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TrackingDesk Review 2022: Affiliate Tracking Software (200% ROI)

Are you tired of tracking your affiliate campaigns from different CPA networks? Or tracking your traffic and media sources is a complex task for you?

What if I tell you that you can track and manage all your affiliate campaigns, traffic sources, offers in one place and track everything from a single dashboard? Yes, TrackingDesk enables you to optimize your affiliate offers better and monitor your online monetizing performance from a single dashboard.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you must be looking for a higher conversion rate and higher ROI. Still, you need a reliable tool for analytics and running your campaigns hassle-free.

Like every other affiliate marketer in the world, even you must be waiting anxiously for your first conversions. Still, you must be disappointed after not reaching the benchmark due to a lack of features.

Suppose you are unable to reach the heights you aspired for. In that case, something is missing in your analytics or tracking software that is keeping you at the bottom of the line. Your competitors are the far way leading by taking advantage of extracting important analytics using trusted affiliate tracking software.

Thanks to TrackingDesk- tracking software that will fetch the essential analytics and provide you with the best ROI that you wouldn’t have dreamed of.

The best part about TrackingDesk is that you can work headache-free as you don’t have to optimize affiliate campaigns and interpret analytics.

In this post, we bring you the latest updates of features and pricing of TrackingDesk. Get started by reading each section. If you miss out on any article, visit TrackingDesk’s official site to start tracking for your Affiliate Marketing campaigns, earnings for free.

Detailed TrackingDesk Review


TrackingDesk is one of the fantastic performance tracking software that increases your income by monetizing traffic and eliminating the hardships of optimizing affiliate campaigns.

TrackingDesk was founded by Laurent Malka, who designed this cloud-based software when he used solutions to buy media, manage and monetize traffic, but none worked for him.

TrackingDesk promises to fulfill all your optimization needs, but if there is something you are still looking for apart from the built-in features, then do feel free to send them your feedback and feature update requests.

TrackingDesk offers a free 30-day trial to test its features and get comfortable with it to make sure that you are delighted with the Performance. Why pay before using the software?

So, try out the free 30-day trial, and if you have any difficulty or need something specific that you are not able to locate in the tool software, you can contact the support team, and they will confidently resolve your issue.

TrackingDesk Features at a Glance:

TrackingDesk provides many features for every affiliate marketer to monetize traffic for better conversions. TrackingDesk supplies the following functions:

#1. Intuitive Dashboard

By comparing your KPI’s to the previous 30 days, you get a clear view of top campaigns, top advertisers and publishers and top countries.

It lets you view statics and analytics of your top campaigns, top publishers, traffic sources, top networks/brands and top Geos. The tracking dashboard lets you see detailed statics of each conversion/lead and save the reports.

TrackingDesk Dashboard

You can create a new offer from the dashboard, add a new network or traffic source, and instantly start optimization and tracking.

#2. In-depth Affiliate Analytics

Get an in-depth view of your traffic statistics to analyze your account entirely. You can examine any entity running through your mind by filtering it. Take advantage of multiple grouping options, a graphical representation of your traffic with grid options and archive unlimited data.

#3. Tracking for advertisers

This software is a boon for advertisers. They can add unlimited affiliate programs, offers and tracking links with the most popular pre-defined affiliate programs, be happy to add your products and offers, add multiple conversion steps and create dynamic landing pages for better conversion rate and better ROI.

#4. Check how Traffic sources are performing

Add as many traffic sources as you want with multiple pre-defined traffic sources.

You can customize variables and add them accordingly, track and keep a record for any parameters, PostBack or track of image pixel conversion.

It lets you monitor multiple traffic sources like social ads, paid ads, media buy, organic traffic, etc. by adding pixels, posting back to it and linking the source with an offer so you can quickly check which traffic is best performing and how many conversions they are giving at your media buy cost.

TrackingDesk’s in-depth documentation and video tutorials are there to make you learn about its one-time setup process.

#5. Advance Tracking option

You name it, and you will get it at TrackingDesk. Your desk will be full of tracking options and will never be over. Tracking options include image pixel (secure/non-secure), server to server (PostBack tracking), manual conversion upload and multiple conversion funnel setup.

#6. Run & Track Affiliate Campaigns

You might find running campaigns a little tricky, but it’s a small bit complex, but it is intuitive. Run global campaigns, rule-based campaigns, geo-targeting, AB test multiple landing pages and various marketing funnels, at 1-click you can add or remove numerous landing pages from a campaign, Single URL Rotates all your tracking links, offers, and landing pages and on any specific domains, you can run your campaigns.

An advanced and state-of-the-art affiliate campaigns performance dashboard enables you to sub-contractor run affiliate offers from your networks via TrackingDesk and track them better on its panel.

With your affiliate offers, you can use numerous affiliate links for multiple geo offers, use Pre- Landing pages, etc. This all enables higher ROI and better conversions.

#7. Easy Integrations

Integrating any affiliate program requires simple steps and is headache-free.


On HasOffers, any combination is possible with any affiliate programs; within seconds, you can import thousands of tracking links; pixel tracking is no longer needed as you can automatically import your conversions. Some other integrations possible with TrackingDesk are IncomeAccess, Cake, and LinkTrust.

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TrackingDesk Advantages for Affiliate marketers & Agencies

  • There is no more need for a technical person to help you add new traffic sources, advertisers, or creativity to your ad campaigns. TrackingDesk takes this responsibility to come forward and assist you in accomplishing your tasks by guiding you at every stage. This eliminates the need to pay for your IT people and save your money for other purposes.
  • To show you which traffic segments are most essential for you, it integrates variables such as keywords and subid to provide access to the most vital data.
  • Add or remove multiple landing pages and creative through a single link in seconds. In this way, you can analyze in real-time which landing pages and original works best.
  • You can easily integrate with affiliate programs and advertisers to get a better idea of which traffic sources and campaigns are generating more conversions and ROI. It shows you which campaigns are beneficial, increases ROI, and stop the campaigns that incur a loss in your business.
  • Track what is vital for your business and your clients like visits, clicks, leads, new sales, recurring sales, etc.
  • It provides you complete control over your activities under one platform that enables you to greatly improve your affiliate conversions, thus reducing the need for a technical person.
  • Get real insights on your traffic, conversions, and revenues. To see where you can get positive ROI, you can sort and group your stats by keywords, landing pages, advertisers, brands and other essential factors.

TrackingDesk Plans & Pricing

TrackingDesk offers a free 30-day trial by signing up for free with up to 10,000 views. Once you learn to track like a pro, you can go for paid plans with more visitors and features. There are four different paid plans viz. Personal, Affiliate, Super affiliate, and Media Agency.


Personal: This plan costs $50/month and offers 100,000 views with an overage of $0.1 CPM. This plan includes HasOffers API integration, 5 tracking domains, unlimited campaigns, emails + chat support and 45 minutes of mentoring.

Affiliate: This plan costs $100/month and offers 1,500,000 views with an overage of $0.04 CPM. It includes everything in Personal plus unlimited tracking domains, fallback campaigns, 120 minutes mentoring, etc.

Super Affiliate: This plan costs $200/month and offers 5,000,000 views with an overage of $0.03 CPM. It includes everything in Affiliate plus notifications and logs, private onboarding sessions, 120 minutes mentoring, etc.

Media Agency: This plan costs $500/month and offers 40,000,000 views with an overage of $0.01 CPM. It includes everything from Super Affiliate plus multi-level access, custom dashboard, 120 minutes mentoring, etc.

YouTube video

Choose any plan based on your budget and get the insights on a single platform. Decide what is best for your business and clients and increase ROI.

🌟 TrackingDesk FAQ

What is TrackingDesk?

TrackingDesk is the popular conversion tracking platform that helps you track your performance and scale your affiliate campaign with confidence.

Can I try TrackingDesk for free?

Yes, TrackingDesk offers a 14-day free trial to all its users. Get started with TrackingDesk for free and measure your traffic.

What type of tracking method is supported by TrackingDesk?

TrackingDesk supports image pixel tracking and server to server tracking.

Is TrackingDesk integrated with Google Adwords?

Yes, TrackingDesk is easily integrated with Google Adwords that helps you to track all your campaign attributes such as keywords, ad groups, etc.

Conclusion: TrackingDesk Review 2022 | Should you really go for this platform?

TrackingDesk offers a 30 day free trial with all features but with limitations on traffic, clicks and conversions. After using TrackingDesk for 30 days, you get the whole experience and confidence with what you will be getting after purchasing any plan.

Overage charges are added during a billing cycle if the number of visitors exceeds. TrackingDesk does not provide any professional services keeping you in charge of your account but offers pre-formatted integrations to easy account setup.

TrackingDesk is different from other analytics & affiliate tracking software that does not provide you with features such as rotating landing pages, conversions tracking, etc.

You can contact the support team via chat, email or phone for any assistance. You can check the portal regularly updated by the team with video tutorials, articles, etc.

Increase your ROI today with TrackingDesk and enjoy the coffee at your table!

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