywords, and make your business plans around ideal products. A guaranteed boost in your sales performance is just the start of the benefits of using Jungle Scout.

Here are some additional features of the Jungle Scout experience:

  • Detailed Survey: A detailed survey of any products you want to see can be generated. Making data-driven decisions is essential to the getting value of a product research tool, and Jungle Scout is a tool that provides you with the data. It also analyses it for you and presents you only with solid leads.
  • Product and Supplier Database: A comprehensive product database that you can filter by category, requests, pricing, rating, and several more criterion is essential to understanding the products you want to go for. After you have decided which products to go for, you can use the Jungle Scout Product Database for procuring those products at the best prices.
  • Product Tracker: A specific tool that uses the Product Database to allow you to search for promotions, prices, and supplier assortments. This data can be tracked in real-time and over a time period as well.
  • Keyword Explorer: You can directly find keywords for PPC and HSA brands. The precise and straightforward nature of this tool impressed us.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans | ✅Exclusive Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

Jungle Scout Coupon

Basic : $29/month

This gives you a single-user license and the browser extension, and all the features that come with it.

Suite: $49/month

All the tools you need to find new profitable products and manage your Amazon business well. It can add more users, access keyword data and in-depth historical data on any product. Their signature review automation and other advanced seller features are also bundled in this plan.

Professional: $84/month

This plan is geared towards experienced sellers who want to take their business to the next level. 6 user licenses that can track 1000 ASINs, six months of historical data in product trackers, two years of historical keyword data, and a priority basis onboarding.

Using our Jungle Scout discount code & coupons, all of these plans are significantly cheaper if you choose to bill your subscription to Jungle Scout annually.

Using our Jungle Scout discount coupon and buying one of the following packages would be much more sensible, as these packages are specially designed for every kind of business;

Start-up Suite: $189/3 months

Jungle Scout Pricing

They created this suite for sellers who want to learn how to sell products as they begin selling products on Amazon simultaneously. One user seat with Jungle Scout Academy courses (with live Q&A’s every week) and priority onboarding with a get started checklist, and so much more.

Entrepreneur Suite: $349/6 months

Jungle Scout Pricing

Designed for sellers who want to learn everything there is to know about selling on Amazon and ensure their product has a successful launch.

One user seat, including everything in the Start-Up Suite and several additional features to grow your business as you learn more about the marketplace.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp: $999/year


Using the FBB package, you can master the FBA process and create a business that can grant you financial freedom.

Live coaching with other sellers from multiple verticals, an annual subscription to Jungle Scout Professional, some bonus content, and customer support are all included in an evolving course, as it changes its material with the constantly changing Amazon marketplace.

You can head to the Jungle Scout website to see everything included in these reasonable plans and use our coupons to make them even more cost-effective.

🌟 Jungle Scout Coupon FAQ

What is Jungle Scout?

JUNGLE SCOUT is a new web-based Amazon product research tool that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It does this by scanning Amazon, then running a series of calculations to rank each product by how easily you can profit from it.

✅Is Jungle Scout Safe?

Yes, Jungle Scout is extremely safe for this purpose. It is the best tool you can use to grow your Amazon business.

✅How much can you earn with Jungle Scout?

According to a Jungle Scout report that includes insights from over a thousand sellers, new Amazon sellers earn between $26,000 and $810,000 per year in profits.

✅What coupons are available for Jungle Scout?

Currently, there are 4-coupons available:
– 50% OFF Jungle Scout Coupon
– 60% OFF Jungle Scout Coupon
– $100 OFF Jungle Scout Coupon
– Jungle Scout Risk-FREE Trial for 7 Days

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Coupon Codes 2024

Building a business is never easy, and the various challenges associated with it are something you must be familiar with if you have read this article this far.

That is why we invented technology to help us face those challenges equipped with better data and a better understanding of how the marketplace and the business function.

Crafting the right business plan is the most crucial aspect of creating a prosperous business, and Jungle Scout offers you all the tools you need to create one.

In a sea of product research tools, keyword explorers, and data analytics software, a product that offers all three of these, and so much more, at a fair price is something you cannot miss out on.😊😊

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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